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Monday, June 6, 2016


First of all, let's clarify one thing.  The sex industry is just that - an INDUSTRY.  An INDUSTRY just like any other BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.   An industry like farming, hospitality, mining, fishing, meat packing, fashion, manufacturing, etc.

How is the "sex industry" an "industry"?  Well let's break it down.  Let's take illegal street prostitution.  The men and women standing on that street corner usually wear certain clothing, shoes, and make-up that tells you this is what they're doing out there.  Not the same clothing one would wear to church or an office job.  Most prostitutes have cell phones, so that's a necessity.  Many have tazer's, pepper spray, and other protection devices.  Let's not forget condoms and adult toys.  Meaning there are a lot of products and services purchased in connection with the sex industry and it's operations.

Some prostitutes also work as strippers, or in the porn industry.  Can one do pornography without being a prostitute?  Sure.  Just as someone can be a stripper without being a prostitute.  They are not always one in the same - but each is a part of the sex industry.  Porn and strip clubs also rely upon advertising, marketing, and even hire accountants usually to do their taxes.  Strip clubs purchase food, alcohol, seating, sound systems, security, furniture, etc.  They may also employ DJ's, cooks, bartenders, service staff, even a cleaning crew usually.  The same for many legal brothels who also hire cleaning staff, bartenders, cooks, security, managers, and other staff related to the operation of the brothel.  Meaning the sex INDUSTRY employs a lot of people within it OTHER than just "prostitutes".

All of which can be operating legally or illegally.  There are illegal strip clubs just as there are people who are filming pornography in regions where it's illegal to be filming pornography.  Meaning just like any other "industry" - the sex industry can also have CHEAP KNOCK-OFF'S as well as people operating in an ILLEGAL manner.   This includes forced labor and people who are ignoring the laws regarding how they treat their help or even their "stock" if they work with animals.  Just as there are illegal underground gambling parlors, or places where bookies take bets - there are also illegal brothels, strip clubs, porn production studios, etc.

There's not only how the customers treat the providers at issue.   How the "employers" treat them is also an issue.  For example, you might have farmers who are treating their animals abusively.  You might have employers who aren't paying their help the proper legal wage.  You have companies operating who are not properly licensed, or maybe aren't hiring licensed help.  This concept applies not just to the sex industry BUT ANY industry.

Meaning that when I get a call on our hotline from someone who needs help to leave the sex industry, which by the way is not just comprised of people working as prostitutes, I have to also keep in mind professionals or resources I might be referring them to also need to be checked out carefully also.  I say this because the sex industry includes people who are working as legal or illegal prostitutes, as well as people who may be madams, pimps, screeners, club owners, massage parlor owners, strippers, porn performers, porn agents, porn producers/publishers, etc.  So someone leaving the sex industry may not even be working as a prostitute in other words.

This is why our program is called "Sex Workers Anonymous".  Because we may be getting a call from someone who has been a madam or stripper for 20 years who has not worked as a prostitute at all - that still needs help to exit the industry and who may also have been a trafficking victim.  Yes there are people who are forced to operate in some positions within the sex industry other than "prostitute".  Again, this is why our program is open to anyone, from any part of the sex industry, legal or illegal, who has a desire to exit the industry - not just prostitution.

Now because things that are illegal, unethical, immoral, etc. can happen in ANY industry - that doesn't mean we can just refer someone who calls us for help who may need more services than we offer to just anyone in the yellow pages.  Criminals, exploiters, predators, abusers, etc., can be ANYWHERE  - not just in the sex industry in other words.  In other words, just because someone hangs out a shingle saying they're a "therapist" doesn't mean I'm going to not scrutinize this person carefully before I would refer anyone from our hotline to them for help.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.  Walking into the Las Vegas Rawson Neal Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital - you would imagine this is a properly licensed facility correct?  I mean take a look at the place:


Only in November of 2013, I received a call from a woman who was telling me she was seeing counselors, and getting psychiatric medication, from this same hospital WHILE IT WAS OPERATING WITHOUT A LICENSE.  I outlined this episode more here.

