As you can see, in February of 2018, Dennis Hof filed this lawsuit against the Nye County Sheriff's office, Nye County itself and the Nye County Commissioners, as well as Jane Doe. Funny thing - I couldn't find ONE article about this lawsuit anywhere in the press.  Now with the brothels on the line on the ballot, and Dennis running for senate - do you think this lawsuit wasn't news?  Why can't I find one word about this lawsuit anywhere online?

Included in the lawsuit was his claim that his first amendment rights of free speech were being violated.  To understand how this lawsuit might be the very reason why SESTA/FOSTA was passed, and what's happening within the sex industry today, legal or illegal, you would have to understand how the sex industry itself works as I do.

Because I was there.  There is a as of yet UNTOLD story of what was going on in Iran Contra which was based out of LA in the 1980's, that STILL has not been touched upon even in Singleton's "Snowfall" which aired on FX, a clever attempt to try and cover up the story by pretending to tell the story, but leaving out one point of view, and for which for some reason Rick "Freeway" Ross won't open his mouth about either despite the fact I know he's aware of it.

It reminds me of history as told by the white settler's point of view - not the native Americans' view.  Now more than ever I know I need to publish my memoirs because I now believe Dennis Hof can be added to the list of dead bodies our government is leaving behind in an attempt to cover up the truth.

According to Wikipedia, The Dating Game was dropped from the air in 1973.  Do you know what else happened in 1973?  Bruce Lee was about to release his film, "Enter the Dragon".  If you turn to Frank Dux memoirs, you'll see him explain that martial artists would go to an island each year for a contest upon which the movie about his life, "Blood Sport" was based.  I was studying martial arts as a teen, and I would hear about these yearly events Frank has spoken about. 

Note in "Enter the Dragon", the film shows Lee's character going to an island also - just as Frank Dux has spoken about.  The reason to go to the island is because the combat, and even the death of the participants, could then not violate any laws.   Please see my Youtube clip as to why I think the Triad murdered Lee before the film "Enter the Dragon" could air because I believe Lee was trying to warn America what was really happening to American women in the UNCUT version of this film.  Here's the clip Warner Brothers' lawyers wrote me demanding I take down within a week after I uploaded it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PGjCWpbt4U&t=26s I wrote them back refusing.  Might as well have since Youtube makes it impossible for you to find the clip now.
You'll see in the film a conversation that Lee's character is having with a man from the CIA.  Here's the wild part - EVERYTHING this character tells Lee about the law and about the trafficking of American women internationally WAS TRUE as of 1973. Which if the Triad was trying to run for cover because they were afraid Lee was going to blow the whistle on what was going on - they sure as heck would cancel the Dating Game which was used as their mechanism to traffick these young beautiful women who all flocked to Hollywood back then to be in films. 

In fact, it was quite common of a practice.  Again, I was THERE.  I entered into the world of prostitution in 1978.  I was "recruited" into the game by people who were related to Richard Pryor's prostitution family (he's been open about his mother being a prostitute who worked for his grandmother who was a madam).  In Pryor's life story, he shows how he bucked the "family profession" to enter into the entertainment world.  Using the prostitutes in the family who were strippers, he got himself started by booking himself into strip clubs.  Well that drug/prostitution money had to be laundered somewhere.  That somewhere was Valley West, a nightclub in Tarzana, California. A nightclub I walked into for a job in 1978 - and the rest became history. 

When I entered into this world, I was taught about what the Triad was doing to American girls as I was cautioned about what to be careful of.  So I was seeing women being "drugged, put onto planes, sent off to islands and sold" just like you're seeing dramatized in this film, "Enter the Dragon".   Our country was refusing to help these victims.  I know because a few of the women would escape, run to the nearest embassy for help, and be refused aid.  Remember, we didn't have the Trafficking Act protecting American women until the year 2000. 

If you watch the film carefully, you'll see that the film makers took great pains to portray the victims of sex trafficking (mind you we didn't have that word back then either let alone laws against this) as BLOND BLUE-EYED women who were being trafficked and sold by the Triad, or Asian's.  You never could have told this story in reality in 1973 - so the only way TO tell the story of this back then was to make a fictional portrayal of it.  Which ties back to why I think he was found dead under confusing circumstances after having been given pills for his "headache" by a Chinese actress. It's been said the Triad murdered Lee - well this was a good reason for them.  If he had lived, there's not a doubt in my mind he would have explained the story.  Lee was just as much for womens' rights as any woman - you can also see this in the film where he shows he was trying to help these women in memory of his sister who was raped.   Not a common subject either in 1973 films. 

The Triad used actresses commonly for their espionage also, just as they used martial artists for their security, and this is why in later years I learned why Frances Nuyen had befriended me when I first started our hotline, but that's another blog entry for another day.   My point being that after Lee's found dead three weeks before the film premieres, a LOT of people got the message - we don't want this story to be viewed as anything but fiction.  Which by the way, might be why the film was always aired EDITED/CUT.  I didn't see this opening sequence in the UNCUT version until a few years ago.  I'd seen this film 1000 times before on American TV - and this opening was always cut out! 

This connecting to the Dating Game this way - now that Chuck Barris has admitted openly to working for the CIA in his "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind", I can speak about what I also saw when I was in prostitution - was that the Dating Game was used for purposes of sex trafficking. Watch Barris' film where he demonstrates how the show was used as his "cover" for taking women into other countries, along with Russian spies pretending to be the man on the date. 

Here - read the story of Adams again with a new eye please -

Yes Adams was an "informant".  Yes she was prosecuted for "pandering".  But SO WAS EVERY MADAM IN THE USA IN 1984.  Go google it and you'll find that every single madam in the USA from coast to coast was arrested in 1984 - including myself.  www.hightechmadam.com  


How do you think Adams got the calls she got from "her Arabs" we were involved with making oil deals with back then (with families that included the Bin Laden family as well as the Royal family), who has been found to be connected to the death of  Jamal Khashoggi?  If these people could cut up the body of a reporter inside of the UN today with all the cameras we have out there now - what do you think they were capable of back in the 1970's and 80's to women who were labeled "prostitutes"?  

