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Monday, March 6, 2017


People are asking me "why are you so upset?" about the types of people who have been speaking to Congress and the Senate about sex trafficking.  For years there's either been completely fake people who have been exposed as frauds such as Samoly Mam speaking to them, or when we kept exposing one after the other after the other as being frauds - then they just resort to bringing in an actual actor such as Ashton Kutcher to speak on the subject WHILE asking for money to do what they're doing WHICH IS SOMETHING WE'RE DOING ANYWAY?

Let's put it into terms which might make it clearer why I'm so upset - let's say that we're back during the days of Prohibition.  Prohibition was designed to do something about the problems alcoholics were presenting to this country BEFORE it was known they have a disease.  The thought was "let's arrest people and that will stop the problem".  

Only it didn't.  We saw what happened with Prohibition - it just made money for the criminals easier and bigger while making it harder for those with the disease to get help.  

Now - let's imagine that the subject of sex trafficking is like that of alcoholism and instead of having people like Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob or even Dr. Silkwood speaking on the subject to them you had instead one of the owners of Anheuser Busch breweries testifying on the subject of alcoholism, or the Oxford Group who was a church group who was claiming to help alcoholics but in fact was not doing anything other than being a church who raised money on the false claims they were able to help alcoholics.  

This was the group Bill Wilson was in where he found himself at eight months sobriety so hit with the craving to drink he reached out to Dr. Bob so he could help himself not drink that day.

Or if one of the owners of the sanitariums who was being paid to put the alcoholic in hospice care were to testify - but again NOT Dr. Bob, Bill Wilson or even Dr. Silkwood testifying.

The question is WHY?  Why do they keep putting up people who either aren't authentic survivors, actually run authentic groups that actually do effectively help victims, or non-survivors speaking on behalf of an outside view on the issue as Ashton Kutcher did - rather than put on someone like Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, who was the first group to identify it as a disease, and to come up with a solution that worked for the sufferer.  

I've analyzed what the fakes are saying vs. what one of "us" would say and I can assure you there are key points they're making sure is NOT being recorded on those hearings.  Again, we run the oldest, and largest, program of survivors in this country and until we're invited to speak, or even allowed to be in the same building when testimony is being heard - then we are being silenced about the true nature of what's happening here in the USA.

While yes I agree what Ashton witnessed in another country with respect to a child who was being victimized in a sex tourism racket is truly horrible.  But no matter HOW horrible - it STILL is NOT talking about what American victims go through on American soil! 

THAT'S what's being silenced from the public from hearing.   

Saturday, August 6, 2016


These two films explain EVERYTHING about how the sex trafficking movement has been hijacked out from under the very survivors who founded the movement to now where the Catholic Church, and those who want prostitution legalized, have accomplished their "hijack" step by step by step.

Right down to the well funded groups that are appearing to be about "us" who aren't. Take for example Wilthelma Ortiz Pettigrew. Funded by the McCain Institute and the California Endowment. Same as Samoly Mam who was put together by the same image maker as the one Facebook used to launch her campaign trail as a "survivor". Samoly has told the press she was "approached by the media who told her she could make a lot of media if she started talking about being a sex trafficking survivor". Which Nicholas Kristof sure kept his word as we saw before Newsweek broke the story.

Sales are down on the "starving African children with flies on them" as the "Poverty, Inc." documentary shows us - so they've now latched onto this field as a substitute source of fund raising. I've grown up watching Christian television and I can assure you that the new "raising money for the trafficking house" has replaced the "building fund" I remember oh so well pastors used to promote when I was younger. I remember how the Crystal Cathedral for example got built. We've just changed up the goal from that of being a new type of church, or wing on the church, to that of it being the sex trafficking shelter. Besides, it gets more men into the pews when they come to hear an ex-prostitute telling her "trafficking porn" horror stories than listening to the pastor plea to "help the starving African kids".

These two films sum it all up what's going on right now in the new "rescue industry" this movement has turned itself into once it got hijacked out from under REAL SURVIVORS in 2002. Not unlike I've heard native Americans speak about how once they got federal recognition they had big interests wanting casino's moving into their reservations to take over what they started for themselves.

If you want to know what's going on right now - these two films show EVERYTHING. Every tactic, every agenda, every campaign - step by step by step.

And they show who is benefiting also.

Take one look at Joohoon David Lee who the authorities told the press would "get the book thrown at him" for what he did who is now on two years of probation and driving a limo in Las Vegas. A limo I'd be willing to bet cash money is driving "johns" to a sex trafficking brothel as I speak.

And the politicians STILL aren't discussing a law outlawing what he did as a Homeland Security agent, ICE officer, AND head of Los Angeles' Trafficking Dept - nor him losing his pension or a monetary fine for his abuse of his powers and office with what he did to not only women, but also American's trust, and to that family whose lives he ruined by falsely framing them in order to "look like he was going his job".

That and the fact our CIA has been using this movement as a cover for their activities as well funneling spies and money into foreign countries - in other words, Iran Contra 2.0 only with sex instead of cocaine as the substance. Just google Kay Hiramine to read more about what's been exposed - and in connection with the Bush family (who was also behind part of Iran Contra).
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