Now from the outside, this looked like a perfectly fine legitimate psychiatric hospital and outpatient clinic.  Until I started seeing how they were treating this woman.  For one thing, they had told her there "were not beds for drug treatment" which I knew to be untrue.  They then offered to put her into an apartment "for free" while they were "waiting for her a bed".  A "nurse" would then come by her apartment twice a day to administer her medications.   She was never given a prescription bottle and when I asked her what she was taking even she had no idea.  To me, this timed medication sounded more like someone had put her in some kind of research experiment then her receiving treatment.   Keep in mind I've seen this happening a lot when it comes to women labeled as "trafficking victims" or "prostitutes" within the system which she was.

I'm not joking one bit when I say within literally HOURS after me reaching out to the director of this program to speak to them about her treatment this place was shut down.  One thing NOT noted in the article was then someone also came by and told her she had to leave the apartment within 24 hours.   They claimed she had no lease and therefore they could then claim she was a "trespasser" and have her arrested.  This was a blatant lie.  She was receiving mail there, had a key, and therefore as a legal tenant of that apartment, lease or not, they had to give her a legal eviction notice.  But they did not do this because someone clearly didn't want any record of her stay there which was coming out of the state's pocket into the landlord's.

Why?  Probably for the same reason the hospital wasn't "reaching federal standards".  Now in her case, she was lucky and I was able to just come pick her up and get her situated into another apartment.  But what of the other women I didn't know about who were being treated just like her?  These women were coming out of prostitution, some away from a pimp, who had been given psychiatric medications twice a day, promised housing, and then suddenly someone just shows up at their door and throws them into the street.

Clearly this means they are not being treated even in a legal, let alone ethical, manner, while being led to believe they're getting proper treatment from a mental health facility.   It's for reasons like this I don't just accept the statement "oh we referred them to the proper resources" when I read a news article that a person who was arrested for prostitution, or a rescued trafficking victim, was "referred to the proper resources".  It's for things just like this why I will push further and ask "to WHO" was this person referred so that we can make sure they're getting the proper care they need.   I say this because the Las Vegas news was reporting "victims were referred to counseling".  Only in this case, the center wasn't licensed and the whole thing was shady.  To be blunt, these women were clearly being experimented upon even by unlicensed facilities.

What's worse is these medications were not only cut off suddenly which is dangerous and medical negligent, but that we couldn't even help her continue on them by taking her to another doctor because we didn't know what she had been taking.  With them shut down and no one answering the phone - we couldn't ask anyone either.  Since her medications hadn't been filled at a pharmacy - we also couldn't ask for more of the pills.

Meaning she was just cut off these medications suddenly with no weaning off period of time.  You might find it an interesting note that almost every major shooting has happened when a person was suddenly off their anti-depressants by the way including Columbine.  I also had this woman freaking out mentally at 1:00 a.m. and no idea quite how to help other than taking her to ER for more care.  Something we could do for her because I had a car.  This was a woman with no job, no money, no car, no bus pass, etc.  A woman that if not for my help would have been evicted into the street in this condition with no way to even get to an ER - all at the hands of a mental health facility supposedly operated by the state of Nevada.

It was wrong how this woman was treated.  This wasn't some back alley.  This was a hospital and outpatient clinic where most people who are on Medicaid go.  It's where people are referred to go when getting out of jail/prison.  It's where those who are coming out of hospitalization and drug treatment programs are referred.  Yet despite the facade - this was a facility operating without a license and treating it's patients beyond badly, but downright endangering their lives.

Which means one of the things we do before referring anyone to someone in the mental health field is to first of all SEE IF THEY'RE LICENSED.  I don't care how nice looking or how official sounding their office or name appears.  I'm going to first of all verify if this facility, or professional is licensed, before recommending them to anyone else.

Because it goes beyond just the clinic obviously.  Because this isn't just happening to prostitutes, or trafficking victims.  This kind of thing is happening to ANYONE.   The clinic or center might be licensed - but what about the specific therapist, doctor, psychiatrist, etc.?  Let's take a look at a Dr. Reinstein.  This "doctor" was found guilty of prescribing medications to mental health patients and in return getting "kickback''s".

Did this kind of thing happen in Nevada?  Sure it did.  Check out these lawsuits about how Nevada was a state where the pharmaceutical companies gave doctors money to prescribe medications which were not medically necessary for patients.

