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Monday, October 3, 2016


The program we operate has members coming to us who can't come to the police because either there is no trafficker to have arrested, or because the person who trafficked them might even be the police.  Take for example the case of Celeste Guap.  Let's say you were her and you wanted to leave.  The news has released information she was told by one officer when and where NOT to be in order NOT to have any contact with any of the trafficking outreach projects their task force was operating.

Which by the way proves MY POINT that REAL trafficking victims aren't found in such a manner as the fact remains REAL traffickers always either are the police, or have police informants, and thus would be so tipped off by such outreach projects and that's why we don't conduct our outreach in such manners - but let me go back to my main subject here.  Which is we have members like Celeste, like Jeane Palfrey who was trying to get the word out about who was trafficking her as evidenced by her "Black Book", by women who have slept with Charlie Sheen who has admitted to now having spent literally MILLIONS trying to "keep his secret quiet".  Who signed with Live Nation by the way in 2013 - the same exact year the Cupcake Girls formed in Nevada and started smearing our name in Nevada in guess which year?  2013.  Whose lobbyist just so happens to be the SAME as to one for - drum roll please - Live Nation.  Interestingly also for Snoop Dogg - a man who we've also helped women escape his rolling brothel in 2003 who the police have yet to arrest for pimping or pandering despite his confession now giving enough evidence to warrant on a arrest on either or one of these charges.  Willing consent even and legal age doesn't negate these felony laws were violated.  But hey he's got a whole PR team and also Live Nation on his side.  Along with companies now known as hiring "online influencers" to do their dirty work.  Heck Craigslist will even pay you $100 a day or more sometimes just to "borrow" your Facebook page and pretend to be a real person while they go after their real agenda - like attacking us the day we launched

So then why are people saying we're "being crazy" when we started talking about finding a private investigator online who would be following our every movement using our IP address to track these movements?  Then after finding out everyone we'd spoken to online, they would then go to this person, ask questions about us, and then after pumping them for information they'd then threaten them with a "if you value your reputation you won't have anything to do with her because she's "unpredictable".  I don't know when this exactly became a bad thing to be "unpredictable" considering most of what I do is help women organize rescue and escape plans from traffickers where if you were "predictable" then you wouldn't exactly be effective, but I wander again here.

When I would then serve one private investigator with a threat to file a complaint with the licensing board, along with a defamation lawsuit, yes they would immediately roll up shop and stop.  However, only to be replaced in five minutes.  Meaning this wasn't someone who had a personal grudge against me - but clearly was because someone was either PAYING them to do so - or there was a common interest of some kind.

Now since I found every private investigator who was talking, harassing, and threatening people connected to me was also working in some capacity on a sex trafficking task force, a committee, etc., where the police are a direct recipient of federal grants and fund raisers - where money which was designed to be going to service victims rehabilitation is now instead going to "police training" not to get the victims to open up to exit services by the way but to instead show them how to "arrest more traffickers" (which if you look at the training created NONE OF IT addresses traffickers such as Joohon David Lee or Chris Butler represent - every single scrap of education coming out of the programs being taught to law enforcement doesn't have ONE SHRED of information about what to do when the trafficker is another police officer, or a Homeland Security Officer, or an ICE officer, or a police officer such as in the Celeste Guap case, etc.)

So what's the motive here?  For one thing, the money going to the police for their "training" was supposed to be going into building exit and rehabilitative services for victims.  Not for cops to be taught how to target African American and Hispanic men on street corners as "traffickers", nor to replace good old fashioned "john stings" with the name of "end demand" and operate in the same exact manner as before without one shred of consideration for the fact the person not only the MOST likely to know where sex trafficking exists within that region, AND who has the mental and financial stability to be a much better witness in court than the victim IS the "john".

So my opinions would mean the training could go back to being provided to them for free by our members as was done before this whole scrapping for grant money came down the pike, and that money could be going into services for the victims or heavens forbid teaching police officers how to be "interventionists" instead of trying to arrest people as well as how to turn "johns" into informants rather than the victims whose lives, and that of their children, are holding in the balance here.

The training we would provide would also include what to do in the very real situation that it's another officer involved in the trafficking they're now having to figure out how to deal with it.  I've asked the airport security people to see their training that teaches them how to identify a victim, and how to report sex trafficking and there's not one single shred, sentence, or word in there about what to do when the trafficker is someone like Joohon David Lee - a man working for Homeland Security, ICe and the sex trafficking task forces in California and Nevada as well as Alaska when he had problems there in 2009.

The reason?  There's "no law on the books yet" as to how someone like him can be arrested.  So does this mean the training doesn't include how to report it?  Is that it?  Are we seriously limiting the training by what the law says a trafficker is rather than what one is and about helping victims?  When is it we only help victims when we can arrest someone?  Yes ideas like that are so dangerous this right here probably explains why private investigators who are friends with the trafficking police task forces who are dependent and scrapping for grant money are coming after me trying to shut me down like I'm the friggin enemy here.

Which is exactly what the traffickers want.  This is why Jeane Palfrey was trying to show people why Randall Tobias' name was in her "Black Book" and why he was the author of the TVRA of 2003 who then had everyone focusing on going after grant money now instead of going after saving the victims of this crime, and helping those to exit who simply wanted out.

I mean let me tell you something - after you've got a completely screwed up neck from 10,000 blow jobs like I have, and your knees are literally blown out from dancing in heels and also being on your knees a lot, don't even get me started on how bad my back is according to my latest MRI, and your immune system is shot from having sex work well over 25,000 men as I have, and you've contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which has now infected over 80 percent of the porn industry in California to date, so you wind up at 25 years old wearing tennis shoes, barely able to nod your head and throwing dinner together on a Foreman Grill because you're too exhausted to cook a meal and you're walking around with a heating pad on your lower back all the time - then yeah it's time to get out of the sex industry and one might need a little help going from $500,000 a year to a friggin office job at $10 an hour!!!

And the last thing I need is some private investigator harassing me online when I'm trying to talk to the CDC about the fact all of the calls we're getting lately are from those who have never been tested for HIV/AIDS ever because sex workers aren't getting that type of training any longer because everyone's out looking for "trafficking victims" instead of servicing the needs of sex workers who don't even know what that term means because it was invented by politicians who couldn't say the word "prostitute" without gagging - and those who are coming back with their test results being positive are telling me that we're now back in the same epidemic we were in during the 1980's.

Only we had the LGBT community to blow the whistle and alert the world through men like Elton John and Elizabeth Taylor back then - only right now the only ones I'm seeing coming down with this are the prostitutes.  So no they're not going to be organizing any protests or marches because they're too busy trying not to get their asses arrested!  Leaving me having to try and get through to the CDC we have a problem going on here right now and then I'm finding they're too scared to talk to me because private investigators like Sandra Woodall are calling them up saying "oh don't talk to Jody because she's crazy".

Yeah right.  And this guy was imagining he was set up too I bet huh?  I guarantee you if some PI would do this over a contract that small - the stuff I'm talking about being in the millions is more than enough to warrant why my statements this is happening to me are not only true - but "standard operating procedure" for these guys.

Especially when I'm having cops tell me "off the record" they're being threatened with their families being harmed if they step up to help any of these women and kids being prostituted.  Well this is how it's being done.

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