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Saturday, April 21, 2018


This happened to us as a community once before.  It was in the 1980's.  People were terrified of HIV/AIDS and also "prostitutes" because of the fear of HIV/AIDS.  No one knew in the early 1980's what was really causing it.  Suddenly hospitals, detoxes, shelters, even jails were refusing to go anywhere near us - let alone help us in any way.  I drove a woman to the hospital who had been stabbed and watch as the ER staff tried to turn her away out of fear of the virus in the early 1980's.  I had to threaten to sue them if they turned her away, and that worked as far as stitching her up.  But the hospital refused to admit her after they stitched her up. 

Now what do you do if you find out you are positive for the virus?  That's it.  Finito.  Done.  You're out of the sex industry.

Now what? 

We had a huge problem on our hands.   We were asking sex workers to stop working if they had the virus - but then what?  Rent and lights still had to be paid and food had to be put on the table.  ON TOP of things now the medications had to be purchased which weren't covered by health insurance most sex workers didn't even have which cost $10,000 a month back then.  So how were they supposed to get that kind of money? 

We as a community had a problem.   We couldn't ask these men and women to "just stop working" because they found out they were positive.  They still had to take care of themselves.

What made things even more complicated was a Bill that was coming up that was discussing targeting us, quarantining us on an island, an island away from family and friends and where we wouldn't get any medical care at all.  The fear was that they were going to take us to an "island" alright - an island where no one would hear about us again!  How could they check if the island was on quarantine?

So it was a scary time also.  I had been talking to some condom manufacturing companies about "sponsorship".  The idea was that if a sex worker found out she (or he) was positive, that we could offer them a job on the spot doing outreach to other sex workers about the virus.  Them being positive was a real powerful message to scare the other sex workers into practicing safe sex even though the johns were revolting.  Many threatened to "take their business elsewhere" if a work insisted on practicing safe sex.  So we needed ex-sex workers to do outreach not only into the community to get sex workers tested, but also to educate them into talking their clients into safe sex, getting tested also, etc.  Those people needed to be hired, and we had a lot of companies interested in reaching out to us to connect for research purposes. 

I remember one of the first sponsors was actually a methadone clinic.    They had just opened and no one was coming.  They were getting paid by the number of prostitutes they got on methadone.  The question was how do they get the sex workers to trust if they came into the clinic they'd get treatment without being arrested?  They wanted to research HIV among sex workers so they were going to pay the clinic for each prostitute they made contact with. 

We got our first sponsorship money.  With that I was able to pay a staff and put them on a weekly salary in exchange for so many hours per week devoted to them going out into the community and passing out information, doing training, talking them into testing, etc.   It wasn't much to start the first time - we were able to pay someone who just found out they were positive $500 a week to become an "HIV educator and outreach coordinator".  The budget we got allowed us to hire four women and one man at first - but this gave them a weekly budget and they could work when they were having a "good day" and stay at home in bed on a "bad" day. 

The first team that went out - we were given clean needles, bottles of bleach, and condoms to distribute to the community.   The man took to the bath houses while the women started targeting the local massage parlors, and one woman took on going out to the underground sex and swinger clubs to do outreach.  Soon one outreach hired her also to be "on duty" daily at one of their places so she was now making $1000 a week showing people how to use condoms "while having fun". 

Soon we were able to hire 10 workers.  I divided up five into Hollywood and the other five into the Santa Monica, Venice area. 

I've been talking to some corporate sponsors who have shown an interest in funding an outreach into the sex worker community for various products, including birth control pills.  I know there's more.  One company that sells "extending" vitamins was interested in sponsoring an outreach project. 

If you'd like to create a job where you can be open about who you were before - then give us a jingle.  Let's go out and create some jobs for "outreach workers". 


Friday, January 20, 2017


I created the first hotline in this country for adults to call for help to leave the sex industry back in 1987. I didn't want to just take calls for help without providing help so I created the 12 step program "Prostitutes Anonymous" as part of trying to make help more available than it was back then. Realize in Los Angeles in the 1980's, we had a record number of serial killers high on cocaine who were kidnapping, raping, beating, torturing, and then raping us without anyone lifting one finger to stop them.