The psychiatrist who goes to the jails and prisons in southern Nevada are most commonly Dr. Yaron Zedek (or Ron Zedek as he changed his name to).  The other one who goes up to the jails in Tonopah and Pahrump is Dr. Agapito Racoma.   You'll also notice they're listed as one of the "top prescribers" in this letter  by Senator Charles Grassley who is expressing his concern over the high number of prescriptions for drugs which may also be giving "kickbacks" to these doctors.  Now by itself that doesn't mean anything.  Maybe they're "high prescribers" because they see a lot of patients.  Of course every person who has been calling us for a while now wanting help to exit and recover from the sex industry has been reporting to us they're on at least three, or more, of these types of medications.

Now one of the ways to see if the prescribing is "ethical" is to see if they're taking any kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies.  Which you can see just how much money "on the books" has been given to these doctors by which pharmaceutical companies here.  Which it does appear these two psychiatrists who do see those in jail and prison for prostitution do accept money, or "kickbacks" from the pharmaceutical companies.

Does this mean they're bad doctors however?  Dr. Ron Zedek used to be called Dr. Yaron Zedek when he was working in Nebraska.  Seems he left Nebraska and came to Nevada after a lawsuit brought about by a woman who reported Dr. Zedek did not believe her when she told him she was sexually assaulted while in the hospital by an employee of the hospital.  The lawsuit further said Dr. Zedek didn't believe the patient's claim "because no black men worked at the hospital".  It later was proven there was a black man who worked there who was charged with her sexual assault.  Yet even after a man was charged with the assault - this woman STILL didn't receive treatment for the assault.

I bring up Dr. Zedek's name specifically in Nevada because I took my daughter to him for care when we thought she was bipolar.  He appeared by his reviews to seem to appear to be a good psychiatrist.  After writing her out about six different prescriptions, he suggested I sign her up to a new program he was starting up for young people like her.  

It was called the "Home of Possibilities".  The domain for this program used to be at  He told me this program was designed to help young women like her, and also me to help care for her, again when I thought she was bipolar (it later turned out to be a 26 pound tumor on her ovary pumping her full of massive hormones which was the cause of her hallucinations and mood swings).

Note I said "when we thought she was bipolar".  I took her to see Dr. Zedek who then wrote her out six different psychiatric medications based on her symptoms described, and then referred us to this "Home of Possibilities" for further support.  I was told this was a group of licensed therapists who would come out to the house and provide her with therapy "at home".  I needed this for her because getting her out of the house, into the paratransit, to the doctor's office for an hour, and then home again was impossible when I couldn't get her out of bed, get her dressed, and taking her out of the house made her hallucinations more severe.  So this group was supposed to be sending out a therapist to come work with her at the house at least once a week.  Since I couldn't leave her alone during this time - they also were supposed to send a therapist out to work with me to provide me with support.

At no time was it suggested that we do things like an MRI, cat scan, or other diagnostics to find out what was causing her hallucinations and mood swings.   Her blood work had revealed her hormones were off balance but I was told "oh that's normal for a teenager" and it was blown off.  If not for the car accident she had a few years later where they did a full body MRI on her - we would never have known it was a tumor.  Instead we would have continued to be having her on all these pills which means she probably would have died by now if we'd left her in Dr. Zedek's care, as well as the "Home of Possibilities".

They did send out two people they represented to be licensed therapists to us from "Home of Possibilities".  Now I've been working on my degree in psychology so I have some training in this science myself.  I've worked with people in mental health for decades, and I have friends who are psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, etc.  So I have a good idea what the training is like when you are a licensed therapist or counselor.  Especially since I've also been doing continuing education for this profession on how to work effectively with men and women coming out of the sex industry, as well as sex trafficking victims.

I found what they were doing to be "suspect" from the first visit.  For example, the female therapist who was coming out to see us told me that after her session with my daughter she was going to her "second job as a cocktail waitress".  When I asked why - she told me her job with this company "didn't pay her very much".  She then sat down on the floor cross-legged instead of sitting in a chair.  I found it to be a little "informal" to say the least.  Then she offered to work with both my daughter and myself at the same time which is an absolute "no no" for any therapist - you never use the same person for family members living in the same house.  The fact she didn't know that really raised my alarms.

So I asked her point blank "are you a licensed counselor?"  She told me "yes".  When I asked "as what?" she started stuttering and getting defensive.   Then she acted like I had asked her something "personal" and told me "where I've gone to school is a personal question" and got huffy and hostile about my line of questioning which really raised my alarm bells.   After she left, I went on the website for the program which claimed she was a licensed therapist.  But then I went to the state licensing board and couldn't find her name listed.