To get onto the Dating Game, you had to make an audition tape.  Those tapes were on reels back then.  Those reels were then sent overseas to men like Adams "Arabs" who would then pick who they wanted to "rent" as well as who they wanted to "buy".  Something I assure you the CIA was leveraging through Adams and Barris who knew each other and worked together on this. 

This article shows this kind of "dating game" was happening clear back to 1959.  If you look at any of Al Profit's films, you'll see that our government even sprung Meyer Lansky out of prison, who was sex trafficking (again before we had that word) before he went into prison, and he sure got involved in it again when he got out.  In fact Lansky also had an escort service that operated in Los Angeles back during the time I was involved in the profession myself.   Again, while working with the CIA, who had Barris producing the Dating Game, which was producing a "catalog" of women for men like the Arabs to pick from like a menu, with meetings arranged by Adams.  I know - I was there.  So our CIA was using women to make "men happy" with respect to oil deals with the Arabs, as well as drug deals with the cartel (everyone knows Pablo had hookers brought into prison with him on a weekly basis), and to grease the wheels for money laundering and drug deals for Iran Contra.

You see, because of the epidemic of serial killers that were in LA in the 1980's also, the Grim Reaper, Hillside Strangler, Nightstalker, Southside Slayer, Green River Killer, and on and on that's STILL coming to light today, we had to protect ourselves because the cops sure wouldn't.  We were viewed only as "criminals" back then in the eyes of the law in LA, and if you're a drug dealer you can't call the cops when someone tries to rob you.  Nor can you when you're involved in prostitution call for help either.  Especially when the LAPD is involved in your trafficking as they were also.  

The reason why I was called the "High Tech Madam" is because I had set up the first "screening" system.   A very expensive proposition back then and something Adams couldn't do from bed.   You see back then, to take credit cards and explain large sums of money coming to you from corporations and the Royal Arab family, you had to have a "brick and mortar" business.  

Now at first, we had the Valley West Nightclub to launder the money.  However, we couldn't do PHONE orders then.  You used to have to take a credit card, put it into a slider, slide it over the card to make an imprint, and then have the customer sign the slip.  That used to be the only way to get paid on a credit card.  

But how do we explain a $10,000 credit card slip for a couple of drinks at the club?  When you're having someone want to pay you $50,000 to "buy" a blond American girl who is going to be put onto a plane never to be seen again - no one is going to want to "sign" that slip.  Nor meet you to have the card swiped either.  

No, a second type of business had to be set up that could explain the larger sums of  money, and for which we could use this system to also screen the clients, as well as take their credit card numbers and charge the cards without there being a physical signature.  To I had to set up a Telecheck account.  What this did was allow someone to call in on the phone and make an order.  Then they'd give me their card number or bank account information along with their company ID.  I would then verify this was valid and get a guarantee number from Telecheck who would run their actual social security number and drivers license.  Thus we were able to "screen" the clients this way as well as get paid off their business accounts.  Thus also hiding the charge from their wives. 

Welcome to the invention of phone sex.  Because to take a call for live phone sex, and to charge the customer's credit card without his signature, and without charging it to his phone through a 900 number, this merchant account allowed us to do live phone sex calls for the first time and get paid.  This meant the customer could put the charge on a business credit card and the bill sent to his office so the wife never saw the charge - but to be able to do this I had to set up a party entertainment company.   I also had to have it set up so a man from the bank could come out and inspect the business to see it was "real".   It wasn't like today with a Paypal account. 

But by having this business front, I could justify that $2000 charge by saying we'd sent out an "entertainer for a party", or "party supplies".   It also allowed me to become the first "screening" service for escorts that each of the madams, such as Adams, Cheri, etc. used for their business.  

You see, by 1981, the club was having problems with money laundering because the ATF and the IRS would come in and count the liquor orders against the number of drink sales.  We were literally buying liquor and giving it away to try and juggle the numbers.  

However, when it got to just be too big, and we needed to be able to "screen" out a cop or a maniac - we needed to be able to take a credit card by phone.  To do this, I set up the "party entertainment service".  This also allowed film producers to write in the prostitutes and cocaine into the budget - and this is where I came in to help Adams.   But this is also when we started setting up record companies.  All we had to do then to launder money was buy a bunch of cassette tapes and labels, along with a couple of recorders, and we were a "record company" also set up to launder large sums of money from "stores". I also used this "front"  to set up paychecks for the prostitutes so they could get health insurance and pay taxes, as well as buy disability insurance and build credit.  I also used this front to pay taxes because I didn't want to mess with the IRS!  After spending almost $10,000 on setting up this "front" to process these charge slips and launder the money, as well as pay taxes, then yes the other madams used us for screening purposes and for large charges.  This is how I met these other madams in fact - because we were working together. 

You see, I left the "family" in 1980.  The same year they resumed the "Dating Game" in 1979-80.  At first, I didn't know about the darker side of this show.  I just knew that we'd send the pretty girls down to have an audition tape made.  That audition tape was then passed around Hollywood, to the Arabs, to the cartel, and the men would call saying they wanted this woman or that they "saw in the tape".  You have to realize how phones were back then.  Adams' phone number was a 310 number.  You could call from the 310 area code to a 310 phone and those calls were not traceable.  

However, if you were in the 818 area code, my area code, then your call WAS traceable.  This is why I became the madam responsible for the 818 area code while Cheri Woods handled the 213 area code calls.   Cheri Woods was related to Phillip Michael Thomas, who was in Miami Vice, produced to glamorize cocaine and drive sales for the product.  When the phone sex lines started taking psychic readings also - that's also when Phillip Michael Thomas started his own psychic hotline.  But again, that's another story.

