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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Check out this screen shot.  It says that the "DOJ is trying to get the IP addresses of people who visited a Trump protest site".  

They refused.  

That's how these people operate.  Only in some cases they get creative at how they get the information they want.  But I posted this screen shot to show you THEY WANT YOUR IP ADDRESS.

In 2007, I was approached and asked if I would accept money monthly in exchange for "sharing information" on what I hear operating the hotline for

I refused.  

I take great pains to make sure the phone calls into our hotline are protected from being "tapped" also.  If you've heard of devices like this one  - you know that it's easy to have someone overhear your phone calls.  I began to suspect they were using this on my phone because it kept going dead.  One "tale tell sign" that this device is being used on you - is the battery will suddenly be drained on your phone.  I was charging my phone and then literally five minutes later, my phone would be dead.  I thought it was the phone, but the phone guy said "nope it's fine".  He's the one who then gave me an article about this "sting ray" and told me it was probably being used on me as to the mysterious battery drain.  

So for reasons like this "stingray" that people can use to over hear phone calls illegally - our hotline is tied to a land line.  That means that you have to get a federal warrant in order to listen to, or record, any phone call to our hotline that's signed by a judge.  Which means you have to have "probably cause".  Which you're not going to get that on a 12 step hotline like ours.  

So even if calls to our hotline are illegally listened in on - they can't be used in court against anyone who calls our hotline for help.

Which is why they offered me money to become an "informant" on the people who call us for help.  I refused.  Other operators of other hotlines haven't refused - but that's their problem.  We however refused money to relay information about the callers to our hotline to ANYONE.  

So these  people did a few things - one included creating "fake groups" where you're supposed to get help to get out of sex work.  They advertise "oh come here and we'll give you money" and other such lures.  They get you to talk to them about what's going on and the whole time they're gathering evidence to use against YOU.  

Now some people have reported to me that these same people, once they found out that they had evidence against their trafficker, that they got "visits" from these people to "help" - only to find out that their evidence from stolen from them!

Or they then they tell you that "if you help them" meaning "become an informant" THEN you get the help.  It's very simple - they tell you  IF you put your pimp behind bars - THEN they'll give you a college degree. pay your rent, give you a lawyer, yada yada yada - but again that's IF you agree to help them testify like Margo Compton did in her trafficking case.    

But what you get in reality is a whole other story.  

And trust me - if the person who was involved in trafficking you was involved with our own government or law enforcement, you're not getting squat.

But you all caught on to that.  

Those of you who know you are actually involved in a true trafficking situation KNOW you aren't going to get the help you need just as I knew that back in 1984 from these people - not when it means going up against their "own"!  

You got a black pimp?  Sure.  They'll lock him up.  But then again only if he's small potatoes.  

If he's someone like Mally Mall - then no - you won't get help.  If you doubt that - check out the latest story from George Knapp.  Then ask yourself has Mally Mall been charged, or even arrested for ANYTHING to date?

So what did these cops, FBI, CIA and other governmental people who wanted information on who calls us do when I refused to allow them into our program and our hotline?

Take a look at the above article that shows you the DOJ has asked for the IP addresses of people who visited that site so they can identify them.   

Okay, now what if, and I mean WHAT IF the very people you're running from are "partners" with a company that you would visit IF you were trying to report a trafficking situation OR if you were trying to get help to get away from such a situation?  

Which is why these people are so hot to get ahold of who it is that calls our hotline - because they're trying to seal up all the exit avenues one would call for help if in that situation.  They want to know where you go, who you talk to, where you're hiding, etc.  But if I'm not releasing the information to these people - then how would they get it?

Think for a moment how you use the internet when you're thinking about getting help for anything - even if it's a carpet cleaning service or a mechanic.  What do you do?  You check them out online right?  

You go to their site and you talk to them.  Then you go and check out their reviews.  You look up maybe who their customers have been.  You try and see what other people say about that company right?

But we all know that can be manipulated.  You've probably heard about the lawsuit against YELP not long ago because they were supposedly posting bad reviews against any company who didn't buy advertising from them, and then promising to remove them only if the company bought ads.  So they know that people who are thinking about using your service or business or buying your product are going to check you out online.

So if someone is thinking about contacting US - then what do they do?  

They "check us out" right?

Meaning if you go on Google and then you'll find a site at  

On this site you'll see a photo of the mail box address I use for mail at 3395 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89146.  Here's a screen shot from that site of my mail box address.  Meaning these people went to that address physically to take that photo.

You can see the url for their website in the browser window - so you can see these photos are from that site.  

Meaning someone went over to that address to not only check out if I lived there, but then they took photos and posted them online.

But I'm not being stalked by these people now am I?

Let's just think logically for a moment now - WHY would I put my home address online KNOWING that THIS is EXACTLY what pimps do the minute one of their victims goes missing?

