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Saturday, May 28, 2016


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU General Sam for I"m SOOO TIRED of feeling like I'm like the only person in the world who sent this woman a REALLY NASTY email cussing this artist lady out. Do you know why? Because it's way way way more than just "a complete waste of time, energy, money and social media energy". Oh no it's way more than that.
Let me see how I can be short about this explanation in support and gratitude to you at what you posted here because I was beginning to feel like the only person on the face of the earth feeling this same exact way but on a much deeper level and let me explain why. Thank you also for showing me there are still some sane rational people left in this world also because frankly lately I've been beginning to wonder. First of all, let me tell you who FUNDED this project. Ashton Kutcher. You may remember him from his use of social media to convince Target to install a baby changing table in the mens' bathroom as well as the womens' bathroom. Talk about another frigging useless project which completely wasted time, energy and money for no reason because even though Target did agree to spend the money to install those changing tables which I can assure you Aston was probably the only male in the whole USA who probably used them maybe once in his life - guess who paid the bill for those tables and installations? You guessed it. Single moms who are barely squeezing out money to pay for diapers who just saw a price increase on items carried by Target to pay for this grand social gesture to show support for all the supposed men in the country who are single dads taking their babies to Target and then stepping into the men's room to change their diapers because they've been in the store longer than the usual two hours it takes for them to need a change again. I'm sorry but I don't know one single dad who would take their baby into the MENS' ROOM to change a diaper. But let me tell you why I sent this lady and Aston a really nasty note about the Red Sand's height of absurdity. Because that envelope you just got which probably cost them about $10 in materials and postage to send out all over the country could have you some appropriately pointed out PUT OUR HOTLINE PHONE NUMBER ON THERE AND ACTUALLY DONE SOMETHING. Why do I say that? Because in 1980 I saw Linda Lovelace get up in front of this country and reveal she had been forced to film "Deep Throat" by her pimp/husband who had been pointing a gun on her from off camera. Why didn't anyone on the set stop him? Because it was a mob financed film that's why. Meaning everyone, including her pimp's new wife, Marilyn Chambers, who was so buzzed on the drugs he'd hooked her on she'd have danced around naked in a tutu to get the drugs (oh wait she did worse) he was supplying her with was denouncing Linda's claim. What's worse is it didn't matter if anyone believed Linda's claim because the truth is that there were no laws on the books back in 1980 against the trafficking of American women on American soil. Or any other country for that matter. If you catch the UNCUT 1973 version of Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon" released three weeks after his untimely and suspicious death (I wonder why), the opening sequence shows a CIA agent asking Bruce to go onto Han's island to gather information for them because he is "getting beautiful women (while showing American women on the screen as victims - not Asian's) hooked on drugs and then selling them to the highest bidder and without him using guns or selling drugs we don't have any laws to stop in and intervene". Meaning Bruce Lee was trying clear back in 1973 to warn us that American women were being trafficked by men not using drugs or guns and hopefully make the lightbulb go on in our heads to say "oh gee that's right - maybe we need to change that". Only for some reason every time I've seen that film on TV over the years, that sequence was cut. I only found it myself recently when I'd rented the disk to review the film for another project I was working on about people "ahead of their time" as he was. I have a link to it myself up at Anyway, why does that matter to me? Because I was also witnessing, and experiencing various forms of sex trafficking myself in Los Angeles during not only the 1980's, but also right in the middle of what's now been nicknamed "Iran Contra". Short for when our government was wanting to raise cash off the books to buy guns for the Contra's (see the film "Charlie's War" for more info), they were the ones bringing cocaine into this country, then having the African American gangs sell it for them under threat of being arrested if they didn't do what they were told, all while being the perfect scapegoat for our CIA behind the whole operation in the first place. I know because sometimes the dealers wanted American women as "tips" for these deals, as did some of the wealthy oil men we were making oil deals with back then who were invading Beverly Hills back then like a bad rash. Only could we go to the police to call for help when trying to stop these women being sold like that? For that matter, when I had these same men insisting I help introduce the drug into the Hollywood parties from south central so producers would make films like "Miami Vice" making the drug look "cool" to encourage more sales who am I going to run to for help when I"m just an escort and madam myself? NO ONE. Because we weren't viewed as "victims" back then. Even if we did convince