My point being that if Adams was working as an informant - why was she, and all of us, arrested in 1984?  I'll tell you why - as long as we were relaying sexual details about our clients back to the CIA for money and the promise of not being arrested it seemed harmless.  If you watch the film out about Tom Felt, who was revealed to be Deep Throat, you'll see that the FBI was collecting sexual secrets on powerful men for their own purposes also.  

But we didn't know any of this.  We just knew that as long as we talked about these mens' sex lives - we didn't get arrested and we were allowed to make all this money.  I was a kid and I thought talking about some guy's fetish was harmless - at first.  

But 1984 is when the truth started to come out about Iran Contra and a lot of people were scared about it being discovered that the cash they were raising was being used to help the Contra's fight the Russians - which we had been forbidden to do.   This is when I started seeing these this information was being used to blackmail, extort, and manipulate our politicians - and that's when I started balking.  I didn't get into that biz to harm people. 

If you look at the 1980's and Ronald Reagon as president who wanted to fight the Russians - well that's what their bright idea was which you can also see more about in the film, "Charlie Wilson's War".  Another man in Washington who used escorts through our services.   You'll also see in that film how he used prostitutes to "grease" some arms deals.  So you see in our minds, we were aiding our country by helping to connect these men making these deals with "entertainment".   At first.  That's what we thought in the late 1970's.  But after a few years, and when Iran Contra came to town, that's when we started seeing the dark side and the bodies. 

There was no internet then.  Cameras were huge.  Phones were huge.  It was a different world and if you wanted to know about the sex life of a dignitary, you pretty much would find that out by talking to the madam who arranged that date.   Which is my point - we didn't mind arranging for a "date" with these women we were trying to protect while they worked under us.  However, the SALE and the MURDER of these women was a whole other story.  Politicians being extorted and blackmailed - that's another story.   People being sold for sex slaves to arabs or the cartel to seal deals - no way.  We won't do it and we all put our foot down at that mark in the road. 

The Olympics were coming to LA in 1984.  The truth was starting to come out about Iran Contra and already the CIA was burning and shredding files and records - destroying any and all evidence.  Look to the Rick "Freeway" Ross story also because they weren't just trying to silence madams back in 1984 either.  

If you want to know how our government gets control over a person, and the information they have control over - watch "Molly's Game".  Then you will know why they formed a task force to have us arrested, they seized every penny we had, they took every piece of property we had down to my clothes, my jewelry, my furniture, my cars - everything was seized by the government.  This is when I first learned that Adams had set me up.  You see by the time I was arrested in 1984 - I had quit the sex industry.  I had learned about the live phone sex business from the 900 lines, and I was now making $30,000 a week LEGALLY with phone sex.  So why would I bother with prostitution?  That's why they took this route as shown in Molly's Game - to try and FORCE us into playing ball with them. 

But that's why the LAPD, the FBI, the CIA, and so on wasn't happy about the fact we were all saying no and were drawing a line when women were starting to disappear.  They wanted me back in the industry doing what they wanted me to do - which included the SALES of women and letting them pull my strings from behind the scenes.  That's where we all put our foot down. 

I witnessed a woman being drugged, loaded onto a diplomati's plane, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do to stop her from disappearing this way because it was a diplomatic plane and the woman was taken onto this plane courtesy of the CIA.  For no reason other than she was pretty.  You think Harvey Weinstein ss a problem?   How would you like to know that if you struck his fancy, you would be drugged, loaded onto a diplomatic plane, and then never heard from again.  The people who would try and rescue you would be labeled as "criminals".  The media would never publish your story either.  

Or don't get me wrong - when Adams was arrested they sure made the movie glamorizing her and setting her back up on her pedestal.  Just so young starlets would all give her a call for escort work, and then she had a constant supply of victims she was having doing what these govt. men wanted her to do for them.   As the article on Adams said, she was disabled.  She was bedridden.  She didn't have a choice but to do what they told her to do really to pay the rent.  I however, was in my 20's still and was able to leave the whole thing behind when it got that bad - and did. 

What's worse - is when you find out it's not illegal to traffick an American on American soil.   Because it wasn't.  The sex trafficking of American women was NOT illegal in the 1970's or 1980's.  I know because after I saw this, I tried to do something to stop it as the other madams did also.  Only once we were arrested and charges with a felony - we had our attorneys telling us we had to be quiet until we could get our asses out of this trouble.  What a great way to silence us.   (Which is why I then spent the next 13 years raising awareness so the Trafficking Act of 2000 could get passed which did make it illegal - but that's another blog post.)

The thing is - did we have a shred of proof this was happening even if it was illegal?  Did we have anyone we could go to?  Look at Linda Lovelace - she went to the California Attorney General, Edwin Meese about being trafficked in "Deep Throat".  Without having the proper laws to aid him, all he could do was charge everyone but Linda on the film with "obscenity".  Of course he lost.  So no - we knew there was nothing we could do with the current laws of the land. 

Even if we could - how would we get proof of this?  This was before Gary Webb validated Iran Contra or the Iran Contra hearings.  This was before Chuck Barris had come forward.  This was before the film "Charlie Wilson's War" had come out.  This was when the edited version of Lee's film was airing in the USA.  We had no internet then.  

How do you get proof?  Again, calls made from the 310 area code to a 310 area code phone were not traceable.  You had to get a warrant back then to listen in on calls.  How do you get probable cause to get a warrant when the calls are untraceable?  Surveillance equipment was bulky and expensive.   Also, how would you get a warrant based on probable cause for SOMETHING THAT WASN'T ILLEGAL back then.  

Now you see my point and why it was important to me personally that sex trafficking of American women was not illegal back in the 70's and 80's - and it was now open season on escorts.  

When Heidi Fleiss was being "mentored" by Adams, she didn't know Adams was an "informant".  Nor did she know about any of this. I didn't even know about it until 1984 when I was arrested - then I found out about Adams being an informant.  

