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Friday, January 1, 2016


Do you need help to leave prostitution, or any part of the sex industry, in Las Vegas, Henderson, Carson City, Pahrump, Reno, Tonopah, or any place in Nevada?

You can find help at

We have interviews up at and also at

We have clips at

We are not connected with law enforcement in any way.  We are free, confidential, and we have been helping men and women to leave any part of the industry since 1987 effectively.

Dr. Sharon Oselin just did a 10 year study of three different programs.  Ours was one of them.  The study was published in "Leaving Prostitution".  At the end of the study - ours was the only one left standing and the women quoted our program as what made it "work this time".  A quote from one of those women is below:

When Bob Herbert of the NY Times published a series of interviews with us he did after meeting with us, and then validating what we said for himself with his own eyes, the mayor then, Oscar Goodman, was so angry that he threatened Bob with a "baseball bat to the heat if he ever set foot in Las Vegas again".  Why?  Well the Mob Museum now sits where he had wanted to put a legal brothel.  That could be partly because of the interviews.  Or could be because one of our members testified at a "back door" hearing that wasn't even listed on the calendar about the brothel expansion about what working conditions were like for her at the brothel.  The legislature came back with a "no" that so infuriated their lobbyist he quit after 20 years of service!

By the way, the Nevada Brothel Association's Lobbyist was a minister.  When I asked him why he was a brothel lobbyist and a minister he told me it was because he felt the brothels "got the women off the streets".  I asked him "George - have you ever actually been inside a brothel?"  To which he replied "no".  I then asked him "How do you know then?"  He was like "Know what?"  I said "Know that the women you're seeing on the streets would be in the brothels otherwise?"  He said "I don't know what you mean."

I said "George where are you seeing these 'poor women with pimps on street corners' and he said 'why on the streets of Carson City or Reno'".  I then said "That's a hop and skip to the legal brothels - have you asked those women why they're not working at the legal brothels?"  To which he said "No."

I said "George - I have.  Those women you're seeing on the streets aren't someone who can be 'saved' by brothels.  They're there because they can't get a brothel license.  They're either too young, or they have HIV, or they have a criminal record.".

I then said "Have you seen the working conditions within the brothels themselves to know what you're saying when you say 'safer'?"  To which he said "No."

I said "I have.  The buzzers aren't connected many times.  If they were it wouldn't matter as there isn't security.  If there was - wouldn't matter as they wouldn't be able to signal for help.  That also has nothing to do with the fact they can't leave.  They aren't allowed to have their own money.  By forcing them to stay at the brothel they have to leave their kids with someone - someone who could then threaten them with who knows what to get what they want out of them.  Also, George they supposedly test the women but are you aware they penalize you if you say no to a client and they don't test the clients?"

That he said he didn't know.

Then I asked him "When or if they contract something, get pregnant, break a leg, or otherwise can't work you do know they can't get unemployment because they're independent contractors' right?  Also, if they catch HIV and have to retire - they don't get any exit plan and the state doesn't pay for vocational rehabilitation.  They also don't pay for medical insurance so if they get sick with HIV suddenly - they get no help whatsoever to go through the exit process.  Plus what if they get the crap beat out of them by a client - do you honestly think they can sue for disability or vocational disability and get assistance to help them while they're off their feet?"  To which of course George then didn't want to talk to me anymore.

I then asked George "What about NA or AA meetings?  You are aware they can't leave to go to church, or to NA or AA meetings - but then I ask you how are the addict supposed to stay sober? What about counseling?  What if they're also in counseling?  They can't leave for weeks at a time George."  At that point he didn't want to talk to me anymore.

The owners have the Brothel Association.  But the women themselves have no advocate.  You don't like it?  There's the door.

I challenge you to show me one interview with someone who has worked at a legal brothel that's done by a woman who is now out of the business, who is also clean and sober, and doesn't have Dennis sitting right next to her?  The only interview I'm aware of that meets that guideline is the one we have up at

Why do I ask?  Simple - would you tell the truth about your job with your boss right there?

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