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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Rep. Rob Portman
312 Walnut Street, Room 3425
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Dear Mr. Portman:

I am watching you on PBS at the moment discussing the Ohio case where you did intervene in the case involving teens who were being trafficked right out of the “safe house” to egg farms.  So I know you have now witnessed with your own eyes how our government is, and can be, involved in the actual acts of trafficking.

Which means that I know that you now know why in 1984 I took matters into my own hands to help sex trafficking victims in Los Angeles escape men who were involved with not only LAPD, but also our own CIA in connection with Iran Contra and oil deals we were negotiating as well, to create what I later learned was in fact the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims in this country.  Only to have these same men “frame” me with false accusations I was “running a brothel” to shut it down in 1984.  I did this because it was obvious we couldn’t call 911 for help back then.  Not only were there no laws in place to help us fight this type of situation being as the word “sex trafficking” hadn’t even been coined then, but frankly no one would have believed us either about what was happening. 

Back then if we tried to talk to anyone about what was happening, we were treated no differently than if we had said “aliens were abducting and selling us for sexual purposes”.   After I was arrested for trying to make a safe house for these victims, I realized I had no choice but to change our legal system.  Taking lessons from the civic rights and womens’ movement, I realized we couldn’t get the laws changed, nor help made available, unless we first raised awareness about the problem being real, existing in modern America, and also happening to Americans on American soil.  I say that because the perceptions back then was that these sorts of things only happened to people in other countries, or immigrants in our country (the Mann Act only assisted Chinese victims on US soil), or that it was a thing that went away with the Barbary Coast days.

If you’ve seen some of the talk shows I then started appearing on back then I have some clips up on, then you can see that I was the first person who not only came forward about the issue of domestic sex trafficking in modern America, but that I did this also to promote what was the first hotline for these victims.  A hotline that was NOT ANSWERED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT OR A GOVERNMENT SPONSORED AGENCY FOR A REASON.

Mr. Portman, we had laws on the books for pimps back in the 1980’s.  If you wanted to arrest a pimp, all you had to do was call 911.  I didn’t spent years of my life, over $400,000 of my own money, cost myself countless jobs, get evicted 1000 times, and subject myself to the kind of “branding” that I experienced by going on all those national talk shows to raise awareness that modern sex trafficking was a real issue in modern America that needed to have something done about it as I did, to get laws passed that already existed! 

I did this because we needed to create something DIFFERENT than we had in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  I invite you to look at the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline for Ohio that existed back at the time there was the problem in Marion County you witnessed.  What you will see is that every agency on that list was an agency that was in contact with the very people who were trafficking those kids.  Now I ask you, who were they supposed to call for help?  If you remember your own experience, you didn’t even get involved until this had been happening for quite some time.  What’s more disturbing is that while I applaud you heavily that you did get involved and go do something to help those kids there in Marion County, I’d like to point out that you stepped up to help HUMAN TRAFFICKING VICTIMS, NOT SEX TRAFFICKING.

Because I had been writing you, and many other representatives, about the fact that all across the USA, that in each state where there was a trafficking task force set up that was listed on the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline, that was receiving government grants, there was SEX TRAFFICKING going on.   Yet you didn’t respond to any of my letters about this, nor has anyone to date.  In fact, no one still even has directly and I’d like to know why.  Take a look at the New Jersey strip clubs discovered to be owned by DEA agents.  Now look at the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline for where they refer victims in New Jersey to call for help and tell me that you don’t see that they’re referred to agencies that are in direct connection with someone who would know those same exact DEA agents?  It reminds me of when the Columbian drug lords were so infiltrated within the police, and the phone systems, a special “faceless” grand jury system had to be created in the 1990’s. 

I’d also like to point out that our hotline is NOT connected to any of these agencies, and that I’ve for YEARS now tried to get Polaris to list us in each state’s listings, and to list as specifically as “not connected” to these government agencies, and yet they have not done so to date.  They still only list us in one state for some reason despite the fact we’re an international program with an international hotline. 

What about New York?  The agencies listed in New York are bound to be something that can be connected to Eliot Spitzer, who has repeatedly been found to be connected to organized sex trafficking rings that are even internationally connected to both the Russians and Israeli’s who not only use their prostitutes for money, but also for espionage purposes. 

Southern California’s trafficking hotlines were not only connected to Joohon David Lee who was convicted of bribery in connection with his sex trafficking activities in both California, Nevada and Arizona, but also Lee Baca, Steve Corona, Chris Butler, Kemp Shiffer, and every cop who ever got involved with Celeste Guap. 

Yet when we actively tried to reach out to Celeste Guap in California to connect her to a program which was in no way connected to the very men who had been not only raping her as a juvenile, but also trafficking her, as well as coercing her and her mother, a 911 operator, we were aggressively BLOCKED from access to her.  In fact, two police officers came to pick up Celeste, courtesy of the Office of Victim Services, who then put her on a plane, where she was then sent to a treatment program in Florida that was certainly not on our list of approved facilities to send these type of victims to that we’ve developed a good list of over 30 years now, but then got her arrested right out of treatment by more officers! 

Who I’m sure made some kind of threats to her while she was held on $300,000 bail for a simple assault – while Nancy O’Malley was considering how many officers to charge in her case back in California.  I’m sorry, but I think there’s a bit of a conflict of interest going here when Celeste is preparing to sue some officers, at the same time she’s having her treatment being supervised by people who are trying to minimize lawsuits against such officers as part of their job. 

What about the case of Rebecca Johnson in Ohio Mr. Portman?   This is a woman who should have been told about our program a LONG time ago.  Instead, the only thing she heard about was the groups that were listed on the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline, who were directly connected to her “clients”.  But instead of being referring to us, she was instead used against her will to build a case against these men.  Now to find her name and face all over the news while she’s left with NOTHING but the CATCH program for support while she’s trying to find employment and housing in a world where anyone she seeks it with can look up her name on Google and find out about how she was used in a corruption trial as a “prostitute”. 

Such is how you’re treating someone in Ohio you’re claiming to be someone you care so much about you’re attacking Backpage to shut them down over to prevent them from exploiting women like her, but yet she wasn’t even referred to us for aftercare after law enforcement was done using her to get these guys’ case built!  Where was she supposed to go exactly when she wasn’t referred to us?  I mean I think it’s commendable you’re helping those kids forced to work on egg farms in Ohio, but why are you not considering what’s being done about women like Rebecca I’d like to know who is not only a victim also, but she even helped the state “get the bad guys” they wanted, and then she was left with nothing in the way of aftercare?  I only found out about her myself because I get “Google Alerts”, or she never would have known there was other help out there besides that what is directly sponsored by the federal government today.

I saw you on PBS tonight talking about how “no one is doing anything” about this connection with the government agencies, money and trafficking.  Well of course not.  This is nothing new.  It’s not limited to Ohio.  And I can show you how in each state where there’s been federal grant money received by the Office of Victim Services, using the Polaris Hotline, without using ours also as an alternative to that one, there has been discovered, and proven to be, a direct connection with those agencies and sex trafficking. 

So I’ve been writing to you asking you “what are you going to do about helping us with this” Mr. Portman?  Like I’m hearing you complain about the other politicians, and offices, I’m hearing a deafening silence also back.  But no offense, this is an area where I have a lot more expertise and experience than you do so I would think since you are so interested in the area of trafficking, you would want to be consulting with me.  Especially since you claim you want to “convict the traffickers” as bad as you do. 

Which I’d really like to know how you propose to do that now you’ve shut down Backpage, and helped get SESTA/FOSTA passed.  Seriously.  Because I remember how impossible it was to get a conviction against a pimp back before the internet days.  Literally impossible.  Because the only witnesses to the money passing to the hands of the pimp was victims who were so scared of the pimp they were being pimped by him, instead of just running.  Law enforcement had an impossible task of trying to prove that the cash that went from her hand went into his hand, especially when he wouldn’t allow anyone near him to witness that transference. 

Whereas now we even have Bitcoin.  I remember cases against pimps skyrocketing once we had the internet.  Because not only could law enforcement then trace the ad as coming from his computer, but the money to place that ad could be traced back to his bank account (because victims aren’t allowed bank accounts usually, let alone debit or credit cards), the conversation with the client could be traced through the site, and even the payments could be traced from the transaction right back to the pimp.  Then law enforcement would get a warrant for the records from the site, and voila!  Ironclad black and white documented case of trafficking made against the pimp where he can’t say the female victim was just “making it up” or “jealous” as they used to do when accused back in the 80’s before we had these sites. 