Adams was deliberately using Heidi to go out recruiting in the clubs and colleges for her because she was healthy and because she had Ivan controlling her then, and shielding her from all of this stuff.  

But  things changed when Heidi went out on her own.  That's when she became someone the government had to get into the same line they'd gotten the rest of us into - which is why she got arrested and her money taken and all the press - the same route we went to get control over her also.   I spoke to Heidi during this time, and she kept saying, "Oh my girls won't rat on me".  Well the drugs clearly affected her thinking because that's just what they did.  The cops find a girl with a drug habit and threaten her with prison - she'll then do anything to stay out of jail.  

Only when you get arrested - your clients get really nervous about what you're going to say to the press and to the prosecutor.  You can swear to keep your mouth shut, and they don't care.  They can't take the chance and we had too many secrets to tell.  That's why they got Rick "Freeway" Ross framed for life in prison - to silence him.  That's why women like Brandy Britton were murdered in my opinion to keep her quiet.   

When I was arrested in 1984 - that's when I started having attempts on my life.  In fact, a woman was murdered driving my car these guys thought was me.  The man who t-boned my car which killed her was an illegal alien.  He admitted to police he had been paid to run into my car and murder "me", which turned out to be my girlfriend instead.  So I was not imagining hat there were people trying to kill me back then in fear of what I's reveal to the press or the prosecutor.   In fact, one man came to a hotel I was staying at to murder me.  He had a Bowie knife that he refused to put down and when the police came out - they had to shoot him dead.   So I had all the proof I needed to know that I had people trying to murder me back then to keep me quiet.  

Once your face and name has been plastered all over the news as a madam and a prostitute - try and get a job.  You can't.  So now they've taken all your money.  Now you can't go get a job.  Now you have all of your old running buddies and clients scared to come near you that they're going to get arrested to.  

So what do you do to pay the rent?  That's when they come to you offering you money in exchange for becoming an informant.  I'm not judging Adams, or Sydney, or the other madams who choose to return to the profession and take the money to be informants.  In Heidi's case, once she realized what was really going on in this world - that's when she ran to Nevada to hide under the protective wing of the legal brothel owners like Dennis Hof, Joe Richards, etc.  

When we were arrested, do you know what happened to our phones?  The cops started answering our phones.  They made dates.  They sent cops out on these dates and the customers were arrested.  Then they were shook down for what they knew as well.  This is when the cops got the bright idea to set up their own service - period.  It was called "Talk of the Town".  Again I know because they tried to recruit me to come work for this service.  I refused.  I remembered an old Jimmy Cagney movie where he said you "can't trust a dirty cop".  So why would I trust a dirty cop?  In fact, I refused all these offers and that's when I quit the entire game - and started the hotline at www.sexworkersanonymous.net for anyone else to call who needed help to get out - because it's not easy.  You have no idea how hard it is either until you try and quit either.  

Why not go and work where it's legal and not worry about being arrested?  Well the legal brothels had other problems related to being legal.  You also had to put into perspective that Joe Conforte had just launched the first legal brothels in the USA in the 1970's as well.  So he controlled the industry up then with the Mustang Ranch.  If you've ever seen the film about Joe, you know he shot down a famous boxer in cold blood in front of a Nye county cop - and he never did a day in jail for it.  I also had no idea what was really going on up there either until 1988.  But in the early 1980's - none of us would go work at the brothels because of the stories we'd hear of the Mafia in Nevada and about how girls like us "disappeared" all the time.  Watch "Casino" if you want a good portrayal of what Nevada Metro was like back then. 

In 1988, Joe put two million dollars into a campaign to expand legalized prostitution into California.   Just like the tobacco companies "buy" their own studies to support their marketing when they were a younger company, so too did Joe.  A test was set up that was "rigged" to make it appear none of the women at the brothels ever had HIV/AIDS during the height of the AIDS crisis.  By 1988, a lot of people were terrified of AIDS - a fear Joe wanted to use to market his existing brothel as well as to convince California to let him expand into the state.   The laws were different back then - if you were trying to get a law passed you couldn't go onto TV without an opposing view.  This is how Joe and I wound up on Sally together in 1988 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUrAI2Ob4zA&t=288s

I didn't want what I hear went up there in those brothels to come to LA - it was hard enough to get the police to help you as it was.  So I agreed to oppose him so he could get onto TV and I could promote our hotline.  

If you watch this show, you'll see 3 women defending the brothel.  However, when taping stopped - the truth came out.  One of the women on this panel came up to me in the dressing room after the show to tell me that she was in fear for her life.  She claimed that Joe had her drugged, beaten, threatened, told she was going to do the show and what to say, and put onto a private plane to be taken to the studio.  She told me women were going 'missing" in the middle of the night and she believed they were being murdered (refer back to the Godfather for what this could mean where they murdered a prostitute to get control over him and the gaming commission - the film based on true stories by the way). 

She told me she couldn't get out of there because there were no cabs, buses, etc., and it was illegal for her to walk out on foot.  Joe had the police in his pocket she told me and she needed my help to escape.  In fairness to Joe - was it true?  I don't know.  All I know was she asked for help and that's what she said.  

We staged a fake medical emergency, called the paramedics, and smuggled her out of the studio in an ambulance.  Joe couldn't stop us.  We took her to Genesis House where Brenda Myers-Powell later got her recovery in Chicago.  Sadly, they were shut down not long after that because some women were sent in to destroy the program - probably in retaliation for us taking this woman and putting her in there.  I say that because the next year after this, two women came into the Genesis House, took it over, and destroyed the program.  Edwina went to Florida after that. 

Once we got her out of there, I started getting other calls on the hotline from the legal brothel prostitutes.  They needed help to get out also.  You have to drive up to these places and realize there are no cabs, no buses, and these women are often dropped off at the brothels by their pimps.  They can't walk out on foot because it's against the law.  They will be arrested by the Nye or Storey County Sheriffs, and brought back to the brothel.  They claim it's for the purpose of "getting the HIV test results".  

