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Friday, July 15, 2016



Wichita, Kansas

This is the contact information for a woman identifying herself as "Penelope" in Wichita, Kansas.

She contacted us saying she wanted a meeting for herself.  As we do with new members, we told her that all new members must go to a phone meeting and to be screened before we will tell them where our local group is, or give out phone numbers to any of our existing members.   She said she understood the reasons for that and got the codes from us for the phone meetings.

Since this is basically a screening process, she came to the meeting.   Then said she wanted to start her own local Wichita meeting if we didn't have one going "already".  I wasn't going to tell her anything about our local activities until I figured out what was up with her.  First of all, NO ONE comes to one phone meeting and then pipes up with "Hey I want to start a meeting".

I then told her the cost of sending her "Recovery Guides" and literature for a new meeting.   Like others who are trying to scope us out for information - she was claiming she "had no funds".  Again, someone with "no funds" doesn't generally pop up wanting to start up a local meeting.   Getting more suspicious, I continued not to talk about our existing group in that area or members.

Next thing I know she's telling me she's "been talking to the local courts and jails" out there which really cinched it.  NO ONE who is new to SWA in thirty YEARS comes to one phone meeting and then charges out to talk to the local authoriies.  Our typical members take months just to get up the guts to come to a meeting.   Then after coming to a meeting it takes weeks for them to get up the guts to call new members.  It takes usually a YEAR before someone feels confident enough to start a physical live meeting.  Most ex-prostitutes are TERRIFIED at the idea of talking to the local authorities - so things aren't making sense here at all.

She asks me for meeting materials - which I explain I can't give her free printed copies.  She's going to have to work with ebooks until the group gets going.

Then she says she's "working" and doesn't come to the next phone meeting.  Now someone this busy and this broke doesn't have the time or money to be start a new chapter.  I notice she's not asking me anything about how to run a group, how to work the steps, how to work with new members, etc.  Typical questions coming out of someone starting a new meeting.

Third week too "busy working" to come to the phone meeting.  She's not calling me or emailing.  I'm not giving her anyone's contact information until I can screen her out better because something's "fishy" here.

Sure enough I get that gut feeling something is wrong so I go online to search out what's going on with her email address.  I find this website which says she's starting up not a SWA meeting - but a "12 step meeting".  I check with AA's General Office and they haven't granted consent for anyone else to be adapting their steps to any programs for those coming out of the sex industry.   Most people don't realize local groups don't need to do things like incorporate or get business licensing because that is something the "service boards" do that's not a part of the program itself.   I check with the state and I don't see she's applied for any legal paperwork to be starting her own 12 step groups.

Wichita, Kansas is an interesting spot.  It's got such high corruption a special grant was issued by the federal government to set up special investigations into it.

We started hearing about the Triad's trafficking in massage parlors back in 2009.  Officer Jim Stewart was trying to get some arrests - but he kept being fought back by other COPS.  To help the women in these parlors, he literally waited until he retied.  Then got a job with the zoning department where he was able to finally gather enough evidence to make his 2013 arrests.  Arrests where the pimps were so cocky they threatened both the arresting cop, the judge, and threw some threats my way even.  One of the women involved got probation while another got only two years - just about due to be out now if not already.

It also appears things are heating up in the massage activity there so much the city council is looking at passing new laws.

Which means more women are going to be getting arrested for prostitution up there.  Meaning the traffickers might be interested in setting up a "faux" meeting of SWA just to make things harder for real victims to escape.

I used to see this all the time in the sex industry.  I call it "trap exit doors".  Traffickers set up FAKE escape routes.  That way if someone is even THINKING about leaving, or calling the cops, they know about it.

One of the things they used to do was to run fake "help wanted" ads in the industry papers.  The idea was if they were thinking about jumping ship - they would call around looking for a new agency.  Only these guys used one of their phone numbers so they knew when a woman was calling around looking for a way out.

They used to do the same with "rescuers".  Have a guy say "if you ever want to go to the police - you let me know and I'll take you".  Only that's just so they tell him when they're thinking about leaving or going to the cops and then they deal with it.

The Triad does the same thing - they set up "fake exit doors" for women to think it's the way out and it all leads to them.  It's why they've bought their own drug treatment programs.  They know women are likely to say something when they're going through withdrawal.  By owning the drug program - they make sure she's not going to call 911 at 2:00 a.m. when she's having a hard night of detox.

Buyer beware.  The reason why I put my name on the group's thats ours is so that our members know what's REALLY  ours and what's NOT.

I don't know what's going on with this Butterfly Group - but that's just the problem.  Why would she be setting up her own group without at least trying to partner with us for resources and advice as well as support?  No - she got close enough to try and scout out information and paperwork and then she sneaks around and sets up this site?  She not only didn't say anything about that to us, but she refused all my requests to speak to her in any way for weeks before I wrote this.

Approach this meeting and person with caution.  Just my opinion but something is very wrong here.  I do not believe she was honest with us.  I don't believe she's another ex-prostitute nor do I believe this group is on the "up and up".  Not when everything connected to it was so deceitful.

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