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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


The California Secretary of State (SOS) has posted the following eight documents regarding Prop 60:
  1. Ballot Label:
  2. Title & Summary:
  3. Legislative Analysis:
  4. Argument in Favor:
  5. Rebuttal to Argument in Favor:
  6. Argument Against:
  7. Rebuttal to Argument Against:
  8. Text of Proposed Law:

At first glance, here are some noteworthy points:
  • The legislative analysis confirms that Prop 60 only applies to vaginal and anal sex.
  • According to the legislative analysis, "In addition to adult film producers, the measure makes adult film distributors and talent agents potentially liable for workplace health and safety violations..." In other words, producers, distributors, and agents are liable--not performers. In fact, the legislative analysis includes this additional statement: "The measure provides that its penalties will not apply to adult film performers or employees..."
  • The FSC's rebuttal states APAC is "the largest, independent performer organization."

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