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Sunday, April 2, 2017

FAKE NEWS WITH RESPECT TO SEX TRAFFICKING Well it's about time we start talking about this. When I started trying to explain to people involved in the sex trafficking field that this was something happening within our own field - I was poked even more fingers at of "crazy". Well now I'm not so "crazy" huh? I'm sorry but when these people are online 8 hours a day, five days a week without breaks - that's a JOB. NO ONE sits online talking that long day after day I'm sorry unless they're a BOT or PAID.

Everyone in this field knows that there are organized Russian crime rings involved in sex trafficking. In fact, I witnessed one such of these groups purchasing the Hustler storefront and even talking to Larry Flynt about buying his home and Hustler empire on a reality TV show.

So are the Chinese involved in not only sex trafficking, but also hacking and "paid internet trolls".

So do you REALLY think they aren't generating false stories about the subject of sex trafficking, as well as fake sex trafficking "rescue" groups - think again. ANY organized sex trafficking operation does THREE THINGS:

1. They lie to their victims and tell them "there is no one who can help you". They want them feeling they have no way out of their situation.

2. They set up "fake trap exits". It's quite customary for example to send in fake agents pretending to be setting up new agencies, new brothels, new massage parlors, new porn companies, etc., while asking the victims if they'd like to "jump ship" and "join another group". The point is to test loyalty of the victims. Those who show an interest in leaving are then dealt with harshly so they don't think about it again.

3. The same goes for fake police. It's also quite common in sex trafficking rings to have someone pretending to be a cop presented to the victims. This way the victim will speak to them thinking they're a cop instead of a real cop. Again, this is to prevent the victims from going to the REAL police and spilling REAL information. Once the victim speaks to this "faux" cop - then they know they are a "weak link" and deal with them accordingly.

One such trafficking operation based out of Las Vegas who I knew was controlled by the Mexican cartel had literally over 100 phone numbers and just as many websites all set up to make it appear that they were in fact 100 different escort agencies. He had "help wanted" ads set up on each site to entice some of his existing victims to reach out so he'd know who was telling him the truth and "loyal" to keep control over the women he was employing.

The truth is he wasn't getting hardly any of his customers off the internet because he knows the police are trolling the internet. Instead he pays out $1000 a week to illegal aliens who are out on the Vegas strip nightly passing out business cards with photos of half naked women on them to any men walking by. Steve Wynn to his credit tried to take these "outcall promoters" to court - who won against Steve using the right to "free speech" to pass out these cards.

I knew this was happening when I would try and reach out to new "sex trafficking groups" I'd see popping up online also. I'd reach out to them only to find out they were completely imaginary websites set up to make themselves appear to be real. Why? Marketing. Influencing legislation. Influencing lawsuits. Influencing fund raisers. Including a lawsuit I saw at the level of the Supreme Court where the opposition was appearing to be something like 100 different people - who when you actually went and checked on these groups and people you'd find out they were completely imaginary. The same for the signatures on the letter I saw signed and sent to the Editor of the Manual of Style for reporters. This had over 100 signatures of which I found 80 of them to be completely imaginary people/groups.

Don't even get me started on the "faux" show "8 Minutes" and their "fake rescue group", fake leader, fake survivors, etc., evidently created to try and influence the Backpage lawsuits and legislation from what I could determine. Why?

Organized traffickers want control over "independents" that's why. If you don't understand what that means - study Al Capone during Prohibition and how he controlled the organized crime distribution of illegal alcohol. He did this by throwing the "independents" either under his banner, or having them arrested or shut down to eliminate his competition. Same diff.

Would you like to see one of these "fake" stories?

Now I'm not saying the arrest here didn't happen. I'm saying the fact they're not telling you the WHOLE story on this is part of how they're spinning things. The authorities have known the ORGANIZERS of an Asian based sex trafficking ring reside in the OC/Irvine/Pasadena area for some time. 

All part of the "spin" and "misdirect".

I've been telling the authorities about the owners of this ring residing in this area for some time now only to be threatened by police officers in return.  Why?  Because it links back to them that's why.  And after what happened to Celeste Guap that's all I'm going to say about that right now!

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