Why? Because the legal system viewed us as "criminals" that's why. Literally. I took a woman who had been stabbed 51 times into the Hillside Strangler Task Force while her stitches were still fresh to file a report against the two cousins, actually two pimps, about what they'd just done to her. They threw us out of their offices saying they "couldn't get a warrant based on the world of a whore"?

When I asked why this was the case, he explained to obtain a warrant there has to be "credible" evidence. Our testimony as criminals is therefore considered worthless. He explained this would mean any evidence they're then find would actually be in danger of being ruled as "inadmissible" for that reason. The courts viewed the word of a prostitute back then on the same level as that of a murderer, rapist, or even bank robber in that we were considered then 100 % "criminals".

This bugged me because I knew lots of women who were being literally forced into prostitution. One woman I knew had a pimp who would threatened to cut off her six year old daughter's arm if she didn't return home each evening. One night this woman got caught in a raid and the police detained her all day. She kept trying to tell the police he was threatening to harm her baby if she didn''t get back home by a certain hour. They weren't listening and when she finally returned home - he had in fact cut off her daughter's arm. Now I ask you - how is that woman a "criminal" in the eyes of the law?

We didn't have the term "sex trafficking" back then. All we had was the terms for "white slavery", "forced" and "pimping". So when I launched our hotline and program for people like her to get some help because clearly the system wasn't going to help us. Because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic at that time, we couldn't even get admitted into a homeless shelter, detox or domestic violence shelter for fear of either contracting the virus, or worse still being afraid our pimp would show up with guns threatening to kill someone if we didn't come back to working for him and give him all our money. So on one hand, we're being completely targeted by pimps, bandits, rapists and murderers, while the system is refusing to provide us with anything other than treating us like we're the criminals! Well something had to give and I set out to provide us with some help ourselves since no one else would back then. The attitude was "you're over 18 so you should be able to take care of yourself". Meaning it was our fault we needed help was the message.

Now when I started our program in 1987 - we had to do outreach by foot and word of mouth. I'd run PSA's on TV at 2:00 a.m. with our hotline phone number. I took out ads in the hooker papers with our hotline #. I went on local news shows and gave out our hotline phone #. We'd hit the streets where the hookers were targeting and pass out our business cards.

Back then if someone went missing, we had to go out on foot and look. If we heard of a teen missing in the LA area for example - then there were certain spots where teenagers would be generally hooking. We'd have to go there and look for that kid on foot in other words. We'd ask the local pimps if they'd seen this kid. If I got a call about someone missing in say San Francisco - then I'd call up the members of our program in SF and ask them to go out pounding the pavement and talking to the local pimps to see if we could find this person.

The sex industry is a small world. Pimps know that and it's easy to find someone if they're hooking with a few phone calls. Their "convention" was the "Pimp N Ho Ball" which used to be held to celebrate Bishop Don Juan's birthday. Pimps would get together and exchange phone numbers and this way there was a network spanning the globe which could pretty find anyone in a short time.

Which is why when we got a call from a mom in Canada back in the early 1990's asking for help to find her daughter, I suggested she try to first go to the red light districts and look around. Now no one from the industry would talk to her as that would get them harmed by the pimp for talking to someone without being paid. I told her if that failed, then she could consider a trick I've used before (no pun intended). Which is to dress herself up like a hooker herself and go out there pretending she was one of them. I told her with time, they'd trust her and then they'd tell her where her daughter was.

Well that worked. Her and her daughter went onto a Sally Jesse Raphael talk show and told the world how we helped her find her daughter with our hotline and advice. After the show, producers came up and offered to make a movie about the whole thing. We agreed on the condition they promote our hotline at the end of the film. It came out in 1995 and had Lindsey Wagner playing the mom.

Now you'd think we'd get a lot of attention over the fact we'd helped her find her daughter right? WRONG.

