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Rep. Rob Portman
312 Walnut Street, Room 3425
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Dear Mr. Portman:

I am watching you on PBS at the moment discussing the Ohio case where you did intervene in the case involving teens who were being trafficked right out of the “safe house” to egg farms.  So I know you have now witnessed with your own eyes how our government is, and can be, involved in the actual acts of trafficking.

Which means that I know that you now know why in 1984 I took matters into my own hands to help sex trafficking victims in Los Angeles escape men who were involved with not only LAPD, but also our own CIA in connection with Iran Contra and oil deals we were negotiating as well, to create what I later learned was in fact the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims in this country.  Only to have these same men “frame” me with false accusations I was “running a brothel” to shut it down in 1984.  I did this because it was obvious we couldn’t call 911 for help back then.  Not only w…


April 23, 2018
PACE Society Via Email
Re:Cease and Desist with Erroneous Public Relations on our Behalf
Dear PACE:
I’m receiving an increasing amount of phone calls from people who say they have come to your facility to inquire about a meeting space to host a Sex Workers Anonymous meeting, only to get a very “chilly” greeting, and then told gruffly “sorry we’re not a RESCUE organization like that” before being shown the door.You are completely entirely utterly 100 % incorrect about what we are and your spreading of defamatory lies about us needs to stop immediately.
In 2015, a show aired called “8 Minutes”.It was posed as a “reality show” showing a retired cop turned minister who was supposedly setting up phony “dates” off Backpage where he then offered “trafficking victims” a chance to be “rescued” into a program he claimed to be running out in Arizona.Only the whole thing was an absolute LIE.There was no program.He couldn’t possibly have formed the church after he retired as claimed becau…


PS - on a personal note Stacey, the last time I ran a number count on the contacts I have in our current contacts, it showed 190,000 people I'm in contact with worldwide.  These members, or potential members, or ex-members, are male, female, LGBT, transgender, and a whole range of people as is the sex industry worldwide.

Just like Alcoholics Anonymous, our members are in various stages of the recovery process.  Some are in AA and NA, some aren't.  Some are suffering from mental illness they're in treatment for, some are not.  Some are HIV positive, and some are not.  Again, just like the industry itself is full of a wide assortment of people at different stages of what they're dealing with in life - our program's members are no different. 

This also means that not all of our members are "out" yet.  Again, like any AA meeting, some of our members are in the process of leaving the industry.  We do not "require" anything of our members other than a…


This happened to us as a community once before.  It was in the 1980's.  People were terrified of HIV/AIDS and also "prostitutes" because of the fear of HIV/AIDS.  No one knew in the early 1980's what was really causing it.  Suddenly hospitals, detoxes, shelters, even jails were refusing to go anywhere near us - let alone help us in any way.  I drove a woman to the hospital who had been stabbed and watch as the ER staff tried to turn her away out of fear of the virus in the early 1980's.  I had to threaten to sue them if they turned her away, and that worked as far as stitching her up.  But the hospital refused to admit her after they stitched her up. 

Now what do you do if you find out you are positive for the virus?  That's it.  Finito.  Done.  You're out of the sex industry.

Now what? 

We had a huge problem on our hands.   We were asking sex workers to stop working if they had the virus - but then what?  Rent and lights still had to be paid and food had…


We got an email from a women in Sweden who wants to start a chapter of there.  I asked her to please tell me what it's really like to be in Sweden experiencing the "Swedish model" I keep hearing about.  I edited out any references that would  identify her but otherwise left her words intact. 

Thank you so much Jody for your reply!

I have a lot to say about the "Swedish model". First and most important - the law doesn't benifit the sexworkers. We went from being the most sexual liberated county in the word (not perfect) to a country with a half measured "sexual buyers law" .

 My experience, friends of mine and those professionals we know that take care of us without judgement;  We all say: "the law is no good for the girls".

When it was legal to buy sex, the transparency of the buyers were more clear and safer. It is inevitably that internet is in our lives and most gir…


President Donald Trump c/o White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500
Re:SESTA/FOSTA Sex Trafficking Laws
Dear Mr. Trump:
When whole families were being destroyed by alcoholism, the government meant well by stepping in to outlaw alcohol thinking it would solve the problem with Prohibition.However, all that happened was the creation of powerful organized crime with characters like Al Capone, as well as many alcoholics dying because of being driven “underground” out of fear.
Mr. Trump, Bill Wilson created Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935 – two years after Prohibition was repealed.His group lead to the discovery that alcoholism was a disease.But this was only after his program started alcoholics on the path to sobriety whereas before their disease was considered 100 % hopelessly fatal.I relate our situation to alcoholism because back in the late 70’s, and early 80’s, prostitution was considered “hopeless”.
The reason for this is because law enforcement and social services found th…


When I was arrested in 1984, I was not involved in prostitution.I had actually quit months ago because I was making money legitimately through operating a 900 phone service that was just becoming popular in the 1980’s.I had a lease on a warehouse I had once used for an incall operation that still had time on it, so I turned it into a “safe house” for adults.Lois Lee was taking in juveniles who needed help through Children of the Night, and the Mary Magdalene Project was taking in a few women through their program, but these programs were not providing help to an adult who was having to escape from a pimp and/or an organized trafficker.
The LAPD had already tried to force me to become an informant which is one reason why I had left the sex industry.They would pick me up and hold me for 71 hours “incognito” was what they called it then.This meant I was not booked into the system and no one could know where I was.I was not allowed a phone call, nor to call my attorney.They had to hold me …