Every vice cop I’ve spoken to has told me they are not given money to investigate sex trafficking, which is why they arrest prostitutes on the streets.  They’re easy to grab off a corner.  Only if that’s all they can grab is a prostitute off a corner now that you’ve also removed law enforcements ability to call them up on the phone by abolishing the sites also, then how are you going to trace the money in her pocket back to the pimps’ hand?  I’d really like to know what your plan is there for building these cases in the future against the pimps.  As well as I’d like to open up a dialogue with you about the fact we clearly need a hotline like ours that’s NOT connected to these law enforcement/government agencies that are so easily corrupted today, and that’s a proven fact now, but yet everyone wants to keep acting like we don’t exist even though we are the only one I’m aware of who is.

I look forward to talking to you about these issues. 


Jody Williams

Saturday, April 21, 2018


This happened to us as a community once before.  It was in the 1980's.  People were terrified of HIV/AIDS and also "prostitutes" because of the fear of HIV/AIDS.  No one knew in the early 1980's what was really causing it.  Suddenly hospitals, detoxes, shelters, even jails were refusing to go anywhere near us - let alone help us in any way.  I drove a woman to the hospital who had been stabbed and watch as the ER staff tried to turn her away out of fear of the virus in the early 1980's.  I had to threaten to sue them if they turned her away, and that worked as far as stitching her up.  But the hospital refused to admit her after they stitched her up. 

Now what do you do if you find out you are positive for the virus?  That's it.  Finito.  Done.  You're out of the sex industry.

Now what? 

We had a huge problem on our hands.   We were asking sex workers to stop working if they had the virus - but then what?  Rent and lights still had to be paid and food had to be put on the table.  ON TOP of things now the medications had to be purchased which weren't covered by health insurance most sex workers didn't even have which cost $10,000 a month back then.  So how were they supposed to get that kind of money? 

We as a community had a problem.   We couldn't ask these men and women to "just stop working" because they found out they were positive.  They still had to take care of themselves.

What made things even more complicated was a Bill that was coming up that was discussing targeting us, quarantining us on an island, an island away from family and friends and where we wouldn't get any medical care at all.  The fear was that they were going to take us to an "island" alright - an island where no one would hear about us again!  How could they check if the island was on quarantine?

So it was a scary time also.  I had been talking to some condom manufacturing companies about "sponsorship".  The idea was that if a sex worker found out she (or he) was positive, that we could offer them a job on the spot doing outreach to other sex workers about the virus.  Them being positive was a real powerful message to scare the other sex workers into practicing safe sex even though the johns were revolting.  Many threatened to "take their business elsewhere" if a work insisted on practicing safe sex.  So we needed ex-sex workers to do outreach not only into the community to get sex workers tested, but also to educate them into talking their clients into safe sex, getting tested also, etc.  Those people needed to be hired, and we had a lot of companies interested in reaching out to us to connect for research purposes. 

I remember one of the first sponsors was actually a methadone clinic.    They had just opened and no one was coming.  They were getting paid by the number of prostitutes they got on methadone.  The question was how do they get the sex workers to trust if they came into the clinic they'd get treatment without being arrested?  They wanted to research HIV among sex workers so they were going to pay the clinic for each prostitute they made contact with. 

We got our first sponsorship money.  With that I was able to pay a staff and put them on a weekly salary in exchange for so many hours per week devoted to them going out into the community and passing out information, doing training, talking them into testing, etc.   It wasn't much to start the first time - we were able to pay someone who just found out they were positive $500 a week to become an "HIV educator and outreach coordinator".  The budget we got allowed us to hire four women and one man at first - but this gave them a weekly budget and they could work when they were having a "good day" and stay at home in bed on a "bad" day. 

The first team that went out - we were given clean needles, bottles of bleach, and condoms to distribute to the community.   The man took to the bath houses while the women started targeting the local massage parlors, and one woman took on going out to the underground sex and swinger clubs to do outreach.  Soon one outreach hired her also to be "on duty" daily at one of their places so she was now making $1000 a week showing people how to use condoms "while having fun". 

Soon we were able to hire 10 workers.  I divided up five into Hollywood and the other five into the Santa Monica, Venice area. 

I've been talking to some corporate sponsors who have shown an interest in funding an outreach into the sex worker community for various products, including birth control pills.  I know there's more.  One company that sells "extending" vitamins was interested in sponsoring an outreach project. 

If you'd like to create a job where you can be open about who you were before - then give us a jingle.  Let's go out and create some jobs for "outreach workers". 


Sunday, April 15, 2018


When I was arrested in 1984, I was not involved in prostitution.  I had actually quit months ago because I was making money legitimately through operating a 900 phone service that was just becoming popular in the 1980’s.  I had a lease on a warehouse I had once used for an incall operation that still had time on it, so I turned it into a “safe house” for adults.  Lois Lee was taking in juveniles who needed help through Children of the Night, and the Mary Magdalene Project was taking in a few women through their program, but these programs were not providing help to an adult who was having to escape from a pimp and/or an organized trafficker.

The LAPD had already tried to force me to become an informant which is one reason why I had left the sex industry.  They would pick me up and hold me for 71 hours “incognito” was what they called it then.  This meant I was not booked into the system and no one could know where I was.  I was not allowed a phone call, nor to call my attorney.  They had to hold me for 71 hours or charge me with a crime.  Since they were trying to force me to turn over my “book” to them, i.e., “snitch” on other people, and I would refuse, they would release me at the 71st hour. 

Only to watch me walk to my car where they would then arrest me as I walked down the street and hold me for another 71 hours.  My attorney used to check in with me daily, and after they did this four times in a row out of the same police station, he threatened them with harassment charges if they did it again.  They responded by manufacturing false charges against me in San Mateo, California.  This meant they picked me up, transported me to San Mateo, and then let me loose after 71 hours in San Mateo.   Finally they stopped when they realized they'd be sued for harassment.  But then they went and formed a task force to arrest me!

They had tried planting drugs in my car but I wouldn’t go near my car.  I asked my mother to go and pick up my car and she found the planted drugs.  I wouldn’t go to my home for fear there were drugs planted there.  My mother snuck into my apartment to get some clothes for me and she told me she found a pound of cocaine under my bed.  I had someone ask me to meet with someone one time that I had a bad feeling not to go.  I later learned it was a fake drug lab they had constructed to try and arrest me in but I foiled that attempt also. 

I already had beds in this warehouse, a shower, and high tech security, as well as it being next to a police station, so it was a secure place for someone to hide.  A woman had been arrested on drug charges and the police had offered to let her off the hook if she would agree to claim I was “pimping” her through this warehouse.  I was arrested but there wasn’t a shred of evidence against me because I wasn’t doing anything, not with her either.  She had two black eyes, a broken nose and a broken arm she told me her pimp had done to her.  So I was allowing her to stay in the warehouse for safety and healing.  There were no phones in this place, no ads, and nothing that would prove I was engaging in any prostitution.  My attorney made a joke to the DA he would like to see what client I could have sold her to being that she was all banged up even.

To try and scare my attorney off defending me, they threatened him with pimping charges if he accepted any money from me.  They threatened to charge him with money laundering, racketeering, and all kinds of things to try and scare him off defending me.  When he refused to back off defending me, they came after my mother and others to try and get me on the hook.  (They have since found a way to make sure you don't have an attorney to "interfere" by the way today.   It's called naming you as a "witness" or "victim" instead of a "criminal".)

Which is why they produced a photo of me handing my mother a $20 bill and her handing me a bucket of KFC chicken.  They claimed since she had “received money from the earnings of a prostitute” that she was guilty of felony pimping.  The photo was their evidence against my mother proving she'd taken money form me.  Mind you I had no convictions for prostitution but because I was "known" that counted under the law.  They arrested my mother and charged her with pimping me. 

When my attorney said he would love to show that picture to a jury of her giving me the $20 for a bucket of KFC, they then threatened to arrest my then 70 year old grandmother for pimping because of a Christmas present I’d bought her.  I didn’t think my grandmother would survive being booked, so I accepted a plea bargain.  Only there were no charges for anything I’d done.  The DA literally made up a charge for me to take a plea to in order to get a conviction on me.   So they don't need new laws to book you when they want to book you folks - trust me they can make things up if they want to.  They did with me.  Felony misrepresentation for purposes of prostitution.  It's not even a crime but I plead guilty and they were happy.  

