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Thursday, December 31, 2015


PS - when looking at media about someone you're thinking about donating money to - look for a reputable reporter or researcher writing about the person or group.  After writing the letter below I discovered that it's Operation Hope that's providing the free medical and dental work for the Cupcake Girls.  ttp://   

This is Operation Hope -   However, the "doctor" they're referring to is the guy who runs Congo Justice.  Only I checked with the Medical Board of Nevada and he's not licensed in Nevada anyway.  When I challenged him on this - he said I "misunderstood" him and that he "worked with a doctor".   

He told me he was a "doctor" when he thought I was an active prostitute and he was trying to ask me on a date.  I have the screen shots of that conversation if anyone would like to see them by the way.  Okay but to me - if they have access to this kind of money that JP Morgan and such offers through grants, then they don't need to be holding fund raisers.  I bet he offered to be their "fiscal manager" also.  The guy is also the Director of the Nigerian Association.  You do the math.  He also obtained a grant to hold a meeting for the task force in October of 2015.  A meeting that when I tried to attend I was told had been "postponed".  It has not been held yet - meaning he got the grant and no meeting has been held.  

I found an article on the Cupcake Girls by "World Next Door" where the author says they came out to interview Joy.  I wrote them to see if they interviewed any success stories - and the email came back - 

The other interviews I found on the Cupcake Girls -  The writer of this is in Canada.  He didn't come to Vegas to write this.  This interview was done at a spa day that was being hosted for strippers.  I bet people said wonderful things about them there.  This article is out of Illinois.  No mention of physically coming to Nevada to see how the group operates.  and another article based on self-interview.  

I'll contrast the chapter in the book "Heroes Among Us" that John Quinones devoted to us in his 2009 book, and the research Tom Ragan of the Review Journal did on us, along with Bob Herbert's research where he not only flew out to Las Vegas to see our work for himself, but he further investigated my claims for himself in his series he published on us NY Tiimes, and the 10 year research that professor Sharon Oselin put into her book "Leaving Prostitution" where she studied our members over a 10 year period of time up against something told to a long distance reporter on the phone.  No offense - but we've seen with "8 Minutes" that the media isn't always going to tell us the truth.  Buyer beware when wondering who to donate cash to or who to trust with the future of your life.  Anyway, here's a copy of  a letter we've sent to Joy.  I have no doubt she's charming the media.  We're women who used to make a living off charming people.  We're good at it.  But then again alcoholics are great drinkers.  Doesn't mean you should be doing it in recovery!  

Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous)
(702) 468-4529 or (844) 266-4941 Toll Free

December 30, 2015

Joy Hoover c/o
Cupcake Girls
Via Email

Re: Cleaning Up the Mess

Dear Ms. Hoover:

If you had bothered to learn anything about the field you have profited from lately- you would know that the group “Cupcake Girls” wouldn't even be possible to exist if not for the DECADES of work that I invested into carving this field out of nothing. The very idea even of “helping hookers” would have had you laughed right out of the room even 20 years ago ESPECIALLY in Nevada who based it's very economy on the idea of a “happy hooker”. That's right out of the mouth of ex-mayor Oscar Goodman as to why he blocked a grant I almost received in 1999 to open a crisis center for sex workers. His words were exactly “I can't have images of burned out hookers going out there while I'm trying to market the idea of happy hookers in this town”. He then gave my grant to the homeless shelter as they're “acceptable” people to be helping according to the people of Nevada years ago.

Things have changed and I can say that as the founder of not only the first hotline for adults wanting help to leave the sex industry (including sex trafficking victims), the first 12 step program for adults to find recovery from the industry, the first safe house for adults in the USA, the first alternative sentencing program, but also the modern day sex trafficking movement itself which was all launched between 1984 to 1987.

I had put together the safe house in 1984. When the pimp got pissed after I'd taken the woman whose arm and nose he'd broken, along with blacked both her eyes, and put her in the safe house I'd put together with such high tech surveillance and security equipment it got me dubbed the “High Tech Madam” from the media who believed it was a brothel at first, and called in the tip as a brothel which got both my mother and myself arrested – I learned how pimps can retaliate when you take their meal tickets away from them. So after having almost $1,000,000 in cash and property confiscated that I'd saved to “retire” on by police who took it all because it had been “earned through criminal enterprises”- I realized that if wasn't going to be enough to just do “rescues”. We were going to have to get the public awareness raised that this issue was in fact “real” and not some kind of “urban myth” - and hence the modern day sex trafficking movement was born.

Joy you can't even begin to understand what I had to endure and sacrifice in order to take a world that in 1987 viewed the concept of sex trafficking then on the same level as alien abduction today. Meaning that when anyone would stand up then on national TV and say “I was sold as a trafficking slave” like Linda Lovelace did in 1980 – she wasn't believed. Neither was Bruce Lee when he tried to expose sex trafficking in “Enter the Dragon” in 1973. Nor even Elvis with his 1965 “Harum Holiday” where the plot was him trying to help his love escape being a sex slave in a world where she was viewed as property.

