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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


When I first met Melissa Woodward online - I introduced myself as I always do to the new kid on the block.  That's what I used to do anyway in the beginning.  I did because I wanted to welcome them into the network and also find a way to insert them into our network of resources.  What I've been doing with the hotline since 1987 is "networking" people and resources together to form what people need when they call in.  So I of course want to find out more about her and to see how we might be able to use her services in the patchwork quilt.  

I had barely started to talk to her when I saw her posting on Facebook she wanted to raise money to help a victim get somewhere.  I went nuts!  I told her that this was putting out a red flag first of all her victim was there.  Second, what was to stop her pimp from calling up offering money?  He offers money and then he knows her bank account.   He knows her bank account and then he can track her account to see if she's buying a plane ticket, or renting a room, or what she's then doing with that money.  Which is just going to lead the pimp right back to her!  I am not even "online" when I'm getting a victim out because I don't want us tracked in any way!  

So I basically climbed all over her for one.  Then of course I asked her to let me take care of the victim.  I explained she didn't have to raise money and we had a system already in place to take care of the situation.  As I asked her to tell me about the victim so I could get her placed where she needed to be placed - this woman just fronts me off completely!  

Can you imagine?  It's like telling Bill Wilson you "don't need help getting someone sober"!!! I thought maybe she didn't understand fully who I was or what we do so I sent her over some more information and talked to her some more - only to then have her accuse me of "bothering" her.  It started to become very apparent to me there WAS NO VICTIM.  I hadn't seen anything like this at that time so it threw me at first.  It never even dawned on me to hold a fake fund raiser for a victim so I wasn't expecting it then out of anyone.  But with Melissa, and a few others that popped up about the same time as her - I began to see the trend develop.  The trend of the fake programs, the fake victims, the fake rescues - all in the name of raising money.  

She knew she was figured out so she rushed to block me and then tell everyone the usual thing predators do and that's to tell people the victim is "just crazy".  That's their standard tool in the tool kit.  

Sure enough her whole little circle soon was on me "how could you attack her like that?"  I explained I attacked because I thought she was endangering a victim by exposing her safety like she was and that's what was my concern - the safety of the victim.  Where was she taking her?  Who was she sending her to?  Very important questions because a lot of programs are the traffickers themselves!  Only Melissa wouldn't answer me and blew me off with picking a fight - which to me meant NO VICTIM.  

This was just like William Hilliar - take advantage of good hearted, sincere, warm people who really want to help but then that's also not only siphoning money away from legislature programs, but it's also teaching the public all the wrong information about what a real rescue looks like and what a real victim need. 

Her crowd came at me so harshly, and in so many numbers, the only thing I could do was back away.  

A few days ago I got a message from someone telling me they're going after having her prosecuted for raising over $100,000 by telling false stories about false victims.  She even claimed Lois Lee had "mentored her".  That's when I had to laugh because I know the only people Lois mentors is her own staff!  I've known this woman since 1979 and she doesn't mentor me!  But then again I don't ask.  I know working with juveniles is a whole other enchilada from what I do and I believe 1,000 times harder.  So I just leave her to it!
This person said they found me based on a blog post I'd left in 2014!  Wow time flies.  Sadly this isn't the first time I've seen fake victims being talked about and false rescues.  

After I got this message, I opened up my email to read a woman I had helped to get her photos off a website someone was using against her wishes agreed to give them back.  That was awesome!  This woman was trying to be a teacher now and photos like that could run her out of her new job.  I felt really validated I had helped this woman get these photos taken down off the internet.   I showed her how to deal with it if it happens again and it meant a lot to me to see that the women themselves love me to death. 

So far I'm batting 100 - the ones I've attacked as "fakes" have proven out to be just that "fakes".  The ones who are someone who actually needs help - are telling me I'm helping them and we're cool.  

So if you're in a circle of people who are all bashing me - you're in the wrong crowd.  Be sure to watch your wallet!

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