Which they argued they didn’t want a conviction out of me.  Their intent was they wanted me to become an informant for them like they had going with Alex Adams.  That’s when I first found out she was a paid informant.   But the government said they wanted my “book”.  My computer had been set to self-destruct upon being unplugged.  So when they took my computer, all of the data was destroyed once they unplugged the machine. 

In fear I would “talk” about what I knew to the authorities, I had to duck attempts on my life for almost a year.  To protect my life I went to stay with my grandmother for a year without leaving her house.  If I did try and leave, I would disguise myself and attempt to leave unnoticed.  There were many strange men coming to her door with crazy excuses to try and get me to come outside, but I always refused to leave her apartment and her being a witness.  My attorney reported that the police had even threatened my life and his to caution us to silence.   Some of the threats against my life were from powerful men who were afraid of what I'd say.  Later on the scandal about what was happening on movie studios whose budgets had been padded to pay for prostitutes broke loose - but not because of me running my mouth.  But when a man is scared you're going to give them a "Stormy Daniels" scandal - many of them do more than threaten you to keep you quiet.  

When Heidi was coming up, I tried to warn her about Alex being a paid snitch, but she wouldn’t believe me.  When they arrested her, I warned her they would go after her parents.  She also didn’t believe me and that’s exactly what they did – charge her father with money laundering in fact.  The government also wanted her “Black Book”.  

She also received threats about not revealing the names in her “book”.  When she had tried to open a clothing shop in Glendale after her arrest, the threats on her life were so prevalent I was told this was why she had gone to Nevada to seek protection of the legal brothel industry. 

When Jeane was arrested in 1991, she told me that’s when the government had made a deal with her to report back information on her clients to them.  Every six months she would receive a “visit” from someone who would debrief her as to what she knew, and tell her what they wanted her to do.  About 2004 she had decided she’d had enough.  She had gone to Germany to buy a house and planned on leaving the country to retire.  She was at the airport leaving the country to retire when she was arrested. 

The authorities told her they wanted her to turn over her “Black Book” to them, but not to put the names into the court records.  She had tried to get the names entered into evidence to prove that she had been forced to work as a madam.  Why should she be charged as a madam when it was our government making her work as a madam?  To make her defense she tried to have records of their calls to her entered into the court record, but they kept denying her.  That’s why she decided finally to take her case to the press to have her story heard that she was being “forced” or “trafficked” into what she was doing. 

I had warned Jeane they would come after her mother.  When I did, her attorney went to her mother’s house to protect her.  Montgomery told me that literally as he had arrived at her mother’s house, the inspector general and the prosecutor were coming up the walkway to her mother’s house to threaten her mother.  Montgomery said he convinced them it would be “very bad press” to charge such an elderly, sick woman as her mother and they agreed to back off.

Dave Elms had founded The Erotic Review.  He hated pimps and drugs.  Because he was a “john”, he didn’t want to see escorts who were either drug addicts or who had pimps.  To “screen” the women, he would personally sleep with them and then post his reviews on the site for other clients to subscribe to and see who was “safe”.  If you wanted to be listed on the site, you had to let him see you and see you in your home.  He would inspect the home for signs of a pimp and/or drug abuse. 

When Dave would find signs of a pimp or of a drug problem, he would contact me.  I would then help this woman if she wanted help.  We had just done a “rescue” of two women out of Las Vegas from some very nasty pimps and he was impressed with what we did.  He told me he wanted to put up a banner ad on TER with our hotline number on it because we were helping women without involving law enforcement.  Dave told me his attorneys were going to draw up the papers and after we signed them, I would have a banner ad for SWA up on his site. 

The day after we made this deal, he told me he had to go down to Arizona for some reason.  The next thing I know he’s arrested in Arizona.  He was being held without bail at first and I had no way of reaching him while he was in custody.  I tried contacting the attorney he told me was drawing up the papers and they told me that there was “someone else managing the site now that I’d have to talk to”. 

I contacted these people and soon learned that law enforcement had taken over the site.  They of course refused to allow me to honor Dave’s wishes to have our number put onto the site.  I was told that the site was now being managed by the FBI who was using it to gather information useful in Dave’s “prosecution”. 

In 2015, I came across a woman in connection with the staged “8 Minutes”.  She was pretending to be a sex worker, while in reality she was not.  Her identification was that of a woman who had died in 2007, a woman who had been her roommate.  She evidently was using this dead womans’ ID.  I wondered how she was traveling in this post 9/11 world and I later found out she had purchased her own travel agency.  This woman had infiltrated SWOP and she placed ads on Backpage every time I questioned that she wasn’t a “real” sex worker.  She then pointed to “reviews” of her that were on TER and I laughed because I knew that law enforcement had control of that site so they could make anyone look “real” they wanted to that way. 

This woman then tried to chase me off the internet by threatening me.  When that failed, she tried to stalk and scare me.   When that failed, she tried a smear campaign about me online.  She would go to any of the sex worker advocacy groups and force them to remove me from their groups and threaten them if they continued to speak to me they would be “shut out”.  I had more than one person telling me that she had threatened them about what would happen to them if they spoke to me again. 

At that time, SWOP was asking women to identify as sex workers, and to have another “known” sex worker “vouch” for them in order to join and pay dues.  This mean they were incriminating themselves as criminals and providing financial information to SWOP.  Robin Few, the founder of SWOP had died in 2012.  She would have rolled over in her grave if she'd seen this practice.  I guess that's why these other people who were not sex workers came in and took over once she had died.  It's no different than how KFC isn't run by the colonel anymore!

The women who did this were reporting to me shortly afterwards they were having their bank accounts shut down, they were being investigated, even their landlords were refusing to take their rent suddenly.  When I tried to alert other sex workers to be cautious of this, there was a woman out of Orange, California who belonged to SWOP there who falsely claimed I had threatened her.  This woman was Meg Munoz who was also head of Abeni.  Abeni had received $30,000 from the Orange Country Human Trafficking Task Force. 

I tracked down women who had attended Abeni meetings. They told me that nothing happened at these meetings that were just “social” meetings.  However, they reported that shortly after attending Abeni meetings they were then having their phones tapped, they were being followed, and some of these women reported worse.  They talked about being contacted by law enforcement who threatened them about what they would do to them if they did not agree to become informants and do “as they were told”. 

I talked to other women in the industry who told me that the woman they met as “Meg” would show up at other SWOP or sex worker functions and it would be a completely different woman, i.e., someone posing as Meg.  Shortly after she came on the scene, she connected to the Tits & Sass blog that I had been contributing to since they launched in 2007.  Literally one day I logged onto the blog to find it had been completely “white washed”.  Not only had every single comment I’d made, or made about me, been removed, but further this site had inserted women I had never heard of as “advocates”. 

This site was grabbing the IP address of many women who were openly identifying as “sex workers”.  Women who then were reporting to me the same thing – they were soon after getting law enforcement on their tails threatening them.   When I tried speaking to the supposed owners of the blog about this, they blocked me.  Considering they had been talking to me freely before, this was clearly suspicious.

I had become a member of COYOTE in 1979 when Margo first launched the group.  However, members of the group were reporting they were all being arrested also.  Norma Jean Almodovar was one.  She wound up with spending three years in prison behind being a cop and giving a phone number to another cop that was a “regular” of hers.  I had met Norma Jean for lunch shortly after my 1984 arrest.  I was followed home from that meeting by a cop and when I went home, the light came on a device I had on my phone to alert me my phone was now bugged. 

I went and talked to Margo about this.  My concern that as members of COYOTE we were all being watched.  For all I knew, it had something to do with my 1984 arrest.  I also told her of what my attorney had advised me of, that the conspiracy laws allowed for police to arrest me on felony charges without one shred of evidence.  That all they needed was the “testimony of a known prostitute” saying I had pimped her and I could kiss my ass goodbye.  He also warned me that if we went to COYOTE meetings to discuss how to better working conditions as prostitutes, that we could be charged also with a felony conspiracy charge. 

