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Monday, July 4, 2016


I bet to differ with the opinion you've put forth here based on a "lack of arrests".  I used to see a lot of "numbers juggling" with the HIV/AIDS epidemic I lived through in the 1980's.  For example, I used to see whole cities that would refuse to give any doctors who worked with HIV/AIDS a license to operate.  They would block pharmacies from carrying any of the medications, and then further refuse to give clinics a license to operate also.  Then with no services for the HIV + patient - one infected would have no choice but to relocate to where they could get proper medical care.  Then at the end of the year - the city which had just driven everyone with HIV/AIDS clean out of town would then say "oh see - we've done such a good job we have no more sick people living in our city".   The same would happen for cities which did have proper medical care - their numbers of "new infections" would soar -  but all it really meant was a lot of people who were sick moved to town suddenly.

Take a real good look here at "Operation Dollhouse".   Over 24 women were found in those houses with mattresses on the floor these two cops said they "thought they were massage parlors" they were going to.   Yeah with bags of drugs found also, and cigarette butts on the floor along with the mattresses.  The cops said they thought they were at a "legit massage parlor" because they asked the cab driver to take them to one.  Only problem with that statement is if you get into a cab from where they came from and drive even a block or two - you'll pass huge signs for massage parlors.  The media also refused to go pull the tapes from the cab's camera in the dash which records everything said.  That would have shown what they asked for when they got in the cab - which wasn't done.

So despite bags of drugs found on the site, along with mattresses on the floor, and two cops there on just coincidently the same day as I told them that cops would be there from San Mateo, CA (which is where these two cops were from and EVEN belonged to the trafficking task force there) making the regularly scheduled bi-weekly drop the traffickers would make using cop cars to avoid detection, and despite the fact these women were required to be held until ICE processed their Visa's to make sure they were legit, they had possession of them, and they were questioned so they knew these women weren't being forced to do what they were doing, which was NOT done before they were released right back to the pimps and shoved off before our program could arrive on the scene to question them ourselves - they were released 20 minutes later along with the two police officers also.

Now I raised an absolute stink about this and wouldn't let it go.  I complained to Homeland Security, ICE, the US Attorney's office, and any other office I could think of about the fact these women were supposed to have been rescued and not SENT RIGHT BACK TO THEIR CAPTIVITY.  That TWO TRAFFICKING TASK FORCE MEMBERS, these two San Mateo cops, were insisting these women were not "trafficking victims" but in fact "massage therapists" (even though not a one of them had a license and these were found in private homes - not even a commercial office address) and there wasn't even a MASSAGE TABLE in the whole place (mattresses on the floor are not what massage therapists use), and insisting that our government DO SOMETHING to help these poor women.  I mean how much more physical evidence would one need before realizing these women were being trafficked, and they needed HELP?

Note - one of the women was a MINOR.  Now since minor's can't consent to "sex" - this means that her being a "prostitute" does make her a "trafficking victim" being if she can't consent - then she was FORCED.  But according to the judge in this case - NO ONE WAS A "TRAFFICKING VICTIM".  But again a minor there who can't consent to sex because of her age therefore means she was there against her will, and therefore this WAS a trafficking situation.

Seems one is guilty of "pandering", while other was guilty of "living off the earnings of a prostitute"  But no one here was convicted of "sex trafficking".   So here's a clear case of sex trafficking that was not LISTED as a case of sex trafficking despite clearing being the case in reality.

I'd also like to add that I was not notified of the hearing to testify at all as to what I knew about the trafficking operation before the sentencing was handed down either.   Meaning the court WANTED to classify this as "not a case of sex trafficking" before the hearing even started.

I suspected someone from Immigration was involved in this matter because these women were let go before Immigration could properly check out their Visa's, and interview them, with an interpreter, as to whether they were in fact there against their will or not.  

So I continued to follow up on this by talking to other victims talking to me until I realized there was in fact someone at ICE involved.  I won't say how I knew - but I knew at one point.  I also realized someone at the Dept. of Transportation was leaking information after I wrote them a letter tipping them off women from China were being brought in for trafficking purposes - only to then have the operation switch over to using women from Korea.