So literally when others had tried to get this type of recognition before me Joy – they would either respond to like someone who would get up and say “I was forced into prostitution” with screaming “boo” and “liar” from the audience at them like they did with Linda Lovelace in 1980, or they would respond as if you had said “little green men are selling our women as sexual slaves” and try and lock one up for psychiatric observation. I know about the latter because when I tried to seek counseling for my anxiety attacks I was having I told the therapist about what I was witnessing and that's exactly what they did. They tried to lock me up for psychiatric observation saying I was “hallucinating” because “things like that just don't happen in the real world”.

If you've seen “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” then you would know how fantastic it still sounds to say that Chuck Barris was a producer by day for the “Dating Game” so he could get videos of pretty girls on tape he could send overseas without suspicion, and then by night he was a CIA operative who would take these girls across the ocean on a “date” never to be seen again.

It was impossible to put any money together because every time I went on TV I'd be fired and evicted. To fund an 800 number back then I had to rent an office, pay for a business line, and then pay for a business phone on top of that at $1.00 a minute, after paying $100 a month for the office and another $100 a month for the line. So I'm working two jobs just to keep the hotline on. Sure we had free public service announcements running – but broadcast tapes for TV stations back then cost $75.00 each to duplicate and ship by mail to the TV stations another city over.

To make it even more difficult – if I accepted one single book or movie offer, or one dollar for an appearance back then then I'd just be accused of “making it up to sell my story” like I'd seen my predecessors. So in 1999, the year before we finally achieved federal recognition, I literally showed Joan River's audience over $1,000,000 in book and movie offers that I had turned down in order to be believed about what I was telling the American public.

 Then I tore the contracts up while saying “if I wanted money I could go back to the sex industry – what I want is for the American public to believe us about hat's happening out there”. After that introduction, I then brought on three women we've rescued actually from Nevada's legal brothels to show that sex trafficking existed everywhere and in fact tended to be actually heavier where it was legal such as Amsterdam and Nevada. So when I was first doing all this work Joy there was no one calling us “hero”. I was coming home from doing a Jerry Springer to find “whore” spray painted on my car's windshield.

In 1995, the movie “Fighting for my Daughter” came out with Lindsey Wagner. She played a mother we had helped her rescue her daughter. A pimp had kidnapped her that had murdered three other prostitutes and no one would help her. The cops didn't give a damn and said “if you find her – call us”. So she called us. Mind you this was before the Trafficking Act of 2000. We weren't “victims” then but still considered just “whores” “sluts” and “criminals”. It was 1991 when she called and I was pregnant with my daughter. The mother was on disability in Canada so she had no money to hire a private detective either.
I told her what I would do – dress up like another hooker and go out there and hang. Gain the trust of the other working girls, go to coffee with them when they come in off the stroll. She did what we told her and two weeks later she found her daughter. He was holding her captive by gun point and had been threatening to murder her if she didn't prostitute for him. Only the mother was an alcoholic heroin junkie and the court wouldn't let her keep custody. So our chapter leader up there, Paige, that I had pulled off the streets of Miami two years before, agreed to take the girl in and adopt her. The social worker was so impressed by all of this that she called the Sally show who put us all on there. We did the talk show and after the taping the movie producers came down to give us the pitch.

We agreed to waive the $50,000 in the movie rights if the producers agreed to run our hotline phone number at the end of the movie. They did agree and we didn't get paid. We watched the movie air in 1995 and couldn't understand why they made the pimp white and ma appear black – but other than that it was an okay movie. I figured as long as we got our hotline at the end who cared. Only at the end of the film the # for Children of the Night aired. Why? The network felt it couldn't take the risk of adult prostitutes calling us because we didn't have a residential program and they were worried that we might be running an escort ring. That's the excuse they gave us anyway for screwing us out of $50,000, six weeks of our time working with their writer, and blowing our chance to really put us on the map. Well at least Children of the Night's hotline went out there so it wasn't all a loss.

Which you know what Joy? That's how I've learned to look at things in this movement. As long as the overall result is positive and moving forward – I'm good. I don't need the money bad enough to sell out my integrity. I don't need to have my name up in the media to get credit even if I did get that girl out of there when no one else was helping that mother or that girl.

I was living in Nebraska in 1995 when that movie aired. I had a lot of real estate, a successful business, and a very highly radio radio program produced. I was able to buy houses for $5,000 each and I had six “safe houses” back than actually. With the Omaha Franklin scandal, and Boys Town right there, I was a busy woman. We had victims coming in from the east and west coast and life was good. But after the movie aired – I started getting some calls from Nevada's brothels' I couldn't ignore. These were 16 year old girls who were being brought up to these brothels, which is too young to drink, vote, smoke, vote or drive, to brothels where as you know there's no cabs, no bus stops, no businesses anywhere nearby to walk to, and then told if they left within the first 48 hours of arriving there for the first time, including if they were virgins, they'd be arrested.