The year 1984 was when I was also talking to Edwin Meese who was the attorney general at the time of California.  He had advised me that as a 12 step group, callers to my hotline would be protected by laws grandfathered in by AA and NA.  That our meetings would be covered under the confidentiality laws grandfathered in by NA especially.  This meant anything said in a Prostitutes Anonymous (now Sex Workers Anonymous) meeting could not be used as evidence against anyone to obtain a warrant or for any type of evidence either because it was protected by confidentiality laws.  That we could meet without fear as a 12 step group. 

He advised me that as a 12 step group I could also visit someone in jail and not be refused or arrested.  We could also put money on the books of a prostitute without being charged with pimping.   I say that because back then if you tried to post bail for a prostitute, or put money on her books, the police would then arrest you as that prostitutes’ pimp.  As a SWA member, we were allowed to post bond and also put money on the books for a prostitute without fear of being charged criminally.  So actually it was Edwin Meese and my attorney who had explained a lot of ways we could meet and organize legally and safely was under the protection of laws grandfathered in by AA and NA.

I’m concerned about what’s going to happen to the information on Backpage with respect to the men and women who advertised on there.  Now before the attacks on Backpage, if there was a case against a pimp, the police could obtain a warrant for the records on that specific person.  They then were able to trace the ad and also track the bank account of the pimp and it would build a nice case against the pimp.  It would show he placed the ad from his computer, and that he paid for the ad.  That bank information could then be pulled to show that he was then depositing prostitution money into that account and there was then a good case against the pimp.

However, with recent sex trafficking laws, especially those in Nevada, California and Arizona, I’m very concerned.  If you read these laws, you’ll see that it grants law enforcement the ability to come into any house where they “suspect” sex trafficking activity and remove the children into protective custody.  It also grants them the ability to take a woman into custody for “investigation” into sex trafficking.  These laws are allowing them to hold a woman indefinitely – not just for 71 hours.  During this time, because they are a “witness” and not a “criminal”, they are not entitled to a phone call, an attorney, nor any type of advising of their rights that what they say might incriminate themselves. 

I personally believe that this violates our constitutional right not to incriminate ourselves.  But to take us into custody indefinitely, to take our children into custody, and then to be told this can be done until the police are “good and ready” to stop, that I think would force a lot of people to say things they don’t mean or even plead guilty when not which I believe does violate our rights not to incriminate ourselves.  If these women are being forced into giving a statement prior to speaking to an attorney, then I really think this is violating their constitutional rights to not incriminate ourselves as well as a right to due process.

I have seen how in 2014 Child Protective Services that was ran by social workers is now the Dept. of Child Safety.  That DCS is overseen by the Attorney General’s office, which is run by law enforcement.  There are now training videos out training judges to automatically have all children removed from the home of a prostitute based on the suspicion they might be trafficked, and to detain everyone until the state is satisfied they are not.  I have talked to women who have been detained for nine months without the right to an attorney, or any other rights given a criminal.  They were even denied access to know where their children were being kept because they were in “protective custody”. 

I have personally talked to more than one woman who was given  a “Sophie’s Choice”.  They were told that if they did not accuse the father of their children of trafficking, and allow him to go to prison on these charges, with them witnessing against this man, that their children would be removed by CPS and they would not even be allowed visitation because the children would be in “protective custody”.  In order the protect the children, these women have falsely accused these men of trafficking.  In return, they’ve been put into public housing so that law enforcement knows where they are living at all times.  Therefore, they’re afraid to get an attorney and defend him or fight back for fear they’ll be thrown out into the street or threatened. 

I worry about the women who have told me someone has placed an ad for them on Backpage as a joke or as revenge.  Does that mean law enforcement is going to automatically assume you are a “trafficking victim” and come at you to detain you for questioning?  Take your children?  I would urge anyone who has had this happen to them to get another computer, change their IP address, move, and not to post anything on social media about ever advertising on Backpage.  I would also make arrangements with an attorney that if you were to ever disappear, they were to come looking for you in custody like I had to do at one point with my attorney when they kept picking me up without charging me.  You also need a “visible means of support” if they were to accuse you of sex trafficking, so I would also recommend if you are working at a cash freelance job, you might want to consider getting some kind of a paycheck job with a boss who would vouch that you are working for them at a “legit” job.  A true trafficking victim would not be able to do this, and this might clear the field for investigators to hone in on actual victims this way.

I would also caution you against anyone trying to “organize you into protesting”.  I saw people doing this through COYOTE who were trying to find people they could throw under the bus to protect themselves.  If you want to protest, fine.  There are safe anonymous methods you can protest whatever is going on.  You can also safely contact us here at and know that all of your calls to us are confidential.  Beware of anyone who wants you to do anything where you can be photographed, identified, or anything that could be producing any incriminating evidence against you. 

I want to warn women against using sites they don’t know what they are or who is behind them.  When Backpage started coming under attack, as well as Redbook and TER, I started getting calls from women telling me they had tried to place an ad on a site they didn’t know well.  They then were finding themselves blackmailed.  These people were threatening to send the photos and their ads to people they knew if they didn’t pay up.  When they tried to take ads down, they were charged $300 just to take the ad down.  Their ads and photos were popping up on sites they never advertised on which was further endangering them legally. 

Once you put your photo up online, you can find yourself being “catfished” by actual traffickers.  I’ve even found fake websites set up to look identical to mine that are trying to solicit phone calls and emails from sex workers.  Which is why I always want people to know I would never ask you for a photo, for your real name, or any other identifying information on you either. 

When “bad” cops got ahold of me years ago, they tried to coerce me into doing illegal acts and risky acts that served their careers, and risked my life in the process.  I was then branded a criminal for doing the things they were forcing me to do, which allowed them to try and use me as a pawn even more in fear.  Some of them raped me knowing that I had no way of pressing charges against them.  This is why you must be careful who you allow to believe you are a sex worker.  Even if they act like they’re “one of you”. 

To illustrate, some bad cops had set up an escort service in Los Angeles in the 1980’s called “Talk of the Town”.  In reality it was LAPD behind that service.  Not the good cops either, but bad cops who saw this as a way of cashing in.  They got to cash in on what they knew about EVERYONE – including the clients who they would threaten also into using their service so they had information on them that could be manipulated and sold to the highest bidder. 

This shames “good cops” who do exist and are out there.  The problem is you may not know who to trust.  I know of one madam in Seattle who tried to go the police about one such cop and before she left the police station, he had heard of what she was doing.

To be honest, this might be the perfect time to quit if you are in sex work.  If you do decide you want to retire and need support without fear of legal ramifications, then know your calls to are confidential.  You will speak to someone who is a survivor, or ex-sex worker at that hotline that’s answered 24/7.  We do not provide “resources”, only the same support that you’d find in an AA meeting from someone who has “been there”.  Remember, “resources” means “records”.  Records that can come back to haunt you. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018


Jody Williams, Founder & Director
Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly “Prostitutes Anonymous”)
5516 Boulder Highway, Suite 2F378
Las Vegas, NV 89122
(702) 488-1127 Telephone

April 8, 2018

Dear Law Makers:

I’m writing you on behalf of the issues surrounding Backpage, the recent confiscation of the website, as well as a law being passed regarding online advertising in connection with the sex industry.  In order to understand however why my view is relevant to this issue, (as well as national security), an expert opinion, who I am and why I’m writing you about these issues, I’m sure I’m going to have to first introduce myself. 

You can verify I’m a real person, a registered voter in fact in California.  I also have news clips about my work and activism available at  I apologize for not being able to be there in person to speak to you, or for having reached out sooner, but realize I’m not a “professional” at this issue like the lobbyist are who are behind these campaigns I’m writing you about today.  So this letter is written to you from me personally, my own life, my own experiences, and are my own personal opinion also as a survivor of sex trafficking, an American, and also a registered voter interested in the well-being of our country.

The media dubbed me with that name “High Tech Madam” after a very high profiled arrest of myself, as well as my mother, in 1984.  The reason for the nickname they gave me was because the warehouse involved with my arrest had cutting edge security features, surveillance technology, and a sophisticated computer system. 

I used the computer to link to Telecheck, who in turn linked me into TRW so I could pull prospective clients’ credit reports in order to verify their identities.  I was being held on $50,000 bail after I was arrested by a SWAT team and task force out of my home, so I was unable to speak to the media myself to explain what all of that was about.  The police were the ones who informed the police that warehouse was a “brothel” and I was a “madam”, while the high bail was set to prevent me from speaking to the press to explain to them the truth.  (Much like what happened when “Celeste Guap” was treated the same way to silence her also I’d like to add.) 

