They owned the cab drivers essentially the article says. I remember when a company came to Las Vegas that bought up the cab companies. Every driver who used to give us referrals was fired. Suddenly, 2/3 of the cab drivers in Vegas were from other countries, and barely spoke English - I sure couldn't talk to them. I started getting phone calls from the drivers who had been fired - telling me that some of them had tried to hang onto their jobs. They told me they couldn't even talk to me while at work, let alone drive me any referrals for help, because they had a camera on THEM at all times, which meant the passengers, and a GPS at the same time. They had been told they would get $50 for each load of passengers they took to a brothel, strip club or massage parlor that was on a certain list. If they came to us, they would be fired. Many of those drivers quit. Some told me they had started drinking hard because they couldn't live with the guilt. Then I started getting calls about the company that had been bought by They were telling me about some pretty wild things happening in their cabs - like customers at certain strip clubs being drugged with GHB, their credit cards maxed out, and then the patron loaded unconscious into their cab and told where to take him back to his hotel room. The patron would of course report to theft to the club, who then threatened if they reported the theft - there would be a police report. A police report would mean a scandal - and best to just "let it slide". Wow. What a racket. Reminds me of the Lamar Odom incident actually. Many went to the cops anyway, who then did threaten them with a scandal. Anyway, Charles Horky sponsored the Cupcake Girls, and paid for a lobbiest for them to get law passed that allows someone with a prostitution conviction on their record to get it wiped off with the signature of a judge. Now why would they do that? Maybe because you can't get a license as an entertainer in some clubs, or a prostitute license in Nevada if you have a prostitution conviction - that's why. I mean otherwise, before that law passed, the only way we'd get recorded wiped clean was to prove to the court they'd left sex work and had been working at something else for a year, and were clean a year. Yeah it is nice to know you can just convince a judge she was "trafficked", and it all goes away. Presto chango. Now define HOW it's "proved"? Interesting question isn't it? Especially when HE was also convicted of sex trafficking in connection with his cab company that was just not in NV, but CA also. I wonder if they were the ones recording people and sending the tapes back to the Cali cartel? Oh and one of the strip clubs was owned by a Metro police officer by the way that was on that kickback list. The thing is, the Cupcake Girls aren't from Nevada. They literally moved here from out of state, and then claimed NV trafficking victims with records "couldn't get work" in NV, and that's why they wanted this law passed. Strange since have a list of companies that actually WANT to hire ex-prostitutes - even felons. As long as there were no fraud charges - they find they are very good with public relations, customer service, and know how to talk people out of money. So we never had this problem getting anyone a job who wanted to leave sex work. In fact, I have a list of companies who pretty much WANT again to hire someone with our types of sales backgrounds even. I know Enron loved hiring sales agents with stripper backgrounds! Anyway, I just found it interesting to hear that this Cali cartel was using 1000's of cab drivers to record the passengers to send intelligence back to the cartel. Did that get dismantled when these guys made a deal and went to prison? I'm curious. Especially since Uber and Lyft track every ride also in their database. And who paid for it. Interesting.


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