someone what was happening to us was even really true (think about what that sounded like before even Gary Webb broke the story), there weren't any laws applicable that could be used to arrest any of these guys. It was like trying to charge the butcher at your corner market with 2nd degree murder for killing the chickens for sale. There just was no such law so what was there to do? All I could think of to do in 1984 was take a warehouse and turn it into a "safe house". The first one for adults in this country. Only I had no sooner put a woman in there to hide her from her pimp who had just broken her nose and arm then he calls the cops and claims I"m running a "brothel". Guess who got arrested and charged with pimping her? Me. Sure I talked my way out of it with a good lawyer and after the law took every single thing and penny I owned leaving me completely destitute. And on probation on top of matters with a high profile arrest calling me a "High Tech Madam". Try and get a job with that on your resume. Absolutely insane. Something else had to be done. So I consulted with the Attorney General of CA at the time about what to do. Because I was seeing addicts and alcoholics getting out of jail by going to AA meetings - so why were we being locked up and treated like criminals when in most cases there was a pimp behind that woman forcing them to be on the stroll? I was even seeing child molesters getting out of jail and into treatment centers - but we're being carted off like criminals? It wasn't right but there was no laws nor alternatives for the courts to order us into anything but jail because guess what? No one wanted to come near us. Not in the 1980's when the HIV/AIDS virus was raging and there was no cocktail like today. Meaning if you got it - you were a dead man or woman walking. So what do I do? I launch the first hotline in this country for anyone, wanting to leave any part of the sex industry, for any reason, including if they were being pimped or trafficked or sold into "white slavery" as we called it back then for adults to call for help. I then created a 12 step program, Prostitutes Anonymous, and went into the Los Angeles County courts in 1987 also and asked to be considered as an "alternative to jail" for those convicted of prostitution so we could address this issue. Remember again we didn't even invent the term "trafficking" until the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed THIRTEEN YEARS after I launched this hotline, program, and the movement itself to have us recognized. Because to promote our hotline, and to get our PSA's out there, we also launched a major media campaign to "raise awareness" sex trafficking was real. That some of us were being forced to be out there and those people shouldn't be denied victim services, and treated like criminals. We pointed out however we weren't going to be able to get anyone to come forward to testify against the traffickers as long as they were afraid of being charged also. Meaning if they wanted to lock up the bad guys - they needed to also decriminalize prostitution so we could gather the evidence, and witnesses' together to get the bad guy, instead of the victims, locked up in jail. We kept bringing on one person after another after another on one talk show, public acccess show, news interview, etc., until we saw the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed. We had been told that once this issue had "federal recognition" then not only did we have the ability to have the victims treated as such instead of criminals, we could prosecute the bad guys, but also federal money could be issued for the first time. Kind of like how when a native American tribe gets federal recognition they can then open up a casino on their land kind of thing. Only with us - it meant that for the first time the government could actually be the one to pay for things to help the victims rather than it coming out of our personal pockets. Over $400,000 I'd spent personally on helping victims, running the hotline, setting up chapters across the country, writing our Recovery Guide, setting up alternative sentencing programs, etc. Now when the jails WANTED to clear us out of there because of the fear of HIV/AIDS - that's one thing. Because remember the private for profit jails started opening in the 1980's also. Now if you were a guard who would you want to work with day after day? A convicted prostitute or a violent offender? You got it because between 1987 and 1991 when we were setting up these alternative to jail sentencing programs we were taking out about 1800 prostitutes out of jails packed with 2,000 women. Meaning we were leaving them with about 200 on average to deal with and they weren't coming back the next day like before our program started. Only the for profit jails realized they were losing $150 a day on average for each person we took out of there. Not only that, but they couldn't get government funding to help build their new prisons to operate for profit unless they could create overcrowding to justify them stepping into absorb some of their building expenses. So the TVRA of 2003 was passed. You know what that did? It diverted all of the money we had spent 15 years now building for us to get to help us work with this community to "faith based groups" meaning the church. Oh like they had a clue what to do to help us. Only they didn't need to know. All they needed to do was get their hands on that money and the war cry became "raise awareness". Meaning from 2003 until today MILLIONS of dollars is being pumped into our country to do