Now mind you I was calling the police about this who were laughing and hanging up on us. If you know about Joe and the boxer he shot you'd know about why he was laughing as he had that one cop in his back pocket then. There was no cabs, no limos even, literally no one you could pay any amount of money to in order to go get those girls out of there. The only solution to hearing these calls from these 16 year old girls pleading for help, especially when no one else I'm calling in Nevada is willing to go up there and pull anyone out of there considering both Joe Conforte's reputation, the Shady Lady's, or Joe Richard's. Meaning I sold everything I owned and moved to Nevada in 1996 so I could not only help those young girls Joy – but also make sure those brothels didn't expand outside of Nye or Storey County. Also something no one else seemed to want to oppose them on but us.

Now I've been dealing just fine with my end of the street here in this work Joy up until this movement got federal recognition and money came onto the table – things have taken a real dark twist. That's when a woman named Annie Lombert comes swinging into town after I suffered a stroke from stress. Instead of helping me with our work like I asked her – she decided to do her thing. I'm in ICU so at first I'm thinking maybe this is God's way of carrying on the work while I'm flat on my back.

Only there was a really big problem Annie started creating for me and the woman of Las Vegas. I am doing what I can handle considering I've had a major stroke. I'm running my meetings and working with my sponsees. I also have a doctor telling me if I get too stressed I can die from these blood clots. Only I start getting these phone calls from women that Annie had promised to help get off the streets. They believed in her and stopped hooking. Then she disappeared on them and now they have a five day notice on their door. They've got kids and pets and are freaking out because they're now had a marshal at their door serving them with 24 hour notice.

Now I'm a paralegal so I got their evictions “stayed”. Only there's more. These women had really cut off everything and Annie is gone. No one is answering any phones. So now I'm having to take them to food banks, job interviews, doctors' appointments, HIV tests, help them get into a car to get to work, go to court, I mean their whole life is in complete chaos and I'm the one who is cleaning up the mess. I'm the one paying for the gasoline, paying the work card fees, the drug test fees so they can work, etc. I had one woman at my door who Annie had promised to fly her and her kids back home to the midwest. I'm not working. I've had a stroke. I'm looking on TV and seeing Annie going out there doing outreach for these women and making all these promises – and then she's just disappearing – leaving me to clean up all the mess. Then I start getting mad. Really mad. Because I'm seeing her collecting all these checks. But guess who is buying airplane tickets, diapers, baby food, rent, work cards, etc.? Me.

When I started calling her church friends and saying I need some help with this – she's now got to cover her ass. What does she do? Jody's crazy. Jody's a “meanie”. Jody is a con artist. Jody's making these stories up to con you out of of money.

But clearly this isn't stopping. So I started reaching out to the Dream Center in Los Angeles. I was negotiating with them about opening up a Chapter in Las Vegas. I'm thinking maybe this is just God's way of pushing me to get these services brought into Vegas. I don't offer these services – if I'm being pushed to deliver these services maybe it's God's way of telling me to bring the Dream Center to town to do the work. So I started writing letters to them about coming into Las Vegas. After spending about six months negotiating with them – suddenly they go silent.

I come to find out they struck a deal with Annie over this Bravo show. Annie comes out with a big story in the paper about opening the Destiny Center. It's supposedly going to be filmed on her reality show. Perfect timing because guess what? I got a call from four women who had just walked out on their pimp. They tell me that Annie had been hounding them for months and then they decided “Okay now it's time” and they picked up and just left. They walked out on the pimp and now can't go back or he'll beat the crap out of them. Only guess what? Annie's not answering the phone. So I tried to reach her. Nothing. I had other people trying to call them. Nothing.

So we drove over to where the church was supposed to be and got rude awakening. There was no house. Realizing they'd just been discovered – everyone scrambled. The website went down in one hour. The article disappeared off the internet. The show on Bravo was canceled after one episode. I mean it was a whole house of cards that fell. I tried to get ahold of Bravo thinking maybe the show could film what we were doing and save all this work.

Only later that night I heard from three more women alright. Women who had been promised they were going to be put up in Destiny House. Now they couldn't reach Annie either. No one can. I'm looking online to see she's flying off to S. Africa. So I now have seven women sitting in my one bedroom studio apartment, with my daughter, and my two dogs, and I'm living on an SSI check because of my stroke and my daughter who has been run over by an SUV and her back has been broken. I can't get any help from anyone because Annie's been telling everyone that I'm a “con artist” or a “meanie”. Granted, I have the other SWA members but guess what? They're all living on either welfare, disability, or a very very tight budget, or in school, I mean no one I'm talking to has any money and the people who do have money are all in Annie's pocket.

I wound up not paying my own rent over everything that went down that month. I literally wound up with $300 to my name and was fortunate enough that God led me to Tonopah, Nevada for a while. A very nice manager there came and picked us up in his truck, moved us into an apatrtment in Tonopah without one penny until the 1st of the month so we could eat the rest of the month. Because the only way I got through that month and got those women on their feet was to spent my own rent money getting them on their feet because of the mess that Annie dumped into my lap and then ran off to S. Africa while Pastor Perez filed bankruptcy. All this while I'm trying to recover from a stroke and care for my daughter who was run over by an SUV.

