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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I've been hearing the slams against Trump lately about his "attitude's towards women" and I want to weigh in on this.  As someone who has answered the hotline for for 30 years, I talk to a lot of women.  When I lived on the east coast - I talked to a lot of women who had dealings with Trump during the 1990's.  I honestly never heard anything about his behavior other than he "was generous with beautiful women".

Contrast that to the repeated stories of rape and beatings done to women by Mike Tyson, all of which were being unreported to the police because he was doing this to prostitutes who we know don't stand a chance in court - and can we talk about Mike Tyson or Bill Cosby or even Martha Stewart's dancing with Snoop Doog WHO STILL HASN'T APOLOGIZED TO HIS VICTIMS during his 2003 "pimping revival fantasy tour" confessed to in Rolling Stone that we rescued victims from?

Can we talk about men who have done real, serious, damage to many women who still haven't been held accountable please?

The claims against Bill Cosby came out once victims knew they were being heard.  These attacks on Donald Trump are just "coincidentally" coming out right before the election?  Give me a break.  Especially in light of the fact Trump is the ONLY ONE I've heard talking about the false press we're dealing with in this country right now.

So you want to talk about Trump's "attitude towards women"?

Okay let's.  I know that most feminists talk about "all women" but when it comes to sex workers they act like we don't exist.  Even when they used to be one I'd like to add.  Case in point - Gloria Steinhem herself.   While Gloria has made money off talking about her past as a Playboy Bunny herself, which makes her an "ex-sex worker" I've yet to receive any support, or publicity, from her, or her publications, for the only group I'm aware of in this country which doesn't just help "sex trafficking victims" but also "ex-sex workers".

 Case in point - listen to the interview I have up for a member of at  This woman clearly states she was never a "sex trafficking victim" but was someone who after being a Playboy bunny, model and stripper for many years she needed help from our group to make the adjustment to not being in the sex industry which she got from us.

Yet I've gone to Ms. Magazine asking them to do a story on us - and nothing.  I was told by Melissa Farley when I was asked to help her with the report on Nevada sex trafficking in 2008 Gloria was "going to give a $10,000 grant to fund your work" which turned out to be bullshit.  Clearly an enticement to convince me to do the press conference you can read about at

I run the only program for those leaving the sex industry that's run not only by a woman, but by a survivor of the industry and trafficking which founded this very movement which got American victims federal recognition for the first time in history when the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed.  I"m not only a female, a survivor, but I'm single mother and disabled.  Now have I received anywhere near the fraction of support Gloria gave the fake Samoly Mam?

Not a word.  Not a breath.

You want to know what a "feminist" should be talking about?  The fact that no one who has been identified as a "prostitute" in this country has won a rape case.  That a man can take the head off of a prostitute with a hubcap like was done in Texas and the judge will call it "self defense" when she was decapitated by a "john" who simply wanted his money back.  Yet right he was the one defending himself - got it.

But "feminists" act like sex workers don't exist.  Even Amber Rose with her "Slut Walk" - I failed to see one group representing sex workers, or even a group like ours who helps someone exit the industry for whatever reason at this event.  I contacted the organizers and I asked to speak to them about representation for those TRULY HARMED by the label "slut" and got nothing.

In fact, take a look at their "sponsors" who include Hustler (oh great depiction of sluts Amber - real empowerment there - I'd feel better if Suicide Girls was included if you wanted to include pornographers or even Playboy - but Hustler?), and AMERICAN APPAREL???   Are you fucking kidding me?

Speakers?  I do see one adult star - but I've not seen Bonnie Rotten doing one single activist action towards the issue of decriminalization of prostitution, helping sex trafficking victims, or with respect to how for example banks and landlords will discriminate against sex workers?  I'd bee happier seeing Savannah Sly from Sex Workers Outreach Project, Desiree Alliance, SWEAT, if not myself who lives locally to the event and offered to be a part of this event - bringing along our local southern California members.  But we weren't even sent complimentary tickets!  

No I'm sorry this event wasn't about "empowerment of women" or "sluts" - but it was an event staged to bring out such women so men from Hustler and American Apparel could tap into a new victim pool.  

If I'm wrong - where was Gloria Allred?  An attorney living in California is the only one who would take on cases like defending someone like Amber Rose if she were raped - and she wasn't included even!  

Why do I say this event had NOTHING  to do with what Amber was throwing around it was supposed to be about - which was seeing to it that women labeled as "sluts" could stop feeling like, and being treated like, they were of less value than other women?

First because I don't see ONE WORD  about how this label even DOES harm those labeled as "sluts" let alone doing anything to fix the situation.