You see, I was the “Backpage” of 1984 which is one of the reasons why I’m qualified to write you about these issues today.  I do not know the owners of that site and have been out of the sex industry for 32 years now, as well as clean that long.  I receive no salary or compensation for anything I do with respect to my activism.  I have no wealthy person behind me using a string of corporations through a maze of donation chains to be creating the hoopla I’m about to speak to you about today. 

I am what I am – a person doing this much like how Bill Wilson when he created Alcoholics Anonymous on the heels of Prohibition being repealed.  Prohibition had only been repealed two years before Bill launched AA, so his “drinking years” were during a time when our country treated the disease of alcoholism as a crime because of a lack of knowledge of the disease. 

A disease that was at that time period 100 % fatal and considered by statisticians to be a hopeless condition.  The church argued it was a form of demonic possession and used to make a lot of money going on campaigns where sufferers signed pledges they weren’t going to drink again.  Law enforcement considered it a crime, and would arrest both the buyer and manufacturer of alcohol – the proceeds of which fueled the formal organization and entrenchment of organized crime.  Medical science considered it a form of incurable insanity – sending sufferers to sanitariums to die in a hospice like setting. 

In other words, the whole world was getting it wrong until an alcoholic who had found an answer for himself started speaking out to educate us through the formation of his 12 step program.  A program through which a woman gained her sobriety named Marty Mann then formed the National Council on Alcoholism.  The NCA then started approaching the disease from a completely different perspective than before, one which looked at it from the eyes of those who had “been there”, making recovery possible today for a once hopeless condition even according to the great Carl Jung.  I’d like to point out that a sober alcoholic created the NCA, not someone from the alcohol industry or I think we’d have a much different view today of alcoholism.

Which parallels the issue of the sex industry and sex trafficking I’m going to speak to you about in this letter.  You see our government saw the consequences and devastation caused by alcoholism, but took a broad stroke approach to trying to solve the problem by outlawing all alcohol.  This was because of a fundamental misunderstanding, as well as being a situation that was deliberately taken advantage of by organized crime who saw an opportunity to make money. 

Seeing that opportunity to make money through alcohol becoming illegal, they appealed to politicians who then organized their whole platforms around the issue.  Who while voting on laws to outlaw alcohol, actually had their own personal “bootlegger” because not all people who enjoyed drinking alcohol were alcoholics and didn’t feel they should be denied the pleasure of drinking simply because of a few people who were suffering from this horrible incurable fatal disease.  Which again you can see why I’m drawing parallels here of the two. 

When truck drivers were being horribly exploited, Jimmy Hoffa didn’t step up to outlaw trucks as a solution.  What he did instead was form a union that protected the interests of drivers because they were in a very vulnerable position.  One prone to being exploited.  Organized crime of course being so unhappy about this that it’s probably why no one can find his body today.  Which many argue they then latched onto the unions, so I’m not writing you about promoting a union.  What I’m trying to explain here is that when you have a problem within an industry of a “vulnerable work force” you don’t outlaw the “tools of the trade”. 

The problem here is a lack of understanding about the differences between prostitution and the sex industry, as well as the differences between “sex trafficking”, “pimping”, and gang activity.  Not understanding these differences is like comparing what a pharmacist does with Pablo Escobar with that of someone who grows a few pot plants in their backyard to ease their chemotherapy symptoms.  Because there are differences between those things just as there are within the spectrum that makes up the issue of sex and the sex industry.

Which I tend to liken to the food industry to help people who aren’t from this world to understand.  Just look at food for a minute here.  You have people who have their own farms and raise their own food.  They don’t sell their food to other people, and they don’t buy their food from anyone else. 

However, you do have farmers who mass produce their food for sale at the grocery store, as well as the restaurant owner and the guy who has a fast food truck.  There are chefs who have four Michelin stars, and you have guys who microwave pizza at a convenience store.  There are people who grow specialty products for a niche market, as well as corporate farms who supply chains like McDonalds.  While you have some farmers who grow organic foods with love, and raise their livestock humanely – you also have farms that use chemicals, genetically modify their produce for a higher profit, and treat livestock with horrific cruelty that is truly criminal. 

Sex and the sex industry is like food and the food industry.  Do I know the differences between these?  I should being as if you check again my news clips at, you’ll see that I created a campaign that was launched in 1987 that was geared to create what became the Trafficking Act of 2000.  That Act wouldn’t have even passed had it not been for the 13 years of work I put into raising the public’s awareness about modern domestic sex trafficking, as well as rallying together the people who made that Act possible like Michael Horowitz.

To try and explain my point, I should start with why I was arrested in the first place.  Because that warehouse was not a “brothel”, and I was not arrested in reality for pimping, nor was my mother.  I again was being falsely portrayed as this much again like I’m seeing is being done with Backpage because of a larger agenda I was just a pawn in at that time.  Because in reality, that warehouse was actually the first safe house in the USA for adult sex trafficking victims. 

That’s why I had it placed next to the Van Nuys police station, with such high security equipment on it.  I had rented the warehouse for this purpose after stashing victims at my house, after episodes of traffickers trying to take their victims back at gunpoint.  I became concerned about innocent neighbors being shot during our rescues, so I moved the safe house to a warehouse in an industrial area where no one was around after dark for safety purposes, as well as to be close to the police station so they could come help quickly if needed.  You see I wasn’t having to defend us from anyone in the Van Nuys station back then, but I was having to from officers connected to Rampart, Beverly Hills and Compton.

To understand what was going on, I’ve had to wait until the truth has come out about Iran Contra.  If you don’t know what that is – the short version is that it was when our government was the ones responsible for the flooding of cocaine into the USA in order to raise cash “off the books” to buy guns for the Contra’s.  Since it was illegal to do so directly, this campaign was set up to raise cash to set up the black-market purchase of weapons to support fighting Russia. 

I’m talking about this because you need to understand this was going on in Los Angeles back in the late 1970’s, and early 1980’s to understand why I’d even be needing a safe house.  The media wasn’t saying back then it was our government behind the cocaine epidemic – in fact they were laying it entirely off on people who couldn’t defend themselves in the media. 

You also need to understand that back in the early 1980’s, the very act of sex trafficking an American citizen wasn’t even against the law.  If you watch the unedited opening of “Enter the Dragon”, you’ll see that even Bruce Lee was trying to raise awareness that it was not illegal to take American women, get them onto planes to other countries, hook them on drugs, and then sell them to the highest bidder.  Not only was it not illegal then, our culture viewed it as “unreal” as if you were to say we needed a law in place to protect people who were being abducted by aliens.  I say that because literally if you spoke about sex trafficking back then, you were treated in the same identical manner as those who claimed they were being abducted by aliens. 

I say that because I watched as Linda Lovelace stepped up in the late 1970’s and tried to explain to the world she had been sex trafficked.  Only we didn’t even have a word for this back then (the term “sex trafficking” wasn’t even coined until the year 2000) – that’s how “alien” of a concept this was to America then. 

So as Linda got up on the talk show circuit and revealed how she had been forced to film “Deep Throat” on a set while her husband/pimp was holding a gun on her, while the crew did nothing, on a set that was financed by the mob, where the profits enriched organized crime – the world couldn’t even comprehend what she was saying.  Many didn’t even believe her.  I watched as audiences literally tore into her because they didn’t even want to believe either that the sex industry so glamourized by people like Hugh Hefner, on a film they’d seen in a mainstream theater, was a film of her being raped for money by organized crime while the whole crew participated.  A film which was literally one of the top grossing films of that time. 

When she went to law enforcement to have the men who did that to her prosecuted, Edwin Meese was the Attorney General at that time.  There literally were no laws on the books to charge anyone on that film for anything but obscenity.  Trying to make a statement about what had been done to her, everyone but Linda was in fact charged with obscenity.  But since that wasn’t what actually transpired, of course the adult industry appealed to popular public opinion and their ignorance of the subject, and they each were acquitted.  Because we didn’t have the right laws on the books then, these men went unhindered with what they were doing. 

Edwin Meese did put together the Meese Report on the porn industry, but it didn’t do anything to change the laws.  Without laws being created, nothing changed.  The religious right came in and made Linda their “poster girl” to try and outlaw porn itself in a modern form of Prohibition.  But once again, those who enjoyed the product didn’t understand why they should suffer so actually the controversy fueled the adult industry which is 1000 times larger today than it was in Linda’s time.  Why?  Because the porn industry used their campaigns to just increase demand. 