what? You got it - RAISE AWARENESS about human trafficking. You know that Lifelock commercial where it talks about how "useless" raising awareness of a robbery is over stopping a robbery? Well you just saw what about a million dollar donation to this artist from Aston Kutcher has resulted in to "raise awareness". Only when I thought about what I could do with that same time, energy, money, even postage to get out to people our hotline phone number, our website, to donate Recovery Guides to the men and women now being stuffed back into the jails we had once been getting them out of, I swear I feel like I"m losing my mind. You know why? BECAUSE OUR PROGRAMS WORKS. I've had investigative reporters check us out with flying colors. I've had a professor do a 10 year study on us in "Leaving Prostitution" who wrote it was our program that made the difference in once impossible cases she studied. We have interviews in our members' own voices talking about how we helped them at I can't tell you how many men and women we've helped to exit the sex industry, including those who were being "trafficked", over 30 years now and still growing. Only guess what? Aston didn't just donate over a million dollars to this artist to "raise awareness" who frankly I think puts real pimps to shame. I mean come on - she's got herself a million bucks plus now donated by sticking red sand in the ground? Not bad work if you can get it General Sam. But he and Demi Moore also donated a ton of money to develop THORN. What's what? It's a company devoted to finding child predators and pornographers using computers, the internet and technology. Only guess what? I got a line of predators just waiting to be prosecuted who aren't? You know why? Because everyone is busy STICKING RED SAND IN THE CRACKS IN THE GROUND OR WRITING SOFTWARE TO FIND CHILD PORN instead of returning our phone calls for help about things we need for the victims who call us for help who we've love to turn over their traffickers to the law. ONLY guess what the kicker is the story General Sam? If they're an African American or Hispanic or even an Asian in some cases who is the pimp - they'll pop him and give him 20 to life so fast his head will spin for so much as giving a woman a sandwich when she's hungry and they'll call that "trafficking". Or worse, they'll just make the whole case up like the prosecutor, the FBI, and everyone else did with the Heather Weyker case where over $10 million dollars was wasted on phony arrests. Or how about films like "Taken" based on frauds who got arrested for fraud such as William Hillar, or "Eden" based on Chong Kim who was a fraud, or hey let's look at all the MILLIONS donated to Samoly Mam who was another complete sham. But if you're a white cop who also happens to be a member of the trafficking task force victims are supposed to be able to turn to for help when being trafficked that San Mateo has received MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to set up a task force - why we'll just let you walk when caught red handed inside of an illegal trafficking operation where you were caught on the inside of the very date and time the trafficker were also supposed to BE making a drop in a cop car they claimed was being used to "avoid detection". Where ICE is supposed to detain any non-American's arrested for trafficking until they can determine their visa status - but we'll just break that law and send 24 victims back home with their pimps in "Operation Dollhouse" because two white cops, er trafficking officers, were "mistakenly" at the site when the raid was done TO find not only the victims, but the corrupt cops making the drop that day. Oh but that was just a "one time fluke" right? Arizona trafficking officer Or this one? Or this one? A Homeland Security and ICE officer. Only after he's sentenced to two years for bribery (with no mention about his pension by the way), how come the case is "closed" when I haven't seen the guy who bribed him arrested yet? If Aston Kutcher wanted to find some trafficker's, I got a whole list I could give him with one phone call. Nope. Let's spend all this money building software which is not being designed by the way by those who know how they operate such as survivors. Oh no - let's staff THORN with a bunch of eggheads who have to build software to find these guys while Chris Hanson can set up a profile of a 12 year old girl on "Dateline" and start rolling them in one after the other after the other with one minute separations between them for free. But then maybe he doesn't want to find any either in reality being he was seen coming out of a massage parlor himself not long ago, but not any mention of doing "research" or "outreach" that's for sure. Now General Sam, when I've contacted women like this artist cussing her out for spending all of those resources on red sand when it could have been used helping us get our hotline number out there to real victims who really needed help and to fund resources they need when recovered because they'll come out with nothing at all to their names, and to Aston for funding this nonsense, I've been told "well the reason why people won't take your calls is because you're not nice to people" referring to the fact I cussed this woman out for such a completely absolute waste of resource's which could have been used to save lives. So yes she reports to people that we "aren't nice" to her and then others don't want to return our calls for that reason. WHICH IS EVEN MORE INSANE. Let me ask you something - do we have a policy somewhere that if you call 911 the ambulance