So you know what? I told myself I wasn't going to stand by quietly again while someone else got to eat at the nice fancy table and then hand me the check and I had to clean up the mess afterwards. Not me. So when this Kevin Brown pops off with this whole “8 Minutes” nonsense and suddenly my hotline is ringing off the hook at all hours by people I'm trying to talk out of doing something stupid like calling up hookers off Backpage ads like it's that simply and that easy, I can't control every scam in the world. But when I'm getting handed the tab- then we got an issue.

Which means I served the producers and A&E with a “notice of intent to sue” which I placed a copy of on their website page four hours before the site was taken down, and eight hours after they announced the show was canceled. Now Maxine can say she's responsible all she wants She was complaining for weeks and that didn't stop them or budge them. The only thing that changed and that made that website come down was my notice of intent to sue. I'm not going to have another mess dumped in my lap to clean up and do the work while someone else is running off with the fund raisers, the checks, and the credit and glory. Been there, done that. Humility is one thing. Stupidity is another.

Now you want to hold fund raisers for hookers and call that “saving them”? Not my problem. Could care less. But let me tell you something – I've been working with the people out here in Nevada since 1996. And you know what? A lot of people might say a lot of swear words when they say my name – but they know my name. I assure you when there's trouble, like there was with Snoop Dogg, they know who to call about it also. They also know I didn't say one word about Snoop until he made the public confession about it also. So when a Nevada senator needed someone rescued from his 2003 tour – I got the phone call and I got her out of there safe and sound.

Oscar Goodman probably has a few choice words about me – but I tell you what – there's a Mob Museum today where he pushed for YEARS to get a legal brothel. Where he tried to bring in investors and he even had plans drawn up that he showed to people like Gene Simmons about what a “magnificent brothel” could go where there is that museum today. Where there's now an art district and a market even.

Chief Gillispie told people I was just being “crazy” and he stepped down because of corruption accusations. People said I was “nuts” about “Operation Dollhouse” but they found 24 Chinese women, baggies of drugs, mattresses on the floor of a house being used as a “massage parlor” and two cops standing in that house just like I said they'd find. Charles Horky was found guilty of racketeering and conspiracy for what was going on with the cabs and limos in Vegas – just like I said was going on with the women who were being trafficked out of those cabs. That came about because of me because for years we used to have drivers bring us girls they'd snatch away from pimps. We told people about Rick Rizzolo drugging customers and padding their girls, along with the trafficking of women out of that club who would run over to Buffalo Jim's school for safety until we could come get them.

When Jim was found dead we were right there with his daughter as one of the people saying he was murdered and demanding an investigation – and sure enough the toxicology report they were hiding found enough GHB, the drug he used on his customers, to have killed 10 men in Jim's body. Everyone will deny we had anything to do with it – but there's now only two legal brothel owners left in Nevada – Dennis Hof and Lance Gilman. Sure the brothel was shut down suddenly where the woman who would have filed the first case of sex trafficking within a legal brothel worked – but it got shut down.

It was our group who gave the first ever press conference in Nevada about sex trafficking existing in this state that got it federal recognition not only that it's in Nevada – but that it is within the legal sex industry here. It cost me an outreach RV, a car, and possibly my daughter was run over by an SUV in retaliation, along with having to deal with our phone lines, power, TV, internet, etc, lines all cut the next day in retaliation for giving that press conference. But if we hadn't of given it in 2007 - then AB 67 wouldn't have even got off the ground, there'd be no Salvation Army shelter for trafficking victims, there's be no task force in Nevada. Not to mention again if not for my sole opposition to the brothel's expansion in California and downtown – we'd now have brothels in both of these areas operating now.

So that's some of the work I've leaving behind me Joy. Now if you want to go around giving out cupcakes and makeovers to strippers – you knock yourself out. But let me tell you – whatever Annie did in Nevada she did by being human. I feel Annie's heart was in the right place. I don't believe Annie meant to screw over anyone when they wound up at my house crying and waving 5 day notices at me doing “what am I going to do? She might have bit off more than she could chew. She might have been misled by Benny – I don't know. But I don't believe Annie harmed anyone intentionally.

Nor do I believe that anything that happened is something a pimp would have done. But you Joy – you are a whole other piece of work. Now when I read you going to the legislature making all this press and noise about how strippers couldn't find work outside of stripping with a prostitution conviction and that's why you were passing a law – I'm at first just scratching my head. At first I'm thinking you're just royally stupid and a phone call or email will clear this up. Because I can assure you I've been finding strippers work in Nevada without one hitch and more than one prostitution charge on their record

So what do I do? I contact you and let you know “hey that's not an issue” and let you know I've got a list I can provide you with that I got from an employment agency in Vegas of major employers in Nevada and what they do and don't have restrictions on. I mean if you're going to get all this press – let's do it for something USEFUL. In fact here's an idea – how about letting Nevada know our hotline phone number they can cal 24/7 where they can call the ONLY hotline in Nevada where we'll send someone to come and pick them up and take them to either treatment, shelter, or a safe house if they need it. Because yes we have access to ll three. There is a safe house in both southern and northern Nevada open, there is a program offering free drug treatment now in Nevada, and there's even a couple of houses that take in prostitutes that are open.