Anyway, the internet was then born. I loved it. If a mom called me up with her daughter missing, I was able to take her photo and usually after a few hours of searching to find an ad which matched on Craigslist - I'd find the kid. We started finding a LOT of kids that way. We'd then get some guy to pretend to be a "john" or customer and set up an appointment to see the girl. Then we'd have the mom or parents there to make sure it was her when the girl arrived and that was it. Let's face it - if a kid is running away to be a prostitute then the parents usually don't have money to hire a private detective. They were calling us and usually by bedtime we'd have the kid back home.

But you know this upsets a lot of people. Private investigators who aren't getting their retainers are upset for one thing. But whatever the reason, you'd think people would be happy we were helping parents to find their kids and get them back home safe and sound right?

I remember the phone call. A guy called me up asking me to join him in "shutting down Craigslist". I said "why"? and he said "because they're promoting sex trafficking. I explained to him case after case where just as it was - this site was helping a lot of people find their kids. No matter what I said about how many kids we were finding on this site and to leave it be just as it was - he just kept trying to convince me we had to "shut down Craigslist".

I was mortified. I tried everything I could think of to fight these people from they were doing and they weren't listening. The more I said this was helping us find these kids and to leave it alone - the more they kept insisting it had to go. Of course I'd see them shut down the sections for a time and the only thing which happened as they moved their ads to various other sites. You don't change one damn thing by attacking the ads for God's sake. You just make it go farther underground.

Which is exactly what they did. Once the real true traffickers found out cops were obtaining their IP address, getting their location, payment information, phone number, photos, etc., off ads on Craigslist - guess what? THEY STOPPED USING IT.

Organized sex trafficking criminal organizations stopped using them. Sure independent sex workers kept using their ads. Drug addicts used their ads. Desperate single mothers who needed money to buy diapers would use their ads. But the organized trafficking operations in this country just took everything off the internet and went back to "old school" ways. Meaning strip clubs, massage parlors, sex clubs, etc.

Meaning places you couldn't get into without paying a cover charge. Now how am I going to get into a massage parlor in Florida when I'm in Los Angeles now with what these idiots just did? I can't. I can call up a few pimps I know of in the area, and ask them if they've seen this kid - but pretty much the only way to find one of them now if they're actually being trafficked is to go into these clubs, massage parlors, parties, etc. Now that's IF you can even get in. Some of these places aren't going to let anyone in who doesn't look like a "john". We don't have that kind of time either. I'm not a private investigator. It's one thing to go look online for a few hours at ads. It's another to go into a massage parlor and try and get a look at all of the girls there to see if you recognize them from a picture.

And then what? Operation Dollhouse Las Vegas 2007. These women were being kept in a private home. The only ones allowed into the house were Mandarin speaking Chinese men coming out of the Las Vegas airport with tickets showing they'd just flown in from China. The cab drivers were able to speak Mandarin and identify these men at the airport. Only they were allowed into the houses to keep out any cops, or even "rescuers" like us. So getting access to help these victims is much harder when they're not advertising on sites like Craigslist.

Now remember Hitler gained control over the media for his propaganda by coming out against the pornographers first. He claimed he was "saving the children" by shutting down or controlling media. It was all a smoke screen to get control over independent media.

I have watched this whole Craigslist and Backpage war and it has NOTHING to do with "fighting sex trafficking". The people behind this fight refuse to speak to me about the fact what they're doing makes it harder to get help to victims. In fact, I started noticing they REALLY didn't care about helping trafficking victims.

Which got me wondering WTF? Could this be a smoke screen like what Hitler did?

There are two sides to the sex industry - the legal side that's connected to sex trafficking and organized crime and the illegal independent side. Now if you operate a legal brothel out of Nevada then who is your competitor? The illegal prostitute. Why would a guy drive an hour up to the Bunny Ranch and pay a sizable amount to see a woman there when there's a woman sitting right at the bar right then and there he can invite up to his hotel room instead? People aren't realizing the sex industry IS an "industry".

So you're Dennis Hof or Lance Gilman and you are losing business behind those girls sitting at the bar picking off your customers like flies. What do you do? Go after them and arrest them to stop your competition,

Okay, how do you get the police to give a damn about your competitors? Do you really think Metro is going to go busting prostitutes sitting at bars when they have murderers and rapists and bank robbers to pursue? Most people consider arresting prostitutes as a waste of police resources. They will tell you "why are you chasing prostitutes when there's rapists out there you need to be catching?"

