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Sunday, October 9, 2016


Dear Ms. McBride:

You and I spoke briefly when I had started to set up an outreach campaign to put up posters in nail shops in areas adjacent to where we knew sex trafficking to be ongoing.  From experience, we've seen that these shops are often the only point of contact where victims are left alone without direct supervision from their traffickers.  We've also found the nail shop operators to be quite open to working with us to setting up a "rescue" extraction when these same victims come in for regularly scheduled nail appointments.

We've done these sorts of campaigns over the years without a hitch.  However, this was before the age of technology we live in where every phone call, email, text, and tweet is intercepted by modern traffickers who are very sophisticated these days.  Because they now know every call a victim makes from their cell phones, we have to alert them they can call us either collect from a third party phone, or to get to a pay phone to call our toll free number.  

Starting in 2013, we started experiencing a trend whereby a victim of a certain trafficking ring that's been operating we're aware of since 2007 with Operation Dollhouse and Chris Butler involved, would call us for help.  Yet after that initial phone call we were finding ourselves being threatened by attorney's, police officer's, even private investigator's not to continue speaking to them least we find ourselves slapped with a restraining order, a stalking charge, or even a harassment accusation.  

What was even more disturbing was we were finding this wasn't just happening to us, but to many who were trying to help victims themselves.  We also started getting calls from people such as a woman I'll call "Jane Doe" who was operating a physical therapy practice next to a massage parlor in San Francisco.  She recounted to us a woman racing over into her shop for sanctuary from her traffickers.  She took the woman into her home and gave her that sanctuary.  

Only the campaign started up against her we became quite familiar with the Triad likes to employ.  Not only having herself being slapped with a lawsuit, but further the related "smear" campaign.  She found her reputation being so horribly smeared with her clients, neighbors, other business associates, etc., that she had to close up shop and leave town.  That was after finding herself literally having to go to court to fight charges of "stalking" and "harassment" for giving this woman sanctuary in her own home.  

She told us how when this woman was in her home trying to get away from these trafficker's, she was able to get information as to who owned the property being used, phone records, bank records, and basically all of the evidence necessary to show where the money was coming from and going to and to what people.  When she tried to take this information to the authorities - she found herself being threatened with a 5150 charge.  To protect her freedom, she literally had no choice but to give up and leave town receiving absolutely no help from the authorities.

We don't do street outreach without coordinating with the local police.  Since SB1193 has been passed in California, we thought it would be good to post the required signs along with the posters for missing kids in the area in these spots where they most likely might be seen.  I'm sorry but most trafficking victims aren't standing around Walmarts where they can be seen there.  Again, just about the only time they're not kept in a private home or the brothel (in whatever form that is) is usually in the nail salons.  Many of them are even used in the work visa's to get these victims into the country.

Each time we tried to get the Chief of Police on the phone to coordinate an outreach, we were met with an absolute wall of silence.  In some cities, we were met with outright aggression and hostility.  In a few, we were met with outright threats that if we tried to do this type of outreach our workers would be carted off on 5150 charges.  

Since at the same time we were hearing those threats, we were also being threatened by people connected to Relativity Media, who also produces shows such as "Intervention", then we are well aware they have the people and connections to have our people carted off for 72 hours.  After news of people such as Sandra Bland - we're not so sure we want to risk our members not being released from custody.

I've been seeing the work you've been putting into getting Carl Ferrer arrested over Backpage.  While the man does run legal brothels in Amsterdam, and is involved in a vehicle where prostitutes are advertising their services, I'm afraid I've also seen quite a bit of "fabricated" cases being built against their site by the actual traffickers I've been dealing with again since 2007.

I wouldn't expect someone like yourself, or Rep. Portman, to be aware of how exactly the sex industry itself operates to understand such distinctions - but I'm finding it's turning into a repeat of what I went through in 1984.  If you may remember, I had found sex trafficking operating in Los Angeles involving the CIA, FBI, the local police, and the media out there.  I was receiving threats from LAPD that I had better "join them" or "else".  I was also having the CIA demand we supply them with women to be sold overseas.