It also meant victims of what is now called “sex trafficking” couldn’t call the police, nor receive help because the system still viewed anyone involved in the industry with a “strict liability” eye as a “criminal”.  There was no concept of the idea that one could be “forced” to be engaging in this crime.  Yes we arrest bank robbers.  But to sex, we were identical to the Taliban in that we were taking victims of sex trafficking who would come forward and arresting them, making them the criminal.  In a country where if you’re raped, you get arrested, or even stoned, how do you fight rape if the victims can’t come forward without great sacrifice?  Such is what we do to victims of the sex industry – instead of focusing on the crime – we focus on that it’s sex. 

I’m no law maker however.  Back then I was working within the sex industry as an escort, a madam, and the industry as a whole.   I didn’t care about the law then, but only about making money.  So I created the first ever live phone sex line which took credit cards instead of being charged to one’s phone bill which could be found by a man’s wife or accountant for example. 

I did this because Los Angeles was suffering from literally the most serial killers targeting prostitutes in history at that time.  On top of the women who were being sold to seal oil deals and cocaine imports, we also had the Grim Reaper, the Green River Killer, Southside Slayer, and the two pimps who were named the Hillside Strangler once they escalated up to murder all targeting street prostitutes back then while the law did nothing about it. 

But the Hillside Strangler who were also cousins/pimps truly changed the game.  While the other serial killers were targeting street prostitutes, these guys learned escort services delivered like pizza parlors.  Before they started murdering, they were pimps who would kidnap, torture and pimp out their victims for a while.  We in the industry learned the police would do nothing to protect us, so we had to start forming our own security systems.  When we realized they were using certain phone numbers, we tried sharing those phone numbers with other madams, producers, etc. on a blacklist.  Once we did that, they started changing their phone numbers.  We tried sharing the addresses they used, but they would just find another abandoned house to use. 

We learned the police would ignore our pleas for help.  In desperation, I had learned that Telecheck had a system which would allow me to tap into a man’s credit report.  This would allow me to know if I was speaking in fact to an actual real person who lived at that address – thus eliminating these maniacs from our potential clients.  It was also the first “screening” tool used by the industry which allowed me to screen out these maniacs. 

To get this system, I had to set up a phony business to fool the bank about what the charges were for.  So I’d set up a fake storefront where I claimed I was selling balloons ordered by phone for delivery to people’s houses for their birthdays.  That allowed me the ability to take a credit card by phone, and to check out their identity by phone also.  This ability to take credit cards by telephone allowed me also to set up the first live phone sex operation as I said before.  Once I set that up and was making $30,000 a week from phone sex, I didn’t need to bother with escorting.

Once other madams realized I had this ability, they started wanting to check out their potential clients also.  Realize we couldn’t call the police if one of these women disappeared.  They would refuse to lift a finger to help us because we were labeled back then as 100 % no different than a drug dealer.  So I started charging a fee to these women to run names.  If you Google this fact, you’ll see that every top-level madam in the USA was arrested in 1984.  A task force had been created by Bruce Berman, who claimed that our ability to tap into these mens’ credit profiles meant we were operating a “huge criminal operation” when in fact all we were doing was trying to protect ourselves. 

Because we also had nowhere to run.  Because of a fear of HIV/AIDS, as well as because we were viewed as “criminals’, if you were even suspected of being a “prostitute”, no domestic violence or homeless shelter would take you.  No detox or drug treatment program would take you.  No hospital would admit you even.  I know that because I once took a woman who had been stabbed 51 times by the Hillside Strangler cousins to the ER who wouldn’t even stitch her up until I threatened legal action.  They finally did stitch her up, but refused to admit her into the hospital.  As they refused to admit other women I would bring them beaten unconscious by pimps with broken bones and crushed skulls. 

To give juveniles a place to go for safety, Lois Lee created Children of the Night in 1979.  Leaving me with having to take women fleeing from pimps, as well as our own CIA who was making women disappear in connection with Chuck Barris, (the producer of “The Dating Game” which was a front for international sex trafficking, among other things Chuck did as a CIA operative back then whose cover was as a Hollywood producer – see his “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”), Iran Contra (there were drug lords who liked white women our country would bring them), and to seal oil deals (oil barons who also liked white women), to some kind of safe haven.  That was what my warehouse was – a safe house for adult sex trafficking victims.

In 1984, I was framed just like Backpage was on a local level.  I received a telephone call from a woman who told me her pimp had beaten her and she wanted help to get away from him.  I picked her up, put her into the warehouse with a few weeks of food, and left her there to reside while she healed from a broken nose, two black eyes and a broken arm she had told me her pimp did to her.   There were no phones in this warehouse, and I was not running any of my prostitution ads.  I did not send her to see any clients, nor anyone to see her. 

The woman was a “snitch” sent to frame me.  The police had offered to let her off probation if she would claim I had “pimped” her, which was a felony at that time.  One problem – no evidence.  My attorney pointed out to them I’d beat this at trial because he could prove I had not done any business of any kind with this woman. 

So LAPD arrested my mother to create “leverage”.  Then the prosecutor showed me a photo of me handing my mother a $20 bill for her handing me a bucket of KFC.  Under the pimping law, the receipt of money from a “known prostitute”, (me), was enough to charge my mother with pimping me – even for a bucket of chicken.  They did this to try and force me into taking a plea bargain.  When we refused still, they threatened to arrest my 70-year-old grandmother for pimping me for the Christmas presents I’d bought.  So, I took the plea to protect my grandmother.

The whole purpose of my arrest was to shut down my screening process.  That was made clear to me during my arrest, and when all the other madams who used this service were arrested also.  We each were blasted all over the media, our money and livelihoods taken from us, and then once we were broke, cornered and scared – that’s when the CIA stepped up and said we’d be allowed to “go back to work” as long as we agreed to be informants. 

It’s now become common knowledge that Alex, the Beverly Hills Madam, did agree to become an informant.  When Heidi Fleiss refused to become one also, that’s when she was arrested and went through her own process.  When she was asked to become an informant, she fled to Nevada to seek the protection of the men in the legal brothel industry. 

But Jeane Palfrey (the DC Madam), also initially agreed to provide information on her clients to the CIA when she came in after me to the game.  Soon the requests for information, became more.  Jeane at one point told the government she wanted to retire.  She’d purchased some land in Germany, and her mother was elderly and ill.  She’d made enough money to retire, and in fact was at the airport leaving this country to go to Germany so she could retire from being a madam when she was arrested.  She was told she’d “get a slap on the wrists” if she’d agree to go back to running her service and cooperating with the CIA. 

To her, that was sex trafficking.  She was being forced to be involved in the sex industry by the CIA who wanted to continue to pump her for information, as well as to use her escorts to manipulate her clients.  But she didn’t want to wind up like Brandy Britton.  Brandy had been sent to manipulate various politicians and corporate leaders.  In fear of what she’d reveal at her trial, Jeane believed Brandy was murdered and it was made to look like a suicide.  Fearing this would be done to her, she wanted to blow the whistle on the whole operation and then be left alone.  Only she wasn’t given that chance and I believe she was murdered before she could get out her whole story also.  Murdered by men who didn’t want to go through what Trumps’ going through now because what they’re hiding is much worse than a “quickie affair”.

Sirs, the sex industry is like any other industry.  Including the involvement of organized crime, and men who believe that knowledge is power.  Cambridge Analytica believes that or I wouldn’t have heard an undercover tape provided by Charlie Wylie where the men were overheard talking about “sending a few girls around” to create a scandal.  What isn’t understood is that those girls “being sent around” aren’t going there by choice.  There are actual traffickers being controlled not by PIMPS, not by gangs, but by corporations and other countries who are controlling these women they “send around” when they want to create pressure on someone.

The madams that used to exist to control and manage the women in the sex industry before Google, the internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc. don’t exist anymore.  All of what we did and used to note in our “Black Books” is now all online.  What does exist are men who view the INFORMATION that is generated by the sex industry as power.  That was clear when us madams, those who used to have this forbidden knowledge, when we were all coerced by our government into relaying everything we knew to them, and doing as they asked. 

But in 1984 is when we balked.  We balked because we were being asked to do more than just reveal bedtime secrets.  We were now being asked to manipulate our clients, and also to make some women “disappear”, or to become involved in the trading of humans like livestock.  We each refused.  Yes madams have ethics. 