So the police look stupid chasing after prostitutes when there's so many bad guys out there the public wants you to put your police resources on.

Meaning how do you get the police force to go out there and arrest your competition? By saying it's your competition? Oh hell no that won't fly. But what if you put it in the guise of you're trying to "save these women from sex traffickers" and then everyone gets a hero award and applause.

I have sat back and "followed the money" and seen what's really going on here. Katherine Chon and Derek Ellerman cowrote a report which shut down Rhode Island's legal prostitution. They framed shutting down the legal prostitution there as "saving sex trafficking victims".
BUT Rhode Island was the only competition in this country to the Nevada legal brothels. Yet they were the first thing Katherine Chon went after. Derek Ellerman "got his start from Ron Paul". Ron Paul has Dennis Hof donating him money all the time. Chon is married to Bradley Myles, and they are the founders of Polaris who runs the National Trafficking Hotline. Chon oversees all of the federal grant money for sex trafficking operations, and her husband gets a lion's share of that money out of every grant because they use their hotline for each trafficking project - not Sex Workers Anonymous".

So think about this - why was it the FIRST thing Chon and Ellerman did was to shut down Nevada's competition in the name of "saving trafficking victims"? There are direct financial links right down the line to show what's going on here.'

Including the fact Polaris won't do a thing to promote our hotline which takes calls not just from trafficking victims as they're called now, but from anyone who wants to quit any part of prostitution for any reason.

Meaning they don't take calls from someone at the legal brothels who wants help to leave. But we do and we're being completely shut out of the very movement we founded. We are the reason the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed - two years before Polaris was even founded.

How else would the Nevada brothels have shut down their competition in Rhode Island if not for what Polaris did to make it appear to be about "fighting sex trafficking"?

The men who own Backpage right now also own legal brothels in Amsterdam. Their competition is the independent sex worker. So a year ago Black Walnut Holdings buys out the Village Voice and thus Backpage. In other words, they bought the advertising site for their competitors.

And then they shut them down and blamed the courts for "censoring" them. Further asking for donations to "fight the good fight against censorship". They've also changed the law to where someone can now set up an account and send legal prostitutes on "out dates". Meaning all those women who now can't advertise their illegal prostitution services on Backpage, can now come to work for the legal brothels and give them 1/2.


But not a damn thing to do with helping child sex trafficking victims.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Dear Monica:

I found myself in almost the same identical shoes as your daughter back in the 1980's.  I had "bought" my freedom from a family of pimps related to Richard Pryor's family of generational pimps and prostitutes only to have word spread on the streets I was now an "independent".  Suddenly, I found myself being approached by LAPD who owned an escort service which back then was called "Talk of the Town".

They supplied escorts to the Hollywood elite, to the best five star hotels, and assured their clients we not only wouldn't rob them, but also wouldn't blackmail them.  By assuring them they were being "controlled" by cops, the clients had an assurance if we stepped "out of line" then we were the ones who would be arrested.  It was in the news yes if you were a black man in Beverly Hills you'd be arrested - but what wasn't in the news was this was them making sure the white cops of LAPD were the ones pimping us and not the African American street pimps.  You wanted to get a pimp busted?  Easy.  Call 911

 But what do you do when you've got a Beverly Hills cop TELLING you that you're going to work for them "or else"?  When I refused the first time, they busted me just for shits and giggles.  Sure they made the case disappear as the arrest was only done to show me their power.  They of course insisted of free sex during the exchange from me as well.  I continued to refuse to work with these men, and soon found myself being approached by another madam, Alex Adams.

She was called the "Beverly Hills Madam" and unknown to me at the time she was an informant for the police, the FBI, the CIA, etc.  There was no google back then, so between Alex, myself and Cheri Woods, we basically were the source to go to for a quality escort experience.  As these cops continued to apply pressure on me, I started getting calls from Cheri.  She was being asked to find "pretty girls" to come audition for the "Dating Game" produced by Chuck Barris.