I refused and set up the only safe place I could think of considering these people's power.  I took an old warehouse I had once yes used as a brothel and turned it into a very highly secured safe house.  After getting a few women out of the industry in this manner, and these men realized they couldn't break into it and I had set up an "underground railroad" if you will, they set in motion sending me in a woman who was on probation to "set me up".

I was charged with "pimping" her, and then given a $50,000 bail so I wouldn't be able to talk to the press to explain the reason for the high tech security equipment on the place was because it wasn't a brothel.  Then they came in and took every penny I owned, every car, my home, my furniture, and completely cleaned out everything I owned.  They even threatened my attorney if he took money from me he'd be charged with "pimping" me.  Lucky for me he was a family friend or he would have not been able to help me or even found himself arrested back then.

There was no case because I wasn't even involved in prostitution at the time of my arrest.  I had "retired" and shut down all of my operations.  All of my phones had been turned off.  All of my ads canceled.  I was in a vacation spa watching TV when they came to arrest me with a SWAT team.  They had warned me if I didn't come to "work" for them - they'd put me out of business.  Well I left the "business" and took a few women with me.  This is what they did to me not to shut me down - but to try and force me into returning to the sex industry by taking all of my money and resources away from me.

Since there wasn't a shred of evidence I was "pimping" anyone they were left with egg on their face because of all of the press.  Desperate, they arrested my mother and charged her with pimping me to try and force me into a plea bargain.  This was a joke so we threatened to fight her case all the way to trial.  Then they threatened to arrest my then 70 year old grandmother for pimping me.  Well I didn't think she'd be able to survive and arrest, not the way LAPD was doing it then, so to protect her - my mother and I took a plea bargain for a lessor charge.  They didn't care at that point because they figured now I was broke I'd return to the sex industry and be more "compliant".

I have watched as the REAL traffickers operating in this country have staged quite a lot of false evidence against Backpage because "independents" advertise on their site.  The whole series "8 Minutes" was nothing more than a completely staged fabricated attack on Backpage - done with financing I found directly coming from the Chinese government before Liang Yaohui was arrested, along with 50 other businessmen involved in prostitution in China.  

What is happening here is no different than when Al Capone was part of the "mob" who then used the police to shut down "independent" bootleggers who weren't part of their operation.   Yes they were bootleggers, but they were usually just men trying to feed their families during the depression if you remember the time period.  Back before we had things like welfare and unemployment checks and people would starve.  

You may not realize this but a teen mother can't get welfare like they used to years ago.  I lost track of the number of teen pregnant single mothers under the age of 17 years old who can't get any government assistance because they don't have a GED.  Well they don't have a GED because they were impregnated usually by rape of the pimp.  Pimps who know this not only means they're now financially desperate, but further this gives them an 18 year leash on these mothers who can't escape them without them being able to call the FBI claiming they've now "kidnapped" their child.  

I know this because I've had to smuggle many of these young women into Canada where they don't extradite for things such as child custody.  Especially when these pimps have threatened them with putting the babies into child porn if they don't comply and prostitute for them.

I used to have the highest cooperation out of Social Services.  That was until federal subsidies to adoption agencies got as high as $10,000 in cases where the child is over 14 years of age.  

Now I've got the "system" fighting to get these young mothers locked up, their kids made wards of the state, and then pushing for adoption because it's become quite a lucrative income for those within the juvenile system.  I can't tell you the number of social workers who have brought us in to help these poor girls get away from these pimps - only to find themselves fired for their concern over them.  

I respect Rep. Portman stepped in to help those kids in Ohio - but I assure you there's been a "report" already done into this situation.  The problem is Kamala Harris was then supposed to do something about what the report found.  She claimed it was going to the UC Professor of Law at Irvine, who then told me he had not been even contacted by her about it.  The report was revised and then read the problem going on in Pasadena could be solved with "more money and more training".  

Trust me - more money is not what's wrong with the Pasadena police where the heads of this trafficking operation I spoke of reside.  I'm told there's "nothing anyone can do" until I get a police report filed in Pasadena.  I've also been threatened with being drug off on a 5150 charge if I even attempt to set foot in the Pasadena station to do just that.  

