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Thursday, February 16, 2017


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Dear Sirs:

I've just learned I can file a complaint against a university professor for ethics violations in Ohio.  I understand you're the agency to do this with?  

Is that correct?  If so, can you direct me to any forms I might need or contacts in order to file an ethics complaint against Celia Williamson at the University of Toledo please?

Just to give you a thumbnail of the issue - I created a hotline and program in 1987 called at the time "Prostitutes Anonymous".  It was designed, and was, the first ever program in this country which considered that prostitutes could in fact be "victims" instead of "criminals", and thus deserved not to be incarcerated, but instead needed to be receiving treatment through our program using peers much like how Alcoholics Anonymous works.

Since there had never been a program of it's kind, we had no manual, or guideline, to go with as far as "recovery" went, let alone what the "problem" might even be.  After spending over $400,000 of my own money, and having interviewed literally over 20,000 plus ex-sex workers all over the world at my own expense, and on my own time - I put together a draft of our version of a "Big Book" which we called our "Recovery Guide".  It also took us that many years to develop a format which worked for us and took what had been an almost 99% failure/mortality rate community, and start cranking out some recovery.  

In 1992, I took this draft I had put together and shopped it around to these over 20,000 members to finish the book using the same style the Narcotics Anonymous "Basic Text" put their recovery book together using a "group conscience" or "group writing" style.  The finished version I copyrighted in 1992.  

By 1992, I had set up and ran the first ever successful alternative sentencing, diversion and early re-entry program in Los Angeles for prostitutes in 1987.  By 1988 it was so effective I was asked to duplicate it in Allentown, PA.  This program was so highly effective at both of these cities, by 1991 I was asked to help develop this in Phoenix, Arizona.  

By 1992, I had three chapters of "Prostitutes Anonymous" running in Ohio.  One in Toledo, the other in Cleveland, and the third in Cincinnati.  These groups were buying our "Recovery Guides", our keytags, literature, and sending in group donations to our World Service Office where I was also running our main hotline and world services.  

In 1994, it was like someone had pulled a plug on it.  I had no idea what on earth happened.  The book sales, donations, letters, calls, etc., all dropped off almost completely overnight from the Ohio area.  I had no idea what was behind it.  It was not until the internet was born, and I got good enough at research to learn a woman named Celia Williamson, a professor at the University of Toledo, had taken my draft of our "Recovery Guide" in it's unfinished, but yet copyrighted form, and in violation of our trademark and intellectual rights - she had started a group of "Prostitutes Anonymous" in affiliation with a program called "Second Chance" which she also violated our Traditions by affiliating them with each other.  

I not only found materials from "Second Chance" stating the program's main tool of their program for prostitutes was the "Prostitutes Anonymous" group, but further found grant applications using our program as it's program it was requesting money for, using our program's track record as her evidence to request said money, and then further receiving quite large sums of money to in fact run "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings without my knowledge, consent, and in complete violation of our copyrights, trademarks, and all intellectual property rights with no thought as to how what she was doing would affect our local Ohio groups, our program as a whole, etc.  

When I confronted Celia about this, I have documentation showing she not only lied to me by saying "oh it was just a tiny experiment that I dropped very quickly because it didn't work" to try and denigrate my work, while in reality she had built upon the Second Chance program, with our program at it's very core, and partnered with the Salvation Army to further expand not only her donations, but also the Salvation Army's fund raising who then used our program, work and intellectual properties to fund raise also using our program's name, and while affiliating it with theirs. 

On top of her doing this behind my back while deliberately concealing her activities on this program, she to my face was asking for my help in developing her "Prostitution Conference" where she was gathering resources, people, and materials to develop a university level training program supposedly to train people how to work with sex trafficking being with the emphasis on sex trafficking victims. 

I helped her over a decade and more of time to bring in the people, resources, and materials to help develop this university level course where I was being led to believe I was going to be a cornerstone respected teacher of this course once it was formally developed.  

Only to have her tell me to my face, and openly, that if I did not agree to provide my trainings ONLY through her course, that she would essentially blacklist me as a "competitor" to her other teachers she did go with. Teachers who upon checking their level of expertise - I saw quite a few of them didn't have one day, or one lick, of effective experience in working with this community at all - but instead with addicts, homeless women and the mentally ill. 

I have since come across other programs she had developed in Ohio for the prostitute's, where their main tool to get grants and donations was the "Prostitutes Anonymous" program.  I have a copy of a book published by another woman I've never met speaking in her book about how the "Prostitutes Anonymous program allowed us to get our funding to get our program open".  All done without my knowledge or consent, and at great devastation to our program within the state of Ohio.  

I'm trying to find out where I can file a complaint about this because the damage is still ongoing today.  I've found a new website put up by the Salvation Army speaking about how they have been "operating Prostitutes Anonymoust since 1994 in conjunction with Second Chance" which is Celia's project and again this is AFTER she had told me she had "dropped" the whole thing "years ago" and has been putting me down publicly while attributing my work to her resume and fund raising tool kit.  

Any direction you can give me on how to file a formal complaint against this professor would be greatly appreciated.  I have asked her to stop this orally, and in writing, only to have her deny these things and then turn around and publicly call me "crazy" while taking credit, and cash, for my work.  

Thank you for your time.   I look forward to any information you can give me on how to file a formal complaint.  Now that I have financial records, I'm researching taking legal action for the financial loss and damages also.  

cc:   University of Toledo
        Salvation Army

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