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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I'm not the only one saying the Cupcake Girls is a "front" organization.  That whole show they put on claiming that "women can't get work in Nevada because of their prostitution record" was not only a complete show and untrue - but they KNEW it was untrue being someone working closely with them HAS a prostitution record yet she didn't have any problem at all finding work, and union work at that.
So why?  Simple.  The ONLY thing you can't get in Nevada with a prostitution record is A PROSTITUTION LICENSE to work at the legal brothels.

Well now thanks to Cupcake Girls, you get a signature from the right person, like maybe Bonaventure, and voila!  You got yourself a license.

You also now can't tell your pimp you can't go to work at the legal brothel because of your record.  That excuse goes right out the book and your ass is working at the ranch!

They're also used to launder money.  Need to pay off blackmail money but don't want your accountant to know what it's for?  Cupcake Girls can oblige.  Just as Charlie Sheen.   Need to send money to a hooker or stripper and don't want the IRS or law enforcement to trace?  Need to pay someone for a good snitching out?  Cupcake Girls is happy to put together a sham fund raiser to cover your ass!

I've heard of plenty of active working girls getting money from their fund raisers, but have yet to hear of that money going to help anyone go through the exit process out.  Oh but they help out "anyone unconditionally".  So now you're paying hookers money?  For what?  I assure you active working escorts or strippers in Vegas are more than capable of paying for their dental work.  They claim to use a service by the way that only does dental work for "indigents".  That means like homeless with no jobs - not strippers!  They also report having not one referral from Cupcake Girls.

Oh but the AVN cares so much about their women they have a whole hospitality suite for them at the AVN.

Yeah and that's why they canceled on the domestic violence hospitality suite at the same time 9 women were appearing on the same stage with James Deen while alleging he had raped them.  They were also threatening his victims with break of contract if for example women like Stoya didn't actually stand next to him and present.

Real caring dudes!

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