After failing to get Kamala Harris to look at the information I had which involved Joohon David Lee, and the officers involved with Celeste Guap, and many others who are still being victimized by these men wearing uniforms, I went to the Office of Professional Responsibility.  They charged Joohon with bribery, but then told me they couldn't charge him with sex trafficking because "there's no laws" that allow them to do so.  Kamala has claimed to me indirectly she can't do anything because we "don't have the laws in place" to do so.

Only we do.  Al Capone was able to do what he did back then because we not only didn't have the racketeering laws in place we now have, but the world didn't believe there was a "cosa nostra".  We didn't even acknowledge they existed until Joe Valchi stepped up in the 1960's.  Then it took a small group of men they based the "Untouchable's" show on to actually go after Al because of how he had the police, politicians, and the media in his back pocket.  

This is the problem now only it's not the Italian mafia behind this sex trafficking.  The problem is that not only does the system not want to clean it's own house who is involved in this, but on many levels not addressing this is serving a lot of needs.  

Every time the "end demand" people round up 50 guys in one night trying to pick up a street walker, and then they sell his car, and get themselves some illegal aliens locked up in jail at $150 a day plus free labor like Rep. Portman saw in Ohio - the system is winning.  They don't want to stop this and won't as long as this issue is being portrayed as being about Backpage.

That's what the traffickers want you to think while they're doing what Joohon did - walk women from China, Korea, etc., through our airports, and then put them to work in massage parlors which have sprung up like weeds.  Take a good look at what's happening in Wichita, Kansas.  Now understand that the 2013 arrests took officer Jim Stewart having to quit the force, and then get a job in zoning, before he could even get those 9 parlors shut down.  

The pimps he got convicted then threatened the lives of him, the judge, the prosecutor, and myself.  Pimps who have a direct connection and own property to the woman I have said has two fake prostitution convictions in her name who was married to Gary Zhang. Because they haven't gone near Pasadena - they're sprouting up so many massage parlors the city is now trying to cash in on having them take out licenses.  That isn't exactly cracking down on the problem now is it?

We could be accomplishing so much more against the REAL trafficking going on in this country if we had more of an open, cooperative relationship.  But I can't get anyone of the people involved in this Backpage attack to even speak directly to me about the whole thing for even five minutes - yourself included.

Since I operate the only hotline I'm aware of that encourages those who can't call the police to call us for help - one has to wonder why that is.  Because Backpage isn't the only one who has had things fabricated against them just as I have in the past.  I'm STILL having things fabricated against me - hence why the accusations of me being "unpredictable".  That's easy when there's someone out there impersonating me to create just that impression.  Which if people would bother to get to know me a little better would be impossible for these to accomplish.

Bill Wilson was fortunate enough to have founded AA after Prohibition was lifted.  I however don't have that luxury.  It would be a lot easier if I wasn't also being treated like the "enemy" in a field I'm sorry but I had a hand in creating.  The Trafficking Act of 2000 wouldn't have passed had I not spent 13 years going on TV at great personal expense to myself explaining there were people being forced and victimized in the sex industry and that we needed to stop treating them like criminals.  Had I not been working with the 22 US Attorney's who were fired for "no reason" by President Bush after it was passed.  Even the author of the Act, Michael Horowitz, has said this movement has been "hijacked".

So are you going to continue to support the "hijacking" or help us work together to do something about this?  Because while you've got all this press focusing on Carl's arrest - what isn't being aired in the press is the fact we're on the fourth week of a jail/prison protest over just the fact these raids have been used to target and lock up as many illegals as possible, and again use them for free labor, just as Rep. Portman proved is happening.  Not just in Ohio but everywhere.  We've had two jails in California already shut down because of rioting and over illegal medical procedures done on inmates.  

So I'm writing to you again to see if you'd be interested in opening up a dialogue with me on how we can be working together not to shut down prostitution - but to shut down sex trafficking disguising itself as prostitution.  I can't keep fighting the corrupt police AND agencies such as yourself at the same time.  I don't have the luxury of funding from federal grants or donations - but only from our members.  And when my members are being threatened by cops and investigators to be too scared to come near us - well that's threatening our very existence.  

You can reach us at (702) 488-1127.  Thanks for listening.

Jody Williams

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