So let's use this exposure to tell them about that maybe right? Only what do you do? You get my email and don't just ignore me – you BLOCK ME. Then you take a woman who when I came to you and asked you to help her you refused to help her when I asked. But then after you BLOCKED ME then you went behind my back and then you put on the big parade and dog and pony show to help her while not mentioning one single word about the fact that I was the first person who ASKED YOU to get involved to help her.

Okay but you know what? I just dusted off my bruised ego and moved on. You know why? Our hotline rings constantly. There was just a big piece in the Toronto Star about sex trafficking so we've spent the last few days helping to get a new group get started up in Toronto. We had a group in Vancouver that folded. It was one of the women I sponsored that opened the first drop in center up in Vancouver who let it fold sadly after her father died. I got a new group starting up in Chicago and trust me I could go on for another 20 pages about the work we got going on right now where I'm working directly hands-on with men and women who are in early recovery and there are pockets of huge need right now.

We got women who have been sexually assaulted by guards in Las Vegas courtrooms, jails in Kern County, cops in San Diego, and well just trust me I've been on the phone just about every night until about the sun comes up with someone in crisis we're trying to get through the holidays. I had to choose between a tree and making sure a woman who is spending her first Christmas alone for the first time away from her pimp has a tree. I'd rather she have the tree. So while you're out handing out $5,000 to active sex workers – I'm trying to keep body and soul together for those who are taking that brave new path in recovery.
But the last couple of days I've been hearing something that well just enough is enough Joy. This to me isn't a mistake, or human failing, or just over eagerness getting in the way of having any idea what you're doing. But now – you're doing the pimps job for them.

Dennis Hof makes it very clear to his staff they aren't to hang our posters anywhere. He makes very sure that he does everything within his power to make sure that anyone working for him doesn't know we exist. He even has filters on the emails that go into his site to block out anything with our phone # on it. When I've asked him why since the other brothel owners didn't seem to mind letting those leaving the brothel have our phone # - he pointed out that those brothels aren't around anymore and he is. I said “what's your point?” to him basically. Which was that “he invests too much in his recruiting” to let them know about us.

I was referring specifically to Airforce Amy. I saw her leaving in a very emotional state after she learned Bernie Madoff had just ran off with over a million dollars of all of her retirement money. I had joked for years to Amy that I've “never seen a hooker yet leave with a dime”. She used to always quip back at me she was going to 'prove me wrong” and would point to her account. I would snap back “talk to me about it when you quit”. So when she lost all of it – she also lost her mind for a while. She tore out of the ranch and it looked like she was losing it. She did for a while. She spent two years (by her own admission on her blog) drinking, using, and not finding any help to help her adjust to leaving the sex industry. I had no way of reaching her and Dennis wouldn't give her our number. He refused and sure enough two years later she came back broke, broken down, and needing to come back fo the money.

I told Dennis that's not a choice. She should have been given our number and a choice. That's again when he snapped back about how much he spends on recruiting. Now this is very telling to me because I don't know any other career where when you up and quit you've got your boss doing everything he can to stop you up from quitting. That to me implies control and that's not a career. That to me is trafficking and being pimped.

Now I'm looking at your press conference and I'm thinking “oh my - I'm hoping that no one actually takes this seriously”. Now I had spent about a year talking to the AVN producers about donating us a hostpiality suite as a donation since we have no cash where we could also not only let the adult industry know about our program, but also I wanted to work out deal where we handed them out free HIV/AIDS kits. I mean we are in the middle of an epidemic right now unlike anything I've seen since the 1980's.

Once they figured out I wasn't another Shelley Lubben or Annie Lobert, they seemed to be warming up to me. The last time I spoke to them they told me they were 'having a meeting” to discuss letting us have a booth there where we could be asking performers the question “what do you want to do next” to get them to think about retirement (plus it would make an interesting show), and we wanted to (1) give away free home HIV/AIDS kits, and (2) I was going to give away a directory of employers willing to hire ex-porn performers and also a list of scholarships to get performers out of the industry. The AVN said they thought it was a great idea but thy weren't sure about giving away a booth. Next thing we know – you're getting the hospitality booth to give away cupcakes. We asked some people like “what did they do there?” and we heard “they gave away cupcakes”.

So let me get this straight – we get our project to see if we could get a booth donated at the AVN and we get blocked by you giving out cupcakes? Then comes the cherry on the top of the cupcake – we start getting calls from out in the field that we have members telling us that there are actually strippers in Vegas who are seriously actually totally believing that not only can she NOT get a job in Vegas because of her prostitution arrest, but that unless she can “prove she was trafficked” she's screwed. Only you and I know if she could “prove she was trafficked” then she wouldn't have a charge now would she? That's one of the dumbest laws I've ever seen.

