Dear Emily - about the Kraft case  https://nypost.com/2019/02/28/how-patriots-owner-robert-kraft-could-get-off-in-prostitution-case/- this REEKS of the same m/o used against victims in "Operation Dollhouse".

Speaking as the person who created the modern day domestic sex trafficking movement, and who is the reason why the Trafficking Act of 2000 was even passed (we raised awareness for 13 years about this being very real in modern America and the need for federal recognition and we coordinated the people who wrote and passed the Act such as Michael Horowitz, the author of the Trafficking Act you can read more about at www.hightechmadam.com), I started the movement to have trafficking victims recognized as victims while also being a co-founder of COYOTE. 

No industry professional wants to see someone being trafficked.  Worse, treated like a criminal when you're trying to get them help.  That was our problem in the 70's and 80's - when we'd try and get help to victims of force, we kept hitting the wall that only laws had been passed allowing Chinese women to receive federal services.

In 2007, I was at first being asked by the State Dept., and the Salvation Army to be the head of ATLAS and NCAST because of our ground breaking work achieving recognition sex trafficking was real in modern America.

That said, we also saw the problem that law enforcement was STILL trying to focus their "rescue and restore" services only upon illegal prostitution.  The problem with this was that instead of helping actual victims, it was being used by the Nevada Brothel Owners Association to "shut down the competition".

Which wasn't the point.  We had received a grant for $470,000 from the Salvation Army to set up ATLAS and the whole purpose was to launch a ground breaking new approach where instead of arresting suspected victims and taking them to the jail for questioning, we would instead take them to the Salvation Army, or neutral ground, for questioning.

Why?  Because in our experience, trafficking in the USA involves law enforcement, politicians, and the government.  Which means while sitting in a jail, the victim won't speak about what her situation is truly like because her traffickers https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/senate-investigators-warn-chinese-state-run-centers-more-100-u-n977351 are usually right there with badges.

Now a victim of a "pimp" is a different matter.  We had laws about pimps in the 70's and 80's as evidenced by my arrest for pimping in 1984.  The difference being the difference between a lone criminal and a RICO operation.  An organized criminal operation does not exist without corruption - period. 

The 24 victims in Operation Dollhouse were supposed to be our first case to prove our point that if questioned on neutral ground they would most likely open up about what was going on with them, ESPECIALLY if questioned by someone like myself who knew what types of threats these victims were dealing with.

For example, I know that the Chinese victims are threatened about their family back home being harmed - who they can't reach in time to protect.  They also tend to be women over 40 years of age, who have children in a good university.  The children are offered a good education in return for their work, and the women know that they can also be harmed before they can reach them as well.  Note this article says they "started popping up in 2006".  https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/senate-investigators-warn-chinese-state-run-centers-more-100-u-n977351 

In 2006, was when I was approached by the men connected with the victims in Operation Dollhouse who were law enforcement asking me to "come out of retirement" and work for them as a madam managing these victims.  I was promised "immunity from prosecution" much in how I saw featured in your article.  They'd see to it I had all the "licensing" I needed to also "mask" what I was really doing.  So don't think this "manager" doesn't have people covering for her because she does.  Also covering up what they're doing TO her as well. 

Again realize that "sex trafficking" has NOTHING to do with whether something is legal or not.  If anything, the fact our country is STILL INSISTING on only using this to crack down on illegal prostitution is wrong.

Case in point further - I didn't step up to do something about seeing a law passed against sex trafficking as a criminal enterprise until I witnessed Linda Lovelace being completely shot down over trying to explain that she was trafficked on an adult movie set.  She had a gun pointed at her the whole time she was filming "Deep Throat".  The bruises are her body are clearly visible in the bathtub and pool scenes of that film - and yet no one on the cast lifted a finger to help her.  The man who was trafficking her was her husband on a film financing the mob.

In that case, then Attorney General Edwin Meese, lacking any laws to actually charge anyone with what was done, attempted to make a statement by charging everyone but Linda with obscenity.

Of course it was all dismissed, and the point was glossed over by media who made sure that the public didn't realize they were watching Linda be raped on film because it was "bad for ticket and DVD sales".

My point being if Linda was trafficked on a legal adult film set - sex trafficking has NOTHING to do with the legality of a situation.

I refused that offer in 2006 to join these men who were engaging in a national network of sex trafficking that included Chinese women in massage parlors all across the country, including down to Florida.   When we finally got those 24 women in Vegas to the Salvation Army, there was a mandatory law in place with ICE to detain them for 72 hours for questioning and to check their visas'.

However, Metro cut a check for $370,000 to the Salvation Army to "restructure" ATLAS, meaning get rid of me and to change the way the program had been designed to only allow help to victims who Metro claimed were victims, (why at the end of that year Terri Miller, who took over ATLAS from me in my place, reported ZERO victims in Vegas at the end of the year?), and basically the Salvation Army sold out those women because they were released in 20 minutes right back to their pimps who drove them right back to the illegal brothel and "back to work".

