My my my sometimes I hate it when I'm right about things.  I have written in this blog previously that the Cupcake Girls was not what they appeared to be with their claims they're there to "spread Christian love to show strippers how to exit the sex industry".

I wrote they were lying about their intent, lying to sex workers, and their TRUE alliances seemed to me to be with the "johns" trying to cover their ass, (their lobbyist is the same lobbyist for Live Nation who represent Snoop Dogg and Charlie Sheen), pimps, blackmailers and money launderers AND to set up a roadblock in between them and our program who HAS been helping men and women to exit the sex industry in Nevada, as well as worldwide, since 1987.

I also wrote there was only one logical conclusion to that whole smoke screen bullshit number they pulled in the Nevada legislature by spreading the LIE that "a stripper can't find work in Nevada outside of the sex industry when she has a record for prostitution" was to try and chase women into working at the legal brothels of Nevada thinking they "can't get a job outside of the industry if they have a prostitution record" which is absolute nonsense.

There are employers in Nevada I've placed sex workers in great jobs outside of sex work paying over $20 an hour or more with both prostitution records, drug records, even felony records.  I once had a member of our program who was in prison for five years on a felony charge who was a prostitute with a record a mile long get an early work release to work a job at a mortgage company where she was making $10,000 a week so don't give me the lie that "you can't get a job in Nevada with a prostitution record".  

There is only ONE reason for that law that John Hambrick and the Cupcake Girls passed Assembly Bill 108  - and that's so that those with a prostitution record can get it expunged so they can get a license to work at a legal brothel in Nevada.

If you doubt me - read the law.  It says that to expunge the record they need to get a "judge to decide they were the victim of trafficking" when you put it into plain English.  I can say that having been a paralegal now for 29 years, and my father being an attorney.   Only if you were a victim of trafficking at the time of your trial you would have already presented said proof and there would be no charge.  The law does not require anything other than a judge's signature to get this expunged.

Hell I saw a judge in Nevada sign a warrant against me for impersonating myself when I presented a debit card to pay for a burger in Tonopah.  The charge cleared and no one filed a complaint.  But a police officer went to the burger stand owner and asked him to sign a complaint he "thought" I might not be me because he didn't ask me for an ID card at the same time.

With that warrant, I had five cops and a drug dog toss my house for hours.  Then after trashing my house, they said it was "unfit for a child to habitat" and called CPS to have my daughter removed from the home.  Luckily CPS insisted I be given four hours to "clean up the place".  After the inspection my daughter was allowed to stay.  So trust me - if they can get a judge to sign a warrant like that - they can get one to sign anything!

IF, and I said IF the Cupcake Girls gave one TWIT about finding their clients work outside of the sex industry they would have accepted the list I offered them of employers who hire those with records - not blocked me the minute I contacted them offering them the list.  I later learned they knew it was bogus because WHEN THEY WERE HEARING ASSEMBLY BILL 108 a member of their board was working at a job, a union job also, with a standing prostitution record.

So if a record didn't stop a member of her own board while this Bill was being heard - it's proof it was BOGUS what they claimed this was about.  So what it was ABOUT was about the Nevada legal brothels obtaining a loophole under which to be able to hire prostitutes to work for them who have criminal records for prostitution.  

I found this today -  showing that attorney associated with the Cupcake Girls is now defending Michael Whiteacre for domestic violence against a sex worker.

You may not realize this but Nevada is a very unique state when it comes to attorneys.  Anyone ever see the Soprano's?  Remember when his wife was trying to get a divorce and found out Tony had retained every decent divorce lawyer so she wasn't able to get representation?   In Nevada, if you hire an attorney out for yourself, then that attorney can not represent anyone who is in "conflict" or "opposition" with you.  Neither can anyone in their offices assist you or be hired by you for five years after they leave the employ of that office.  Meaning any paralegal or secretary who works in this office of this attorney can't assist you either if you are deemed to be someone wanting to sue one of their clients they've EVER had.

Meaning if Christina Parreira wants to hire an attorney to help her fight her husband with who she has multiple domestic violence charges - she's going to have to find someone else.  By the way, this article contains another lie - that is that "Cupcake Girls may be the only organization providing help with taxes and counseling".

