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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ABOUT SEX WORK IN S. AFRICA  In response to this:

Dear Lisa:

I don't know if you remember much about the tobacco industry and how they marketed their products - but for years they disguised a lot of their actions.  Sure they bought research which made it appear their product wasn't "addictive" nor "caused cancer".

But they also used to sponsor "youth prevention campaigns" which were supposed to be about kids not smoking, while in reality cleverly designed to INCREASE the number of kids smoking.  They couldn't roll out ads targeting kids - so instead they "forbid" them which anyone in Psychology 101 is the fastest way to make a kid want something!

The same tactics are at work in the sex industry today.  Many groups are not what they appear to be - and you can't always tell without "following the money" as well as who is leading these groups.

The men who want prostitution legalized so they can control it have set up a lot of "catfish" groups to try and stop countries from decriminalizing it.  I should know as I've been fighting these guys back in Nevada since the 1980's.  

If you'd like to talk more about it - I've been doing this work for 30 years now.  I'd love to weigh in on the issues.  I have clips up at  Thanks!

Jody Williams
(702) 488-1127

Jody Williams
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