Do you remember the "Hillside Strangler" case in the 1980's?  These two cousins used to kidnap random women off the street.  Then rape, beat, and torture them.  After getting their jolly's off - they then put this victim into a motel room where she was forced to prostitute for a few weeks with them taking the money as her pimp.  Once word hit the streets this woman was a "prostitute" she was turned loose.

Why?  Because then her word meant nothing in the eyes of the law and the fact this woman was "a known prostitute" gave them immunity.  Immunity which built up to cockiness which led to them murdering women.

How do I know "nothing" was done?  Because I took a woman who had been stabbed 51 times by these two to the police once we got her stitched up.  The Chief threw us out of his office.  When I demanded to know why he wasn't taking down their names, address, nor her report - he said "because her word is worthless in court that's why".  When I pushed further as to explain - he said that "no judge will issue a warrant based on the word of a whore".  I still didn't understand and he said that the court viewed our word as "worthless" because we were considered "criminals" because prostitution is illegal in most of the USA.  That it would be like trusting the word of a junkie or a armed bank robber.

Something I'm sure Patty Hearst can speak about how "worthless" her word is after being an armed bank robber.  You remember her?  She was sitting at home with her boyfriend when terrorists broke into her home and kidnapped her.  Then after brainwashing her - she was doing armed bank robberies to help the SLA raise money for their operations.  She was found guilty and put in prison but then pardoned by President Ford who realized she wasn't a "bank robber" anymore than some of these women are who are also forced and/or brainwashed into being a "prostitute" against their will also.

What I'm trying to say is the label "slut" DOES HURT WOMEN.  It robs them of the same protection under the law any other woman has the benefit of.  Something I think should have been addressed at Amber Rose's event.  But clearly the organizers, and Amber, didn't think so.

Which is why I say "feminists" seem to have a real blind spot when it comes to women who have been in the sex industry.  They degrade us by acting like we don't exist.  It's no different than when the "cool kids" in high school would walk by us in the cafeteria like we didn't exist.  It was "shade" pure and simple.

Now - what does this have to do with Trump?  Take a look at the "Apprentice".  Trump had on both La Toya Jackson  and Nene Leakes.

La Toya Jackson was in Playboy - fully nude.

Nene was a stripper at one point.

Meaning they were also women in the sex industry.  Now I wouldn't reveal if either of them have called our hotline, or are members of Sex Workers Anonymous, but know that their past qualifies them to be members if they so chose to be.

Two women who I not only saw on the "Apprentice" with Donald Trump - but who I saw him treat these women with the same respect he shows any other man or woman.   I also never saw him slam either of these women for those past actions either.

Now I ask you - can you show me ONE person that Hillary has worked with with the same past in the sex industry?  Is there a photo anywhere of her even SPEAKING to someone from the sex industry?

I'm not sure if the fact Dennis Hof and the legal brothels of Nevada have endorsed Hillary counts as her being cool with this community - but I find that actually interesting.  I mean WHY would the brothels endorse Hillary when it's Trump who has treated members of the sex industry with respect in a open public forum?

In fact, Dennis is even "pimping" to raise support for Hillary he wants her in office so badly.

Just as he does for Ron Paul.  Ron Paul clearly doesn't seem too discriminatory as to who donates money to him. who lives in Rhode Island.

Now is Ron Paul a supporter of legal prostitution?  I mean Dennis Hof sure puts a lot of support behind Ron and he seems to be a supporter of legal prostitution.  I say "seems to be" because he also lives in Rhode Island which up until only a few years ago was the only "competitor" to Nevada's legal brothels in that prostitution was "decriminalized" there.

So you'd think Ron would be supportive of Rhode Island staying that way wouldn't you?  But then explain why Derek Ellerman, who says he "owes his career" to Ron Paul, joined forces with Katherine Chon, the co-founder of Polaris, to get prostitution in Rhode Island "re-criminalized" again.

In other words, Nevada's only competitor was shut down by a direct connection to Dennis Hof who had a vested financial interest in this action.

Oh it was DISGUISED  as about being "to end human trafficking" but the person who PROFITED most by this was Dennis Hof, Lance Gilman, and any other Nevada legal brothel owner.
  Which again if Ron Paul was about supporting the "prostitutes" - then he would have stepped up to stop this.  So clearly he's not about prostitution being legal for the prostitutes sake - but for the legal brothel owners sake who didn't have a stake in Rhode Island as it was "decriminalized" and thus no one like Dennis Hof or Lance Gilman getting a cut.

Which shutting down "competitor's" to the legal brothels in Nevada under the smoke screen of it being about "fighting sex trafficking" is nothing new.  In fact another "competitor" was recently arrested also under the same smoke screen - Carl Ferrer.  Not surprised he was picked up in Texas either being this was where the phony "8 Minutes" was filmed falsely portraying sex trafficking as coming from Backpage which we got taken off the air by threatening to expose just this fact when we served producers and A&E with a "Notice of Intent to Sue for Defamacast".  The show was canceled within 8 hours of us serving this notice in fact.