But that's not the whole story.   In other words, they needed to be able to call someone who could come and pick them up.  The brothels don't release their money to them either - only to the pimp.  So she's leaving there with not a penny on her.  Now I ask you - if you're a trafficking victim how do you get out of there?  The way these other programs have set themselves up is to ONLY go after those working within illegal prostitution.  

How do you do something about someone who is operating in a legal business?  Once a few of the women had been helped out of Joe's brothel, including Sharnel Silvey, who used to be his madam, how do you get Joe shut down and blocked from harming other women?  

Did I oppose Joe from expanding into California because I was against prostitution?  No.  I did it because of how he was getting away with abusing women and until there was a union, or they had some kind of advocate, or some system was in place to protect these women THEN I was going to oppose their expansion.  Which I did again when Joe tried to expand again into California and Vegas in 1991.  I was pregnant in 1991 - having my daughter in March of 1991 actually.  That's when I was now having time to talk to these women who wanted Joe shut down because of the harm he was doing to women.  Mind you - we hadn't seen the Trafficking Act of 2000 pass yet.  I had remembered Al Capone.  In fact, I'd just seen the film the "Untouchables" which gave me the idea.  

Why does this say  that in 1990 the Mustang was sold by the IRS?  Because it was all a clever trick at first.  Joe had the Mustang taken away for back taxes, and then sold at auction.  

Only a "straw" buyer bought it, and in reality, Joe was STILL running it in 1991.   A fact that was eventually discovered and that's when Joe fled the country a fugitive for Brazil.   Joe had let it be seized, sold for pennies, where he bought it back for pennies - and was trying to avoid paying the taxes while keeping the brothel this way.  

Only the IRS caught on - and filed charges.  Joe fled the country and the IRS took over management of the operations of the brothel.  Kemp Shiffer started out as someone who ran the brothel for the IRS and decided he liked the business.  

But where do you find women to work for you?  Anyone over 18 could go work for themselves.  He needed someone who couldn't work independently in California, i.e., a young girl.  So he started importing them from the Oakland area. 

But the IRS taking over control of the brothel only made things worse.  As evidenced by Kemp Shiffer, an IRS agent who used his badge to traffick women in from California.  Why California?  You see the legal age for sex in CA is 18 years old.  In Nevada, the legal age is 15 years of age.  Did you know that the brothels are also restaurants?  Did you know that a 16 year old can get a work permit to get a job working in a restaurant at 16 years of age?  

Now let's say you have a pretty 16 year old girl in a group home and she's offered a job in NV working in a restaurant.  Sounds good right?  Only she's not told that once she arrives, she has to get a health card which means passing an HIV/AIDS test.  Blood is drawn and then she CAN'T LEAVE FOR 48 HOURS OR SHE'LL BE ARRESTED.  

Now how do you think a 16 year old girl GETS out to a place like Mound or Crystal to work at these brothels?  Do you know how old you have to be in order to get a drivers license in Nevada?  No cabs. No buses.  Are you beginning to see why our hotline is getting calls for help from these brothels now?  If you were 16 years old and thought you were going to work at a restaurant and given a home and then you discover where you've been taken and you want to leave but you can't - who do you call? They called me. 

Only we're going to the IRS and guess what we're told?  EVERYTHING HE'S DOING IS LEGAL.  It's a legal brothel.  It's legal to have sex at 15 in Nevada.  It's legal to get a job in a restaurant.  it's all legal.    So what do we do?  No one we're talking to wants to talk about how to help someone being trafficked in a LEGAL setting such as a brothel or strip club that's legal.  It took us until 2011 to get Kemp Shiffer arrested.  This means he was trafficking girls from CA to NV for 13 YEARS.  Oh he's a retired  California Sheriff by the way.  Which is how he knew Chris Butler.  Whose Chris Butler?  The plot thickens doesn't it?  

Joe and Dennis remained friends and associates.  Why?  Because prostitution is legal in Brazil.  The legal age for sex in Brazil is also 15 years of age.  Joe and Dennis set up "virgin auctions" once the internet was born after 1995.  All legal.   

Where do you find virgins in today's America?  You don't.  Most girls in the USA are losing their virginity at 12 years old.  But Brazil has a lot of 15 year old virgins.  The problem then becomes how do you get hem into the USA?  Well Joohon David Lee of course - a man who works for Homeland Security, ICE and the trafficking task forces who are making sure everyone's focusing on ILLEGAL prostitution.  Why?  Because they're the COMPETITORS that's why.

Only after Joohon David Lee was convicted of bribery - to take the heat off they needed to switch countries.  Welcome to Australia and New Zealand where they're finding young women through SWOP.  Note the date on this auction - January of 2018.  

Do you really think that if Dennis is aiding this woman in selling her virginity for $4 million dollars, this means that the women isn't going to then be sent to the USA to "deliver" her "virginity"?  By law, she has to be on the premises when the money changes hands for the "service".  

Now, do you really think this has no bearing on the lawsuit he filed in February - just a month later?  Or that this has NO bearing on the passing of SESTA/FOSTA in April of 2018?   Now hold on a minute - read the wording of SESTA/FOSTA. The government  wants to be able to seize DAMAGES from anyone who says they were trafficked.  Okay - what IF - just what IF - you were to get this woman who just sold her virginity for $4,000,000 through Dennis Hof to say she was trafficked?  Then she files a civil suit for damages.  What if she sues her buyer?  What about his confidentiality?

Let me ask you something - if you wanted to get someone to testify against Dennis Hof for sex trafficking, how would you do that when prostitution is legal at the ranch?  Do you really think that a woman who stops working at the ranch as a legal prostitute stops working as a prostitute simply because she's left the ranch?  Oh hell no.  

Where do they go to work once they leave the legal brothels?  Ah - ha!  Now you're getting an idea why Backpage's  servers were seized. 

