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Saturday, June 4, 2016


Dear Mr. Wise - you have no idea how much you helped me understand something with your documentary I just saw today "White Like me".  I say that because my name is Jody Williams.  I am the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement.  A movement that was hijacked shortly after we got the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed.  I appear to be white even though I am mostly native American with a little African American blood in there also.  But I do appear to be white.

The strangest thing started happening to me that I just could not understand.  When we formed our group, and we did the media we did to get the Trafficking Act passed - we were EXTREMELY calculated about always having an Asian, a white, and an African American represented.  If you note the press conference I gave in 2007 at in fact I had an Asian, a white woman, a senior woman, and an African American women there to make sure this was not turned into a racial image.

When people think of "trafficking" as either being about Asian opium dens, or Hispanic drug cartels, or African American gangs - they miss  the 80 % of victims who are WHITE and American born.  Just as they did with the Mann Act of 1910 thinking it was only Asian women who were trafficked from China in the USA and NOT that this could be American born women being trafficked.  I have stood by and watched as Hearst Media filmed THREE so called "doumentaries" about our Chicago group which is mostly African American, and made them not only look like they were ALL of our 12 step program, but further they made the African American women who runs the Chicago group appear to be the "Founder".

I now have arguments with people who saw her 3 films, but none of mine, who think she is in fact our "founder".  I now have white girls thinking we're nothing but Chicago African American street walkers with pimps and that completely is not at all what we formed our group, and this movement about.  We had laws on the books in the 1980's to call for help when being pimped.  This "Wilthema" was hand selected by the McCain Institute, California Endowment, etc.  She didn't put herself up on that podium.  She was even nominated by the Ricky Martin Foundation for her "Most Influential People" award"!  For WHAT? Getting arrested for prostitution?  No - she's the "poster child" of their campaign and Hispanic.

What we did NOT have laws on the books back then was both for American women being trafficked AND when someone in our own government was trafficking us such as Joohoon David Lee.  He is a Homeland Security and Immigration officer who was caught trafficking women while on duty.  Only he was only charged with bribery and not trafficking because we STILL do not have any laws on the books against what he did.  Why?  Because suddenly I'm seeing all these interviews, and 3 documentaries, hit the media making it appear that this is a "black" streetwalker issue.  Look at Jada Pinkett-Smith now campaigning for "Don't See Bodies", or Malika Saar in her corn rows holding up a poster of an African American girl calling her "victim".  Don't get me started on Samoly Mam, another fake and Asian.

For the life of me I have asked myself why are they not only trying to make this appear to be about African American women, but why to the point of even making it appear that I myself as the founder of the movement, and the leader of our program, don't even exist?  Then I saw your film today and the lightbulb moment hit me when you said "the best way to get society to drop a program is to make it appear to benefit the African American community".

Needless to say, I've been seeing support drop off dramatically as they started doing this.  If you ever want to do a part 2 of your subject matter - I have got some DOOZIES of how they've even tried to make US appear to be black in order to silence and diffuse us.  I can show you one after the other after the other of the media these people have created with only African American spokespeople, images, even cities like when Jada Pinkett-Smith went to Atlanta, or Kevin Brown went to Houston, etc.

I had started to file a lawsuit in fact against the producers of "8 Minutes" for what's called a "defamacast" for only showing nothing but Hispanic and African American women they were calling "victim" over and over again.  That was until I learned it was completely STAGED.

Again I was wondering why?  Why stage it to only appear to be minority women?  Well your documentary answered my question.  To silence and diffuse us.

Thank you Mr. Wise.  Now I see everything about how when they couldn't silence us - they had to spin us into silence.  Thank you for your work.

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