WE assist our members obtain those services, and more, but we provide them to those who are LEAVING the sex industry or who have retired.  We do not provide assistance to active sex workers with no desire to leave because guess what?  THEY'RE MAKING MONEY AND CAN AFFORD THOSE THINGS.   This article confirms the ties between the Cupcake Girls and Dennis Hof as Christina works at Dennis' brothel, and her husband is friends with Dennis.  I'm sorry but my definition of being a "Christian" is I'm not going to ask Christina to testify to the press about how great my program is and then send her home to a man who is pimping her out and beating her.

Confirming our earlier opinion the Cupcake Girls is what we call a "trap exit" common to traffickers.  What I mean by that is it's well known that traffickers will routinely set up what appears to be a "trap exit" for their victims.   What we mean by this is that someone will often tell a victim "hey if you ever want to leave this - just call me".  Then if they call that person they are immediately reported back to the pimp for the attempt.   I saw an escort service being run by two LAPD agents (and it was not an undercover operation).  These guys would run ads with a different phone # and a different name so that if you worked for them and you were thinking about leaving and called that "other" phone number - you were BUSTED.  That was a "trap exit" they set up to try and keep tabs on who was getting ready to leave them.

There are also "trap exit" programs - that is programs set up to appear to be domestic violence shelters, or even sex trafficking shelters.  Only they have someone either working within the establishment that is on the pimp's payroll, or they have a "fake client" residing within the program.  Then when the victim runs to this shelter or program - the pimp is alerted "they're here" and then they take them back to the pimp.  I have heard of these "trap programs" in San Diego, Orange County, Florida, Texas, etc.  One of the advantages of being in this game as long as me is I've seen just about every trick in the book traffickers use to try and stop their victims from leaving them.

We had been getting calls the Cupcake Girls either refused to help someone leave the industry entirely, (making a public lie that one "can't get work in Nevada with  a prostitution record not only is a LIE - it's a way to convincing sex workers they have no way out if they have a record and is a form of control), that information they'd given them was reported to the police, and also that information they've given the Cupcake Girls had gotten back to their pimp.  Was any of this deliberate on their part?

Considering what some of their ex-employee's have told us they certainly weren't helping anyone exit the sex industry that's for sure.  Especially not when we were told money was being raised fraudulently, and some of us was used on drugs also.  I do know their claims have been false about helping "1000's of strippers in Nevada get free dental work".

The organization they connected to only help "indigents" of which strippers and legal prostitutes active in sex work don't qualify as.  However, those who have quit the sex industry do.  They have said their CFO is the man who was running "Congo Justice" in an interview, who was also head of the Nigerian Association of Las Vegas.  They however reported to me this man had since left after running off with over $26,000 of their money and almost destroying their nonprofit about a month ago.

But back to their lawyer.  The reason why Mobsters set this little law up about no one being able to work for another lawyer for five years or for a "opposing client" when they created Nevada was to protect all of their "privileged" information.  This is why the attorney's who help us we do not post their names online in order to protect them AND so they can assist you in a manner that won't get them disbarred either for helping you against men like this.

The reason for this is simple - some criminal attorney's in Nevada we've been told are already on retainer to the brothels or strip clubs and therefore won't sue them on behalf of a sex worker, or they are throwing cases on prostitutes who try and leave their pimp, or they're forcing the sex workers to have sex with them in order to take their case against a pimp.

Not unlike what we hear this prosecutor was recently arrested for doing to a sex worker in Michigan -  In fact I'd say I've had sex workers report to me at least four attorney's in Las Vegas have insisted upon sexual favors from them in order to take their case.

But it is a common tactic to attack attorney's who defend sex workers against traffickers who won't let traffickers take their retainer, or sell out their clients.  You can look up what happened to Mongomery Sibley to see one such witch hunt if you'd like to see what they did to Jeane Palfrey's attorney.

Meaning also if you wanted to hire an aggressive female attorney to help you sue one of them it appears this one is already on Michael Whiteacre's retainer.

So forgetaboutit.


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