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Dear Karen:

I was doing some research for a lawsuit I filed recently against the USA with respect to FOSTA, and I came across the article you have here at

It's an article designed to try and warn parents about what they should know about sex trafficking taken from the perspective of the ASU professor Dominique. 

I hope it's okay to weigh in here for a second.  Please realize while I am aware of Dominique's work, however, I am going to have a bit different of a view on the subject than she is I thought you, and possibly your readers, might be interested in hearing about. 

Prostitution sad to say isn't the same as just the sexual abuses issues in that it is tied to an actual industry.  While you have people who study a musical instrument at home, and for their own personal enjoyment, and may even play in a local band - that type of musician is not representative of the …