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Friday, September 9, 2016


Dear Nancy and Libby:

Do you know WHY I was asked to come help train drug treatment staff in Los Angeles county in the early 1990's?  Why Dr. James Crossen who founded the Addiction Studies program at Mission College and the National Association on Sexual Addiction came to me to develop a specialized training for staff of drug treatment programs?

Because of our work starting in 1987 to do outreach for both sex trafficking victims, as well as those who were HIV/AIDS positive, we were EFFECTIVE.  Meaning that for the first time, sex workers of all kinds started pouring into getting drug treatment, counseling, etc.,  Before they did not because of fear of being arrested if they opened up to anyone.  As a 12 step program however, we offered them confidentiality assurance.  By opening up to us, we were able to let them know if they sought help - that they were also protected from prosecution.  

So prostitutes started flooding into the treatment programs and counselors' chairs.  Only guess what?  There were waves of assaults.  JUST like the one Celeste Guap did on a guard at the treatment center.  Do you know why?  Well first of all, here's a woman who has been forced to have sex with dozens of men in uniform.  Do you think it's NOT FORCE when he's the one wearing the uniform, and not only has the power to arrest you, but also your family, and further, you've GOT NO WHERE TO RUN.  I'd like to remind you that in Celeste's case it's not only where she couldn't call the police, but she also couldn't reach out to the trafficking task forces (which by the way I'd been calling out to be different people than cops for the OBVIOUS reasons).  

Do you as women have any idea what a "powerless" position that places you in?  I do as I had many a cop during my own situation coming to me for sex from the Beverly Hills police, Van Nuys police, etc.  Because once you get onto these cops' networks of predators - they know they can have sex with you any time they want and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.  To further drive their point home they have nowhere to run - it's why I was drug into a garage in Vegas in front of five of these women, handcuffed to a refrigerator, and then told that if SWA didn't stop trying to help these women get out of this situation, that I would be shot in the back and they'd claim I was "resisting arrest".  And I've been out of the game for 30 years now mind you!  The whole point of the show was to let these women know that if I couldn't protect myself - then I sure as heck couldn't protect them.

As a prostitute, you're repeatedly raped by these men.  It's not "consent" when you take money and realize that fighting back is useless. Has either of you seen the film "Nuts" by any chance with Barbra Streisand?  I used to show it at my trainings of these staff and counselors to explain to them if you come at "us" with an "authoritative" tone, or especially wearing a uniform - then yes we're going to react violently.  We've been brainwashed over and over again.  Now the reason why Celeste attacked a female guard is because she knew this woman represented not only all of the men who had raped her, but that this woman couldn't fight back.

A position YOUR people put her in by putting her into a treatment program that IS CLEARLY not properly set up to treat women like her/us.  There's a perfectly good treatment program that we put many women like her through right here in Los Angeles - that if anyone had bothered to consult with our hotline we would not only have recommended it, but gotten her a free scholarship.

Please stop this before there's any more damage.  I tried reaching out to you women for YEARS before things reached this point on the MANY Celeste's who are part of our program, which if you'd talked to them THEN maybe this wouldn't be happening.  You're acting frankly like our mothers who think if they ignore this that it will all "go away" and it doesn't.  Then when the shit hit the fan - we should have been consulted at how to properly care for her.  Not one some year intern at Victim Services who has no idea what they're doing.

After the trainings we did for the staff of these treatment programs, we also found that the reason why many of the people who were being assaulted were being assaulted is because they had tried to be abusive and inappropriate to these women.  Either calling them "whores", making cracks at them, or even sexually coming on to them.  I'm sorry - but we don't "react" like that without provocation.  

PLEASE pick up a phone and involve us.  I've got more women just like Celeste who are just being shown they were right to remain "anonymous" because of the way she's being treated by the system.  This is NOT encouraging other victims to come forward - not by a long shot.  It's great for our membership, but I am not receiving any federal money to handle this many calls.  Please ladies - we've got to start coordinating or I'm going to have no choice but thinking the only thing you're doing is to try and cover for these guys.

Jody Williams

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