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Sunday, October 9, 2016


Dear Liz McDougall:

I've been trying to reach you for some time now.  I'm hoping that I have the right email now to reach you.  I've posted this on my blog  

I've been answering a hotline since 1987 where we do outreach to let REAL  trafficking victims, who can't call the police for help, know they can call us for help.  I created this hotline and 12 step "outpatient" program after having tried to have a "safe house" I set up in 1984 wound up with me being falsely arrested as "running a brothel" to try and shut me down.

So I reorganized our work on an "outpatient" basis, and did this because I became sharply aware through this process that REAL traffickers will do things like that to shut down your work helping real victims escape.  The corrupt police involved in the trafficking I was trying to escape, and help others to do also, who were a part of Iran Contra, and also connected to Chuck Barris, who was a top Hollywood producer back then of the Newlywed Game, the Gong Show, and the Dating Game just to name a few of his hit shows - meant we were up against a wall of media, film makers, police, the FBI, the CIA, and well there just was nowhere for us to go back then except to turn to ourselves for help.  

So I'm quite familiar with the idea that REAL traffickers will do whatever they can to put pressure on "independents" to either shut them down and "lick" them or to make them "join" them.  Which is why when I started getting information coming to us about how cases of trafficking were being faked against Craigslist, and then Backpage, I started trying to find someone, anyone, connected to your publication who would take a look at what was coming to us to show these attacks against your site were in fact being staged and why.

When I saw the completely slanted and fabricated attack on Carl on ABC, I really knew what was up.  I've had dealings with ABC before and they're involvement with sex trafficking themselves.  In fact, when I got involved with helping some of the children involved in the Omaha Franklin scandal, I met Johnny Gosch's mother.  She had told me how ABC had promised her a "complete story" to get her to agree to turn over a lot of original evidence to them in the case.  Boxes of evidence which then promptly "disappeared" once they had control of it.  

This was a conversation we were having when I was trying to figure out why ABC had screwed me over so badly on a film which was "Fighting for my Daughter" which aired in 1995.  A young girl was with a notorious pimp in Canada being trafficked not just by the pimp - but also there was police involvement.  The mother had come to us for help because all the police did was refuse to help her find and retrieve her daughter.  She had no money for a private attorney to even find her daughter.  So I helped her to find and retrieve her daughter.

After her daughter was rescued, the press went wild about this because the pimp was later discovered to have murdered three other young women.  A fact the police had been hiding from her.  She got an offer to go on the Sally Jesse Raphael show so we thought it might be a good way to get the word out about our hotline - and to let other mothers know we might be able to help them find their daughter's and get them back also in cases where the police weren't helping.

Right after the taping, we were approached by producers.  They offered us each $50,000 for the rights to the story, and of course promised to air our hotline number at the end of this film if we would agree to work with their writers.  We then spent the next couple of months going over every detail of how I'd helped not only her, but other mothers as well, to find and get back their daughter's as well.  We did all of this mind you without having to ask them for one penny, nor refer them to a private investigator which also costs money most of these mother's never have when their kids are gone.  Since most of these pimps recruit girls from poor homes - no the mother won't be able to afford professional services.

So you can imagine our surprise when the filming started on a movie that bore no resemblance to the reality.  My character even became that of a social worker.  There was no mention of our hotline either in the film, nor even at the end of the film, which of course then did not run our hotline phone # at the end.  Now why go to all the trouble to do this and then NOT air the hotline of a group who have been finding so many kids as we were back then?  Because again, this was not the first kid we'd helped to retrieve for mothers.  You'd think they'd be shouting about a free reputable service like ours right?

Wrong.  So when ABC came to Jeane Palfrey years later asking for copies of her "Black Book" with the promise to validate the names she had contained in them, I made Jeane promise me not to give them the originals, and to further give a few back-ups to other sites such as the Smoking Gun.  So you can imagine my shock when I then heard Dan Rather speak the words "there are no names of significance in this book".  I thought I had dropped acid!  Luckily, the Smoking Gun was more honest and then said "not so fast" and broke names like Randall Tobias and David Vitter.  Jeane didn't reveal those names as "johns" either - but as men who had been trafficking her.  

