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Saturday, May 13, 2017


This whole story was a complete fabrication about "Heather" and how Neal died.

I operate the hotline at When I got a call telling me the "real" story, I had an obligation to take this information to the police. Strange they didn't want to hear any "additional" information on a case where someone was shot dead.

As more and more calls came into the hotline giving me information this whole thing was being fabricated, (which by the way substantiates why these people have been trying to stamp out our hotline to control the flow of information they don't want to get out), I started looking into it more myself.

Don't believe me at all. Go look at the facts yourself. The whole thing doesn't add up. When I spoke to other police officers underneath the "men in charge" they admitted there was not only not one single shred of physical evidence tying Neal Falls to any of these murders, but that the "tools" in his car had been unused, and had not one molecule of evidence on them tying them to one single case of a hooker murdered.

There was not one single "souvenir" from any victim in his car or belongings. Please tell me one serial killer throughout history who has no history of violence, abusing animals, starting fires, and where other prostitutes spoke out such as the Craigslist Killer even.

All there is is everyone's "word". Including that "Heather" is even a hooker. Only where is she now? Our hotline started getting calls to that effect and now it's like she's completely evaporated. When I got calls from people who knew the "real Heather" concerned something bad had happened to her, I went to see she was alive and well only to find myself being threatened repeatedly with violence and worse I documented.

Only real life hookers don't "evaporate". I'm sorry but they are very easy to find in the real world. That's why so many moms have come to me over the years to get help finding their daughters the police, FBI and CIA don't want them to find.

I had gone to the police with REAL evidence into Jessie Foster's case about a man who was terrorizing prostitutes in Vegas I was having to help escape the country to get away from him. I was literally threatened by an FBI agent if I didn't "drop this and back off".

When I wouldn't shut up about Peter Todd this story breaks with all the related media hoopla trying to shout loud enough that Neal Fall killed her and the others to make people think the killer was found and case shut - how convenient to blame a man who was a loner the police knew was a loner because of his past traffic tickets. Didn't we see the same exact thing done to blame Oswald? I mean are these guys really still using the same handbook from the 1960's?

Those traffic tickets painted the image of a loser who no one would defend or miss easily blamed. Just as they targeted Oswald because they knew his mother wouldn't defend him, nor would anyone else.

Only I care when REAL HOOKER KILLERS ARE STILL WALKING AROUND. I've not only never seen a killer act like this - there's not ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE against Neal. Something a REAL reporter by the way would notice. Not something done by people like Mary Emily O'Hara who wouldn't print the truth on a dare. Nope she's a great writer to bring in when you want to create a "fake hero" in your "fake news" by the way like this story is

Oh so a "cold story" comes into town filmed by the same channels I've caught filming four other "fake reality" shows and they supposedly "proved" Neal did this? Only note not one of these "investigators" talked to me here in ground zero of Vegas about the evidence or witnesses we have, nor did they talk to private investigator on Jessie's case who knew who killed her but who was also threatened by the police. Who Metro smeared BOTH him and I to Glendene, Jessie's mom, when we BOTH tried to tell her the truth about her daughter's death. Only she didn't want to hear it because then she's have to deal with her fund raising addiction and her Munchausen's' that's getting it's kick by crying to the media every chance she gets while pleading for more money and sympathy.

I had first tried to talk to Glendene about Jessie's case as did the PI and Metro bought her off with a few TV appearances and fund raisers so a crying mother of one of us on TV means nothing. My mom would have sold me out for a couple of bucks and some air time to have everyone give her some attention too over my dead body also so no surprise there. So would the moms of every members of Sex Workers Anonymous that's called us for 30 years. Again, if we had "great model" moms who gave one shit about us most wouldn't have wound up out there in the first place - so let's listen to them about us. Yeah right.

THIS whole story is a beautiful example of what "fake news" is. Not what the media is claiming it is to try and censor Google searches. Who make sure the top stories on this are that it's real, while ones questioning it are buried. And when they can't stop people from listening to people like me because we actually make sense - let's brand them "fake news" and bury them on Google on page 20.

But we already know that Google is involved with these people also. It's why I use now for my searches when I want the truth. No I'm not an affiliate or owner or anything - I just value finding the truth on my subjects when I'm doing research.

PS - go to twitter and type in a search for "Mary Emily O"Hara". Seems she's disappeared off social media - interesting thing for a reporter to do - and this hash tag was by her name. Strange.

Of course not surprised their twitter feed is following Stanford nor bashing Trump. What a surprise.

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