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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Here we have Leah presenting herself full face as a "trafficking victim" now "Transformer".  For someone promoting a "program" supposedly, this sure seems to be about putting her out there.  I don't know anything about Leah because she's never responded to my emails asking to speak to her.  Which also means whatever she is offering - she isn't interested in offering it to the callers to our hotline or members of our 12 step program.  But then again maybe it's because we aren't "affiliated" with law enforcement in the same manner she is.  We however can't afford to.  Not when our members report being trafficked by men like Joohoon David Lee, a Homeland Security and ICE officer who was trafficking women on Homeland Security's dime.

But welcome to more "branding" of sex trafficking victims as being African American or women of color.

When we gave our press conference about sex trafficking in the legal brothels and strip clubs in 2007 - I was there as a white woman.  We also had an African American woman there, Brenda Myers-Powell, and an older woman, Kathleen Mitchell.  We also had an Asian woman, Chong Kim, there.  In other words, I tried to show the issue of sex trafficking is NOT a racial issue.  If you go look at our site at - you will not see any racial, religious, or gender issues presented on our site.  We want anyone of any type of background to know they can receive help from us - and we also know victims come in all type of colors, shapes, and sizes.

If you look at the "branding" that's been coming out of these well financed media campaigns that exclude us in every way - you'll find over and over again that they are always showing either women who are African American or Hispanic.  Never a male or transgender by the way either.

I've written to Leah and asked to speak to her.  I've let her know about our work and hotline.  I've asked her to let us interview her for our juvenile members who can't go to regular meetings.  I've asked her to come to one of our meetings.  I've let her know about our hotline answered by a survivor 24/7.  I've let her know about our program, and the fact we have a jail program, and we also are an alternative sentencing option.

Not one phone call or response out of her to us to date.

Compare with other African American "branding" of sex trafficking victims, which in it's way is saying African American women, or women of color are "prostitutes".  That is EXACTLY why I had written A&E and Relativity Media a "cease and desist" letter with an intent to sue for "defamation" when they cast "8 Minutes" with every single woman they were "rescuing" as being a woman of color.  If it was random that's one thing.  But they hired those women as actresses - meaning they stacked the deck.   I did that because EVERY SINGLE WOMAN they filmed on that show was either African American or Hispanic.  Every "trafficker" they showed as an African American male.  If they were choosing - then why emphasize only people of color?

Here's the "poster child" for "No Such Thing":

Presented to us by Malika Saar:

Complete with corn rows:

Of course we have a documentary about Brenda Myers-Powell's work running a Prostitutes Anonymous group in Chicago - but where is there one mention of Prostitutes Anonymous' founder, and the program which got Brenda off the streets?  
CNN has Jada Pinkett-Smith hosting a documentary on sex trafficking not in Los Angeles, but in Atlanta: and another woman of color:

Who is PAYING FOR THIS by the way?

The "No Such Thing" campaign was sponsored by the McCain Institute

The CNN Project and "Demand Abolition" is Swanee Hunt

Who IS a "trafficking victim" being excluded from these conversations?

Jeane Palfrey was found hung in her mother's back yard before she had a chance to testify at Congressional and Ethics Hearings that she, along with the women in her escort service, were being forced to act as prostitutes by men in high level of our government against their will.  Rather than take a simple plea bargain which would have gotten her probation - she insisted on a trial so as to make proof of this "public record" with her phone logs.  The day before she was to call a press conference to reveal more names, and speak in more detail about what she had been forced into doing, along with Brandy Britton, who was also found hung in her home before her trial could take place, she reported to me she had been followed all day.  That's why she had gone to her mother's house in the first place  (to make sure she would be okay).

Brandy Britton

But then if we put the conversation onto the white women being trafficked, instead of the women of color - guess who that leads back to as their "traffickers"?  

I watched a wonderful documentary recently "White Like Me" proposing the fastest way to get a movement to lose support is to make it appear to be mostly about people of color.  

Sure is a clever way to siphon phone calls away from the ONLY hotline for adults in this country NOT connected with law enforcement don't you think?

BTW - Joohoon David Lee was ONLY charged with "bribery" not trafficking.  Why?  THERE ARE STILL NO LAWS ON THE BOOKS ALLOWING PROSECUTION OF OUR GOVERNMENT OR LEGAL OFFICIALS WHEN FOUND TO BE TRAFFICKING.  Since Joohoon traveled to Korea and brought the women back on Homeland Security's dime for airfare, he technically was trafficking while "on the job".  Despite no mention of having caught the man who bribed him in both Nevada and California to do this, the courts have called this "case closed".  I'm willing to bet he's also keeping his pension - just as when cops are caught trafficking are also allowed to keep theirs.  Despite the statute on when I can also file a complaint against someone threatening me - I later learned that UNLESS you file a completely separate complaint with the government within SIX MONTHS of the incident - they bar you from prosecution criminally or civilly. So for all you women out there being raped, beaten, threatened and trafficked by cops, DEA agents, or Homeland Security - you need to file a complaint within six months or you can't file any charges or a lawsuit.

If you ask me - THAT'S what they're trying to distract you from realizing is truly offensive by going on and on and on about the "Super Bowl" being where "the traffickers are" and by pushing videos like Leah which go absolutely nowhere to stop the trafficking of our American sons and daughters by men within our own government and law enforcement offices.  Not only are they not charged - but they even retire with their pensions!  

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