I saw this about strippers getting tired of the false images of them coming out in the media - and wanting to put more "reality" back out there.  Here's the article -

The below is the comment I posted on that page:

The reason why the media is being flooded with information on the sex industry that's not accurate is because THERE IS AN AGENDA going on.  No different than when big tobacco lied to Congress about their product "not causing cancer" and "not being addictive".  If you study any big industry's history - you find the parallel's between them and what's happening now in the sex industry.  Including when big tobacco used to fund research by straw groups who distorted data to their favor that was completely unrealistic AND when they used to do very cleverly disguised marketing campaigns designed to help "stop smoking".  Or how big alcohol advertises to "drink responsibly" when in reality they're pushing their product HARD.

We are witnessing right now a huge war between two titans right now in the sex industry.  First there is the Catholic Church.  For example, did you know they created the NY Trafficking Network court which is now the trafficking court in NY running around arresting prostitutes and then putting them into yoga classes?  They were losing business on their "single mother homes" so they switched over to "sober houses" for the alcoholic.  However, those started losing money, so they switched over to "sex offender housing" for the prison system.  When that started losing money big time - they're now setting up "trafficking safe houses" all over the country.  In other countries, they are literally taking women out of the brothels where they sell sex for the owners to be housed in homes then owned by the church where they now making purses, jewelry, shoes, etc., that is then sold online to raise money for the church.  Same game - just a different product but this time the "pimp" is the church.

If you watch the documentary "Poverty, Inc." you'll see what's happened is many countries started pushing back against the church using their people to fund their bank accounts.  I grew up watching commercials running all night long about starving children in Africa who were covered with flies".  Only a lot of people started fighting back about what this type of marketing and fund raising created for these countries and it's discussed in much better detail in the documentary.

So where did they go?  You got it - the women in the USA who are now being branded "trafficking victims" as the new "scarlet lettter", i.e., "whore".   If you look carefully at all of their marketing such as the "No Such Thing" campaign, you'll note they only use images of African American men as the "traffickers" and the women as the "victims".  If you just substituted in the original words of "pimp" and "prostitute" - there would be an uproar at the racist stereotypes being used in such campaigns.  However, as George Carlin taught us - they've "sanitized" the language so people aren't seeing the blatant racism.  This is literally Iran Contra 2.0 - only instead of the government using drugs to raise money to buy guns for the Contra's "off the books" - they're now going into any home that has a man who can be labeled a "trafficker" while the women are labled "victims".

Then you got Sheldon Adelson - one of the richest men in the world.  He's being all the media you're seeing talking about how "opiate medications are the leading cause of death" which is trying to crack down on all forms of pain medications.  Pushing people to use medical marijuana in record numbers.  He started funding drug programs, addiction studies schools, treatment centers, treatment clinics, etc. to try and get addicts off pain medications and onto medical marijuana.  Why?  Because he's been working to get medical marijuana put into a form he can sell out of a pharmacy that's why.   I was educating drug treatment counselors in the 1980's and 1990's just fine with record high success rates BY having the program structure where for an addict to get, and stay, clean - they needed to avoid  ALL mind altering chemicals.  This included medical marijuana and anti-depressants.  Now the industry is being flooded with addicts who are on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and medical marijuana standing up and taking chips for clean time.  No wonder we are back to seeing record numbers of deaths such as Whitney Houston, Robin Williams, Prince, Amy Winehouse, etc.

Sheldon also wants legalization of prostitution.  Google has started Oculus - 3D virtual interactive pornography.  Facebook wants all of the sex industry advertising.  So guess how they're cornering the market?  While they set up straw programs to do things like ban all pornography on pay per view at hotels - Vivid is now setting up their own cable channel.  Just in time for seeing Playboy and Hustler picking up and selling off their shops.

What we're seeing is the modern day version of what Prohibition REALLY was.  Prohibition was the church, the politicians, the police, AND men like Al Capone getting RICH.   The only problem with that was the alcoholics were dying - 100 percent mortality rate.  Alcoholics Anonymous wasn't founded until Prohibition was repealed.  But Al Capone used to shut down his competitors using the police - and then he got the market share all to himself.  Vivid, Facebook, Google, and the NV legal brothels have literally partnered.  Now to make sure everyone advertises with them, or is registered only through their agencies - they're cracking down on all "independents" they can.  That's why they have been cracking down on Backpage, as well as the Erotic Review, Redbook, Rentboy and Rhode Island.  You'll notice Polaris hasn't touched the NV brothels.  Who literally has partnered with Vivid.  Who has partnered with Facebook and Google - the NEW "Al Capone's".

