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Friday, June 17, 2016


Once again we see why our calls to the Oakland police about the trafficking situation down there, and to help us help victims, went unanswered.  Sure they cover it up with the pat answer "oh well don't speak to Jody".  This is coming to light so often, and regularly, we need to make that code for "I'm screwing a victim of trafficking and I don't want to help them out of the pool because I'm still swimming in the pool".    It also explains why Mayor Libby wouldn't return our calls either.  This is now so consistent - I'm serious.  Let's just put a pin in the map of areas where they won't answer our calls and then we know someone is dipping in the prostitute pool there and the last thing they want is someone plugging the plug.

Oh by the way Oakland - I already watched Las Vegas install "civilian oversight" when I was trying to get help for trafficking victims there only police were too busy raping local prostitutes to get involved.  That and being one of the traffickers.   The board remained empty for over a year because no one wanted to risk their neck without a fat paycheck to go up against a bad cop.  Then they briefly found a "friend" who sat there and did nothing.  Well what he did was insist anyone who filed a complaint had to fill out the complaint themselves, use their name, and put their home address on the form.  Well surprise surprise -  no one was dumb enough to do that.  So then they said "oh we have no need for this kind of thing so we're just going to let the chief do it".  Only what was I supposed to do then when I was trying to file a complaint against  a chief?

Then Vegas took a typist, Karen Hughes, and made her head of vice, head of the N. Las Vegas department, AND head of Internal Affairs.  Pretty slick because how was I supposed to file a complaint against her when I was having cops call me up telling me how whenever they'd try and help a girl get off the streets and NOT going to work for one of the local strip clubs, brothels, or escort services, they were getting run off the force by her.   No one wanted to file a complaint against someone with that much power.  Especially at the cost of their pensions they said.  So fine - I filed a complaint.  Which was then ignored until she got a private sector job.  THEN I got a call from someone in Internal Affairs who told me "we're not going to investigate because she took another job".  Oh okay - I guess you can rob a bank then while in office and then go get yourself a private sector job and you're immune from any prosecution.

Yeah bright idea Mayor Libby.  ONLY WHO is going to be the lucky civilian that's going to try and take complaints from bad cops?  What are you going to do to protect them if they start investigating police corruption like we're seeing with "Operation Dollhouse" or the Paul Tanaka corruption case down here in Los Angeles. I assure you doing what the other cities have done that didn't work there either is NOT a solution.

And THESE are the guys who you're going to trust with identifying who is a prostitute vs. who is a trafficking victim, and then them being the one responsible to get them some help?  How would that happen when they're busy robbing, raping, and overwise exploiting the very people they're supposed to be helping?

They aren't.  That's what I've been trying to tell you guys out there - we have got to create an ALTERNATIVE solution.  As grandma used to say "you don't have a fox guarding the chicken coop".

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