We were promised expensive vacations.  I soon learned the audition tapes were being sent overseas to oil men, drug dealers, and others our government was making deals with during Iran Contra.  As I learned he was using his status as a producer as a front for what we now call "sex trafficking" (which we used to call "white slavery" back in the day as we had no word really for it), the CIA started putting pressure on me to supply them with women who would be loaded onto a plane never to be seen again.  I refused of course.

But more and more women were disappearing and their disappearance blamed on the many serial killers operating in LA back then.  Where do you go when you can't call the police and you're not even safe in jail?  Well I took an old warehouse and turned it into what I now know was the first safe house for adults in the USA.

After we managed to get some women to safety, these traffickers weren't too happy about me not cooperating as well as knowing I knew everything about their operation.  So they "set me up".  They had a woman come to me asking for help to get away from her pimp and then accused me of "pimping" her.  You can read about it at  Of course it was not true and they didn't have a shred of evidence.  Didn't stop them however from saying either I cooperated with them or they'd arrest my mother.

Since my mother wasn't doing anything wrong I couldn't understand for what - but they did in fact arrest her.  They charged her with pimping me based on a photo of me handing her a $20 bill in exchange for a bucket of KFC chicken.  You see under the law if you receive any money from any "known" prostitute, then you're guilty of felony pimping.  So technically they could make the case against my mom stand.  We decided to fight it because we felt a jury would think it was outrageous - so they then threatened to arrest my then 70 year old grandmother.

I didn't think she'd survive being arrested and I wasn't going to "snitch" either because I knew good and well our government wouldn't let me live if I talked about what I knew about what has now been called Iran Contra, so we took a plea bargain.  They made my bail $50,000 to keep me from speaking to the media who painted me as a madam by calling me the "High Tech Madam" because of all of the security I had on the warehouse . I wasn't given a chance to explain it was for a safe house because the press was meaning to paint me and my mother as "criminals".

I later learned the pattern - when one of us doesn't cooperate they arrest us, plaster us all over the media,  take all our money, threaten off our lawyers, and then when they got us good and where they want us - we're more "compliant".  Only I didn't want to be controlled by our government who was making women "disappear".  I wanted to blow the whistle so I took the first film and book offer to come my way.  I later learned this was a set-up also.  What I wouldn't tell the police I was soon spilling into a tape recorder thinking I was working on a script about "the truth".  Since this whole thing happened, I've been close to many of us who have been through these same high profile cases.  They follow very specific patterns which means I won't be surprised if someone else in her family soon finds themselves being arrested and/or deported or harassed in some manner.

Seven cops have now been charged, which means seven attorney's, and others, who aren't going to want her to testify.  I found myself almost murdered quite a few times for the first year this was happening.  To protect myself my attorney advised me to go move in with my grandmother who was always home so I'd always have a witness.

He warned me "not to let myself be lured outside".   Which men did try and do.  When Jeane Palfrey was in the same situation, she went to her mother's to protect her.  I also warned her "not to leave the house" and they found her body in the back yard shed.  They suppressed the fact her lower legs were bruised like someone had held her down to be hung in the manner in which she was found.  They had also sent a writer to work on her book I had warned her against also.  She went ahead anyway and sure enough the writer started saying "he knew it was suicide" and twisting facts of the case to make it appear she'd killed herself.

Of course she was being threatened and feared for her life so of course she was going to write out instructions and a Will in case of her death.  That however wasn't a "suicide plan" as the author then presented to the press  -all while I was being silenced who had spoken to her for two years daily before her death.  You can't trust the major media - especially ABC  or NBC.  I was warned about ABC when the mother of Johnny Gosch came to me saying they'd asked her for evidence to do a documentary on her son's disappearance.  Then it "disappeared".

I was prepared when they asked Jeane Palfrey for some of her "Black Book".  They had Dan Rather then get up and LIE and claim "there were no names of significance" in the book.    Because we knew not to trust them however, another copy was given to the Smoking Gun who called them out and revealed the names of David Vitter and Randall Tobias.  Two names who were involved in trafficking Jeane and her escorts - not as "johns".  They send in "influencers" to do things like get you to set up a fund raiser.  Then they gather up names, bank information, and other records which you can't deny them of her "supporters".

