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Friday, April 21, 2017


I can't agree enough with this letter Dawn.  Thank you for writing it.  Back in the 1980's, I was seeing women being rounded up like cattle, stuck into buses, and then treated like they were the "criminals".  In reality, these were women who had been kidnapped, sold, and otherwise forced into sex work in one form or another.  Whether it was in a strip club, massage parlor, or illegal brothel, they were still being forced as how the Margo Compton case illustrated.

The police were to be as feared as the traffickers and pimps.  Victims were threatened with even more harm to their families if they were arrested and spoke to the police about what was happening to them.  If they were to ACT like they were not there voluntarily - the very lives of their children and family members were threatened.  Thus the image of the "happy hooker" was common in the 1980's.

I point to the case of Linda Lovelace.  This was a woman being promoted in the media as "wanting to be a prostitute" while in reality she was being beaten, raped, forced, and her family threatened if she didn't "act" as if she wanted to be there.  When she came forward with the truth - no one believed her. Back then for someone to be speaking about "force", was received the same as if someone had said they were "being abducted by aliens".

The reason was also because there were no laws on the books to allow these to be treated as "victims" instead of criminals because prostitution is illegal.  Because there were literally no laws against Linda having been forced at gunpoint to film "Deep Throat" - the best the law could do was charge everyone on the film but her with "obscenity".

Well of course that didn't work because society didn't understand what was going on.  They couldn't relate how "obscenity" had anything to do with the film.  REalize we didn't even have a WORD for this back then.  As I was growing up then, the closest words I heard was that of "white slavery" for those sold into the sex trade and taken to another country, and those "pimped" as somewhat of what Linda went through.  Yes Linda was pimped by her husband, but he was part of a larger criminal operation for which the term "sex trafficking" hadn't been invented yet.

All I knew was we had nowhere to go.  Victims were hunted by cops and then treated like criminals so going to the police was not an option.  The fear of HIV/AIDS had made it so shelters and treatment centers were refusing help to anyone they suspected "was a prostitute".  I had tried taking some of these victims into my home for protection, only to wind up with people almost getting shot who were innocent bystanders and neighbors.  I couldn't keep risking my neighbors getting shot over this, so I took an old warehouse I had once used as an illegal brothel, and turned it into what I later learned was the first "safe house" for adults in this country.  To meet the demand, one other person had started a safe house for juveniles in 1979 and that was Children of the Night.  Between us, we had help available for juveniles and adults.

While pimps generally acted alone, or within their network, "traffickers" however had the police on their payroll.  Police who soon sent me a victim to help who I did.  I put her in the warehouse to heal after her pimp had broken her arm, nose and blacked both eyes.  Next thing I know she's accusing me of "pimping" and I'm being carted off to jail.  I had done nothing illegal, so the cops threatened to charge my mother with pimping if I didn't take a plea bargain.  I refused so they threatened my grandmother who was in her 70's at the time and I didn't think could survive an arrest in LA jails - so I caved.

The DA asked me to "talk" about what I knew and offered to drop the case.  Only "what I knew" was what I'd seen - which was the trafficking went up to our own government during Iran Contra.  I knew the minute I opened my mouth about our CIA involved in the sale of women for oil and drug deals that I'd have an attorney down there screaming "national security" so fast my head would spin.  In other words, I knew I would wind up like Jeane Palfrey did.  In fact, I watched her case very carefully because she was in the same situation as I was when this happened.  I kept my mouth shut.  She however tried to talk.  Then she was murdered before she could which I had feared would happen to me if I had tried.  Sadly, Jeane proved to me years later I had made the right decision to just shut my mouth.

I bided my time and sought out answers.  I consulted with people like Gloria Allred and Edwin Meese, the CA Attorney General.  Tom Bradley, Chief Gates and Sheriff Block also as they were seeing what was going on also - their hands tied too because we not only had no laws on the books, we had no public perception this was even real.  That's why I talked about Linda - when she had tried to enlighten the public it was written off as just a "domestic abuse" type situation.  It was just something people couldn't comprehend.

