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PRIVACY AND MODERN PROSTITUTION  How law enforcement is investigating prostitutes with technology developed by  Palantir.  
Guess who partners with Palantir? The National Trafficking Hotline.  Who is Palantir? The CIA of course.
Who was behind Iran Contra? The CIA of course. 
Our hotline is NOT connected to any of this unlike the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline.   If you look right on their site, they state in tiny print that they "share IP information with their partners" who are Google, Facebook and also Palantir Technologies. 
Now - do you think they're happy about the idea someone can call us for help and that they're not going to be in on who is calling them for help? 


Back in 1987, a famous actress stepped forward to make friends with us and to support our hotline and 12 step program.  This woman is of Asian descent and appeared in many famous movies like the "Joy Luck Club".  Since we first met, she was very supportive of me.  I even have a photo of her handing me my one year anniversary cake when I achieved one year clean from drugs and also out of prostitution.

She encouraged me to apply for a grant to start a program for prostitutes back in 1991.  I remember the year because I was pregnant that year.  The grant application was turned down, however in subsequent years I've seen what I felt were exact rip-offs of the grant application I had sent into our government that year at her urging.

Whenever we were planning outreach campaigns, she would steer me away from the Asian massage parlors.  Always pointing out that I "didn't know the language", and "didn't understand their culture", etc.  It made sense to…