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Saturday, January 7, 2017


What she left out of this conversation is that the HIV/AIDS epidemic right now in the USA is in SEX WORKERS.  They spent a fortune to bring over people from another country to promote a "stay faithful" campaign here in the states?  Are you kidding me?  In 1987, I organized the first outreach project to sex workers ever done.  We did testing, education and training of sex workers - male, female and transgender.  Sites were set up for those who wanted to leave but had a pimp stopping them.  We were able to extract them from the pimp so they could stop hooking if they wanted to.  When we started - sex workers in Los Angeles had an 80 % infection rate.  

At the end of one year, the rate had dropped to 6 %.  That was LOWER than that of NON-SEX WORKERS!  The campaign also asked law enforcement to stop using condoms as "evidence of prostitution".  I pointed out we can't be asking them to use protection on one hand and then arresting people for prostitution if we're finding a condom.  Massage parlors weren't even having condoms on site because that would get them raided for prostitution.  So we had to get the cops to stop using condoms as incriminating evidence.  We worked hard to get that and now it's all shot to shit because they're using it as evidence again!  So I'm calling to start organizing an HIV/AIDS outreach for Valentine's Day coming up in February.  Give your lover the gift of knowing - get tested and get the vaccine!  If I could get you a free home HIV/AIDS test kit - where would you like one sent?  

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