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Friday, May 27, 2016


This email is to Mr. Joe Jeronimo who now works for FLETA

Dear Mr. Jeronimo:

I'm writing you about the case involving Joohoon David Lee.  I suspect this case might be connected to a letter I wrote to the Office of Professional Responsibility about a trafficking operation I've been trying to pull victims out from under since 2004.   While you did catch Joohoon, the ring itself is still operating.  So too are other officers like him that I have yet see answering for their crimes.  Officers who are not only threatening their victims, but also threatening me to stop helping them.

Why?  I tend to wonder if Joohoon for example wouldn't have been called into play if not for the letter I sent to the Dept. of Transportation at LAX advising them this ring was bringing in women from China and to be on the "lookout".  It was shortly after this letter the ring switched up to using women from Korea to "go off the radar".  A ring tied to the arrests a few months ago in Seattle, back in 2007 with "Operation Dollhouse" and also the 2009 and 2013 arrests in Wichita, Kansas.  A ring connected to threats I've received from Pasadena police officers being the people connected to the head of this ring reside in Pasadena.

Why Pasadena?  Well they can "fake a homicide case" don't you know?  Even get PETA arrested and chase minorities out of Pasadena for it's "gentrification". Meaning this case doesn't end with Joohoon.

I spoke to Claude Arnold about the fact I still have victims of this ring telling me they can't break free because of how high up the power goes in this trafficking operation and you must admit Joohoon's authority was pretty high.  I was told "someone would get back to me" as I always am told - and no one has yet as always happens.

Now I'm sorry that my work causes embarrassment like this, like it did with people like the case Heather Weyker  was connected to (a case I was telling people for some time was phony), but we have many cases now stacking up about the innocents being thrown into the grinder here to make it appear people are "doing something" but then the REAL traffickers are getting away scot free here.

I didn't start this movement to get pimps arrested.   You want to deal with a pimp back in the 1980's - call 911.  No.  What I did was start this movement because HOW do you leave sex work when it's a cop, a marshall, a sheriff, or a Homeland Security officer, who is trafficking you?  Whose own boss tells people there's "nothing he can do" about the situation?  No I'm sorry but more needs to be done.  And frankly I'm getting real tired of the minute I read anyone like yourself has actually stepped up to do something about this - the next thing I know they're in a different job.  Fine for you - but then I get shoved back to square one of trying to explain to your replacements that yes this kind of thing is real.

I was hoping you were still in your old job that was a part of Joohoon's arrest but now I see you're in "training".  How convenient to now tell me there's "nothing more you can do" about the fact the ring itself IS STILL operating and I STILL have victims I can't get out because of who is involved in this who hasn't been caught yet.

So if you have any ideas on how we can get to the bottom of the ring that Joohoon was only a cog in the wheel of  - I'd love to hear them.  Because I've heard the argument that his trafficking was done while he was "on duty" and therefore he can't be charged with either trafficking nor racketeering, but I find it highly unlikely that he didn't do some of this work while not on the clock.

I'm sorry but where's the arrest of the man who PAID Joohoon?  This case is far from over and I STILL don't have someone getting back to me about what's going to be done about this ring despite dealing with them since 2004 now.  I think I'm being pretty patient don't you?  Especially when for some reason every time I hear we've got another cog in this wheel suddenly it seems like everyone connected to the case retires, get promoted, or transfers to another department.  Leaving people who then don't know me from Adam and the process starts over again.

(By the way why is NO major media reporting on this?  A Homeland Security officer is caught trafficking women and NO ONE in major media is reporting on this?  Why is that?  You want to know about what type of victim CAN'T call the National Trafficking Hotline and maybe call ours instead?  Try someone who was brought over here by a Homeland Security Officer.  THAT'S a victim who can't call the police for help, nor anyone on the trafficking task force, nor anyone in uniform for that matter.

So the million dollar question is then if those victims call our hotline for help then why can't I get anyone to respond to our calls?)

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