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Sunday, September 4, 2016

CELIA WILLIAMSON I found this tape today on Youtube. My response was:

Strange. Very strange. Second Chance was a program Celia created using Prostitutes Anonymous' Recovery Guide, meeting format, and other parts of what was my intellectual property as founder of the 12 step program in 1987. Prior to her starting this "Second Chance" program, we had a meeting in Toledo, Cleveland and Cincinnati. They were doing quite well when I visited them personally in 1990 as I drove through the USA that year to see how our groups were doing. Celia had contacted me saying she was "wanting to put together a college course" to train others how to work with prostitutes so I gave her a copy of our Recovery Guide free. I didn't know she was using our program as part of her program at the time because the internet was not invented yet, and she certainly wasn't telling me she had started a meeting up as part of this program. All I knew was our other groups started telling me they had started (1) getting harassed by the police by them sitting outside our meetings and checking for warrants, and (2) they suddenly stopped getting referrals from the courts, local therapists, etc. In fact, these groups started getting so much opposition they basically shut down the local meetings in that area in 1994 - the same year she had launched "Second Chance". Now that I know what I know about Celia - there's not a doubt in my mind she had something to do with our groups being harassed out of existence. Wouldn't want any "competitor" to her group now would we? Her words by the way - not mine. People had started complaining to me about "faux" meetings - meetings which were claiming to be ours but were not - so I went online to do some homework a few years ago thanks to the power of the internet. This is when I discovered that Second Chance had been claiming to run a group of ours. Now I don't remember licensing the use of our name to her program, nor did I receive any type of payment for the adoption of our program into this program that she received grant money for the use of. A basket is passed at a local meetings - and all 12 step meetings donate a portion of their income to the main office of that program. Yet I also received no donations from the basket. No book orders were made for this group - so I have no idea what book they used for their program or their steps as I also sold no Step Working Guides to them either. In fact, no one had sent us in a meeting registration for that meeting. Without the meeting registration, I wasn't able to connect up the members to our updated literature, our newsletter, our service structure, our outreach projects, to sponsors, and basically to any of the components that make our program work. I also wasn't able to make sure these women knew there were also meetings in the same city of Toledo, nor in Cleveland or Cincinnati because they weren't connected to our newsletter which contained information on the other groups. Now while this got her the grant money, it certainly short changed the women who were attending this group claiming to be ours in name only. Certainly it wouldn't have helped these women because it had deprived them of the components that make the program "work". Essentially this would be like trying to run an AA meeting with no Big Book, no other meetings, no sponsors, no Grapevine, etc. That would be kind of a "set up for failure" for the alcoholic if done that way don't you think? I approached Celia and asked her about this - and all she did was snap at me "well it didn't work so I dropped the whole thing". Well of course it "didn't work" because she'd done it behind my back. By doing so, she'd deprived them of the very program which would have MADE it work. Only now this means I've got women walking around "thinking" they had attended "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings that " didn't work" but not because it doesn't work - but because what they were handed was nothing more than something Celia put together to advance her career and line her wallet. In 1993-94, the term "sex trafficking" didn't EXIST. I know because I was going on TV trying to raise awareness about this subject using the language we had at the time which was "forced". You can see some of these attempts to make the public aware of this being something happening in today's word here - You can note one of the dates on the Sally show is 1987. You can also read about how I had created the first safe house for adults that got me busted in 1984 at The term "sex trafficking" wasn't coined until AFTER the Trafficking Act of 2000 - and some say it wasn't even coined until the Shared Hope report released in 2007. There was NOTHING by the way in the papers I read about Second Chance that addressed those who were being "forced" into sex work by pimps or traffickers. Now for the program who "didn't work" according to what she told me - sure seems like she's making like it did here by talking about it at a Tedx talk. Funny thing though - I've had more than one of our members nominate me to speak at these talks - but SHE gets to talk about how she took a program I created and talk about it but I haven't had the opportunity. Strange.

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