In fact, I couldn't find ANYONE'S name from this program listed as licensed.   When I then contacted the program directly and demanded to know who this person was I'd just let into my home - they admitted she was not licensed in anything at all.  In fact, she was still working on her BA degree.  I found the fact I was lied to about their credentials alarming so I dug deeper to find that the program ITSELF wasn't licensed in Nevada.  Their program director was a licensed therapist in FLORIDA.  She lived in Florida also.  So the director of the program was a woman who lived in Florida which to my knowledge it's not legal to operate a program of this type in Nevada without someone in Nevada in charge.  Which is where I found out Dr. Zedek came into his relationship with this program.  Essentially it appeared to be a program set up under his license for billing purpose's.

But for what?  When I had gone onto their website it said it was set up to send out therapists to juveniles in need of this type of help to their house when they were too ill to go into an office for counseling.  Okay fine.  But then where were the licensed therapists?  I then contacted the people at the office of this program and I demanded to know WHO EXACTLY was coming out to my house to provide my daughter with therapy?

I was then told these people were "psychosocial rehabilitation" workers or PSR's.  Would you like to know what their requirements were for the job?  A driver's license, a GED, and no arrests within the last seven years.  Here's a site showing this requirement for the job -  You'll see their average pay is about $20 an hour.  Seems Dr. Zedek was charging Medicaid $175 an hour for the work with my daughter and myself, then "supervising" the execution of this work with the "PSR" who he'd then pay $20 an hour to actually come out and talk to us.  Pocketing the other $155 he was being paid.   While LYING  to us that the people who were PSR's coming out were "licensed therapists".

Once I understood how this deal was operating, and of course his monthly visit to prescribe all these medications that added up to $3000 a month's worth to her which weren't even what she needed, seems a pretty good racket for Dr. Zedek.  But what about my daughter?  I asked these people what exactly was the plan here to get my daughter WELL.  I wanted my daughter back in school, back in society, and a functional person again.  Not stuck in the house every day with me because she was too sick to go anywhere.

I was proposed that she could be helped by "attending a group meeting weekly".   What was this I asked? I was told that she would come into the office along with about six other girls like her and they would "talk".  I pointed out if she was capable of doing this - then I wouldn't be there in the first place asking for a therapist who could come out to the house because I was having trouble getting her to go anywhere out of the house safely.   I then asked what these meetings would consist of that would help her so greatly and there was no logical answer.  The real answer was this was a great way to get six kids together to bill Medicaid for six patients while only paying one PSR $20 an hour - meaning even more money to Dr. Zedek.

And I thought pimps were bad.

What made me mad was wondering how many other mothers were getting the same song and dance whose kid's weren't getting any proper care while Dr. Zedek was cashing these big fat checks who maybe didn't know that these people were not what they were claiming to be.  How many were having this cocktail waitress come sit on their floor and violate all kinds of boundaries and trusting this was going to help their child who were then going to be getting nothing of value in return?  So I made an appointment with Dr. Zedek and ASKED him - how was any of this exactly going to help my daughter?  I wanted an explanation.  His response to me was that I needed to "trust the process and give it time".


Then later that day I received an email that both my daughter and I were being discharged from their care.  The next day I found their website had been taken down.   Here's a Facebook page on them.   So it appears they took "some teens out for a hike" in November of 2015.  But their website is still down.

Now if I get a call from a parent who has a teenage daughter who is coming out of prostitution, or who has been pimped or trafficked - would I recommend them to see Dr. Zedek or to Home of Possibilities?


Now does that mean I am "discrediting" Dr. Zedek?  No.

Does that mean I'm being "negative" or "judgmental" or "critical" even.


It means I acknowledge predators can come in all kinds of forms.  It means that if I refer someone to a professional of some kind - I need to do some homework on that person or program before doing so.   I'm also not attacking Dr. Zedek as a person.  I don't know anything about him as a person.  I just know that I would not trust someone in his care to get the proper care.  Not when he's getting all these kickbacks, prescribing medications so freely, and then downright lying about the credentials and programs he's referring us to use that are clearly set up to be making money for him and not much else from what I saw.

The same for the mental health hospital even if they do get licensed in the future.  I'm still going to verify that before sending someone there, and further whoever they see as a counselor there - I'm going to verify their license.

