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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I was hoping you'd forward this to Eve personally.  I saw her on the LF Show speaking about what's been happening with women in other countries speaking out about how "we need to do more to speak out" against these things.

Clearly I don't think her, or people close to her, HAVE.  I however HAVE and I now have to live in a moving RV because of the way I have been attacked repeatedly by the people under George W. Bush and his war on women.  Just as they took and empowered extremists' in Iraq as I heard described - they did the same thing here in the states.  

I created a group called Prostitutes Anonymous in order to stop the constant rounding up of poor minority women, and transgenders who were trying to pay for sex change operations, and those who were HIV/AIDS positive to pay the $10,000 a month it would cost to stay alive back in the 1980's, AND those who were being forced to work as strippers, prostitutes, and porn performers such as Linda Lovelace, and use that program as an "alternative to incarceration" at least until we could reach the point of decriminalization of prostitution - and the federal "recognition" that sex trafficking was in fact real.

Yes, I'm the mother of the modern USA sex trafficking movement.  If you look at videos and news clips I have up at the site you'll find NO ONE was speaking out who was BEING BELIEVED until we started our media campaign back in 1987.  

Within the first year of our alternative sentencing program - we cleared out 1,000's of men, women and transgenders, as well as juveniles, from the criminal justice system.  We convinced the courts to stop treating us as "criminals" like we were bank robbers.  We did this by ME bringing our survivors on all major TV shows which by the way made it impossible for me to keep a job or maintain an apartment because every single time I went onto national TV I was fired and evicted in response.  

After we saw the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 - it was a short-lived victory.  Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, came forward with her "Black Book" with Randall Tobias name in this - the man who came in and MODIFIED this Act to transfer all grant money to "faith based" groups.   Randall Tobias was FORCING HER to be a madam as a tool of our government.  When she tried to flee this country, and the sex industry, they arrested her and painted her as a "madam" rather than a trafficking victim,  She was murdered before she could appear at the Ethics Hearing to testify that  SHE was the "trafficking victims" we were speaking about needing "alternative" safe houses that the Salvation Army's and Catholic Charities could not provide us.   I mean do you think they were equipped to help her?  She was murdered no differently than Margo Compton was murdered BECAUSE our system is NOT set up to address the fact that sex trafficking victims in this country are victims BY OUR GOVERNMENT.

You stood up there saying we "need to speak up" more?  Jeane was MURDERED.  When I contacted the Detective investigating her case who was saying it was "suicide" to the media before her body was cold - I threatened him with coming up to the major media with her daily emails and texts to PROVE she was murdered and why.  I then SPENT A YEAR having to HIDE UNDERGROUND in order to save my own life and that of my young daughter.

By the next morning after I made this threat that if her case was not treated like there was the possibility of murder, I had five cops and a drug dog at my home.  They had a judge issue a warrant claiming I was "impersonating myself" and then they took away my ID, my bank checks, my bank cards, my social security card, and any means I had to travel.  After tossing my house for five hours looking for these emails and anything they could arrest me over - they then called CPS claiming my home was "unfit for a child" and tried to have my child removed from the home.  Thankfully CPS laughed at the officer and gave me five hours to clean my home.  It was then I knew I had to run.

I have tried talking to the press.  I have reporters tell me they are threatened with being fired if they even TALK about printing anything we have to say.  Those who TRY and publish a story on us IS fired.  Reporters who continue to speak such as Gary Webb - are found dead with TWO shotgun blasts to the head with the press saying it was a "suicide".  I can show you a LONG LIST of the press who have tried carrying forward what's happening on our end of this story and show you who has been fired, who has been threatened, and even those who have been found  DEAD under very flimsy accusations of it being "suicide" even though there's no evidence nor family history of suicide.

Right now, I can show you a list of police officers who were going to "come clean" about what's going on in this country right now with respect to sex trafficking who have been found supposedly "a suicide".  I'm not buying that many people kill themselves right before a hearing when I know these people were in fact looking forward to being able to speak the truth "on the public record".  

I can't even appear at a city council or board of supervisors meeting as I've been threatened with a 5150 charge - and TRUST ME I've seen they can do it.  I watched another advocate get arrested with the charge of supposedly threatening to kill a city councilman because of a doodle placed on a comment card where there was not one shred of proof he even put that cartoon there.  I saw the man's comment on youtube - he was trying to alert the public that the DWP had raised their bills 20 % without following the legal steps.  Now suddenly he's a madman and hauled off and charged with threatening to kill a city councilman over a doodle?  

They have "influencers" who try and promote video games and movies you've read about.  Well those same influencers are also there to smear and silence ANYONE who tries and protest.  The  MINUTE I installed the site at - was the very same MINUTE  I then had a GANG of four women stalking me online daily, eight hours a day, five days a week, as a full-time job, whose only activity was finding ways to attack, smear, degrade, humiliate, and threaten me.  When I would threaten to sue one of them for stalking and defamation - they would literally just "catfish" into another identity and start the whole process all over again.  I recorded how it's actually now so systematic - they have it computerized now.