If I didn't know better – I'd swear the only point of the law is to help someone get a brothel license if they have a past prostitution conviction. I know how judges are back in Nye and Storey County. Back when the legislature was hearing testimony about child sex trafficking – Hof and Richards were doing everything in their power to stop me from testifying. I had them pick me up on a 7 year old traffic ticket and then cart me around all the counties for two weeks just so I wouldn't testify. When that still didn't get me tied up enough for their taste – they wanted to tie me up some more. So a cop went to my apartment manager and they claimed that because I was “working out of my home without a business license” that I needed to be removed immediately. So they gave me a 24 hour lock-out notice and handed me back my rent check.

Well that's not good enough so I went to file a “stay of eviction” with the Goldfield judge. Who then refused to file the stay. Flat out refused. Then I had a cop, the manager, the owner of the building, and some mystery cop show up at my apartment tell me that they were “going to see me to the state line” I then went to file for a change in venue if the judge was going to be like that. The judge refused. I hired an attorney who then told me “I'm not going up again the only judge in that county”. I went to the local paper and took out an ad and that's the only thing that stopped me from being removed like something out of the wild wild west days simply because the brothel owners didn't want me to testify against anything that would raise that age up above 16 years old where it is now. I managed to make it to the legislature to testify despite these tactics – and the law was passed.

So I know how much it kills these guys when they got themselves a sweet 16 or 17 year old girl they want to work for them but they can't because she's got herself a prostitution conviction. Now I've had no trouble getting record expungements for our members. But then again we get expungements by showing the court this man or woman has stayed in the same house for over a year, the same job, going to church, going to school, staying clean, going to SWA meetings – that's how we help them get record expungment. Not something I would imagine someone who is going to work for Dennis could do easy. I imagine it must be quite a challenge trying to figure out how to over come a prostitution conviction to be able to get a brothel license. I mean I couldn't imagine any other way to get such a law passed to lift such a conviction except by what you did.

This is what I'm scratching my head trying to figure out. I mean how else would you clear up a prostitution conviction for some sweet 16 year old that wants to go to work up at the brothel or a strip club with a past prostitution conviction if they (1) can't prove they were trafficked, and (2) aren't going to spend a year in our program? Oh yeah that's right the law says they have to “prove they were trafficked”. Only I've been a paralegal or 30 years now Joy and I got to tell you – you can dive a truck through how vague that law is with respect to how would you prove that one was “trafficked”?

If you ask me – the law you've set up appears like you could go into a nice Judge's office, show him a nice campaign contribution, a few votes, especially in Nye or Storey County where we know the brothels “rule”. I'd be willing to bet the judge would expunge Heidi Fleiss's records for her under that law. It certainly would then allow her to get a license to work for Lance or Dennis. I imagine that law you passed is worth a lot of money to Lance or Dennis – especially when their 16 year old virgin auctions are bringing in a million bucks.

Now I've got strippers in Vegas thinking they can't get work outside the clubs now because of past convictions also. I've talked to a couple of women this week who said that these women were saying they weren't “even thinking of looking for work” because they believed your press conference. Wow – two girls or one stone for the legal pimps (Dennis's name he called himself mind you).

But see now I got a big problem. One of the reasons why our members don't just hand out money from member to member is a little thing called the law. See it's a felony for a prostitute to give money to well anyone. It's called pimping. So to protect our members and group – we don't. But then you've brought up a very interesting question with your fund raisers – does putting the money into a crowdfunding source (we all know you aren't using paypal because they'd shut it down in a heartbeat and because they could refund the money once the donor realized they were being scammed). But of course you've found the magic ingredient to make hookers just love you to death – you give them free dental, free cupcakes, free makeovers, and even free fundraisers for $5000 at a whack. I mean why quit stripping with the Cupcake Girls behind you? I don't know Joy but I seem to remember Christ telling Mary to “go and sin no more” I don't remember him saying to her “well I got you out of this scape so just go on with what you were doing”.

You've done such a job at making everyone thinking you're such a superstar with these strippers I probably couldn't raise a dollar in donations to put together an outreach campaign now in my life depended upon it. I mean you've now got these women thinking that you'll put together $5000 fund raisers for them at the drop of a hat. What do I do for them? I talk to them about jobs, school, getting clean and sober, leaving abusive relationships, not going back to the sex industry . . gee I'm no fun compared to you Joy.

I'm now like the mom who get the kids after dad's had them for the weekend and he's let them do whatever they want. Dad's the good dad and mommy's just being a big “meanie” talking about “cleaning up your room” and “doing your homework”.