So do you know why all these images of sex work and sex trafficking are being all muddled up?  Because of these factions being the ones in control of the creation of that media.  I know because from the 1980's through the 1990's - any media in the news about sex work OUR GROUP was the one who was being consulted

However, once the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed - which was originally about stopping men like Joohoon David Lee from trafficking in American women as I witnessed during Iran Contra in the 1980's - then these other groups decided to go into action and organize.  Why?  I'd beat them back in 1988 and 1991 from expanding outside of Nevada and legalizing prostitution THEN.

Why?  Was I against "prostitution"?  No.  I was against the fact the workers had no union or representation.  Sheldon Adelson, Dennis Hof, Lance Gilman, etc., - you'll notice they're very anti-union.  You'll notice the MINUTE Jenna Jameson started talking about unionizing the porn industry - suddenly we're not hearing jack out of her about anything.  Why do you think James Deen is pushing the industry into NV where again the brothels have literally partnered with Vivid and the casinos?

This is all about "money honey" and has nothing to do with US.  To give you an analogy - the  movement to have alcoholism recognized as a disease that affects SOME drinkers, not all, was created by Bill Wilson.  NOT the church - who again had been profiting heavily from the alcoholic being sick and dying in their homeless shelters and sanitariums, the police who arrested them, and the preachers who had their wives in their churches donating every Sunday.

But when Bill came out with AA and the idea it was a "disease" that affected "some" drinkers - then recovery became possible. But also the media images of the alcoholic changed from that of a "street wino" to Betty Ford - First Lady.  

Now imagine if the church, and the pharmaceutical companies, decided they wanted to take back the alcoholic?  They'd have to first get Bill out of the way.  Which by the way is EXACTLY what happened.  A movement started 20 years after AA had been created and was EFFECTIVE to smear Bill.  In fact, he wound up blacklisted in his own program.  He was taken off the Grapevine, not allowed to speak at conventions, and portrayed as an LSD addict who was a "con man".  Then the pharmaceutical company moved in, the church, the courts, the politicians, the researchers, etc., and all those alcohol treatment programs, drunk courts, alcohol treatment therapists, alcohol treatment schools, etc. were all created - something Bill had been opposed to.  But these people needed to make their money - so they got Bill smeared and shut down and moved into take over.

So Bill and a man named Jimmy Kinnon then started Narcotics Anonymous.  After 20 years, they were so successful that Jimmy was smeared and then fired out of his own program illegally when he refused to write literature to set up professional treatment programs which Jimmy said wouldn't work.  Not for the addict it wouldn't.  But these people wanted to start up drug programs, drug courts, drug therapy schools, drug therapist licensing, etc.  When Jimmy refused to allow them to adopt NA's literature for this purpose - they booted him out and took over and changed the literature themselves.

In 1987, Jody Williams created Prostitutes Anonymous.  Like the alcoholic or addict - it was NOT for EVERY prostitute - but for those who needed help to leave such as those who had a pimp or a drug problem or otherwise needed help to leave.  It was not to "rescue" everyone out of the trade, nor to portray the industry as being about "trafficking" or to convince the world EVERY sex worker was a VICTIM needing "rescue".

We were quite realistic that a woman making $250,000 a month in sex work, living in Beverly Hills, driving a Mercedes, does NOT need to be put into a "shelter" where she's then taught "how to type" to "get a job" and then slapped into Section 8 Housing as the "program" to help her.  That's INSANE!

So what did these people do?  THEY HIJACKED THE MOVEMENT out from under Jody, just as they did Jimmy and Bill Wilson.  You can see how it was all done more clearly by watching these two documentaries -

These people are COUNTING on the fact that sex workers are NOT going to step up and defend their work, nor unionize, nor create their own meeting and especially NOT VOTE.   Meaning that's where it's got to start.  Awareness, speaking our own voices, creating our own media about us, and fighting back to expose their bullshit and lies as well as their corruption and greed.