Forcing her to do things for our government, and when she refused, that's when she was arrested.  Just as they had done to me, to Alex Adams, to Sydney, to Heidi, and to every madam I could find who has told me they've had the same experience - that of when they balked - that's when they were arrested, then had the media all over them so they couldn't "work" any longer, their money taken, and then the hope was they'd come back to the sex industry more "compliant'.  I however left despite the murder attempts to silence me, and Jeane was determined to prove this was happening because she was the first who had "black and white" proof of what was going on.  Something she'd hoped to expose at the ethics hearing she never made before she was murdered.  ABC of course being the first in line to call her death a "suicide" before her body was even cold - let alone a toxicology report could be done on her.  It was later found by the way her lower legs had bruises - consistent as if she'd been held by her legs to force her strangulation.  

I found the ABC piece on Carl to be downright a joke.  I even contacted the reporters, and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, to let them know if they wanted to get to the bottom of the sex trafficking of minors in this country it was not Backpage they needed to be looking into.  I also told them, as I've been trying to tell Backpage, I've uncovered more than one deliberate fabrication to make it appear sex trafficking is happening with your site, as well as I've uncovered who has been funding most of it as well.  Because the sources of the money I've found has been consistently coming out of two sources - both of who I believe are involved in either sex trafficking or the exploitation of the issue of "sex trafficking" for their own purposes.

I've been hounding Kamala Harris for three years now to look at evidence i have in LEGIT sex trafficking cases, including what was going on with Joohon David Lee.  When she refused to look at his information, I took it to the Office of Professional Responsibility.  They then did arrest him for bribery - but Kamala won't do the investigation into WHO BRIBED him, why and for what.  When I found an agent, Claude Arnold, actually starting to get some lower levels arrests done, suddenly he's "retired" to work at an auction house that I've found launders money for the traffickers.  All information again I've been trying to get her to look at for years but she refuses because of where it will lead.  I say that because Joohon was working for Homeland Security, ICE, and the trafficking task forces for YEARS before he was finally arrested by OPR.

Just as I've been hounding her to go after Snoop Dogg - a CONFESSED sex trafficker.  His confession, along with witnesses I've told her I have that we rescued off that operation, meets all of the qualifications to have a warrant issued against him for pandering, if not pimping also.  I have even more information how he's using the Youth Football League to further attract in young girls who are being recruited into sex trafficking.  Will she look at any of the information?  No and she won't because of where it will lead.

She knows good and well that any case against Carl won't hold up.  This is pure "grandstanding" for the election because I had started challenging her about "what has she done?" to help us.  She's done a lot of press and a lot of meetings, but nothing's been done for the 1000's of Celeste Guap's all over California.  

I find the location of Dallas for the arrest to be even more interesting considering the way Houston police were so cooperative with the "faux" show called "8 Minutes" which was staging fake "sex trafficking rescues".  Kevin Brown was a fraud.  His so called "survivors" were fake such as Lexie Smith.  Kathryn Griffin-Townsend wasn't even running a trafficking program back then according to the members of SWA we have on the ground there.  Yet everything about that show was set up to make it appear that "sex trafficking" was operating off Backpage.  I even found a whole group out in Orange County further creating more fake accusations against your publication designed to throw off people as to where and how REAL trafficking is operating right now.

I have repeatedly tried and tried to get these authorities to look at the information we have about who the REAL traffickers are in this country, as well as how they're operating, and they won't do it because it involves their "own" so to speak.  They're trying to make this appear to be about "independents" not only to come after your site to distract the public from the truth, but also to continue to justify their picking up of minorities off the streets to stuff their jails with as many illegal immigrants as possible.  The reason for this is not being discussed in the press either.  Just as the fact the jails/prisons are on their fourth week now of protests over just this issue - you're not hearing about while news of Carl's arrest is all over the media.

Now maybe someone from your publication is willing to talk to me.  Because the same people faking these accusations against you, are the sames ones who faked the accusations against ACORN, and Planned Parenthood, and also have been trying to do the same to our program for the last three years.  If you'd like to talk about this more, and even consider me as a witness if you need one, please give me a call anytime.  Thank you.
Jody Williams
(702) 488-1127 Cell Phone

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