Everyone knows about the "Russian invasion" which involved even interference in our election.  Anyone in Beverly Hills or the porn industry also knows that the Russians started taking over the sex industry in the mid-2000's.  It was the Russians who bought the Hustler building from Larry Flynt and his home even.  Why do you think Hugh Hefner started publishing bikini photos for a while?  You have to understand the sex industry itself to understand what was going on.  The Russians were taking over the "escort" level of the industry.   American escorts used to offering their time for $2000 an hour were being undercut by very pretty Russian girls who were offering the same services for $80.  You have no idea how many American escorts quit during that "Russian take over" because they dropped the bottom out on pricing.  And they did it for a reason - TO TAKE OVER THAT SIDE OF THE INDUSTRY. 

The Triad has firmly implanted themselves in massage parlors.  Look around you.  The asian massage parlors are growing like wild fire.  They're on every corner.  In Vegas, I have streets like Spring Mountain where there's literally FOUR PARLORS TO ONE CORNER!    

Let's tie this back to "Operation Dollhouse" and why with all of the LEGAL massage parlors - why would you have an ILLEGAL massage parlor?"  You would have an ILLEGAL massage parlor FOR THE CLIENTS WHO DON'T WANT RECORDS KEPT.   Which was why the cabs and limos would pick up men flying in from China, speaking Mandarin, and take them to the ILLEGAL brothels that the sheriffs were caught in - because that's where the Triad went so as not to leave any records or tracks like legal brothels or massage parlors do.

One reason why anyone who has ever done business with Hof could be shitting their pants upon seeing he filed a first amendment lawsuit has many layers.    The first being that if you're going to file a lawsuit as a plaintiff - you can't refuse discovery based upon "trade secrets".  

Now if someone sues Dennis - he can refuse to give up certain files or information based upon "protected trade secrets" or his clients' files.  However, if he's a PLAINTIFF - he can't refuse.  

Now why would he file a first amendment lawsuit however?  Simple - Dennis was not allowed to advertise his brothels outside of the counties where he operates.  He can advertise his restaurant, bar or strip club - but he can't advertise anything to do with the legalized prostitution outside of that tiny part of Nevada.  

If you remember, he had started to file this challenge in Oakland, California.  I was able to push him back because it's not legal in Oakland.  In other words, you can't claim "violation of free speech" about something that's illegal.  So when Dennis first mounted the idea to start his first amendment lawsuit in Oakland, I was able to push him back on this because prostitution is illegal in Oakland.  In other words, he would have lost.  

I'm sure his first amendment lawyers he hired told him what I know to be true - he would have lost in Oakland.  

However, he might have won in Nye County - the lawsuit he filed in January of 2018.  IF he had won a first amendment lawsuit, and for economic interference in Nye County - he could have then used that win as legal precedence to expand his advertising rights outside of Nye County.  Because Dennis was having a problem - where was there left to advertise?  He had been on a lot of the TV shows and magazines before that were on Hearst Media when Steve Sassa was the CEO because he was a  "john".  If you look at shows like Dr. Phil - you'll find not only was Dennis  Hof on those shows promoting his brand, but so too did Chris Butler appear on the Dr. Phil show promoting his private investigative agency - both being fronts for prostitution.  

But imagine if Dennis were to be able to advertise "virgin auctions" on CNN?  Do you think there weren't people who wanted to see that stopped?  Who do you think was behind "No Little Girl" that started up against Dennis?

As part of what I'm claiming in my lawsuit www.williamsvsusa.com, I'm stating that I was told I was "blacklisted" in any media controlled or influenced by Sheldon Adelson.  Who is now openly the owner of the Review Journal.  

Is this a paranoid accusation?  In 1988, 1991, and again when they were debating about putting in a legal brothel on the site where the Mob Musuem now sits, I was openly combating the expansion of legalized prostitution for reasons as I've stated above - because of how the women working within these legal brothels have NO protection whatsoever on any level.  They don't get workers comp, disability, a pension, an exit program, health insurance, and they're not protected from their pimps.  In fact, Dennis even told me he let them hang around the bar because they "motivated the women to work harder" than they would otherwise.  In fact, Nye County officials take no steps to protect these women from pimps either.  Until this changes, I'm going to oppose legal brothels - not decriminalization however which allows a person to work freely and independently.  

Now if I'm not blacklisted by the Review Journal, then how come I was put onto media to oppose this legalization as seen by the talk shows I was put on that I just showed you in 1988 and 1991, as well as pre-1995, and pre-Telecommunications Act of 1995, and in 2018 we just had a huge vote on whether or not to outlaw the brothels again - and there's not one quote from me anywhere in the Review Journal about what I think about this, or Dennis running for senator?  Not one.  In fact, Tom Ragan proved this by being fired TWICE for trying to get my name printed in the Review Journal.  NOW THAT'S A VIOLATION OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT.  But I will address this in my lawsuit www.williamsvsusa.com

If Dennis had become senator, and if Dennis had won the lawsuit for his free speech, and if Dennis had continued to be allowed to operate his brothels - then this right here is a huge dilemma.  Because there's potentially millions of girls out there who could file a lawsuit now claiming damages at the hands of these legal brothels and potentially collect millions in damages now.  Women who in the process of these lawsuits would be dropping the names of their clients - names like Trump as we've seen now running for the office of President.   If Dennis had become a senator - there would have been absolutely no way to limit his free speech.  

Meaning a lot of people could have been very nervous about what he might say if he were unmuzzled.  The same people so scared of what Jeane Palfrey might reveal that I believe they murdered her also to stop her from revealing their names in her black book.

Because you see, in 1991-1992 is when Joe had been losing official control over the Mustang Ranch and fled the country.  To take up the "slack", this is when Jeane started taking over the business out of Washington, DC.  

A business that Adams was leaving alone to focus on the Hollywood crowd like Charlie Sheen.   The difference was however that we had no proof we were being coerced and controlled by the likes of the CIA, FBI, LAPD, etc.  However, Jeane Palfrey DID.  That was her "Black Book".  

