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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I have been seeing some disturbing things on PBS and hearing even more on NPR for a while now.  Remember, I was born in 1960.

So I remember what these channels were like BEFORE they were allowed to take corporate money.  I also remember what they were like BEFORE the Telecommunications Act of 1995 allowed the corporations to take over the mainstream press by being able to own more than one station/outlet at a time than they were before.

I also remember when I didn't have one single problem getting onto a new show, documentary, or talk show.  Now I have reporters telling me they were fired within days of even speaking to me on the phone!  

But the gauntlett was thrown down as far as I was concerned when "A Path Appears" with Nicholas Kristof about sex trafficking aired on PBS.  I hadn't been asked for one sound bite.  To me it was like a show about alcoholism without one mention of Bill Wilson or AA.

I had one of my "did I drop acid?" moments with that one.  Why?  Because in the 1970's and 1980's Covenant House, who was featured in this show,  did not ACCEPT PROSTITUTES, i.e, "sex trafficking victims" back then at all.

The very reason they DID NOT was one of the reasons why Lois Lee had to form Children of the Night in 1979.  It's why she had to form a dedicated hotline - because the traditional "runaway" networks wouldn't lift a finger to help someone they felt was a prostitute.

Why?  If they did put a male or female prostitute in one of their shelters for one thing - the staff would hit on them sexually, the other clients would hit on them sexually or attack them as "whores" and "faggots", or rape them when the staff wasn't around, or the staff was raping them (I don't mean everyone at Covenant - I mean at teen shelters in general), or when the pimps would come to retrieve them the staff would just stand back and let them.

But yet this show was proudly broadcasting Covenant House as taking in "sex trafficking victims" while I didn't hear a PEEP out of the show about Children of the Night.  NOT A PEEP!!!

Okay maybe it was just an oversight right?

So I started watching more and more shows about the subject  on PBS and NPR and NOT ONE was I seeing or hearing  (1) anything to do with American sex trafficking, or (2) I was seeing a parade of WHITE PEOPLE going into other indigenous or third world countries CONFUSING POVERTY with "sex trafficking".

For example. I saw one whole show on PBS talking about how after a hurricane hit the Philippines and then the government wasn't able to provide jobs or housing for everyone - so some women were forced into sex work in order to be able to eat and put a roof over their heads.

THAT'S what I saw - I saw outreach workers going out to talk to prostitutes who were hooking to EAT. on this PBS show.

Only they weren't called "sex workers" who were sometimes "trafficking victims" or "vulnerable to sex trafficking" - no they were instead all across the board referred to as "sex trafficking victims".

Now instead of the discussion, or focus, on this piece being about the lack of government response to those hurricane victims, OR about how as sex workers they needed to have equal protection by the police FROM traffickers, pimps, rapists, etc., who would prey upon them because prostitution is illegal over there as it is here - no - the focus on this was calling those women across the board "sex trafficking victims".  I'm sorry but a woman forced to do sex work to eat or feed her baby is NOT a "sex trafficking victim".

Now I know the religious right people like to SANITIZE US BY CALLING US THAT - BUT IT'S NOT THE TRUTH.

I mean when are we going to start calling Mary Magdalene a "sex trafficking victim" by this logic?

Let me put this in another term so maybe you can understand me better - back before truckers had unions truckers were taken advantage of greatly by employers.  They had no benefits.  They weren't allowed to take sleep or rest breaks.  They had no job security.  They were treated pretty much like scum.  The unions came in to make sure they were treated fairly and properly if you remember.

Now how do you think things would have gone down in this country if all of those truckers were classified in the media instead  of "exploited truckers" as "human trafficking victims forced to drive trucks"?

THAT'S how I felt about that show on PBS.  

You don't like unions right?  Okay how about the plight of illegal aliens trying to find work in this country as maids, cooks, farmers, etc., who are constantly being abused because they don't have a visa or papers?  How because they don't have papers they are vulnerable to things like rape, violence, employment abuse, being ripped off by landlords and employers, etc.

Now what if their plight was thrown in with that of those who are forced to do labor in this country such as the human trafficking victims by the media - those who are forced by gun or restriction or threats into providing labor against their will with no distinction about those who are being forced entirely by say threats against harming their family vs. those who are being exploited because they're here illegally because they can't get papers?

Are you really going to tell me there's no a difference between the two?  Do they over lap?  Sure.
But are they the same?


What if, just imagine here for a moment with me, what if the very people who were exploiting these communities were put in charge of the media reporting their plight to the public?

Do you think they'd tell you the truth about their involvement?

I want you to take a look at the list of supporters for PBS and NRP recently here on this link

I am a survivor of REAL sex trafficking.

I didn't say this to sell a book.

I didn't say this to get a visa.

I didn't say this because I have a fund raiser or grant application coming up.

I don't have a "gofundme" going.

I'm not asking for your donations.

I'm not trying to get a law passed.

I'm not saying because I have a cop or prosecutor threatening me with jail if I don't make this claim.



First I had public service announcements taken away when the Telecommunications Act of 1995 was passed.   I also had my voice taken away as a "counter" opinion to those who wanted to push legalization AND criminalization of prostitution with that Act.   I've had my voice taken away by the men in power who are the "johns" who buy me and the "traffickers" who sell me!   I do not know of one single major media or news outlet run by either/or an ex-sex worker or a sex trafficking survivor - but I sure as hell can tell you who is that's involved in trafficking and buying and selling us!

By the year 2000 - because of money interests I had my voice completely taken away from anything to do with mainstream media.

And now it's been removed from public broadcasting.

The only place left is right here on the internet and now Google is trying to bury me with their new "protections against fake news" they're using as their smoke screen for BURYING what they don't want you to see.

I can prove it.  Sharnel Silvey created the first ever alternative sentencing program for prostitutes, i.e., sex trafficking victims, in northern Nevada.  Go and look up her name on Google and see if you can find any word about her years of work creating that program for the first time in Nevada's history.

 The plan was to operate it for two years, and then I was going to model it for southern Nevada, and we were then going to have one running on one end of Nevada and the other on the other end and that way we'd cover all of Nevada.

Only what do you see instead about Sharnel?  Anyone who has seen the film "Truth" or "Cointelpro 101" knows that people who are activists get FRAMED.  Sure you're going to read about the arrest . . . . BUT WHERE IS THE NEWS ABOUT HER WORK WITH PROSTITUTES?

Right where our voices went - down the crapper.  We're back to no one wanting to hear a damn thing we have to say.

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