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Saturday, February 11, 2017


Well I guess the pimps and scum bags have found out there's more money in blackmailing people than in the honest living sex work represents.  I do regular google searches on our name every week because people love to keep impersonating us for some reason.

In one search I found this website claiming we were "an undercover narc" operation of some kind.  I don't know because when I went to click on the ad it had been removed.  I did some homework on this site trying to figure out why they would falsely claim we had anything to do with law enforcement to find a bunch of people saying these guys were charging $300 to take your ads down.  In other words they were claiming escorts were narcs and then charging them money to remove the smear.  I guess they had a second thought about tangling with us and took it down before I got there.

Then this morning I had a woman calling the hotline about this.  She is a school teacher now having retired from sex work.  She got behind on the rent, had a weak moment, and placed an ad up on one of the many sites there are to advertise on these days.  Then she came to her senses and realized this could cost her any regular job and went to take it down.

Only the owner of the site wouldn't let her.  They demanded $300 from her to take it down.  Which isn't just blackmail by the way - but a form of sex trafficking.  To force someone to keep their ad up advertising for prostitution when they don't want to do this - that's a form of sex trafficking.

Now if the cops aren't afraid to arrest the owner of Backpage - they sure as hell aren't going to hesitate to go after this guy who is such an idiot they have listed on their website that women should "use a buddy system"?  For the maniacs I've run into in my day that is just delivering "two for the price of one" to them for victims!

These guys are clearly preying upon the desperate women who have been popping up in Backpage's absence.  Ladies - please realize that these scum bags now know your IP address, and your banking information.  Which means they are liable to clean you out and then what are you going to do?  Complain to your bank that you gave them this money for a prostitution ad?

It's always something with these scum bags.  Ladies - please please if you don't know what you're doing - don't use these sites.  Some sites are owned by the cops.  Some by these scum bags who are really really bad dudes who using these sites to get information on how to harm you.  They're liable to clean out your bank account and then if you go to the cops show up at your door and harm you even worse.  I've seen what people can do just knowing your IP address and the name off your bank card - and you need to be careful waving that around online believe me!

If you are in the middle of situation like this - please contact us for help.  I was able to help this woman get her ad taken down without involving the police.