If Jeane was murdered to silence the proof she had in her black book, not of who her clients were, but of who was contacting her every six months and having her "debriefed" as well as telling her what to do with her women as we're seeing explained in films like "Red Sparrow" has been going on dating back to Krushev's days when he started training spies in how to use sexuality, something our country has also been doing (read Frank Dux' memoirs for proof of this), and we're even seeing now was happening with the red-haired spy Maria Butina who had infiltrated the NRA to affect gun laws - then do you really think there weren't people nervous about the information Dennis Hof had sitting on his computer servers?  Who do you think took up Jeane's business/clientele after she was found dead?  They went to the legal brothels - that's where they went. 

Now you're seeing why I said the CIA and law enforcement have taken over SWOP once Robin Few died.  What a great way to get even more intelligence?  You encourage these women to come to public events where they can be photographed openly without a search warrant because it's a public space, and to identify them - you have them carry red umbrellas.  Something any REAL prostitute in the USA would never do.  

Not unless tricked by "influencers" which invaded SWOP from 2013-2015.   You see I watched another interesting film on TV recently, "Pimp" showing a female pimp.   Only this female pimp was never really taught the game.  She just saw a couple of movies and though it was "that easy".  Until she saw how REAL pimps control their property and was murdered.  Before the internet, you didn't enter into the world of prostitution without a mentor.  Sure anyone could stand on a street corner - and that's a street prostitution.  However, as a street prostitute you were not picked up by anyone powerful such as a politician, or a big celebrity, or a banker, or anyone like Arabian royalty.  These men saw ESCORTS.  To become an ESCORT before the internet - you had to work under a madam.  When you worked under a madam - you were TAUGHT certain rules and a culture.  But this is how the men kept their secrets.  The women were kept quiet by their madams or pimps who knew if  anything like Stormy Daniels happened to them - they'd be out of business overnight.  That's how these men kept everyone quiet.  

But in this Facebook age - madams and pimps were being bypassed and young girls and boys were just setting up their own shop.  Without ANY training or mentoring to understand what they were getting into. 

Dennis was learning something I have been learning - and that's why I can keep my mouth shut - that doesn't mean Google or Facebook or Amazon are.  When someone sends me an email - it comes through Google into Gmail, or Facebook or Twitter.  When they call our hotline, they sometimes are calling my cell phone.  The cell phone company now has a record.  Facebook now has a record.  Now while MY records might be confidential - that doesn't mean THEY'RE keeping these records confidential.  

So what about Dennis Hof's communications?  Whenever a hooker gets arrested - I told you that the cops will sit down and answer their phone and set up dates.  When Dave Elms was arrested - the government took over the Erotic Review and continued to operate it.  All of that data now going right into the hands of law enforcement.  

When I heard the news of Dennis' death, I called the ranch to ask about his memorial and to arrange to send flowers.  The man who answered the phone was not grieving.  In fact, he sounded like a pissed off cop to me.  He didn't said he "didn't know" when they were going to be having a memorial and hung up on me.  He had no idea who I was because I'd blocked my number when I called.  I've heard these voices when the police come and take over a phone.  If Dennis is dead, who now owns the data that was going into his phones, his emails and his advertising, as well as his websites?  Women working at the ranch were using Facebook to generate their appointments - who owns all that data now?  And who were these guys answering the phone now refusing to let me speak to Amy or Suzette so I could talk about the memorial?

We don't have "madams" anymore that the government needs to ask them to relay back to them what's going on in people's bedrooms.  We now have all of that data on Craigslist, Backpage, The Erotic Review - in fact if you go over the list of websites that have been shut down on the claim of "sex trafficking" what they have in common has NOTHING to do with sex trafficking.  What they do have in common however is DATA that the government would want to seize - on not only the women working in prostitution, but also the clients.  

Madams were the "google" before Google.  Now however, you have Google - who needs madams?  If you wanted to be an escort back in the 70's and 80's - you had to work with a madam because they had the phones!  Who needs phones?  Who needs madams anymore?  This is the millennial age where anyone sets up a Facebook page or a Twitter account and suddenly they're in the sex industry.  They're making their own porn and uploading it onto their own site.  How does the mafia control any of these people now there's no pimp or madam over them?  So instead of pumping madams for information - who needs to do that now?  All you need to do now is SEIZE THE DATA. 

And just like a turf war - another war broke out where certain people wanted control over the indsutry BACK that was lost with the internet being created.  Then they wanted control over the internet - and you push the industry back under the people who can control them - that's what you do.  

Welcome to SESTA/FOSTA.  That was DESIGNED to push people into going to work under people like Dennis Hof again.  Who had big plans for Pahrump.  Big plans.  So too did Vivid Entertainment, and Disney who invested $250 million dollars into Vivid who put millions into building a new film studio and race track in Pahrump.  Pahrump was about to become the new "sin city".  Dennis had been working his way into the Nevada legislature for YEARS.    So too Lance Gilman who took over the Mustang Ranch from the IRS.  Lance was also on the Nevada Board of Economic Development - explaining why it was "good business" to open up industry in Nevada - right alongside the legal brothels.  Especially a casino, with a racetrack, and a porn film studio, and a legal brothel all in Pahrump, Nevada.  Once Dennis became senator, and won his free speech lawsuit - it was all going to come together into an explosion of Pahrump onto the map because best of all - Nevada also has recreational marijuana and Sheldon Adelson's investment money behind them as well.  

That was the plan anyway.  Meaning once Dennis became senator - there would have been no stopping this plan to bring about an EXPLOSION of advertising for this which would have included "virgin auctions".  All legal.  

But what about the women?  What about the women who would be filing lawsuits alleging they were trafficked through these legal brothels? 

