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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Great publicity isn't it?  Don't you think if this was you fighting this type of lawsuit you'd want to know how the opposition against you is being faked?  But what if you were the one faking it?  Please explain to me why these people have the money they have so they're hiring young inexperienced lawyers who don't have a clue about censorship cases?  Wouldn't you hire the best censorship attorney's to represent you if you were being attacked?

Does anyone remember when the auto industry was involved with collusion accusations back in the 1970's?  My internet was down for a few days so I was renting videos to keep myself busy.  I rented "The Nice Guys" thinking it was just a silly comedy.  Only as I'm watching it I'm seeing it's not just a silly comedy, but actually talking about some really serious issues.  I remember the whole thing about collusion and the big auto companies not wanting to install catalytic converters in cars in California.  

I also remember when I used to hear smog alerts when I was a kid growing up in LA.  I even remember when I'd go outside and try and play on those days my chest would actually start to hurt.  Do you know I had a scan done on my lungs about 15 years ago.  They told me I had lung damage like a smoker only I don't smoke.  The whole lower half of my left lung is damaged and I've never smoked a day in my life.  I did grow up in LA though in the 1960's before catalytic converters.

Did anyone check out what was going on with those threats against Emma Stone?  Remember how there was all this press about her supposedly being threatened?  I know no one would have even heard about her speaking at the UN if not for the stories about the threats against her.  Only it turned out to have been manufactured by her PR firm she'd hired!  Oh how embarrassing, but it reveals tactics Hollywood loves to use to generate publicity.  That of controversy.

I had my own radio show for a while on KROCK radio.  I had two producers on the show.  One of them was aspiring for bigger markets.  He kept telling me how I needed to create an imaginary fight between my so called associate and I.  He wanted me to call her a competitor instead of an associate.  Instead of her and I respecting each others work, he kept trying to get her and I to have some kind of feud between us in the press.  Oh she went for it lock, stock and barrel.  Even started leaving death threats and dead chickens on my doorstep.  The death threats were supposed to give my show more press.  

When I first found out the attacks against Backpage where being faked, I thought they'd want to know about that.  So I started contacting their attorney's.  When I'd explain to them what was going on, suddenly I'd see a new attorney handling the Backpage lawsuits.  Young, inexperienced attorney's who didn't have a clue what was going on.  I even saw a motion filed by non-parties to the case yet Backpage attorney's weren't objecting.  Nor were they demurring over the fact the servers for Backpage are in another country over which we in the USA don't have any jurisdiction.

If Backpage's servers were down, they'd be down.  Just like the sites that are shut down by the Justice Dept. for piracy.  They wouldn't be up telling you they're down.  

Let's just look at this logically for a moment here.  Carl owns legal brothels in Amsterdam.  The same legal brothels the windows district was trying to shut down in 2007 because they were complaining it was attracting organized crime.  I also know what the calls into my hotline tell me about what happens when someone tries to leave these organizations.  I've seen what happens to those who leave these organizations and try to continue working in the industry over the years.  

Now if you owned legal brothels why would you want to support your own competition which is Backpage?  Why should someone go to work for you when they can advertise themselves without a middleman?  What alternatives are there to the legal brothels without Backpage?  They've criminalized buying sex outside of the legal brothels.  This way they've "trained" the clients to stay safe and use only the legal outlets.  

Or might you not buy up Backpage like Carl did, gather all of the information on who is working in the industry that's not working for you, and then corral them into working for you or otherwise be shut down?  The sex industry is an industry.  Take a look at how the tobacco, alcohol, even the fashion industry operates.  

I watched a fascinating documentary once on a fashion editor who wanted to start her own magazine and what happened to her.  She found no one would work for her because they were all being blackmailed by a bigger dog than her.  Sure everyone told her they'd support her new venture until it actually came time to do so.  Then she found all of those "friends" of hers who had been encouraging her wouldn't lift a finger to help her because they were afraid for their own jobs.  It's a fascinating documentary on the fashion industry and you think the sex industry is any different?

I've been a paralegal for 30 years now.  I know how the courts and the law works.  I know someone can't file a motion on a case unless they're a party to that lawsuit.  Yet I'm seeing reporters report on this motion which was filed like it's real.  But then again it's not against the law to lie in the media anymore either.  Not since Fox vs. Snopes.  Snowden has changed his life forever to alert the public they're being lied to and deliberately mislead by the media.

We are watching the modern version of Prohibition and the turf wars only instead of this being the alcohol industry it's the sex industry.   Follow the money.  Think.  Remember even the Koch brothers were trying to get people to join the Tea Party thinking this party was for the "little people".  But when you followed the money you knew good and well it wasn't the little people.  When Rolling Stone alerted us to the scam, they came after them with both barrels.  You think I"m not having people coming after me trying to shut me up think again.  Why do you think my internet went down for a few days?

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