It reminded me of the way the mafia had been.  I was a teen at the time just when the mafia had gone from people laughing and saying it didn't exist to the time when it was accepted as "normal".  I remembered how it all started with Joe Valachi stepping up to tell the truth about the mob.  So in 1987, I set up an 800 hotline (not easy or cheap in 1987).  I then started "tricking" my way onto TV.  I say "trick" because there was no way the media would have put me on to tell the truth.  I promised producers a "sexy madam story" from the "high tech madam" and then once the cameras were rolling I started telling the truth about what was going on in the sex industry.  I figured once people heard what was happening - then they'd call for change.

I knew I couldn't take one book or movie offer or I would be written off as "just trying to make a buck".  Besides, they wouldn't tell the truth back then anyway.  I had seen the fantasy films coming out about us like the Mayflower Madam, the Beverly Hills Madam, etc.  I asked each of these women why they let such fantasy be filmed and not tell the truth.  The answer was simple "to make some money" and they weren't interested in changing things like I was.  I didn't think it was fair addicts got treatment while we got jail - so I created the 12 step program "Prostitutes Anonymous".  This allowed us through laws grandfathered in by AA to go to the courts and ask they send them to us instead of jail.  Remember, I had to do something within the current time and legal structure we had where we were ONLY viewed as criminals.

It took 13 years of a lot of media work, public speaking, etc. until we saw the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.  That was ground breaking in it allowed for the first time for us to be seen as, and treated like, victims.  However, I had made a big mistake in my calculations.  I had pushed for victim recognition BEFORE I had pushed for decriminalization.  Something now being challenged with juvenile victims.  The system went 'oh okay we have to treat them like victims now" while at the same time being called to arrest them as criminals.

Suddenly I found myself COMPLETELY BOMBARDED AND SILENCED by special interests shutting me out of the very movement I had started.  Why?  Because of what you're talking about Dawn.  See when a juvenile is arrested as a prostitute it creates a record.  The court then follows this case.  The child has to report back to the judge physically and talk about what's going on.  They get a probation officer overseeing their case.  Which is necessary and I'll tell you why.  When I was put on probation the court ordered me to school and a job.  If I didn't go I would go to jail.  That gave me the "excuse" to those around me "well I have to do these things" which allowed me to.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to because of those around me then forcing me into prostitution.  It was through school I met some veterans who showed me how to break free and recover - another reason why I started the program I did - to help others.

HOWEVER, with the "no such thing" campaign which sprouted up sponsored by the McCain Institute, and the California Endowment - they were calling to NOT have juveniles arrested for prostitution.  The problem with that is it SOUNDS good - but then what?  By taking a child who is a juvenile prostitute, i.e., a trafficking victim - and putting them into the social services arena rather than the courts - you have no one to answer to.  You have no way to follow up.  You have over worked, inexperienced social workers who will do whatever they're told to do under fear of losing their job.  These kids, especially those undocumented, are then completely lost in the system.  I assure you those trafficking these kids are not going to then take them voluntarily to counseling and the other things necessary to extract them from the situation. Not without the court overseeing them as is done when they're being treated like criminals.  Right now sadly the court treating them like a criminal is the ONLY means to try and extract this kid out of the situation.

But now even that is failing.  I'm hearing the courts are now cooperating with "looking the other way" when hearing about group homes where the kids are literally being pimped right out of the home.  What's worse is the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline.  They work WITH police who are part of this problem - and thus you aren't hearing out of them about the involvement of any authorities.  It would be too much "bad press" for them and their grant seeking.  They're not going to do things like try and get men like Joohoon David Lee shut down who was using his badge with Homeland Security, ICE and the  trafficking task force to take government money to fly victims from countries like China and Korean into America.  Then victims are transported in limos owned by Charles Horkey.  Who has been charged with drugging customers, maxing out their credit cards, and then dumping them somewhere.  While Joohoon David Lee was awaiting sentencing on a bribery charge - he was allowed to work for Charles Horkey's  limo service!

