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Saturday, July 30, 2016


I came across this Appeal today online.  file:///C:/Users/Loren/Downloads/backpage_v_dart_7th_cir.pwwdf

However, here's the previous briefs in the matter:

November 2015 -

Here's another brief I can't find a date on -

The case started out as a "free speech" matter from what I'm reading.  Then somehow morphed into saying that "sex trafficking doesn't exist".

You read these and tell me what you think.

I've been trying to figure out WHY these fakes have been allowed into the media while the TRUE stories are being suppressed for years now.  One of the members of our board told me that what's happening here he's "seen before".

He told me he saw the same thing happening with respect to child sexual abuse down to a "t".  Slamming the media with story after story of "false memories" and "debunking satanic abuse" to the point where now if you even so much as mention "satanic abuse" people will roll their eyes at you and say "we've already debunked all of that".

Well no they haven't.  Just because there's been a few false cases doesn't not mean there aren't some which are real.

I myself have been wondering why the press has been INSISTING upon bringing on people who are being disproved as fakes AND covering they're fakes - while I can't so much as get a word in edgewise about the REAL stories.

Case in point here:

Story debunking Samoly Mam correct?

This ran on the cover.

Yet when I've tried to reach out to the same reporters, the same publication, about doing a story with respect to REAL sex trafficking - I can't get a return phone call.

I can see what the bricks are building here.  Can you?