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CHAPTER FIFTEEN I was the hero of the night when I brought Sharon back in one piece.   Everyone was calling to see how she was, and she was bragging about how I got her out of there without anyone getting hurt.   We all went to the club when I went to pick Rock up from work, and everyone wanted to celebrate.   Weldon actually had Nick break out some champagne to welcome her back home.   Everyone wanted to give me a hug.   There was this huge rush of adrenalin we all had to work off before going home to bed.   This was my first taste of danger in what had seemed like really a very mundane, predictable kind of job after a while.   I was just happy I didn’t have to actually pull my gun out on these guys.   The next day I took the gun to the gun shop for cleaning.   There they told me had I pulled the trigger, I would have blown my hand off.   Seems the clip was jammed because I’d been carrying it around with me for so long in my coat pocket.   The gun store clerk told me to in

THE REAL DANGERS FROM OUR CURRENT IMMIGRATION POLICIES - THINK AMERICA THINK  Now, I don't read the news like most people do because of my past experiences with real life sex trafficking within the USA.  So I look at this news article a bit differently than other people, and this ties right back to the good old "Operation Dollhouse".   i learned a long time ago that with the biased press we have since the 1995 Telecommunications Act where the same basic 10 guys own our media entirely - and knowing the way they "spin" news to read the way they want it anymore - you've got to learn how to INTERPRET news with your critical thinking skills anymore.  Let me explain - if you remember the story, the victims in this case before the ATLAS program had been created that was supposed to have launched that year - would normally have been taken down to the police station for booking as criminals.  See the previous argument that's existed sin

CAB DRIVERS AND THE EYES ARE WATCHING YOU - AND MORE  They owned the cab drivers essentially the article says. I remember when a company came to Las Vegas that bought up the cab companies. Every driver who used to give us referrals was fired. Suddenly, 2/3 of the cab drivers in Vegas were from other countries, and barely spoke English - I sure couldn't talk to them. I started getting phone calls from the drivers who had been fired - telling me that some of them had tried to hang onto their jobs. They told me they couldn't even talk to me while at work, let alone drive me any referrals for help, because they had a camera on THEM at all times, which meant the passengers, and a GPS at the same time. They had been told they would get $50 for each load of passengers they took to a brothel, strip club or massage parlor that was on a certain list. If they came to us, they would be fired. Many of those drivers quit. Some told me they had st


Do you know anyone who has had dealings with Hookers for Jesus that would talk to Sarah?  They can be "anonymous".  She just needs to talk to people who have first hand experience with them.  I've put her in touch with some - and she really needs to talk to others.  This is only the beginning.  A lot of money is missing out of Nevada and finally people are hearing me about it!  But I need to back up these claims - so if you know ANYONE that would talk to her - all of us would appreciate it who think people like her need to be stopped.   Thank you.  #HOOKERSFORJESUS #ANNIELOBERT  

MALLY MALL TAKES A PLEA This case is why they were after Backpage's records without wanting to be specific about it.  The story behind all of this is going to make for one interesting book that I'm working on now!  I can only imagine the pressure they used on him to take a plea because the LAST thing Nevada wanted was for this guy to go to a trial.