Something which wasn't mentioned in the hour long CNN show entitled "The Truth about 8 Minutes" about the cancellation where the producers blocked us from even speaking to viewers on social media about the fact everyone on the show was staged with paid actors, set up to make it "appear" sex trafficking was coming from Backpage, and falsely leading the public to believe it was canceled because of "low ratings".  No show for "low ratings" has their videos taken down off line, and canceled after only three shows - just coincidentally within hours of being served with such a legal notice as I did.

Donald Trump also talks openly about just these problems with the media.  About how they've become a propaganda machine out of Hitler's wet dreams.  Has Hillary by the way said one word about what's happened to the press or talking about the need to straighten them out?  If anything, she's said she would "see Snowden arrested for treason" for trying to get the truth out to us.

You know I was asking myself the other day why it seems I've been seeing nothing but these "paid influencers" and "false flag events" and "catfish survivors" like Samoly Mam since 2008 - and also why I see Trump talking about how bad the media has gotten but not one word out of Hillary about the problem with the media and then I come across articles like this.

You know on a hunch I went and checked on the year Hillary started as Secretary of State and I was not surprised to see she took office in 2009.  The year 2009 is the same year I watched as every group in the USA run by a survivor of sex work to help others exist sex work and escape sex trafficking was either set-up, framed, harassed, attacked, and basically shut down.

It's when Sharnel Silvey was charged with "elder abuse" who had created the first alternative sentencing program for prostitutes in Nevada, Chong Kim was charged with fraud and arrested, and I could go on and on up to and including it's when even Jeane Palfrey was silenced in a very final way from her advocacy work also coming from a "real" survivor - not a paid influencer catfish like Samoly Mam, Rachel Moran, Stella Marr, etc.  I remember looking around in 2010 and realizing there were no more groups in this country run by survivors other than myself.  I had even had a guy come to me and try to set me up on some bogus donation for $10,000 in cash.  I insisted he sign a contract with me about why he wanted to give me this much cash and sure enough I had the cops coming after me claiming I had "conned" him out of the money.  I produced the contract and they left me alone scratching their heads.  No - there was a "house cleaning" which happened in 2009 - the same year Hillary took office and I've yet to hear her talk about this subject either.

We've also had more cases of sex trafficking in connection with our own government SINCE Hillary took over as Secretary of State including the "largest fake case" in history.

Now I'm not questioning the women who say Trump sexually abused them as to their honesty.  I am questioning the fact the press is talking about it right before the election in more media manipulation which is the cause of many problems right now in this country.  I'm questioning why the media is digging up one woman after another on the subject right now.

But I'd like to take the eye for a moment off the idea of "how he treats women" and instead put it on "how he treats sex workers" because again from where I sit - the two aren't treated the same by women, feminists, and even women like Gloria Steinhem or Amber Rose.

So yes Hillary is a woman.  Yes Hillary talks about things like women having "equal rights".  But I ask you - how does Hillary TREAT those who fall under this category where we are being treated as less than other women because of the label "slut" or "sex worker"?

You watch the way Trump treated Ms. Jackson and Nene and I say he treated them with respect.  I challenge you to show me one of "us" that Hillary has treated openly with as much respect or even acknowledgement we exist for that matter.

I've seen Hillary acknowledge "Black Lives Matter" who is a newer, smaller, and to be honest a group who has had less impact on this country than ours.  It was our group which led to the sex trafficking movement, the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed, and what is a revolution in the way this country is treating the issue of prostitution, sex work and sex trafficking.  We've got textbooks being rewritten because of our work.  Yet I don't remember being invited up on stage for the same acknowledgment she's given "Black Lives Matter".

Most inmates in this country are African American.  You walk into any woman's prison and I GUARANTEE you that over 2/3 of those women are African American prostitutes.  Women our organization is trying to serve.  Women we HAVE  served for decades if you look at any of the interviews given by Brenda Myers-Powell who openly thanks our program for her recovery and documentaries.

In fact, Brenda created the first program in jails for transgender prostitutes - most of who were also African American.

Have we been acknowledged in the same way "Black Lives Matter" has by Hillary?  She even called them up to acknowledge them at a democratic convention.

Come to think of it - I don't think I've seen her at any of the congressional hearings on sex trafficking, nor even heard the words come out of her mouth "sex trafficking" nor speak about decriminalizing prostitution so we can put more traffickers behind bars and rescue more victims because people will then not have to worry about incriminating themselves on the issue any longer.

I'm sorry but Hillary treats us as most of these white feminists seem to treat us - which is by acting like we don't even exist.  Which just contributes to us continuing to be victimized by not just predators - but also by this country.

No wonder Dennis Hof endorses her.