But I got a big problem now. I got women who now think they can't get out stripping because of a prostitution conviction. I also now got the strippers all listening to you because well you give them fund raisers for $5000 at a whack so kissing your ass is the name of the game now. You certainly have won the favor of Dennis Hof and Lance Gilman with that law being passed and word out now that it's possible to get your license expunged another way than actually quitting the business and putting in the work like I've been having them do. Plus my chances of having a booth donated where I could do the HIV/AIDS outreach is shot to hell also now you took over the hospitality suite I almost got them talked into. Again, I'm no fun talking about HIV/AIDS and school and jobs when you're coming in with cupcakes and handing out $5000 fund raisers and free dental work and vacations and retreats! I mean I'd have to do a whole outreach campaign to straight this out.

I'm not talking a “misunderstanding”. I'm talking information Joy that is possibly going to keep women in the sex industry longer than they want to be there – meaning you're now doing the pimps' job. I spoke to one of your representatives who said that you do all these things for them WITHOUT requiring them to leave, in fact “loving them right where they are” which sounds to me like “enabling” them in a way that if the club owner or the brothel owners did in these days when people are arresting people for trafficking could get them in trouble. So you're even enabling the pimps right now Joy – and all with this smoke screen of it being something the “church is doing”. Only again the Jesus I remember told Mary to “go and sin no more” Joy.

I'm also frankly a little worried that some sweet little 16 year old who doesn't really want to be working at the brothel who is being protected by a prostitution charge – might find herself having some judge just wipe that away and she's finding herself working up at the brothel again when she doesn't really want to be there. Now who is she going to call for help when she's trying to stop this? You? She sure won't be able to find us with the way you're set things up. We also know you won't give her our number which again means in our mind Joy you're doing the job for the pimps of what's called the “second string”. Meaning when they get beat up by some john or pimp and they're thinking they want to quit this life instead of calling us – you show up at their hospital room with cupcakes, a fundraiser, and tell them “you don't have to change – we're here now to cushion the fall”. Wow evil truly can take the form of an angel of light can't it?

Like I said – I'm not cleaning up after someone else's mess anymore. I”m not going to sit here and figure out how I'm going to put together a special outreach project to go out there and dispel the mus-information you have widely spread out there now. You know how much money I've raised this year in donations? Zero. Zip. Nada. You know how many hours a day I spend on the phone talking to men and women directly working on their recovery – or working on the blog, answering emails, writing on our updated Recovery Guide, trying to figure out how to get some public service announcements going, sending out letters to inmates, etc.? On top of everything else I do every day to run our household I spend at least eight hours a day directly working with the hotline or members or the work. Look at the time stamps on my emails – they're all usually about 3:00 am because I work night and day on this.

Honestly if I could trust you to partner with us – then I'd just as soon do that. Which is what I had in mind when I first reached out to you. I don't have the time to go out to clubs at night because we're doing the work. I don't have time to fund raise because I'm doing the work. I don't have time to do out doing media interviews because I'm busy talking to the men and women. I don't have time to run around clubs because I'm busy answering our hotline.

Professor Sharon Oselin just finished a 10 year study “Leaving Prostitution” where she showed not only was the most effective program out there our program – but she also showed that the one program that partnered with ours over the 10 years was the only one that stayed in business. You know why? They showed results and the women said it was our program that made it work for them. A few months after they dropped our program? They folded. Tells you a lot. On top of her 10 year study, Project Rose came out showing the only clients who recovered were the ones in our program. Dr. Thomas Neylan has come out with a report on Exposure Therapy which basically described how our program worked and it basically proved how our program works. John Quiones and Bob Herbert have come out with their own eyes and vlidated our program works. Tom Ragan with the Review Journal has said our program was the “only one that was effective” in Nevada.

So frankly what I thought would have been a partnership made in heaven would have been to let you handle all the PR stuff and the fund raising and I'd do what I do. If I was looking for money I'd be out looking for money. Meaning I wasn't interested in money when this all started. But now I got to figure out how I'm going to the word out now to all these strippers you've got all twisted up without some kind of ad or outreach budget.

Meaning what are my options? I've got two members in bad need of dental work. Bad need. They can't even get jobs or interview because their teeth are so bad and Medicaid won't cover it. I can't go out and get any press right now with you all over the newspapers either. These woman need about $5000 in dental work. One of them is so bad she won't even go to meetings now or open her mouth. She is having trouble eating even and I think she's getting an ulcer because she can't eat right. Both these woman have been through horrible stories and they both need help to get working and on their feet. They deserve it. They need this so they can get working and even social. Like I said one of them isn't even going to meetings right now because she won't even open her mouth to talk to anyone. She's 21 years old and her teeth got knocked out by her pimp before she left.

And do you know what their crime is for why they can't get their teeth fixed Joy? They quit the business and came to join our group instead of coming to you. For that – they're not getting their teeth fixed. I don't think they should suffer because they wanted to quit – but that's the way you've stacked this deck not me. I did nothing but try and reach out to you until you blocked me when I tried to offer you that list of employers.

