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Thursday, June 30, 2016


I made this comment on his page upon hearing he's going to the "Walk Forever Free" in Chicago. Sounds awesome. I was hoping we'd get to meet and grab a cup of coffee in June. It's now July and you're in Chicago. But I understand. Walking for freedom is more important than having a cup of coffee with me to discuss how sex trafficking victims are being treated today in the USA with the founder of the modern movement to have sex trafficking recognized as real domestically. Which if I remember I was asked to wait until June to meet with you to discuss these issues after being asked to wait until April to meet with you.

Which your stalling meeting with us since March of last year probably has nothing to do with you have a woman on your board who actively protected police officers in Las Vegas involved in sex trafficking while she was head of ATLAS - a trafficking organization who had received $870,000 TO HELP Nevada sex trafficking victims.

Yet during the year she ran ATLAS she not only actively refused calls I'd put in to her to help victims coming to us for help who didn't have access to any type of funding as we were a 12 step program - but she even further actively fought me in trying to get help to women who we had tried to get help to in what was dubbed "Operation Dollhouse".

We had told Terri Miller at that time this fiasco could not have been possible without involvement from ICE also. The reason was because 24 women had been released back to their pimp who were obviously not American born without the required processing by ICE to verify their visa's were valid before releasing them as is required by law when such arrests are done in Nevada.

We had told people from the press and higher authorities about this outrageous release of these victims right back to their pimps despite the fact bags of drugs were found on the scene, and two police officers from the San Mateo Trafficking Task Force were also found on the scene on the same day we had told the authorities we knew the police who were running victims in their cars to avoid detection were in fact found on the scene EXACTLY as we had predicted - and demanded an investigation as to why ICE would not hold them for the required processing only to have Terri's response as head of ATLAS when the press and authorities questioned her about my statement was to tell people I was "just being crazy" for my accusations. She would respond the same way when they would ask her about her feelings about my accusations about other things such as Chief Gillispie's corruption, trafficking in the local strip clubs, as well as our statement traffickers were also controlling cabs in a manner so as to prevent victims from using them to escape.

Since the end of her year running ATLAS, Chief Gillispie has stepped down along with multiple other officers because of corruption allegations.

The owners of the cab company have been convicted -

The DA at that time has died from a drug overdose -

And a Homeland Security/ICE officer from Las Vegas has been convicted of bribery connected to sex trafficking -

And a Vegas strip club owner, Rick Rizzolo, was found guilty of drugging his customers, maxing out their credit cards, and when they'd find out they'd been robbed the bouncers would get so violent with them one man is now paralyzed for life. Women from the club used to run to Buffalo Jim's wrestling school for safety to get away from the club (once they learned they couldn't escape in a cab), and hold up there until someone from our group could come get them to safety. It's believed by man Rick may have had something to do with Jim's death. Especially since not only was GHB used, but also because Rick had threatened Jim the day before his death actually in anger over his helping these women to escape what was going on at the club.

But I'm so "crazy" for having made such statements according to Terri Miller I guess that's why the case of Joohoon David Lee has now ALSO come to light, a Homeland Security/ICE officer who resides in Las Vegas - and who was flying to China, and then Korea, to bring back trafficking victims past airport security we had alerted to this on Homeland Security's dime.

Terri not only refused to assist us with that case and others - but now she seems to be running some kind of interference of our work STILL being on your board. I say this after seeing a series written by Robert Benz, who seems to have made a deliberate omission in a recent series of both my name, and the name of our group, who are the ones who started the very movement which led to the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.

A statement for which we have some documentation proving this claim to be true which can be found online at A site which has news clips about how I was accused of pimping out of a warehouse in Van Nuys which in reality was the first safe house in the USA for domestic sex trafficking victims. A safe house which was created because of men like the Grim Reaper targeting African American prostitutes while LAPD refused to provide any assistance, nor even investigate most of the murders when the victims were as many as 180 prostitutes and/or women of color.

Terri also refused to assist us in any way when we would make claims to her about not only trafficking happening in Nevada by law enforcement, along with rape and abuse of these women by them, but even actively interfered in the Jessie Foster investigation when we had fresh information on the case provided to us by a woman we had helped to leave the same pimp as Jessie - Peter Todd.

Resulting in a grant total after one year of Terri having this $870,000 to spend to help victims resulting in a grand total of ZERO victims she'd assisted as a result of her deliberate refusal to aid victims and her deliberate interference with us getting any press or attention from any of the authorities about what was going on in Nevada by her repeated diffusion of our trying to get help for victims she was denying even existed with such statements as "don't listen to anything Jody has to say as she's just crazy".

Since she's been on your board Kenneth, we've found emails to your CEO were being blocked, and then we saw this recent series where our work, our name, and our achievements were omitted by Robert Benz. We've also been deeply disturbed by the fact all domestic trafficking groups insist on trying to characterize "traffickers" and their victims as being exclusively African American using racial stereotypical images much like that of Bishop Don Juan - instead of a more racially diverse group as reality shows is the case when you look at cases like Joohoon, who is Asian, for example, or Rick Rizzolo, whose Italian, or Kemp Schiffer, Chris Butler, or even Dennis Hof who calls himself a "pimp" in his latest book.

Subjects like this, among others, we've wanted to talk to you about so that you are aware of what's going on, since we first started asking to meet with you back last March. We were asked to wait until April of this year, and then again until June. It's now June 30th.

We have been mostly wanting to speak to you about modern domestic abolition work. Work that is still needing to be done in today's modern USA as slavery is not over - nor is the way it's impacted the African American community today either. Work that we keep finding ourselves being hindered in accomplishing because of people like Terri Miller doing a wonderful job of running interference for those doing this modern trafficking by convincing people not to listen to the voices of the victims we represent who can't break their "anonymity at the level of press, radio and films" because of the way it would endanger them today by convincing people not to speak to me who is carrying their voice.