Because I saw the same thing with Beth Jacobs in Arizona.  For the longest time, she was online telling people she was not only a "licensed social worker" but that "Willow Way was a 501c3 nonprofit".  Only she was not a licensed social worker or counselor - nor is she now.  The program Willow Way was not even incorporated until YEARS after she'd been online talking like the program was actually incorporated at that time.

Further, she was supposedly working with clients of "Project Rose" through the Mojave Counseling Center which I looked up and found they weren't licensed at that time either for the same reasons the one in Las Vegas wasn't - they weren't meeting federal standards at that time.  In fact, the state of Arizona came out and shut them down when they found out about what was going on.  Now the Mojave Counseling Center has since obtained a license and reopened - but that doesn't alter that for a long time clients of "Project Rose" were being told if they didn't go there for help to exit prostitution they'd go to jail instead.

Let me put it another way - would you invite your family, and your children, and your grandparents, to come eat at a restaurant who had failed a health inspection and wasn't licensed to be even open?  You might if the food was really good and you knew the chef well and you knew there was a legitimate reason for all of that.   I would invite people over to a private home for dinner if I know the person who is cooking and know they'll serve a meal that won't kill someone from food poisoning.

In other words, taking measures to make sure that someone you give a referral to for something is going to be treated well or not does not mean you're being "negative" or "judgmental" or even "critical" - but that you are instead caring about the people you work with, that you take your referrals seriously, and if you feel someone is a threat of some kind you will do your best to warn people you care about in order to protect them.   Using the restaurant example, if you personally knew of five people who had been poisoned at this unlicensed restaurant then you would not hesitate to warn people you know to think twice about eating at this place.  It doesn't mean you're being "negative" but in fact quite responsible and caring.

How does all of this apply to working with helping people exit sex work and/or escape and recover from sex trafficking in Nevada?  It means that I don't care about what the press is about someone.  I am going to do some "due diligence" to make sure that this person or program is what they are supposed to be, and even if that, they are safe to refer someone to.

Take the Andre Agassi Academy in Las Vegas.  They're a licensed school.  They have great reviews.  But they also had a female coach who was pimping out some of the students.

The official story on this didn't break until June of 2007.  I can assure you I had heard people talking about this LONG before the arrest or the news broke through the "grapevine". I've got men and women coming in and out of our program, calling our hotline, and talking to me and each other all the time.  So I had heard there was this coach doing this LONG before her actual arrest.   Now would it have done a bit of good to go to the school with what I was "hearing through the grapevine".


They would deny it.  They would call in the coach and ask her about it.  She'd deny it.  Then nothing.  Nothing would change at all.

Have one of the girl's step up and say this coach had "tried to talk her into prostitution"?  Again, more denials.  Solves nothing.

Now before the arrest hit the news - would I say something to anyone about this in print or otherwise?  Absolutely not because then I'd be liable for a defamation lawsuit for one thing.  For another, how do I know if what I'm hearing isn't just wagging tongues?  What if it was a completely unwarranted rumor I was hearing with no base in reality?  It could have been.

So would I tell people "don't send your kid there because they've got a pimp for a coach".  Absolutely not.  I might however suggest other schools I've checked out a little better and am pretty confident that kind of thing isn't happening.  I might suggest the parents not leave their kids alone in class unsupervised with that teacher.  But before this news hit - I wouldn't say anything to anyone about what I was hearing on the grapevine about this coach.

Now if I do happen to hear about another class being given by this same coach - I would not hesitate to whip out that news clip and suggest the person might want to rethink taking this class.  Does that mean I'm "attacking" this person?  I think I'm doing the best I can to protect people from being exploited or preyed upon.

Does this mean this person is a mean awful person?  Let's get one thing straight - ALL predators, exploiters, abusers, pimps, etc. are CHARMING.  Convincing even.  Let's take a look at Bernie Madoff - he had convinced a lot of people to give him their life savings.  He had a lot of friends.  He donated a lot of money.   In fact he had so many friends and supporters that warnings had been going out for TEN YEARS which were being shot down.

Take a look  Harry Markopolos.  He tried to warn people about Madoff for some time.  Was he being "negative" or "critical"?  Not at all.  In fact, if more people had listened to his warnings - more people might have been saved.   Now should he have "kept silent" about what he knew?  I think those who might have listened to him and saved their money would argue he should not have remained silent and he did the right thing.