Right now you can't sell sex nor porn in India.  The only way to do it IS to "give away free internet" which is exactly what Facebook is doing right now.  Then with the internet over there, the cable TV also wants to get lines laid down.  Then with that in line, Google can push Oculus and their 3D interactive porn, as well as Vivid can push their new adult channel without worrying about Playboy or Hustler.  The same way they're shutting our program down, they've also been going after Playboy and Hustler.  Hugh has already stopped doing any nudity and Larry has sold his Hustler building and his home.  

The lawsuits with Backpage by the way is very cleverly disguised "reverse psychology".  What FANTASTIC ADVERTISING for Backpage to have sex workers advertise in the publication than by LOUDLY shouting that they take sex industry ads in ways they could never get the word out otherwise in the USA.  For example, do you think Lincoln, Nebraska housewives ever even knew they could advertise for sex on Backpage BEFORE they heard the press about the lawsuit against Backpage?

I began to suspect a rat when I started contacting the Backpage attorney's with legal standing to completely dismiss the cases against them.  I had information the people who were suing them were complete frauds and easily exposed.  I then soon learned they DIDN'T WANT them exposed.    Anyone taking psychology 101 knows the best way to make someone want something is to "forbid" it and also to threaten to take it away.  But the press they're getting off the "lawsuits" is priceless.  There is no way they could advertise "hey place your sex work ads with us" in towns like Lincoln, Nebraska other than these so called "opposition" ads.

Bootleggers used to do the same thing during Prohibition by the way.  I again suspected a rat when the people who were suing Craiglist failed to sue the parent company - the Village Voice.  Who also happens to be the same company as Backpage.  See I've been a paralegal for 30 years now since I left sex work.  I also began to smell a rat when the attorney's weren't high powered attorney's - but attorney's fresh out of lawschool.  There were all kinds of legal tactics they were refusing to incorporate any attorney would use.

Then when I saw with my own eyes completely fabricated attacks on Backpage as the "traffickers" that's when I realized this was the same type of media campaign that "50 Shades of Grey" employed when they hired mistresses and christian groups to protest their film.  You'll note each city where the protesting was the highest for the film - is the film sold the most tickets.  It's well known in Hollywood that you get more sales where there's protests.  I wasn't really sure about it myself until I traced grant money from the Hunt Foundation to Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle.  That's how they were paying the oppostition to "protest" them - and of course get publicity.  Hollywood marketers and PR people create "fueds" all the time to generate ticket sales - this is the same concept.

Meaning it's no different than when big tobacco used to fund "teenager smoking prevention" campaigns which were thinly disguised to sell their products.  They used to bring out phony parent and church groups "protesting" their "child friendly" products - which was how they were ADVERTISING their products to teens.  Big tobacco could NEVER advertise DIRECTLY  to teens.  So by creating the "prevention" campaigns, and having parents "protest" the products - sales to teens skyrocketed.

This is EXACTLY what's going on right now with Backpage.  They're shutting down their competitors - and organizing into a coalition - while making damn sure the sex workers DON'T unionize or unite.

How?  About 2013, money started flowing into so called "sex worker advocacy" groups such as SWOP after Robin Few died.  Also the Red Umbrella Project.  Original groups like Coyote, and like SWOP used to be when Robin was alive, was a true group of sex workers uniting to help each other.  That is no longer the case.  That is CLEARLY not the case when for example a woman stands up in Seattle and tells the press and police that "these women are not being trafficked".  When in reality NO REAL SEX WORKER would get up in the press and in front of a cop and SAY ANYTHING!  Nor would we be able to make such statements as we wouldn't know.  That was a very cleverly disguised ploy to protect the traffickers who are involved with men such as Joohon David Lee.  That's what I've been seeing anyway.  If you take a good look - you'll see the only REAL trafficking going on in this country has been tied to the cops who are on the trafficking task forces.

Cops who are using these trafficking task forces to shut down "independents" and "competition" just as the bootleggers did during Prohibition.  The internet broke up the old mob's hold over the sex industry.

Welcome to the modern version of organized crime taking back over control of the sex industry in the internet age.  You can look more into this at this blog and link here -

In the meantime, if you are a REAL sex worker wanting help to leave the industry for ANY REASON - you can contact us and get that help at


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