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When looking into past civil rights movements - one where you can really see how our American system works is how Martin Luther King was opposed.  How much effort went into one man is mind boggling.  What's even more mind boggling is how did he ever accomplish anything with all this opposition?

Read this article so you understand their tactics -

First, they had a photographer following him around that MLK thought was a "trusted friend" who in reality was an informant working against him.

Second, they "attacked his marriage".  If anyone remembers, Julian Assange had a woman come on to him sexually and then cry "rape".  How convenient for the people trying to shut him up.  I'm sorry but statistically very intelligent people aren't rapists.  Rape is about control and intelligent people know 1000 other ways t…



Here is an article in the Huffington Post confirming the lawsuit filed by Maxine Doogan was DISMISSED. 


The complaint wasn't written with one leg to stand on.  Not if the intent was to decriminalize prostitution as she's claiming the lawsuit was intended when she was out fund raising and garnering support from sex workers who don't have 30 years of experience with the legal system as I do (I've been working as a paralegal for 30 years since I left sex work).

Which is why when I first read the lawsuit, and knew it would be dismissed, I reached out to Maxine offering her support to modify the complaint to something I thought would have a better shot at winning the stated race of trying to get prostitution decriminalized.

Only to find myself rebuffed, even threatened to "back off". 

So I contacted her attorney's directly thinking maybe Maxine just didn…


I removed content which would identify the sender, but did not edit any of the content itself other than identifying names of the sender.

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am writing this email in order to bring up my own concerns about Maxine Doogan.
I was a victim of rape by police and other higher ups in my NYC apartment. I dabbled in high end escort work once in a while - but only to pay my rent. Not for anything else - well - I take that back. The most important thing was my son and giving him the life he could not have without the occasional monthly here and there. 
I worked with Madam Kirsten Davis - and Jenny Paulino. It really was just a here and there thing as rent was so expensive in NYC.
In 2009 I got involved in a terrible court case against 4 lawyers who robbed my father's and my grandfathers estate. My apartment was broken into several times during my trips to D.C. I was eventually drugged and raped in my NYC apartment. 
With no protection, or any personal belongings ( they white…


Jody Williams, Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous) (702) 468-4529 Cell – (818) 646-3296 Landline

April 20, 2016
IRS Tax Exempt Dept. Via Fax
Re: Cupcake Girls – EIN # 453970815 Sex Workers Outreach Project – EIN # 262264638 Erotic Service Providers Union Legal Education and Research Project – EIN # 272049888 Adult Performer Advocacy Committee – EIN #46-4118260
Dear IRS:
I’m writing you on behalf of the four nonprofits listed above. Their EIN numbers are also right after their names. The purpose my writing is to bring to your attention my understanding of a 501c3 nonprofit enjoying tax exempt status is they do not use this to drive the persuasion of new legislation without being a properly registered lobbyist at least. These four groups have been actively working together since at least 2013 that I can trace to directly impact legislation on issues pertaining to prostitution and sex trafficking, as well as to raise money for said goals. In my…