They go to your landlords and get you fired.  They file complaints with the state agencies.  I was threatened by the Secretary of State for "operating a business without a license" for my VOLUNTEER work with helping these women.  If I hadn't threatened to publish their emails online - they were going to lock me up in jail for SIX MONTHS based on charges they fabricated!  They set up a phony website asking for donations using my writing, and then claimed I was "raising money for a non-existent charity".  I showed them this wasn't my site, didn't go to my account, and let them know I'd show the world I was framed.  That is the only reason I wasn't arrested by the state!

Every single supporter of our work has been fired.  Every supporter of myself as a human being has been fired and evicted as well as audited by the IRS.  My ex-husband, who doesn't even speak to me, was on the board of Pacifica Radio, when they came to the station and gagged them under threat of shutting them down if they so much as let me make a call into a show on their station!

And you want to just sit there and say "we're not objecting enough?"  Are you fucking kidding me?  Have you spoken to anyone who HAS tried to object since 2002?  Talk to some Monsanto protesters and then tell me people "aren't objecting enough".  

After having FOUR  of my landlords hit with zoning violation after zoning violation for simply saying I could live in an apartment they rented to me, and finally being shut down and sold because of being run out of business, forcing me to move anyway, and after our outreach RV was found to have a bomb put in it thankfully after it broke down without warning and luckily the mechanic told me about the bomb's placement - I realized the only safe place there was for me and my daughter who has a brain tumor can live is on private ground in an RV.  I say "private ground" because then they can't come onto the property I'm on without a valid warrant.  Which they've come onto my property and shot off guns trying to force me to call 911 so they could get "permission" to enter my property and then do God knows what since I've had my life now threatened FIVE TIMES by uniformed police officers!

And you think we're "not objecting enough"?  You and me need to sit down and let me show you what happens to ANYONE who even TRIES to object to these people.  TRUST ME - people want to "object".  But with the phony shill groups like "Black Lives Matter" who refuse to see that now for every addict or marijuana dealer who is a man of color they release from jail/prison - they're now putting three men of color back in for THREE TIMES LONGER as "traffickers" - this is the new war not only on women - but also the people of color in this country.

There's been riots after riots in the jails and prisons in California and Texas.  You however aren't hearing from ONE of the inmates what those riots were about.  I'll tell you what those riots were about but I can't get ONE SINGLE REPORTER to talk about it.  They are taking any woman of color with small children and threatening to take their children if they don't say their husband, or the father, is their "trafficker".  They target illegal aliens.  There's a reason why Celeste Guap is from Nicaragua.  Because they're "illegals" they get no phone call, no public defender, no right to a speedy trial, and they delay their processing for sometimes over a year.  During that time they have no rights and no medical care.  They're being used in medical experimentation by the pharmaceutical companies giving these for profit prisons grants.  I've tried asking to speak to these so called "traffickers" as they're part of who we work with in our program now called "Sex Workers Anonymous".  The COURTS REFUSE.  

You tell me HOW they're "supposed to speak up?"  As soon as Celeste Guap tries and "speak up" to the press - the police are shipping her off to Florida, without consulting us as they're supposed to, and have for 30 years, and then magically there's now a charge with a $300,000 bail.  I'll guarantee you now we won't hear the whole story out of that girl.  

Now either you aren't in touch with the people who ARE trying to "speak out" and are being slaughtered and smeared for it, their careers and businesses ruined, their finances ruined, their names ruined, or even like Mitchell Stein the whole power of the state comes after them and locks them up for 17 years, or you're aware of this and you're not alerting people as to what's going to happen to them if they DO try and speak up.

And don't give me that "if they're good, decent people" they have nothing to worry about either.  I watched as Dr. John Mack came forward and started speaking about how a group of people were showing valid signs of trauma who were claiming to be victims of alien abduction.  I followed this because back when we used to say we were "sex trafficking victims" we were treated in the same identical manner as the alien/UFO people.  But when a man with the most impeccable degrees and record and reputation possible in this country stepped up to validate their claims, they sent out a team of people who tried to discredit him.  When NO ONE would discredit him or speak a bad word about him - he's then magically run over in London by a man who claims he "has no memory" of the incident.  

I can give you case after case of people who "spoke out" who have been murdered, imprisoned, deported, ruined, threatened, sued, their lives ruined, etc.  I'm now having to live on a patch of dirt in an RV for God's sake for my work of 30 years because of refusing to shut up about what's going on.  Reporters who have tried to help me reveal what's going on to the public have been fired, and completely shunned.  John Quinones BARELY got his career back after validating my work in 2009 on ABC.  

Take a look at what they did to all those professors, and members of the public, who tried to warn others what was going on with the water in Michigan.  Look at Michael Moore even who has tried to rally support behind that situation.  And then make that crack again on a public forum Eve.  

If you want to see case by case of what I'm talking about  - I'd be happy to show you.  Call me anytime at (702) 488-1127.  I found it interesting by the way you had all these women on that LF Show tonight talking about sex trafficking in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY BUT THE USA.  Where was my invitation by the way?  Love to know Eve.

Jody Williams