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Saturday, June 18, 2016


I posted this under Dan Schulman's page here as a comment to reach him since he has no way to message him directly:

Which isn't going to last long with what you're company has been up to lately. We have the class action lawsuit for $25 million you lost for improperly handling people's accounts. Then there's the news that hit CBS you're forcing people to pay for stolen items. And now we have Hertz Car Rental and your strong arming people to pay for their lives being knowingly endangered.
On April 12, 2016, I rented a car from Thrifty Car rental who now belongs to Hertz. This was after a law was passed making it a CRIME to rent out a recalled car because of two deaths in an Enterprise recalled car AND a pledge was signed by these companies to Obama not to do such a thing. Thinking I'd be safe - I rented a car which unknown to me had THREE SEPARATE RECALLS for life threatening issues. One being I could even fall out of the car from the door opening while driving.
I was lucky enough to be pulled over for speeding when the cop informed me of the recall. He told me he should impound the car, but because I'm disabled he told me to drive home and park the car. The company then voided my deposit and contract so I wouldn't sue them on April 17th. Then they kept asking me to drive the car to them because they couldn't get a tow company to tow it. Why? Because they knew about the 3 recalls, they had registered the car in Oregon. Without proper registration, no insurance, and the recalls no towing company would pick up the car. They finally came to get the car by someone driving it off who entered my private proeprty without asking my consent to pick it up (I had told them just to ask me for the keys), when your company, Paypal overdrafts my account by $1500. The renting of this car to me was a CRIME. I had a carfax on that car showing the recalls and that repairs had not been done on the car. When I first called in - your company said it was a "mistake" and told me I would receive a credit. The next day however a Chelsie tells me that she's going to pay them the full $1500 "because I had the car". I HAD THE CAR BECAUSE IT WASN'T SAFE TO DRIVE. I informed her this act was a crime, and my ledger showed the refunding of the deposit on 4/17/16. Only WITHIN ONE HOUR MY RECORDS WERE ALTERED. The "credit" had transformed into a "hold". But guess what? I have been seeing you guys act like this lately so I have screen shots showing you altered my records. Then ONE HOUR LATER I got a call from your DEBT COLLECTION DEPT. claiming that now I owed YOU $1500 and that YOU were now trying to collect $1500 from me. I represented the evidence this car was in recall when I rented it, along with the law showing this was illegal and the screenshot showing I had been refunded my deposit 60 days ago.
Your company's response was to threaten attaching my SSI checks over this. Only the big question is why would you honor that charge in the first place? You bounce all over overdraft's. You are a payment processing company - not my bank, and not my attorney, nor are you an arbitrator. You have no financial power of attorney over me to decide what bills I owe or don't owe. The charge presented came with me not having sufficient funds and should have been rejected. ESPECIALLY with a voided contract, and no signed charge slip and the fact this company violated the law.
But no - they instead now are threatening to attach my SSI income. With all your noise about how much you care about LGBT rights - how about the group who founded the sex trafficking movement itself which is a group I run? How about the fact I've been under attack since the TVRA of 2003, which revised the Trafficking Act of 2000 I GOT PASSED IN THE FIRST PLACE, took and put our group under attack by the Catholic Church who has been trying to shut our group down since 2003 because WE ARE THE ONLY GROUP WHO REACHES OUT TO THE LBGT COMMUNITY OF SEX TRAFFICKING VICTIMS?
You want to talk NC? How about the fact every Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, safe house, program, and outreach REFUSES services to transgenders and the LGBT community (re: Monica Jones), but we who are the only program who does help them are under attack by them?
So I'm sure it's a complete coincidence I'm given a death trap car with 3 recalls that God let me know about before I was hurt through a diligent cop - and then the company even voids the deposit. But then 60 days later I'm being shaken down, and my account to take donations to help victims is frozen, over a CRIME? Then I go online to find this isn't personal. No - you've been acting like you have control over people's money with quite a few people. Favoring the "buyer", i.e., LARGE CORPORATIONS and if you shut us down in the process - all good right?
You want to care about your company bathrooms? That's awesome. But then don't turn around and shut down the account of the only group in the country who works with the LGBT community coming out of sex work and escaping sex trafficking. So what are you going to do about this Dan?

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