They are using this to get you to open up to them about her family, friends, anywhere and anyone who might hide or help her if she decides to "lay low" or "disappear".  I've been dealing with the same cops as Celeste since 2006 and I assure you there's a string of deaths connected with these traffickers.  I've already seen the deaths of more than one cop who was on a trafficking task force who was getting ready to "come clean" who was also suddenly found hung (their favorite method it seems is to hang someone).

I had tried desperately to reach out our members to help Celeste when this all went down and Nancy O'Malley did nothing but insist SHE "was handling" this.  First of all, there was a perfectly good treatment program that specializes in cases like Celeste's right in Malibu we could have got her into for free.  They've helped many a woman like her to get clean and straight.  They also don't have guards who then prosecute for assault.  It's very common for someone like her to be aggressive in early detox and the programs don't charge their clients because then they become legally liable for damages.  It was their program's fault to have controlled their employee's and also take care of their clients' - so its very very rare to see a client of a detox charged criminally.

They sent her to Florida because there are cops connected to this same trafficking operation there who have a very dominant influence down there.   Which is why there's not a doubt in my mind her arrest was manufactured to silence her and possibly even harm her in custody.  I know while I was being held on $50,000 bail it was partially to silence me to the media and also because they wanted to kill me while in custody.  My attorney had informants who told him they'd been offered money to whack me while in custody.  He was able to use that information to get me out of there so it worked out.   He had warned me not to post the bail in cash because whoever posted my bail in cash would then be arrested as my pimp.

Again, sure you can fight it.  But then you've now lost everything you owe that's been impounded, you have to then deal with attorney's, jail, court, etc.   It's so common to charge the parents - you can see they even charged Heidi Fleiss' parents.  The whole point is to make sure you don't charge them with what you can charge them with.  They'll claim your attorney is using "money laundered from criminal activity" and try and arrest your attorney.  All of these things are why we do what we do Monica.  DO NOT FALL FOR THE LIES OF SWOP.  I have proof everything they've claimed to have done is a complete fabrication.  I've spoken to the REAL "Kamylla" and it's a whole other story than they claim in the media is what they did for this "Kamylla".

Everything at by the way is a lie.  The site was set up because I refused to be a paid informant.  So now when anyone is thinking of contacting us - they go to check out that site.  That site then captures their IP address.  It's a very cleverly designed way to get a "mirror" of my site's traffic.   These people have been doing this kind of thing for DECADES and they have a "system".

Which is why we use "pro bono" attorney's so they can't be disbarred or arrested - which is the first thing they do when you get a good attorney behind you.  They also try and get as much information on your family and supporters by coming in talking about "fund raisers".  Whatever it is Celeste and you need - we can arrange to get you for free and "anonymously".  All of your conversations with us are "confidential" by law.  We are covered by the same confidentiality laws as any doctor, lawyer or priest.  However, if you're talking to SWOP or a "reporter" you are not afforded that same law of confidentiality.  It's important because without it they can come in with a warrant or a subpena and take the information.  Including information provided to a reporter, screen writer, book author, etc., where they will then use that information as evidence for prosecution because statutes might not have expired.  That's what they did to me and countless others found in these high profile type of cases.  Including twisting things if need to be make her death appear as a suicide if they go that far.  These people have gone to great lengths to make sure women like Celeste don't speak to the media.  They completely "faked" a young girl going by the name of Wilthema Ortiz Pettigrew.

They did that because they didn't want someone who was a REAL juvenile within the system to speak out about the things Celeste's been experiencing.  Which again has been going on since the 1980's.  Yes there was the RAMPART lawsuit - but you'll notice that among the plaintiff's not one was a prostitute.  That was because it was just easier to have us disappear or be murdered and attribute it to the Grim Reaper, the Green River Killer, or any other serial killer running around.  I even had them pay an illegal alien to broadside my car to try and kill me to silence me.  That's what he told the police when they arrested him after he'd run over my car with a girlfriend of mine inside who looked like me from a distance.  You absolutely can not trust anyone with Relativity Media either.  These people do everything they can to convince you not to speak to me, including that smear campaign at, because they don't want you to know what their "tricks" are.  Well we do and we know how to prepare you for any of them.