A victim, male or female, calls me for help to get the hell out of Dodge and then she's gone.  The pimp knows she last called us for help so what's going to be HIS FIRST MOVE?

To go to my site, take my address down and come pay me a visit.  That's what his first move is going to be.

So knowing this, and believe me after learning this the hard way after a pimp put a gun to my ribs asking me "where's my bitch at?", why on earth would I post my home address up online?  Doing what I do and knowing what I know why on earth would I put my home address online?

Now let me ask you a second question - if you were a victim wanting to get away from a pimp and you knew that he was just going to follow you, and you knew that if you went somewhere that he could find you, he'd kill you - don't you think you'd want to know how well that person, or group, could help to hide you from this pimp?

These people behind this site tried for MONTHS to find out where I lived physically.  They went through legal records.  They went online asking people where I lived.  They tried phony accusations of me supposedly "stalking and threatening" them to get the police to help them find out where I lived so they could arrest me (which was a ruse to find out where I lived using the police to help them),  they hired private investigators (as you can see by the pics), and they tried EVERYTHING they think of and THAT is all they came up with?  

A photo of my mail box.

Now just think logically for a minute here - how could I help someone disappear from a pimp if I myself was so easy to find as these people tried to do and FAILED?

What they did dear readers is prove to anyone out there wondering if I can help THEM to disappear - is that YES I CAN.  Because how could I honestly be able to look a victim in the eye and tell them that I can help hide them from JUST THESE PEOPLE who play games like posting up fake ass websites, with fake complaints, and doctored up records, and lies upon lies, all to try and do one thing which is what?  

Find out where you are.

But to find out who is calling me if I won't release that information - where does that leave them?

It's leaves them trying to get you to go onto their website so they can grab your IP address.  From that, they can get your address and who you're staying with, and even your device information.  If you're on a smart phone - they can even track your movements.  I've been looking at technology that shows they can even send fake "spoofed" text messages to your phone without knowing your phone number!

Now go to a library computer or some place safe that's not your computer, go to a commercial computer at a Fed Ex store, or a library, or some other place THAT'S NOT YOUR COMPUTER OR YOUR PHONE (because they can track the devices you use), and from a public computer at a public internet address so they can't trace it back to you - I want you to then go back to that site at and look for a "privacy policy".  

You won't find one.  

I state very clearly on all of our media, website, flyers, etc., that "we are not connected with law enforcement in any way".  I am very open that we are protected under the same laws that protect anyone in Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous, because of the laws governing "anonymity" at 12 step groups.  I have gone one step further and got myself ordained, so anything you tell us when you call is either going to me as an ordained minister, or I have any of our other volunteers who answer the phone are also ordained, that way anything you say to us is just as protected legally as if you were to be speaking to your doctor or lawyer.   

Do they?  Do the people who operate that website identify what they're doing with your IP address once you visit that site to "check us out"?  

Who is really behind that site?  Why don't you go and check out who took our other IP address at  

Again, please use a commercial computer, because what you'll find there is a porn site.  

That site trying to organize a Trump protest is new.  They haven't been around as long as me - so when the DOJ comes at them trying to get the IP information of the people who visited their site - it's going to make news.  

But if  they were to keep that site up over time, they might find themselves in the same position as myself, or in a position I've also heard done - whereas Trump's people themselves might just set up a "protest Trump" site and then see who comes.  It's a lot easier that way - pose as protestors, and gather up information.  They've been doing it since the Black Panthers, Martin Luther King, etc.  If you don't believe me - check out the film "Cointelpro 101" about how these people have been informants for years and years that's just now coming to light.  

Only I won't inform.  So what's left?  They're gathering up the IP addresses of people thinking about coming to us for help off that site - that gives you no answer as to who is behind that site.  

Because that's what's being done on that site at and us - the "opposition" is trying to do everything they can to make sure you don't call us.  Those who do decide to call us, and then go and try and check out information on us before calling us - these people want to know who you are and that site is how they're gathering that information.

How do you think I found out about it?  I had a "friendly white hacker" contact me to tell me how that site was rigged and what was going on.  They're the ones who showed me how it's being used to gather information on who contacts us for their own purposes.  I don't know if it's still there - but at that time they showed me how a "cookie" was attached to your site the minute you landed on their page that then traced your every move.  

And then they claim I'm "crazy and paranoid" when I say that I'm being stalked and threatened because we do help people get out that want out.  


Take another look at that picture of my mail box and then ask youself - how did they get the pictures of that box and why?  If someone wasn't trying to drive by and find out where I lived - then why are the photos up there?  I mean what would have happened if I'd been home and that was my home address?  

But they didn't find my home did they?  

Which means if I can hide myself so  I can probably hide you too.  

That's what they confirmed - is that if I can hide myself from them then I sure as hell can hide you too.