This told me that yes someone at LAX was definitely involved.  My letters to the Chief of Police and Internal Affairs were being ignored - so I went up a level to the Office of Professional Responsibility.  This resulted in Joohoon David Lee being arrested.

For BRIBERY.  Seems we can't charge a Homeland Security Agent who flew victims of sex trafficking over to the USA on the government checkbook with sex trafficking.  So the best they got against him was "bribery".  They didn't get the guy who bribed him by the way - but they called it "case closed" with no mention of if he kept his pension or not in the process.   So he was charged with BRIBERY in BOTH California and Nevada but NOT "sex trafficking".

So you see - just because there were no "charges on the books for sex trafficking" doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Nor does it mean the "campaign to end trafficking was successful" either just because people are bending over backwards not to classify something as sex trafficking when it clearly is.

It just means we're STILL where we were in 1987 when I launched our hotline, program, and this campaign to have this country realize it wasn't the pimps we were trying to raise awareness about.  There are already laws on the books for a pimp and you can call 911 today  if you have a pimp and you'll get them arrested.

But what do you do when the men trafficking you are Homeland Security and ICE?  Where do you run then?  Who do you call when you've had sex with over 30 cops from around southern California over a period of years as we're seeing is the case in Oakland?  

You can't call 911 that's for sure!

Look at this poor girl in Oakland with THIRTY cops telling her how to avoid being arrested.  NOT to PROTECT HER - but to save their own ass.   Oh no let's not do to her what happened to me where I  found myself arrested and the judge ordered me to find a job, get into trade school, and with probation hanging over my head make sure I get out of the sex industry.  On no - let's not do that and then make the girl THINK these guys were "protecting her"?  Baloney - they could care less if she died on the streets as long as it didn't come to light what all they were up to.

And no I don't believe THIRTY cops in the same region all wind up sleeping with the same hooker for CHANCE.  Some of those cops by the way were from Alameda County.  So Nancy O'Malley - when you took that $80,000 grant from Swanee Hunt to "End Demand" which your bright idea to do this was to arrest more "johns" - having the same cops who were sleeping with this teenage "prostitute" oops - sorry there's "no such thing" is there of a "teenage prostitute" (now we know why they REALLY wanted to stop arresting teens and also trying to tell us there's "no such thing" in reality folks) be the ones arresting men on the streets for picking up prostitutes.

I'm curious what law applies here when the same cops who are arresting men for doing the same thing they're doing.   But at least now we REALLY know why those billboards went to a site that had nothing but a bus schedule on it for six months instead of something USEFUL like our hotline or the Children of the Night hotline (what a way to put on a show but also make sure real victims like this poor girl don't actually find a way out).

What we have here by the way is what I've been saying all along - this "end demand" is nothing more than a smoke screen to go after "independent" sex workers and their customers and push them into "legal" prostitution which is just a hop and a skip over the border to Nevada.  Bootleggers used to do the same thing to get rid of their competitors and then come in with their higher priced moonshine.

Because let's face it - if you really wanted to get these girls some help you'd be doing more than just saying "oh let's stop arresting them" but then do what?  The social services, foster care and mental health systems are already completely overloaded.  There isn't even anyone IN the juvenile probation department office last time I looked.  

So I can't exactly get an alternative sentencing program going with no active Chief's of Police, and no head of probation to sign off on anything we'd propose.

But this is brilliant - run an article saying because there "were no arrests for sex trafficking" then you got the problem all under control"?  Boy this must be why they keep coming up with more fake survivors like Samoly Mam, Chong Kim and rescuers like William Hillar - because they're sure doing everything in their power to shut up REAL survivors who would contradict them and say "no this just means we STILL can't get any traffickers arrested" NOT that they "solved the problem".

Far from it.  The ZERO number is FAR MORE DISTURBING to see because it means we're still not even getting the right types of prosecutions going against the traffickers - well because then it would expose what they don't want to expose.  Oh and then they might have to actually spend some of those BILLIONS of dollars meant to help us escape and recover ON US for once.  Instead of paying off their own paychecks, donating to their friends, and sliding money off to safe houses that will silence anyone from talking about what's really going on out here.


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