We were arrested, and most of the madams were made to comply.  You’ll note they each had movies made about them “glamourizing” them.   That was in reality “infomercials” that drove even more girls and clients to their doors.  You’ll note I wasn’t in that list.  I however instead formed the hotline for Prostitutes Anonymous in 1987.  I invited people who wanted help to escape the whole situation entirely to call us for help to leave and recover.  I also created the first hotline for sex trafficking victims, the first alternative sentencing program, the first diversion program, and the first recovery program for men and women who wanted help to also recover from their time in the industry much like how Bill created AA – I created this structure for those coming out of the sex industry.

I have been in reality helping sex trafficking victims before the internet, before Backpage, and after.  So I am someone in the position of giving you an expert opinion here that seems to be overlooked right now.  For every case of sex trafficking you’re hearing about now where someone was trafficked on Backpage, what you’re missing here is that the arrest of those traffickers was made possible by Backpage.  The ads that were placed were used as evidence against the traffickers, who otherwise, would have gone unhindered completely.

I spoke to the head of a Vice Unit in Texas in 2015 when I was investigating the truth behind the series “8 Minutes”.  He told me that they are given zero dollars for investigations into sex trafficking.  They don’t have any manpower either.  Nor can they infiltrate the organizations doing them where to even get a meeting with them you have to be a known prostitute and/or criminal.  Many of them won’t even meet with you unless they can see you in a porn movie.  What undercover officer is going to do a porn film just to infiltrate a trafficking ring?

However, the ads that are placed are easily found as evidence.  In 1994, our hotline got a call from a mother like we had many other mothers trying to get help to find her missing teen daughter.  This was before the internet when the only way to find a missing teen was “boots on the ground” where you had to literally be on the inside to know anything.  I advised this mother to dress up like a hooker, hit the streets for a few weeks pretending to be one of them, and then she’d find her daughter.  She in fact did find her daughter, and her mother, her daughter, and our organization appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphel show to promote our hotline and work.

The producers at ABC came down and signed us to a movie contract.  That film was “Fighting for my Daughter” with Lindsey Wagner.  That movie aired for the first time in 1995 – which was the year the internet had just started to ta­­ke root.  ­­Back then, the only way to find someone who was being trafficked on the streets was physical infiltration.  In other words, we had to have people willing to take their lives into their hands to find, and rescue someone. 

But then came the internet.  For a few years, our hotline was jamming with calls like that mothers.  Only I was able to ask them for a photo of their child and then usually I could find their ad within two hours or so.  After finding their ad, it was then a simple matter of setting up a “date” where the child could then be intercepted.  We helped to find countless children back then easily, cheaply, and the ads were used as evidence against the traffickers to shut them down. 

When I first started getting calls to attack sites like Craigslist, I tried objecting with the fact we were using these sites to easily, quickly, cheaply, painlessly, find and rescue these victims by talking about real life cases.  Only the people I was talking to weren’t listening.  They were claiming to be doing this on behalf of the “victims”.  Really?  Our program was the ONLY program that had the victims among it’s membership, and we were viewing these sites as a way to help fight trafficking.  But they weren’t listening to us while claiming to represent us. 

Which is why I started wondering who these people were behind these campaigns and looking into them more myself.  One of these programs who started launching this campaign against Craigslist was Breaking Free.  Breaking Free had Chong Kim as spokeswoman for their organization when they launched.  When I first heard about this, I contacted their organization to tell them that Chong’s story wasn’t true, and I believed she was not a “real” sex trafficking victim.  They ignored me completely until a few years later when they decided to launch a campaign discrediting Chong themselves as a phony survivor.  When I went onto their Facebook site, who did I find as belonging on their board of directors?  Oliver North.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! 

As for Breaking Free, they claimed to care so much about fighting sex trafficking I told their founder/director about a case in Florida where I was hearing from victims they were being trafficked through a so called sex trafficking safe house where the local police on the trafficking task force were the ones threatening them, even dragging them back to the house when they’d try to escape.  When they tried to bring tapes of what was going on to the local press, they were accused of staging it.  The woman running one of the houses was sued by the way by a father who claimed she was using the identity of his murdered daughter as one of her “success stories”.

But these came after a group receiving funds from Swanee Hunt came looking for me in 2007.  Because I ran the largest, and oldest, program of sex trafficking survivors, as well as those who had exited the sex industry, I was approached by Melissa Farley, PhD, to help her prepare a report for the State Dept. she said on sex trafficking in Nevada, and it’s connections with the legal sex industry, i.e., the brothels.  Because I was the Bill Wilson of AA to this issue, she wanted me to basically lend our name to her research is what I was told at that time.

I made the mistake of allowing her to talk to our members, and understand how we did what we did.  Research that by the way I found she had monetized and then sold to Facebook to use not in helping sex trafficking victims, but to help them create apps to connect men to products such as porn, 3D interactive live porn, and local massage parlors and strip clubs.  Establishments where there is actual sex trafficking going on in settings police either can’t infiltrate, or some bad apples actually are a part of.  Like in Pasadena where my life was threatened by an officer.  

Which is why we don’t use the police to help us locate victims.  I can use the Celeste Guap case as one of my main reasons why I don’t.  The police officers involved with her made active points to exclude her from any trafficking activities in order to cover their own ass.  Just as I witnessed police officers employed by organized crime as “muscle” for their sex trafficking, drug, extortion, and other trafficking activities when I was in the industry – where I received more threats from cops than I ever did from another pimp or madam.

This is why when I started our hotline, I found the best way to identify where sex trafficking was happening was to have an open dialogue with people within the industry itself.  That’s why I had a relationship with Dave Elms who founded the Erotic Review, as well as a close friendship with Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam.  She came up to take my place as a madam after I retired. 

Only after a few years, Jeane encountered what I had by men in our government, and she balked also.  I believe she was murdered to keep her quiet about all she’d witnessed.  You have to understand that because of technology, the sex industry has evolved just as every industry has.  It’s evolved because of the internet and digital cameras.  You can’t ignore the changes to the porn industry brought about by technology.   Those are apparent. 

As well as the fact that the use of “madams” is no longer necessary because what we used to do is now carried out online.  Now if our government thought that this kind of knowledge was important enough to take out of our hands back in 1984 and enough to frame me as a pimp to shut down our access to this kind of information – what do you think is going on today right under our noses as well with sites like TER or Backpage?

What we’re watching today is a war about data.  Backpage is not unique as I’ve been watching as each and every point of contact where the sex industry has been exchanging data has been one by one, step by step, attacked, targeted, and destroyed.  I’ve seen The Erotic Review, Redbook, Eros, the AIM Clinic, even Playboy and Hustler, targeted by staged “false flag” attacks designed to shut them down.  Just as I was set up a by a “snitch”, I’ve also seen some of these cases against Backpage being manufactured by a “snitch”, or “paid influencer” also. 

The one of Backpage has been truly exceptional however.  I mean didn’t we learn anything when we saw Hitler gaining control of the media by going after pornographers first?  I’m hearing all this talk about how the Russians were online “tampering with the election”.  Well that wasn’t all they were tampering with. 

I watched as a whole series called “8 Minutes” was financed by China, produced by Relativity Media, aired on A&E, that was advertised as a  “reality show” which was in reality staged with paid actors.  A fake survivor was even served up to speak to Obama through his home church sponsored by Shared Hope.  Shared Hope also providing a lot of the fake campaigns I’ve seen by the way with the whole show set up to make it appear they were calling in women off of Backpage who were then called “sex trafficking victims”.  Only every single person on that show was either a paid actor, or someone who was being impersonated while silenced personally by a confidentiality contract. 

Yes impersonated.  I also spoke to two people who talked to me of contracts they had signed to give away the rights to their name, likeness, etc., while also signing confidentiality agreements.  They then watched as they had people impersonating them in the press, even on TV.  One of those women, Dlita Miller, wasn’t even the woman who appeared on the “Truth about 8 Minutes” that was slapped together to try and cover up why the show was canceled so quickly, with all episodes yanked right off the internet (not a common practice for canceled shows). 