The PR went on for months claiming these women were "not trafficking victims"  in order to make the case against the two San Mateo sheriffs disappear, (or attempt to make it go away).  Only I wouldn't let it drop.  When I saw these women were released despite a mandatory ICE hold, this told me that someone in ICE had to be involved.

The only man who had that kind of authority was Joohon David Lee.  He was with ICE, Homeland Security and the sex trafficking task force and was Chinese.  I kept rattling cages and making noise and demanded he be investigated.  It took some time, and of course he kept telling everyone I was "crazy" and "imagining things", but they finally got him convicted of bribery (being unable to charge him with sex trafficking because he did it on government time and money - go figure that logic).  Let me tell you what's happened here Emily - we spent 13 years and over $400,000 of our own money to see there have federal recognition that sex trafficking, not pimping, existed in the USA.

Once the men like Kraft saw we had achieved this, and they knew they were having to cover their ass, they moved in to take over the "propaganda" about this issue to try and confuse the issue.  An addict is an addict whether he's on prescription or street drugs.

A sex trafficking victim can be in ANY level of the sex industry - prostitution, stripping, porn, webcam studios, massage, etc.  Within those areas of the sex industry, they can be working in any level of the industry - even "management".

It also makes no difference if it's legal or not.  Look at the case recently filed against Dennis Hof.  We've also been trying to get victims who were trafficked within the legal brothels heard for 30 years now.  We've been unable to find an attorney willing to take on such a case.

I guess now Dennis is dead, and he's not threatening people like he used to when alive, I guess now the lawyers will come forward with cases of sex trafficking within legal brothels as well.

You think a "manager" can't be a sex trafficking victim?  Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, was not only a sex trafficking victim, but she was also murdered to keep her silent about her trafficking.  Men like Harvey Weinstein and Sheldon Adelson control the media.

That's one reason why I've filed a lawsuit against Sheldon Adelson you can read at www.williamsvsusa.com   These men are trying to manipulate the media to convince the American public that illegal prostitution is "sex trafficking" because of their agenda to get prostitution legalized across the country to pair with the dispensaries Adelson's also invested in.

They even preach the brothels are the way to "prevent" trafficking and the truth is that it's actually WORSE within the legal setting because they know these women have NO way of complaining because again our system is insisting on only focusing their efforts on the same women they would normally arrest - rather than actually looking for actual sex trafficking victims which aren't standing on street corners!

And believe me, those women are making a lot more than $100 a shot for sex in the Chinese massage parlors which is why I feel that one of the hugest mistakes our country is making is not taking these parlors for what they are in my opinion - a cold war on America.

One of the reasons why I'm being silenced in the media is because of the calls I am getting on our hotline at www.sexworkersanonymous.net  The calls have revealed to me a pattern that also is intertwined with law enforcement who is being used by the Chinese who is using the men within their client list as fodder for all kinds of other crime - including blackmail, stock market manipulation, money laundering, political manipulation, and outright espionage.  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/05/19/china-espionage-technology/27570735/  One of the reasons why I believe men like Eliot Spitzer moved to criminalize the buyers is to silence them about coming forward about what I'm hearing is happening to them - that is that they are having their banks hacked into and robbed, they are being manipulated in ways that is threatening our very democracy and economy.  Here's one example https://www.usa'today.com/story/news/nation/2015/05/19/china-espionage-technology/27570735/  Steve Sassa, when head of Hearst Media was being blackmailed by a trafficker who got access to him through a prostitute.  Donald Burns, founder of Magic Jack, was being blackmailed by a male prostitute's handlers.

Multiply this out by how many aren't coming forward - what about Eliot Spitzer even?    The man was governor when using an escort service owned by a man in Israel with political ties.  He was never arrested - that scandal came because the FBI leaked a tape.  One has to wonder why did they leak the tape?

It's exactly this kind of manipulation as to why Jeane Palfrey was murdered when she tried to come forward with the fact she was being forced to do what she was doing by our government - and when she refused she was arrested and branded a "criminal".   So trust me, just because this "manager" had a license doesn't mean she wasn't just as much of a "victim" of coercion as anyone else.  This country needs to start listening to the ACTUAL VICTIMS OF SEX TRAFFICKING INSTEAD OF ACTORS like Mira Sorvino and Ashton Kutcher who AREN'T THE EYE WITNESSES WITH SOMETHING TO SAY!!!

As well as get reporters like yourself to start getting quotes from us on articles like you just published so we can insert some truth into this situation as well.  Which is what was going on at that parlor involved a lot more than prostitution and sex trafficking, and until we start listening to the victims, instead of the men who are covering their ass' lawyers and their PR people - we're no better at how we are treating these victims than the Taliban was of theirs.

They would also stone and murder rape victims - while we're treating the issue of sex trafficking as one to be sorted out by "legal" and "illegal".  That makes as much sense as going into a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous or drug court and telling every addict who had a prescription for opiates they're not addicts because they "had a legal prescription from a doctor".

It's just that ridiculous!  Thanks for listening - Jody www.sexworkersanonymous.net


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