Victims for example of men like Snoop Dogg - a man who has admitted to having an RV going from city to city full of women he would "turn out" into prostitution himself, and then turn over to local pimps for further exploitation, in a form much patterned after the way preachers would use for "revivals". A man who the police, the prosecutors, etc., refuse to touch for this pimping/trafficking despite his admission of this in "Rolling Stone". Leaving his victims with no ability to find justice for the damages done them by this - creating all the more reason why they don't want to break their anonymity at the level of press, radio and films because of the lack of police support and protection.

A man who now has created a "youth football league" spreading across Los Angeles county, which not only is targeting young men of color to join, but is also recruiting young female cheerleaders to come onto school grounds after hours where we've hearing from security guards report to us these girls are being targeted by pimps with police refusing to back them up either. All this while Snoop has also invested in a medical marijuana delivery service hiring many of these young football players as drivers. When you factor in his relationship with Rick "Freeway" Ross who was involved not only with Iran Contra during the 1980's, who was pulled over recently with over $100,000 in cash in his car - this is a very troubling situation.

Especially when these mass media images of "traffickers" are being blasted out with such strongly racial images of almost exclusively African American's as both "victims" and "traffickers" - creating even more racial hostility in LAPD which has been mimicking the way it was during the 1980's leading to the Rodney King riots. Which may have even contributed to the Sandra Bland case.

Which is all the more reason we've been wanting to speak with you about how these campaigns are almost exclusively showing this as something of an African American problem in modern media because of your work with civil rights, abolition, trafficking, etc. But hey if you can't find time for a up of coffee with us in over 18 months because you're off to do a freedom walk - then I completely understand. I'm only running the only hotline where those victims who are being trafficked by those within our own governmental systems, or who are celebrities, or otherwise can't call the police for help can call for assistance who has taken five times more calls to date than the National Trafficking Hotline, who would only be referred back to those same authorities they're running from if not for our hotline. So I completely understand your inability to set aside some time to speak with us.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with Terri Miller's rumor mongering of us which also had nothing to do with the fact she was going to the same church back in 2007 which was raising money to open a safe house that never opened after all. Nor her decision to lead a campaign to award a strip club $50,000 to buy a new updated neon sign while turning down my request for $30,000 to hire a Mandarin and Russian translator in Las Vegas to help us do outreach.

Her accomplishments in the area of civil rights and sex trafficking far outweigh someone like myself I'm sure as to why she's on your board in the first place. I specifically remember her support of Judge Voy's trying to raise $2,000,000 to open up locked down residential program for juvenile sex trafficking victims rather than implementing the alternative sentencing program like we'd already run effectively in three other states prior to 2007 which of course wouldn't have cost anyone any money.

A campaign which had Judge Voy locking up young girls in jail to parade around the media to explain why he wanted this money for such a program (one didn't exist to provide an alternative to jail in Las Vegas) which neglecting to mention to the media, or the girl's, they could have been just as easily sent to a free program such as or even the free one set up like we'd run in other states. But hey why send those girls to a free program when they can instead be used to help fund raise for a house that never opened?

So give Terri our best. I'm sure she's doing something useful for the sex trafficking victims of today who are now being labeled as sex offenders within our legal system today, and thus can't be released now on probation or parole unless they can find a bed in a sex offender residential program because of the classification. I'm loving watching them try to find work with the sex offender classification they have to report to landlords, employers and neighbors also. Makes leaving prostitution so much easier now.

I'm sure I'll find another group to speak to us about the alarming way we keep seeing the only women who are being targeted for "trafficking" programs and classification currently seem to be women of color who are now again being hit with this sexual offender classification. Probably just coincidence the women who are being targeted for this always seem to be African American, and never Asian or white. Same for the African American men charged with trafficking who are receiving sentences for 120 years while their white or Asian counter parts aren't even being charged in most cases.

More than not charged, we'e even seen how we're even having to actively directly fight the police with opposition as illustrated in charges by the police union they're being blocked from filing complaints even by other police officers. I bring this up because of cases where I've got women telling me they're fighting not the pimps, but other cops, who are the ones forcing them into prostitution.

I mean what help do I need helping someone to leave prostitution when I'm fighting not only their pimps, but the LAPD as well right?

Let's just keep having women like Jada Pinkett-Smith take CNN's camera's to show Atlanta's sex trafficking of African American girls there rather than what's going on right here in Los Angeles where we had Jada's daughter coming home from a Beverly Hills high school telling her mother she's seeing sex trafficking going on right here. But hey who needs to talk about Beverly Hills sex trafficking and how it can affect even wealthy white families and it's not a racially targeted issue - certainly wouldn't have made a difference to someone like Jenna Elfman right?

So have a great walk there in Chicago. We've certainly had no problem getting press for our group there which is lead by an African American woman. In fact, Brenda Myers-Powell has had three documentaries, and a whole week of segments, done on her Chicago group of our 12 step program, over the years while I can't seem to hear anything but reporters telling me I personally have been "blacklisted" from speaking because I make a point of saying this isn't a gender or racial issue.

In fact, Brenda's the focus of a full length documentary on Showtime now showing her leading our Chicago group of exclusively women of color there as victims'. Too bad I can't seem to convince NBC to show anything about our other groups, or our program as a whole, which is a diverse racial and gender mix of members.

I guess I should be grateful for such much publicity making our group appear to only be full of African American women right? Certainly not anything important enough for you to make time to sit down and talk about over coffee with me right?

So I hope you have a great trip to Chicago. Please give Brenda my best.


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