We want no money from you and aren't looking for press.  All we are is here to help you and your family maneuver through what's going to be a very bumpy ride for a while by sharing with you our experience and resources in this area.  We run the ONLY hotline in the country where someone who can't call the police can call us for help so again we know full well what's going on out there.   We also can show you a long list of women who had signed movie and book contracts only to have the end result appear bearing no resemblance to reality.  Then they've been unable to sue because they had either signed a confidentiality agreement, or they'd given away final cut creative control.  

I'm more concerned over how I've seen them create people around someone who then later has "validated" this person was a suicide when they weren't - and then silenced our voices to the contrary this person was murdered to silence them.  The cops down in Florida are very very dangerous.  We have members all over the country, including Florida, who can go and visit her, check in on her, and make sure she's okay.  The women from SWOP almost killed Heather from SC and for all we know she is dead now from reports we got.  We got quite a few concerned phone calls about her and no one has heard from her in months.  PLEASE trust me these women are dangerous.

I've received more then one email and call that Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle not only work as "informants" but also make evidence "disappear" and they've even "accidentally overdosed" women.  Granted these are all rumors, but when more than one woman is coming to us telling us these women are "dangerous" and we know we've seen their actions are not in the best interests of these women - then i need to warn you to BE CAREFUL.  We're here to help in any way we can.  We also know there are other women who have been treated like Celeste who we've gotten out to safety, while there are others we can't because they're surrounded by too many police.  

Keep in mind if not for Nancy O"Malley, Victory Outreach AND SWOP blocking us from Celeste - she'd be in a drug treatment program in Malibu right now doing just fine with no one knowing where she was.  We also have "benefactors" who would have taken care of your financial needs while she was getting treatment because they know she's going through a hard transition.  Iran Contra as you know was about Nicaragua - so there might even be a connection here which needs to be explored.  You are welcome to  call us anytime 24/7 at (702) 488-1127 and we'll help in any way we can.  Please be careful and realize people are not what they appear right now with what you're going through.

We however have been around for 30 years and the ONLY complaints we've gotten are not from our members - but from those women at SWOP who have been fighting us for reasons too long to go into here.  Their agenda is NOT helping us.  If it was, Celeste would be in Malibu right now thanks to us.  Just remember, they were just as much of her being in jail now as Nancy and the police were.  I hope to talk to you soon.  Jody Williams

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I was watching the documentary today about immigration into the USA today on KCET Link.  It started talking about Iran Contra - which as my followers know I witnessed was also involved in sex trafficking during the 1980's.  For those who don't know - a short version is the cocaine being brought into this country was sold to raise cash "off the books" to buy guns for the Contra's to fight the Sandinista's.  Now that I have known for 30 years.  What I did NOT know until tonight was that this was in Nicaragua!

Nor did I know that an international court found the USA guilty of these war crimes, and ordered the USA to allow the Nicaragua's to be able to immigrate into this country after the way we attacked their country illegally!

How ironic that years later we find that Celeste Guap has now been screwed by half of the police force, as well as trafficked by them.  Then instead of turning her over to for help to exit and recover from this - Nancy O'Malley tells the press "she's personally handling" her case.  Suddenly we find the police "took" Celeste to a treatment program in Florida that has SECURITY GUARDS.

Security guards who supposedly Celeste attacked and now sits in a Florida jail on a $300,000 bail.  I told myself when I heard that "been there done that" as this is just what they've done to me in 1984 you can read about at when I was accused of "running a brothel" that was actually a safe house I'd put together for victims when they couldn't run to the police because no one was believing us about what was happening to us!

As soon as I heard that  - I knew not only will we probably get her silenced now because of her "trial", but when I saw she was from Nicaragua I thought "I bet they're seeing if they can deport her family" or at least threaten to for leverage against her.

Then I heard tonight that the Sandanista's in Iran Contra were the soldiers in Nicaragua?  OMG - you can't write the irony of this stuff!

Celeste - if you read this - call me collect please (818) 646-3296.