I'm bringing this up because there ARE A LOT OF CON ARTISTS in the anti-trafficking field.  Not everyone is as they appear.  I mean let's take a look at a Homeland Security agent who was a trafficker in disguise for some time before being caught.

Joohoon was caught supposedly because of a "complaint sent to the Office of Professional Responsibility" which triggered the investigation which led to his arrest.  Now I didn't know Mr. Lee's name specifically.  But I did know I had victims telling me they had been threatened by men as high up as this office who had connections in Immigration.

Clearly there were immigration connections who let 24 victims turn around and go back home in 20 minutes without having their visa's cleared first as is required by law when a non-American is arrested on suspicion of being a victim of trafficking, or prostitution.  Especially when bags of drugs and two cops were caught right along with those 24 women in "Operation Dollhouse" in Las Vegas.  It was pretty clear to me SOMEONE had Immigration connections for those women to have been released prior to having their visa's checked, and to be questioned by ICE, as is required by law in cases like that.

"Operation Dollhouse" came about because I had tried speaking to Chief Gillispie about this trafficking operation to no avail.  So in frustration I went and asked a reporter to get involved which prompted the raid in the first place.  Meaning that neither "Operation Dollhouse" nor Joohoon's arrest might possibly have even happened if I had not been "complaining" to people about what I had victims' telling me was going on in an attempt to HELP others.  I wasn't trying to hurt anyone.  I was however trying to get women out of there who didn't want to be there but who couldn't because men with badges and in offices of authority were telling them they "had no way out".

Now I ask you - how would you get someone who is being trafficked away from a Homeland Security officer?  Especially one who can "manufacture" a case against an innocent person?  I don't think you can.  Meaning the ONLY way to get a victim out from under a person like this is to get that person ARRESTED.

Only now we see that a man like Joohoon is only being charged with "bribery".  Why?  Because we have no laws on the books STILL in 2016 that would hold him accountable for trafficking.  The news said his "case was closed".  Only I didn't see one word about the guy who bribed him being caught yet anywhere.   I also know he didn't do this alone.  Not when his boss told this poor man who was being falsely accused there was "nothing he could do to stop Joohoon" when he called complaining to him about what was happening to him and his wife.    He wasn't lying because without any laws on the books allowing him to be charged for trafficking - then how could he?

So I've clearly got some MORE complaining to do.  That's what "protesting" is all about.  Which is why I don't understand why I keep hearing from people about how they have a problem with how "negative" I can be.

Okay here's a challenge for you.  YOU TELL ME how on earth I would have gotten someone like Joohoon arrested, and stopped from what he was doing to traffick women, if I WAS NOT NEGATIVE?

How would you handle someone you know who might be wanting professional drug treatment NOT go to a program run by Chris Bathum?  ESPECIALLY if that person was a female coming out of prostitution or sex work?  Let's say before, or after, ABC did their show and this article came out revealing what he was doing, and the woman who died behind his negligence and exploitation of women sexually.

Seriously - you hear of a woman coming out of prostitution say to you "I think I'm going to go check into Community Recovery".  If we're not going to be "negative" then how would you handle protecting that woman to the best of your ability?

One step further - if I meet this man in person am I supposed to be "nice" to the man?   I'm not saying I'm going to like hit him or anything but would I invite him over for dinner?  Would you?

I'm just pointing out that a lot of people say I'm "negative" or "critical".  Well isn't that in a sense what started all of this?  If I wasn't unhappy and "critical" of the way we were being treated back in the 1970's and 1980's - then I wouldn't have started our hotline and program as well as this movement for change in the first place then would I?

So please understand if I advise you not to be sending in donations to someone because I know they have a warrant out for conning someone else (I have a copy of the warrant also or I wouldn't say anything), then I'm not "discrediting" that person.  If anything, I work with teaching our members how not to be played by pimps - so why wouldn't I be also showing others how to identify con artists of any kind?

But I'm open to suggestion.   If you have an idea how I can do things like this without being "negative" then by all means I'd love to hear your ideas.  But silent I can't remain or we wouldn't even be hear talking about this subject because remember they said the same thing to me back in 1987 - to "shut up" and "no one wants to hear that" and "that subject is too dark to talk about" and "wow that's really negative" and other such comments people would throw up at me to shut me up from talking about sex trafficking being in fact real in the USA in modern times and that we further as a country needed to start doing something about it rather than denying it existed and telling it's victims to "shut up" basically.

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