By the way I haven't had time to report any “inappropriateness” with respect to your lobbying nor thing s like not verifying who the heck Kamylla was before you did any fund raising for her. Just so you know I have the audio tape of her calling me, along with a video tape of her on the show, and another video of her online.

Then I have an audio of Maxine interviewing her. They're not the same woman. I checked with Kathryn Griffin-Townsend – she wasn't running a program then. She was doing voter registration and not in the jails or doing alternative sentencing programs then. Relativity Media doesn't have any contract with her, and you received money from the “earnings of a prostitute”. Meaning you received money that's a felony and then you transferred it to someone who was in a conspiracy to defraud. That's also money laundering and racketeering.

Before I gathered up all the evidence, along with lobbying with new nonprofit, and things like raising money for active hookers which by the way I did check and it does constitute “pandering” - so no I haven't had time to gather that all up and sent that off to anyone yet to investigate. I thought I'd see if we could straighten things out maybe because here's the thing – if you're only helping criminal and active hookers that's inappropriate. But if you balance it by working with us – then it's not quite the same thing. So it could all be a big misunderstanding – and then you straighten it out.

Or not. If not, then I'll file a lawsuit for damages. It will then be public record. Which by the way I hope you have a good defense on your confidentiality for your donors and people you're working with. Because there's a very very limited scope of confidentiality that can be offered to members. Check with your attorney as a support group, or are you an outreach group, well whatever you are it's not really defined so you're going to have a very hard time saying you can protect your members “anonymity” and confidentiality. However, 12 step groups are built on it. In fact, once a man confessed to a murder in a 12 step group and the court ruled that the group still had the obligation to honor his confidentiality. But support groups have no protection – if that's even what you are.

From where I sit – you're doing the work of second strip for the strip club and brothel owners who can't without risking bad press and possible arrest. There's a lot more going on with a group that says they're part of a church and then cuts off a 12 step program that's based on biblical concepts.

So since I can tell you're not open to the idea of partnering of you wouldn't have cut me off the way you did, that leaves me with you helping me with these two women and funding an outreach campaign to get the news out that no you aren't blocked from leaving stripping, or any job in sex work, by having a prostitution arrest. As a matter of fact, you've had volunteers working with your own group that are working jobs with records that proves that point. Which also proves that you know that isn't the case by the way Joy. You've got photographs of these volunteers all over the place so you can't deny knowing them either. If your directors want to go on a retreat – they can afford to pay for it themselves. These women, and I, can't, pay for this dental work, nor an awareness campaign that will match the publicity you gave this lie.

Oh and don't think sending the state of Nevada after me because of your friendship with Hambrick will work to get me off your tail. I've already had the Secretary of State threaten to arrest me for not having a business license even though I don't need one if I'm not charging money or taking in donations. I already backed up the Secretary of State threatened to arrest me for six months and they already tried everything they could think of to arrest me and they came up with zip. So threatening me isn't going to have any teeth Joy and is just going to cost you more volunteers. I've been following your social media and you're already losing quite a few because you can only fool people so long. Meaning if you consider what I''m suggesting it would only mean some well needed PR for you Joy.

My Bible and the 12 step philosophy tell me I'm to always try to find a way to find reconciliation and peace first. So before I go filing complaints about you with the appropriate authorities over your activities – I'm going to ask you to help me repair this damage. If you hadn't of been doing these things , I could have got these women's teeth repaired. I'd not had any problem finding dentists until you started up with your media exposure before. They need about $5000 between them and these are women who can't work without this work. One had a pimp knock her teeth out and the other the pimp neglected her dental care. He locked her in a house she couldn't leave and he didn't leave her a tooth brush. I also need to get an awareness campaign out there to strippers with the same press you got the other, that one can find work with a record. As a matter of fact, an article in the Review Journal interviewing women who are working at nice jobs with a record might be a nice touch. That wouldn't cost a dime. I'm sure you could even arrange that just as you could arrange for a dentist to donate this work. So technically what I'm proposing might not cost you a dime out of pocket Joy.

It's not right that like a vulture you come in here and profit off the hard work I sacrificed everything for, risked everything for, and then want to act like you don't even know me Joy. Someone who cares about survivors would recognize the work it took to get Nevada to where you can even be doing this without being shut down. Oh but I take that back – you're not really threatening these guys in any way are you? That's what I mean Joy that when people look really closely at what you're doing – something is wrong. You're not going to get grants like this.

Me? I turned down a $300,000 grant offered to me last year. I turned it down because I don't have the access to the kind of resources you have. The only woman I know are women who can't go on camera. To again to me the force driving you right now isn't God and that's what I'm trying to see if we can dispel here. So I'm going to send a copy of this letter to your church and ask them to pray for you to make the right decision here as to what to do about all of this. You have to decide what side you're on. You can't play both sides against the middle just to keep collecting cash. Doesn't work like that. Things have to change Joy – these women in Nevada depend upon those who defend those who can't defend themselves. I can't help these women get out from under these men AND fight you too. Things have to change – or I'll go to the IRS and get you shut down that way. Your call.

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

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