Cover your ass - look at the Celeste Guap case.  There's 1000'S MORE LIKE HERS.  Look at the Gemmel Moore case.  Teofil Branks.  If proof was to fall into the hands of victims who would sue like Celeste did, the government would  become bankrupt.   Especially the Nevada state government.  Because unlike an illegal prostitute - these women had done it LEGALLY.  Look at how much money is having to be paid out for one reporter's murder - 

Now imagine you were sold to an Arab Royal who took your virginity for $15 million and you wanted to sue Dennis or Lance or Joe for damages?

Do you have any idea how many women have called me saying that SWOP befriended them, they turned to them for help with bad things happening to them, only to have someone from SWOP come sweeping in with promises to help - who then stole all of their evidence - brought in the cops to threaten them into silence - or attorneys forcing them to sign NDA'S and/or other agreements to discredit them such as photo releases, permission to use their photos and names and pose as them online to spread "disinformation", and mostly to cover up what actually happened to them?   I found out about this when I confronted women who I thought were friends of mine asking why they were lying about me online.  They confessed they had been forced to sign over their images, names, stories, and they were now being impersonated by cops - and it wasn't them saying these things about me and they weren't supposed to say anything about it in public because of the NDA's or they'd be sued - or worse have their probation yanked. 

I have a woman who reported to me that she had contacted SWOP and another telling me about the CUPCAKE GIRLS supposedly using them for billing fraud to bilk the state out of money, medical experimentation, and to force them into becoming informants themselves?  

In the old days, lady cops used to stand on the corner pretending to be a prostitute to trick the johns into a bust.  Today - they get the women to sign over the rights to their pictures, their name, their life story - and they're going online to pose as them for all kinds of things that are entrapping men into things that are affecting our very economy.  

And Dennis's communications at the ranch aren't as protected as they were in 1973 or even 1988.  The internet changed everything and the new "whore wars" became a war about internet data.  The sites that have been seized by the government have NOTHING to do with sex trafficking - and everything to do with DATA.  

And if they'd murder Jeane over her Black Book - there's PLENTY of motive to whack Dennis once he became senator, was allowed to continue operating the brothel, and once he won that lawsuit against Nye County - who also happen to be in control over his autopsy.  

Which I think is a conflict of interest.  He was suing them.  So if he was murdered, I'm not so sure we're going to get an honest report - and we haven't seen one yet after three months.  So I'm going to start making calls to see if someone else can be brought into inspect his body and get at the truth.  

And whoever maybe bought this woman's virginity for four million dollars might be wanting to make sure his name is kept quiet.  Which Dennis can guarantee confidentiality all he wants - but with the phone company having copy of the data - maybe even the phone manufacturer having copies of the data of who is calling their phones - who knows who else knows what Dennis knows? Who else might want to own it now he's dead?

Dennis regularly contributed money to Hillary Clinton.  If the Russians were supporting Trump, and if Facebook was supporting Trump - don't you think that could potentially mean that these people wanted at data that was on Dennis' servers also?  Or to make sure he didn't have it released or even subpoena'd?

Dennis was found dead on October 16, 2018.  On November 12, 2018, I had cops spending 90 minutes trying to tear down my door to get at me who didn't have a warrant.  This is what they did to a solid steel door to get into my home.  To find out where I lived, my personal emails were illegally seized by Steve Wagstaffe, the prosecutor in San Mateo County.  

Do you have any idea how much influence Facebook has on San Mateo County?  For one thing, they're pouring millions into the area through Kirsten Keith, a family law attorney.  She's also on the Private Defender program and legal aid - so you can't get a lawyer to help you in San Mateo County - you go to her for help essentially.  The "victim statement" against me was signed by Barbara Kuehn, a family law attorney who is friends with Kirsten Keith.  The warrant was kept sealed for 90 days - or until October 12, 2018.  This means it was unsealed on October 12, 2018 - and anyone who could have had police access could have pulled up my emails and found my home address and showed up at my doorstep on November 12, 2018.  Why were they there?  No idea.  I had a reporter call them after 90 minutes asking that question.  They split without an explanation.  

What would they have done if they'd gotten inside?   Oh by the way, Steve Wagstaffe was the prosecutor during Operation Dollhouse when Greg Munks and Carlos Bolanos were caught red handed in 2007 inside an illegal asian brothel with 24 sex trafficking victims and bags of drugs who were released thanks to Joohon Dave Lee.  They were never cleared of the sex trafficking accussation that was behind the raid that day.  

By the way, the FBI investigates someone before they run for office.  Which explains why we saw "Jennifer O"Kane" online asking "anyone else abused by Dennis Hof please contact me".  Her "friends" were all catfish.  She was collecting dirt on Dennis and the reason was simple - to see if anyone could file any charges that would stick against him before running for the senate.   I kept finding "Jennifer" using my name to try and get people to tell her dirt on Hof.  Why?  Again, they were investigating him before he ran and this is a way to find out before he wins so he doesn't become like Trump if possible - with someone coming forward AFTER they're in office with accusations of wrong doing.   

Which explains why Kevin White was asking questions, but nothing was done in his investigations.  If Kamala Harris is now running for president - that means that the FBI is doing their "due diligence" to find out what anyone might say about her.  Or have evidence of against her - which might explain why someone wanted into my apartment so badly on November 12, 2018.  

I've gone to Kamala Harris with all kinds of evidence of sex trafficking, death threats I was receiving at the hands of LAPD and METRO together, and also about the sex trafficking that was going on out of California and into the legal brothels of Nevada.  

All of which she completely ignored and she might not want that proven if she's going to run for President.  Why else come talk to a judge about her daughter being trafficked, murders, etc., to this same agent who was investigating vote rigging in San Mateo County - but who then did nothing to change any of the things he was hearing about.  Including why Ocean Fleming has been released on the same case where Ray Sharpe is STILL sitting in prison for life?  Something which Dennis Hof could have also verified that Ray was no pimp - if he was alive that is.  

So there's more than one reason why Dennis might have been murdered.  I also think this lawsuit shows there's a conflict of interest with the Nye County authorities being the ones to do his autopsy - don't you?


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