I realized I'd been suddenly silenced because Joohon couldn't be charged with sex trafficking even though he was caught red handed.  Why?  Government officials have "immunity".  Our legal system right now won't let you hold cops, prosecutor's, judges', etc., "accountable" when they break the law.  Giving them immunity - just like Joohoon.  The BEST the authorities who went after Joohoon could do was "bribery" for that reason.  So while images of young black girls was being pushed in the media with the "no such thing" campaign, and fake victims were testifying at Congress ala "Catfish" style, the truth that this is not going to stop until we can create a system to hold those in government and law enforcement jobs accountable when they're caught involved in child sex trafficking.

The NOISE about "we need to raise money to build a safe house" is being used to DROWN OUT THE TRUTH - that we aren't going to stop child sex trafficking until we restructure our legal system to hold those in authority accountable when they are caught doing criminal acts.  Before starting this movement, I spent a lot of time studying the civil rights movement.  Including a lot of the tactics the government used to try and stop Martin Luther King.  Tactics I'm seeing being used today because that's what our government does.  Just as they set up "fake" groups then, and also sent in "infiltrators" back then to disrupt effective groups, they're doing that in this movement today.

Realizing people listened to me enough to get the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed - they've also created a "blacklist" around me using those "online trolls and influencers" which has finally also come out in the media as being real.  I knew it when I was being followed, and attacked in teams, online for 8 hour shifts a day by the same people.  I'm sorry but no real troll can spend that much time focusing on me unless it's their "day job".  Interestingly, I've tracked many of these people back to Dynocorp - the same group spoken of in Kathryn Bolkovac movie "Whistle Blower".

We have to restore this movement back to the voices of "real" victims.  This woman Dawn is speaking about is sadly one of many you can trace who have spoken out about this, refused to be intimidated into shutting up, and then this happens to them as we also saw with Pizzagate.  I myself have had three attempts on my life including having a mechanic luckily find a bomb had been placed in one of our outreach RV's.  The two other attempts on my life were by uniformed police officers ala Sandra Bland style.  There is a trail of bodies piling up of people trying to do something about this.  Those who aren't killed are often having to live like I am right now - I'm in an RV I have to move every few weeks because of all of the attempts and threats on my life to silence me. While they silence me, they create "fake" media most of which comes out of Relativity Media, Disney, CNN, Fox, NBC, and sadly lately PBS.

The man who founded Relativity Media bought a large portion of PBS recently.  I started seeing all kinds of "fake" media coming out of them after this.  I can assure you post-2002 most of the major media about sex trafficking like "Trafficking" with Liam Neeson is bogus.  In fact, the guy whose life that was based on was arrested for fraud for that reason.  It's illegal to lie about being a veteran to raise money and he was arrested - but yet the films continue to air.

You'll notice in that film they make it appear it's a "foreign group of criminals" we're fighting when in reality it's people in our own law enforcement, courts, judges, CPS, foster care, and all of those systems that is where the seat of child sex trafficking is.  Then when the victims become adults, they use prostitution being illegal to brand, silence and shame us about what happened to us as kids.  Which means you also won't hear more stories about the truth of child sex trafficking once they become adults and legally can talk without permission of their guardians trying to silence them, until we decriminalize prostitution.

What you think the child is going to tell the truth about what's happening when that's their home?  When they are threatened with homelessness if they talk?  No - you won't hear the truth about child sex trafficking until the victims are adults and can legally speak out.  But we are now silencing them through continuing to have prostitution remain illegal.  So too the INSISTENCE on only allowing voices of those who identify as "victims".

I'm sorry but most TRUE victims of sex trafficking don't even know they're victims until sometimes years into recovery.  I didn't.  It's called "brainwashing".  Which is why most TRUE victims don't identify as such.  They need deprogramming, to detox, and then with recovery they can come to grips with how they were victimized and not "willing".  Because they are taught to THINK they're "willing" so as to help the pimp avoid prosecution.  Besides, it's how the brain copes with imprisonment.  Go into any prison and you will see a "lifer" has decorated their cell.  It doesn't mean they want to be there - it means they've "adapted".  The same holds true for real victims of sex trafficking who are being completely silenced by those insisting on only hearing "victim" voices lately.

That's because they're being used to raise money - not awareness of what change needs to come to stop this.  Because those in power want it that way!

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