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Saturday, November 26, 2016


I'm not surprised at all Kathy. It was a matter of time. As you know I'm working on my memoirs right now which I'm calling "Anatomy of a Movement". The reason isn't to document my life - but the first hand experiences I've had witnessing the type of behavior that has been coming out of our government for a long long time. Back during the civil rights movement - it's well known now that the CIA was involved in things such as illegally tape recording MLK, then using those tapes of his adultery to go around to other leaders trying to convince them to not have anything to do with him. At one point, they even sent him a letter trying to convince him to kill himself. Ignoring them - he was finally assassinated. Tired of the way they were being treated - Malcolm X rose up advocating a more organized aggressive movement because of such tactics. This was intertwined with the rise of the Black Panthers founded by Huey Newton. The Panthers became infiltrated by people who tried to discredit them with things like moving drugs in NY - far away from Huey's influence. Huey was also murdered in Oakland in a way that might not have been a random act of violence. Before his death he had talked about his phones being tapped, being followed, etc.

Why do I talk about this? Because Bill Wilson created Alcoholics Anonymous at a time when the alcoholic used to make a lot of money for the church and state. Before AA, the alcoholic used to be arrested frequently as well as being hospitalized - generating a lot of money for the church, the legal system and the medical system as well. Once AA became a worldwide organization - he was suddenly the victim of an organized attack upon him. People distorted his experiments with LSD as a treatment for the depression alcoholics all suffered from in sobriety before antidepressants were even invented. He found himself completely blacklisted in his own group - he was removed from the Grapevine newsletter, and even forbidden to speak at meetings or conventions. In fact at the 20th convention he was forbidden entirely to even speak from the podium.

During the 1980's, I was involved in prostitution. I had Chuck Barris approach me as the producer of the "Dating Game". He was a CIA operative and the show was used as a cover for international sex trafficking. I witnessed women without family being loaded onto diplomatic planes at LAX never to be heard from again while the CIA "dared" me there was nothing I could do to stop that plane. I also witnessed Iran Contra - which Chuck was a part of. This was our own CIA importing cocaine into this country while blaming the African American community for the epidemic. I was part of the chain of transfer of the drug from the piers, to Compton, to the homes of the Hollywood film elite. Prostitutes were used to introduce the drug to the top people in Hollywood so as to create media which would glamorize the drug and thus drive up the sales. The money was used to buy guns for the Contra's because we were forbidden to help them "officially".

Narcotics Anonymous was full of people who knew what was going on. I was one of those people in the 1980's. Bill Wilson had bonded with Jimmy Kinnon, NA's founder, in the creation of NA. I witnessed the take-over of NA in the same exact manner as AA had been taken over. The same character assassination of Bill in the 1950's was now being used against Jimmy Kinnon in the 1980's. He was illegally removed from his own board of directors, and replaced with a nonaddict who would "play ball" with the government. I also witnessed any and all friends and supporters of Jimmy completely shut out of any position of power within NA. It was a true house cleaning. I literally stood by while addicts with six months clean were elected to run whole areas while addicts like myself who had 15 years and up of clean time were completely ignored. It was very confusing at the time to try and figure out why all service positions were handed over to newcomers who had no idea what was going on or the history of NA.

I studied the civil rights movement, and the rise of AA, when I set out to create Prostitutes Anonymous. I witnessed this "take over" of NA with my own eyes. In 1987 I started the first hotline for trafficking victims, and a program which helped many of them to escape and recover. By the year 2000 - we had created the group of people who saw the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed. Meaning we achieved federal recognition that domestic sex trafficking was in fact real. Back before then, you couldn't call the police for help because you were branded as a criminal. There were literally no laws against the sale of Americans or recognition of sex trafficking being real in the modern world. If you look at films like "Enter the Dragon" - then you can see that this issue was going on in broad daylight and there was no legal safe haven for victims until this Act was passed.

In 2009, Jeane Palfrey stepped up with her "Black Book". This was NOT a book of her CLIENTS. This was a book verifying contact between her and men in our government who were forcing her to act as a madam in the same fashion as high level madams before her. In other words, SHE was a trafficking victim at the hands of our own government and she had proof. She was murdered before she had a chance to reveal more names and testify as to her story. The press went nuts calling her death a suicide before her body was even cold. When the autopsy however was released - no press came about the bruises on her legs which showed she was forced into being hung as I'd suspected. I was also blocked from all press to talk about her side of the story in her death despite the fact I'd spoken to her daily for years beforehand.

As I tried to go to the press with her story, that's when things changed dramatically. Our group started being overtaken in the same manner as I'd seen both AA and NA be overtaken. I had refused an offer to be an informant on those calling our hotline so a parallel hotline had been created by Polaris. Only if you trace the actions of Polaris such as their recriminalization of prostitution in Rhode Island - you can see that what they are REALLY doing is trying to drive the marketplace to that of the legal brothels of Nevada. I've traced donations directly to Polaris who has now merged with - guess who? Palatin Technologies who IS the CIA.

The reason why the CIA used to have a relationship with the high level madams back before the internet was created was because the sexual arena is a powerful one to control the flow of information and behavior. However, madams were now replaced with the internet. Sites like Backpage. Backpage is a competitor to the legal brothels of Nevada. So is Redbook, Rentboy, the Erotic Review, etc. I also witnessed starting in 2009 - the absolute taking over of all of the "old school" groups of the sex industry who were not part of the legal brothel industry of Nevada.