If you look at the comments going on Twitter during the CNN show, “The Truth about 8 Minutes”, you’ll see even the audience was saying the fake Dlita Miller was “flubbing her lines” in what was a manufactured cover up about what really went down.  A cover up that included yet another fake lawsuit that was filed by fake people in a campaign that is manipulating our courts, our legal system, even our political process in ways that have also evolved because of technology.  And yes, these lawsuits against Backpage are being influenced by this fake propaganda, church events, local trafficking events being held just ever so coincidentally in the same towns and times as these lawsuits are being staged by people who are lobbyists by the way.

Because when I learned this was being staged and created as propaganda not only to make it appear Backpage was somehow involved in sex trafficking,  but obviously to influence lawsuits and law makers writing laws, I sent Relativity Media and A&E  a “notice of intent to file suit”. 

Within 4 hours of receipt of my letter, the show was taken off the air, and offline entirely.  I then saw the Daily Beast and Buzzfeed completely fabricate the story.  This show on CNN was set up to present an alternative cover about the cancellation that of course kept me off the show.  It involved a lot of press lying about why the show was canceled because a lot of money had been raised fraudulently in connection with this show by people who were told it was real, as well as grant money of well over $1,000,000 had been issued to California based on people who believed that show was real also. 

To make as much evidence about this go away as possible, Relativity Media filed bankruptcy right after also to try and distance themselves, as well as to destroy evidence and records of what was going on.  Because in my opinion, as it’s horrible to think the Russians were influencing our election, it’s also just as horrible to watch what I’ve been seeing is a direct manipulation of our country’s law making process, court decisions, legal opinions, and even how we operate business.  I can also show you millions of dollars in grant money that’s just disappeared. 

Because of SESTA, and this whole Backpage attack, the industry is taking itself to Facebook and/or to servers outside this country – which might be the intended purpose.  Now I want to ask you gentlemen – do you realize what kind of data goes through a website like Backpage with respect to just one sex worker?  First of all, she has her IP address which can give her home address.  That one IP address can then show all of the activity on her computer to someone who is interested.  Meaning everyone she’s talking to – even if it’s an email or her Google phone.

If someone contacts her through the site, then his IP address goes through there.  As well as when she screens him, then his data goes through that system as well.  That includes all of his information on where he works, his financial data, his family members, his social circles, etc.  I’m sure you’ve seen the potential for abuse of this information in films like “Edward Snowden”. 

As well as when and where these women go when they leave.   Think for a moment about a woman who might advertise for sexual services on Craigslist or Backpage, who then decides she wants to leave.  She might then rent an apartment she found on these sites, even get a job she found listed there as well.  Even the car she sells off, and replaces with one her pimp won’t know about, would all most likely be data contained on those sites.  Which is why the traffickers might also want to see those sites shut down as much as they want to control the data through them.

But there’s more because I have also received a lot of calls from men who have frequented strip clubs, massage parlors, and legal brothels who report to me that they are being drugged, their financial data intercepted, and then they are robbed.  When they go to the local police, they are threatened that this will just “turn into a scandal” so many just eat the loss. 

If they push harder to have someone prosecuted, they’re blood tested to see if they have any drugs in their system.  Since they were drugged, there are things found in their system, and they’re then threatened with drug charges if they don’t just “drop it”.  What it looks like is pretty much what we witnessed with Lamar Odom – who reports he was fine, then knocked out.  When he woke up, $75,000 in cash was gone.  He was threatened with drug charges, so he’s not going to be pressing any charges against anyone as he’s just going to want to get the heck out of the situation and save his own backside.  He couldn’t speak the whole truth about this either because of his contracts he already had in place because of his reality show with the Kardashians – who are partners with Vivid Entertainment who make millions per year off their sex tape of Kim. 

Which is exactly why many of the people involved in this would love to criminalize being a client.  Because then you have a whole new “captive audience” to “roll” who also can’t go to the police about the theft, and even have to cover up the circumstances of that theft to protect themselves.   I mean ask yourself, why would Eliot Spitzer, who is a client of escort services push so hard to criminalize being a client?  Has anyone ever thought he might be being blackmailed into doing this like Steve Sassa was being when he was the CEO of Hearst Media? This is where a lot of the criminal, and even terrorist, underworld is raising their money today. 

You are being manipulated dear Sirs by very wealthy powerful entities.  If you look behind these campaigns to criminalize the clients of prostitutes, behind Backpage, behind these websites, you’ll see the same names over and over again financing these campaigns. Names like Cindi McCain, married to John McCain of the McCain Institute.  Cindi by the way was caught using a nonprofit to force doctors to write her prescriptions for the pain killers she was addicted to - so she's not above using so called "social campaigns" to serve her personal agenda. 

Thanks to the "No Such Thing" campaign funded by the McCain Institute, I'm now hearing of juveniles being sex trafficked who now are threatened that if they go to the authorities for help, instead of being arrested, getting a lawyer, having a trial, and getting help to escape the situation - instead now they will be held indefinitely in "protective custody" as a "witness", not get a phone call, not have an attorney assigned to them, have no right to a speedy trial, and some of them have reported to me they've been detained for up to 9 months - all with the for profit prisons making a nice penny for the per diem in the process. 

How is that caring about the welfare of a juvenile sex trafficking victim I ask you? In fact, I can point you to more than one outright actor who has testified to Congress, to the press, and to the legislature.  Samoly Mam was not the only “faux survivor” who was created by these powers to try and mislead this country about what domestic sex trafficking is in modern America because we are in the middle of a few “cold wars” right now with various countries, powers, as well as for control over very personal data.  And you all are just eating it up from what I’m seeing.

Which is why I’m writing you today begging you to please stop listening to only the voices of paid actors, people who have these interests behind what they’re telling you, paid lobbyists, and people who are even not American - trying to manipulate us in ways that I believe are endangering our economy, even our national security. I invite you for a moment to look up just two cases to illustrate my point. 

That of the CEO of Glaxco Pharmaceuticals and the “Chinese Prostitutes” and Joohon David Lee.  Mr. Lee was employed by Homeland Security, ICE, and was on the trafficking task forces of both California and Nevada while actively sex trafficking women into this country using our money and his badge.  He also was granted immunity for his crime because he did it on our dime while working for our country.  While trafficking himself what did he do?  Deflect attention off onto innocent people – because that’s how it’s done. 

The women Mr. Lee was bringing into this country to work as Asian massage parlors are used to pump American politicians, businessmen, etc., out of country secrets, money and also manipulated in ways that affect their corporations and even our stock market.   Men who if we criminalize what they’re doing with these women, you block them from coming forward.. 

Which is why if you look below the surface of “I am Jane Doe” you will find a lot of money fueling that campaign well illustrated by the documentary “Hot Toxic Seat” I also recommend you watch if you haven’t already to understand what I’m trying to tell you.  Why?  Poverty, Inc., was another good documentary about people who are making a lot of money out of creating problems, people who I’ve been seeing profiting a great deal since the revisions of the Trafficking Act were made in 2003 transferring control of the money to help trafficking victims to the church.  You see  there’s a reason why Jeane Palfrey was trying to reveal to you that while Randall Tobias was pushing for the “prostitution clause” in foreign aid, he was also calling her.

You are allowing these foreign and profiteering powers to manipulate you into completely eroding not only free speech in this country, but free enterprise.  Because of my activism work, no one will hire me today.  For that reason, I’ve had no choice but to find work freelancing.  I find that work through running ads for graphic design on sites like Backpage and Craigslist.  So when you shut those sites down, you’re also putting me, and 1000’s of other people, out of work.

Please reconsider what you’re doing.  Please look at where the money financing these campaigns coming to you are coming from.  Because I can point you to one after the other campaigns about sex trafficking which have been exposed as fakes whose one common denominator was that we were not involved – the very people they’re claiming to represent.  Again, you’ll note I was not involved in the fake Samoly Mam who defrauded millions of people out of millions of dollars, as well as shaped a lot of false views about this issue.  A woman who didn’t hatch that idea on her own as she reports she was approached by people who promised her “fame and fortune” to do what she did.  People who gave her Facebook’s publicist I’d like to add – someone who stands to directly benefit by you shutting down Backpage. 

There’s a lot more there than meets the eye.  People who count on you not to want to read more than 140 characters.  Only I as an American, and as a voter, am having to trust you to represent my interests.  Which is why I depend on you to be better informed and less easily manipulated.  Why I’m asking you to please consider what I have to say on these issues.  I know of no one who has been in this field longer, who has talked personally to more victims, than myself. 

Thank you for listening.

Jody Williams