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Friday, February 10, 2017

Gabriela Leite - Brazilian Counter-Part

It's funny how when you're in the middle of things and you're young you think you're the "only one in the world" going through stuff.  As I've gotten older I've learned there is nothing really "new" and that if it's happening to you, then it is happening to someone elsewhere also.

I just came across this information on Gabriela Leite.  It seems she started up her work in Brazil in 1987.  I believe there's a reason for that and it's connected to what happened to me also personally.  I'm also seeing a connection between this and the Olympics - not sure what yet but there is.

If you do a google on the high class madams in the USA during 1984 - you'll discover that every one of them was arrested in 1984.  Now at first when Alex Adams, Cheri Woods and myself were all arrested in 1984 - I thought it was the cleaning up of the town to prepare for the Olympics.  I knew there was some connection there - but just didn't know what.

What threw me was they also arrested Sydney in New York in 1984 also.  So this wasn't just the Olympic people cleaning up LA - not when the east coast was also having their high class madams arrested.

So if you know me - you know I was on the phone back then trying to figure out why all of us?  Not just in California - but why back in New York?  I was trying to figure out what was it that connected all of us together.

This is what got me more interested in Iran Contra - especially their use of prostitutes.  There's a series on Netflix right now called "Narcos" and it does show how a lot of the government intelligence actively used prostitutes to get information - and the risk it subjected them to also.  Good film.

In reading about Gabriela, I began to imagine what it must have been like for them during this same time period.  If you watch the series "Narco" you see that Pablo used prostitutes regularly - even had them shipped into him and his men while he was in jail.  I can totally see why Gabriela would want to organize the women because they were being used in the drug wars - without getting the same perks and benefits that police, DEA, FBI and other agents get for doing the same work.  It also made sense why she's start up her group in 1987 there like I started ours in 1987 here - we were dealing with the same kinds of issues.

Only I did mine with a focus on getting women out of jail - hence the 12 step format we chose.  She however didn't have to worry about that since prostitution was legal in Brazil.  She wasn't seeing buses going out weekly and rounding up women like cattle and them being slapped into the criminal justice system which was making it impossible for them to leave sex work when they wanted to!  I remember what they put me through with probation - the only way to actually do what they were asking me to do was to lie!  I mean what boss is going to hire me if I have to have him speak to my probation officer?  What kind of job would do that?

I see she died in 2013.  I can see now why so much has changed since Robin died in 2012, and Gabriela died in 2013.  I can see now why so many of these groups which were started by well meaning sex workers themselves have now been taken over.  My daughter reminded me how it's like the big corporations buy up little companies like Burt's Bee's who aren't really done by that little guy any longer - it's just his face and "brand".  That seems to be what I keep finding behind all of this stuff - corporate tactics!  Corporate takeovers!

All corporations who sure as hell don't want a union developed either!

In doing more homework on Gabriela, it appeared that someone was carrying on her work after her death.  Why was I not shocked to read that he just beat down an attack upon him spoken about here -

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