Why them? They are a corporation. A corporation that has legally partnered with Vivid Entertainment who is the largest porn producer in the world. Who has partnered with Oculus who is part of Google who has created 3D virtual interactive porn. Google donated $20 milllion dollars to Polaris. Disney just invested $250 million dollars in Vivid through MGT who is also a partner corporation. They are as we speak creating an alternative court system in Nevada headed by Constable Bonaventura, and a film stage in Pahrump. They've also partnered with Amazon who has Alexa. I want you to imagine the combination of these technologies into the ability to create an interactive porn performer who can even take your orders for socks - and then you can legally now call up and book them flown in person to your home for a legal prostitution appointment. Because they've also now passed laws allowing the brothels of Nevada to send on an outcall any of their employees anywhere in the world once an account is set up at the main brothel.  They can literally turn on microphones in your TV set, computer, phone, etc., and all of what they hear can be legally funneled through their "partners" of Amazon, to Google, to Palatin Technologies - all without the need of one single warrant being obtained.  Voila - no more need of madams to do the job for them!

Starting in 2009, I witnessed every online group connected to all parts of the sex industry overtaken. Anyone who was old enough to know something was wrong, or knew anything for that matter, were all blocked from the groups by the moderators. For example, I used to be in the online group for Sex Workers Outreach Project. They were a national group who used to do harm reduction outreach into the sex industry. Anyone wanting help to escape traffickers would tell them they needed help and then our group would get a call from them. However, I found myself, and all members of SWA, were suddenly removed from their groups. Anyone in SWOP who defeated our removal was also promptly removed from the group and shunned. Those who persisted they were members - were then threatened. As this was happening I realized this was the online version of the same type of "take over" I'd seen in NA.

Kathy, you jumped all over me for publishing something about Kelly Townsend. Kelly is representing himself to be a licensed PI out of AZ. He has made claims of rescuing a girl out of AZ which his story doesn't check out. I got a statement from the police THEY found this girl and don't know who Kelly is. Kelly was featured on a show on the Discovery Investigative Channel who is owned by DISNEY. Kelly reached out to a sex trafficking survivor and offered her a job at a non-existent safe house for sex trafficking victims he claims exists in AZ only there is no such place. I've checked with the licensing dept. of AZ for private investigators and he's never been licensed. The number he claims as his for his license he signs his emails with doesn't exist. Kelly offered this woman drugs and asked her to drive from VA to AZ which in my opinion was to not leave a trace about her route. He also started trying to convince this woman to stop speaking to our group at the same time he was doing this. A cult I had helped to run out of the country in 1986 called "Children of God" who used to claim they were rescuing prostitutes only to be pimping them themselves returned to AZ in the 1990's and renamed themselves "The Family". Officer Armendariz was murdered before he could testify as to what was going on in the trafficking arena in AZ.

You have told me Kathy that Kelly has called you bashing me to you. You've told me other people have called you bashing me to you. Kathy this is how they operate. These people are called "influencers" and they do everything they can to do to me what they did to MLK, Huey Newton, Malcolm X, Bill Wilson, Jimmy Kinnon, and anyone else who has successfully created a movement which contradicts what their goals are. Which in my case is simple - our group provides a legal way for people convicted of prostitution to not be incarcerated. However, Clinton passed an immigration reform in 1996 which now requires 36,000 people to be incarcerated daily in this country. From 1987 when I started and there were 2 for profit prisons - over 80 % of inmates in this country now are in for profit prisons. My work directly opposes their goal of having as many people incarcerated as possible. Ask cops and they will tell you prostitution is the fastest and cheapest way to arrest a large group of people - especially minorities. Look at these "end demand" campaigns and the Oakland sex scandal and you'll see they focus on arresting minorities WITHOUT telling them they can opt to call our program and not be incarcerated if convicted.

You ignored me there was a problem with Kelly Kathy. You also ignored me when I told you that Wilthema Ortiz Pettigrew is just as fake of a survivor as Samoly Mam was. This procession of "fake" survivors who have been testifying at Congress - while smearing REAL victims such as myself has been so that the truth is not heard about what is going on right now with respect to this. Last year the "No Such Thing" campaign swept the country calling to have juveniles not arrested for prostitution. HOWEVER the problem with that is this means that PIMPS WILL NOT BE PROSECUTED who trafficking in juveniles. The only way they are arrested is when the juvenile is arrested who in turn then identifies their trafficker. Arrest of the juvenile also traces HIV infection and makes sure victims get help through court order. Without arrest there is no follow up and no HIV testing either. Since this disruption of the movement I created started - we now are in another HIV epidemic in this country the press isn't speaking about. Neither are they about the national protests we had in September in the prisons either about what's going on. You think Guantanamo was bad? Those who are incarcerated who aren't American are being completely deprived of their rights - including even proper medical care.

Of course they're going to take over the foster care system. I have already heard of one juvenile group home where the kids are being put to work on adult webcams being groomed to enter porn on their 18th birthday. These people are taking over any organized group and that's how they operate. You can read up on Cointelpro for more information on what's going on here. Kathy when you told me that you were getting phone calls attacking me to you - I knew it was a matter of time before they edge even you out. Anyone with a brain is going to find themselves edged out. If you resist - they'll start the rumors going about you to get others to shun you. That's how they operate. If you doubt me - look at every leader of any civil rights movement or things like Occupy or Anonymous and you'll see what I mean. I've had to remove all traces of our SWA membership online. I have to now tell new members they can't even mention our name online - or they triggered being attacked and stalked. When it happened to me - no one wanted to do anything because you think it doesn't affect you.

Until they come for you.

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