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Friday, May 20, 2016


Dear Respected Attorneys:

I'm contacting you because I run  If you look at clips we have up at you'll see we've been doing our work since 1987.  

I had my first "run in" with LAPD back in 1984.  The so called "brothel" you can see I was arrested for running was actually the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims I put together.   The police however wanted to call it a brothel and did everything they could to try and charge me for pimping. 

When my attorney pointed out there was no phones, no ads, no condoms, no customers - and the only one inside was a woman who was hiding from her pimp who had broken her arm and nose - instead of dismissing the charges they then threatened to charge my mother with pimping me if I didn't take a plea bargain.  So I did for fraud and once I got cleared in 1987 - I went forward with our hotline and 12 step program.  

Of course this was also during RAMPART and I had the cops try and plant drugs on me more than once to violate my probation, so I went to work as a paralegal to get inside attorney's offices so they had to stop following me to work, tapping my phones, planting drugs on me, etc. to violate my probation.  

When we started the trafficking movement, it was with the intent to set up a system other than 911 to call because in most cases of organized trafficking, the victim can't call the police.  A movement which has been hijacked by the  religious right out from under us once we got the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed by people who are using the media to make people think we did this over pimps.  No - back in 1987 we could call the cops on pimps.  Who I could not get away from was LAPD nor CIA during Iran Contra.  THAT'S why we called for a movement and a new system to be set up for us to get help.  

Meaning these trafficking task forces were supposed to be set up so I could take victims to them for help.  Instead, they're corrupt officers on steroids who are now threatening me to stop our members from getting help.  

In 2013 I was contacted by a woman residing in Pasadena who told me she couldn't leave her traffickers because their connections went all the way upstairs to the highest levels of government.    She told me when she told them she wanted to quit they had two cops drag her out of her home and slap her with two fake prostitution charges.   She was further told if she didn't get back to work she'd get a third charge, then deported back to China where she'd then meet up with a man within their government who could make sure she got the death penalty.  

We hired an attorney who ordered her booking tapes.  He was then threatened by the police and an attorney to "back off" which he did.  I was threatened also as well as a friend of hers.  

This attorney then stepped in and falsely told her he had cleared her records and she didn't need my help.  He lied. I showed her the charges were still there.  In response, I then received a call from a Pasadena officer to "back off" or face stalking charges.  I made a recording of the threat and as a Nevada resident I'm allowed to record that call without consent.

I'd like you to see who was arrested not long after this in China.

I tried contacting both the Pasadena Chief AND Chief Beck repeatedly and at first I received no response.   

After going to some press, some politicians, and raising a stink about the threats her and I received,  a campaign started up after me by multiple private investigators and members of the national trafficking hotlines as well letting me know if I pursued this  I was going to be either drug off and arrested on false charges of some kind or even a 5150 charge.  

By the way, this proves Homeland Security was a part of the operation she was telling me she was afraid of.

I then found an attorney who told me she was going to help me file a charge against the police for the threats against me.  She kept refusing to give me a signed retainer agreement, and stalling me.  It was only when I got fed up with her stalls that I contacted another attorney who told me that I had been stalled past my six month statute date that I have to file a complaint under.

So yes, Chief Beck is deliberately stacking the deck here so officers are not being properly charged with misconduct. 

Now, let me ask you something - if trafficking aka pimping is when you're being forced to work as a prostitute,  and these women were raped, then forced to CONTINUE working as prostitutes in order to be informants, does that not make them traffickers?

Jody Williams
(702) 488-1127 Telephone

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