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Monday, September 5, 2016


Sextrade 101
Via Email


Dear Ms. Falle:

When I first started getting calls of complaint about what appeared to be a meeting of ours being held through your organization, I contacted you via email asking what was going on. I was told at first that “no one had any idea what I was talking about”. After showing a screen shot of the page with the name of “Prostitution Anonymous” upon it, I was then told “oh we don’t do that anymore”.

Which I then said “fine – please remove the listing”. I have many reasons for this request. First of all, there’s the calls of complaints I’m receiving. As a 12 step program, we are to “have no opinion on outside issues”. Your Facebook page states that your group is “A Canadian experiential led, political activism coalition in the forefront of the campaign to end male demand.” This is an “opinion on outside issues” that you are associating us with supporting by this listing on your website. A very volatile one right now I need to add.

I had no problem with what some people call the “pimp lobby” for years. In fact, the majority of referrals we’ve received about someone who was being actually pimped and/or trafficked CAME FROM those within the industry. Since those in the sex industry are the closest to where they can see when someone is being pimped and/or trafficked – we value those calls telling us where a pocket of this is happening, along with their help we’d usually get to extract this person(s) to safety.

But things changed about 2007. I started getting these calls from people within the sex industry, as well as from members of groups such as Sex Workers Outreach Project, The Desiree Alliance, and the Red Umbrella Project, all wanting to know why I was “against the industry”. Some in not a very polite manner I should add. Again, we’re not “for” it nor “against” it in any way being that we are a 12 step program.

Our program, and members, taken great pains, refused a great deal of money, and sacrificed a lot of opportunities, in order to walk that fine line of neither supporting, nor condoning anything on an “official” level so that we can maintain our traditions. Something very important to us – because if we don’t honor those “traditions” then our program will not stand as it has for almost thirty years now.

When I would ask them where they got the idea we were “against” or “for” anything like “ending demand” or on the industry itself – I was pointed to your page at Now after I got first a denial, then told “oh we dropped that ages ago” I asked for the notation on our site to please be removed. I asked for no damages, no apology, nothing other than just the removal of our name from your website because it was causing us great damage to our reputation, our “brand” as well as to relationships we wanted to maintain being we were getting calls from those needing help through these same relationships. Relationships which were now severed because they thought we had joined forces with you – again through no fault of our own – but the listing on your site implying an affiliation.

I was told it would be removed. Only I checked back in six months to find it had not been removed. I asked again. Then checked back in another six months. It was still there. The last time I asked again for it to be removed – I had a quite angry barrage of attacks launched upon me for simply doing my job.

Now I’ve had time to check with Alcoholics Anonymous about this issue. They have reported to me they issued you no such approval to adapt their steps to another program called “Prostitution Anonymous”. Since I have established what’s called a “common law trademark” internationally back in 1987 for the group “Prostitutes Anonymous” – it’s a clear enough name that one could easily confuse that name with our name. Which they are. It seems you’re depriving some benefit from the use of that name because you’re sure refusing to drop it off your website for some reason. While I’m the one getting attacks from the “pimp lobby” who think we’re standing behind you on those issues because of that listing. I have news clips and videotapes showing I started “Prostitutes Anonymous” back in 1987. In fact, it was the first hotline or program for adults wanting to leave any part of the sex industry – forced or not.

Now if you are holding meetings there where people do think you are in fact us – then we’re losing out on the sales of our books, literature, key tags, chips, and other products which members of a 12 step program routinely buy from that program. Not to mention our portion of the basket that’s passed – which again any other 12 step meeting shares in those donations with the main office because they’re providing support services to them such as the hotline that we answer 24/7 with another recovering member. Not something I can replace with an answering service mind you. Meaning I work very hard just to make sure our hotline is covered at all times, and again have for almost 30 years now.

If you are in fact holding meetings for these people – then you are depriving them of the services we offer members which are essential to their ongoing recovery. Which I can now prove by the way that cutting the group off from our fellowship as a whole does in fact harm their recovery after Professor Sharon Oselin completed her research in “Leaving Prostitution”. For ten years when the meeting at the Mary Magdalene Project was connected to us – the members thrived. However, the minute they were cut off – not only did their recovery suffer but the Mary Magdalene Project is no more either. So if you’re holding meetings which appear to be of our program, while cutting off the members from the services and resources we offer them – then you’re harming them greatly.

I’ve now checked onto your website today to find the name still there. I’ve also checked with Alcoholics Anonymous who says they have not granted you any separate permission to be running a 12 step program for prostitutes. In fact, they’ve confirmed I’m the only person to hold consent to have adapted their program to that of one helping prostitutes, or those coming out of the sex industry who may have been, or not been, forced in some fashion, commonly now called “sex trafficking victims”.

Now I’ve asked you before for the name of your attorney. You’ve refused to give that to me. I’m going to ask you one last time for that name. If I don’t receive the name of an attorney by the end of this month, then I will go ahead and name you and Bridgette personally as defendants in the lawsuit I’m preparing at the moment against you and a few other parties.

I am waiting to hear back from AA if they’d like to join in this lawsuit is another reason why I’m giving you some more time to simply remove our name from your site.
By the way, I’m now adding “defamation” to the charges on the lawsuit.  When you are saying you are “Toronto’s ONLY sex trade survivor and abolition group” that’s just simply not true.  Our group has had our hotline available to Toronto’s residents since we launched it as an international hotline in 1987.  We had a local group launch in Toronto back in 1989.  We still offer our services in Toronto, or to anyone worldwide for that matter.  Meaning we’ve been helping residents of Toronto since our launch in 1987 – so you’re NOT THE FIRST. 
Now if you’re obtaining donations from people based upon this statement – that’s fraud.  So please note a copy of this lawsuit will be provided to any and all donors and grant makers whose name appears on your tax returns. They supported you based on the impression you’re holding these meetings which appear to be a meeting of the program I created.  They need to be advised that this meeting was in fact NOT ours.  Which means they may then have a separate cause of action for fraud against you. 
Therefore, it’s my obligation to notify them of this action. 
 Jody Williams

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