won't be sent out to help you instead you said "pretty please with sugar on top" with the right "tone" of nice in your voice? Since when did that become some requirement that I "suffer fools" in order to have something useful done around here in this movement? The bottom line Sam is the cat's out of the bag now. We proved sex trafficking is real. So what's happening is the government is now treating this like a child who doesn't want to eat their vegatables before getting dessert. So he's hiding the peas under his napkin, and feeding his brussel sprouts to the dog, and doing everything he can to try and not do the right thing while still trying to get his hands on his dessert - the money. Because out of the $11 million dollars Google has donated to Polaris to help them "fight trafficking" do you know not one single victim has actually called to get help, and received it, to be broken free of sex trafficking to their hotline? That's according to their own media. Do you know why? Because they will only take calls "from the victim themselves". Now just think for a moment here - if the victim could pick up the phone and call the National Trafficking Hotline to ask for help for themselves themselves COULDN'T THEY CALL 911? Who by the way is who Polaris then refers them to essentially. They're either referred to the local police, the local task force headed by the local police, or some other group headed by a police officer, which IF THEY COULD CALL 911 THEY WOULD!!! We however acknowledge if they could call for help then they don't need help then do they? Isn't that the definition of "needing rescue"? I mean if I"m a cat up a 10 foot tree and I can't get down are you going to tell me you'll help me when I"m at down on the ground and don't need help but then refuse to help me while I'm at the top of a 10 foot tree and can't get down without help? I mean isn't that what "rescue" means? So yes we take calls from people within the sex industry all the time about where victims are who calls us with these tips because WE'RE NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT. Why? Because sex trafficking takes place where? Where there's illegal prostitution or legal sex work - either way no married guy or business man is going to put his name down as being the bell ringer here. Not like Lamar would have said a thing if he hadn't of overdosed to Kloe. Meaning where do WE look for victims? Yes you got it - in strip clubs, massage parlors, porn production studios, escort websites, and other such operations where one is likely to find them. Where does this chick have you looking? IN THE CRACKS OF THE SIDEWALKS! OH Jeez - just thank you thank you thank you because since 2003 I swear anyone I speak to OTHER than our members who call us for help in this field anymore have completely lost their minds. Want to help us? Paint a red x on your hand. What the hell does that do? Not a damn thing. But boy it makes the celebrities social media jump up a spike. So General Sam - you have also hit it on the head about 'useless advocates" anymore also. To further civil rights people fought in the streets, walked instead of taking buses, and even did things like stage "love in's" in heavily white parts of the country. People ran for office and even got murdered for standing up for their belief's. Do you know what I get told by people? I'm not going to talk to you because you're "negative". Do people really think I"m going to kiss their ass and say this red sand is "cool" so that I sound "positive"? I"m sorry but when I quit sex work is the day I stopped kissing ass for money or for material gain. So yes they're essentially telling me if I want help from them than I have to relapse on my personal program of recovery which in order to stay clean from drugs, booze, and most of all sex work for a living - I have to then relapse. Which I can assure you if I"m going to relapse back into stroking people's ego's for money it sure as hell wouldn't be this Red Sand lady but instead whoever's ego she stroked to get her cash money donated to be sending out red sand for people to pour into the the sidewalk and calling that "saving lives". I frankly don't know what to do about the whole thing anymore General Sam. I can't be heard over this lady. I mean google how much media has covered this project of hers and I assure you NOT ONE of them has printed our hotline number, or anything on our work at Oh hell let's not make this about us but about ANYONE who does real work with real people like say Anyway, I have to get off youtube now. In the morning I need to go pick up a woman who I was told was found prostituting off Boulder Highway in Las Vegas this afternoon. Seems no one will answer the guy's calls for help he spent all day calling until he found our number. He said the others had "really pretty websites" but no one answering the phone. What we're witnessing is I believe a brilliant campaign by these traffickers to try and divert as much help away from us as possible thinking we're going to "give up and go away". Only I didn't "go away" when there were no resources because no one believed, so why would that deter me now? I just hope I don't wind up like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X who didn't "go away" and shut up either. Anyway, just thank you General Sam for letting me know there are still sane intelligent people in this world other than the victims who call our hotline. Because lately I swear the rest are absolutely nuts! Red sand. Priceless. What's the saying? About as useful as teaching a fish to ride a bicycle!